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Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: Feb. 2, 2023

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NameLocalityAFS ID
100 Doors Pty. Ltd.Sydney447657
1851 Capital Pty ltdSydney515872
360 Capital FM LimitedSydney221474
360 Farm And Regional Pty ltdSydney229939
360 Underwriting Solutions Pty ltdSydney319181
5cap Pty ltdSydney541581
AL Capital Holding Pty ltdSydney523648
AP Financial Services Group LimitedSydney280595
AZ Private Wealth Services Pty ltdSydney523055
AZ Sestante LimitedSydney284442
Aapc Management LimitedSydney233116
Abacus Funds Management LimitedSydney227819
Abacus Storage Funds Management LimitedSydney277357
Abc Fund Management Pty ltdSydney420225
Abn Amro Clearing Sydney Pty ltdSydney225136
Abrdn Australia ltdSydney240263
Absolutely Financial Services Pty ltdSydney529124
Acadian Asset Management (australia) LimitedSydney291872
Acce Compliance Pty LimitedSydney342901
Accident & Health International Underwriting Pty ltdSydney238261
Accretion Investment Management Pty ltdSydney224077
Accru Financial Planning Pty ltdSydney341864
Achmea Schadeverzekeringen N.v.Sydney433984
Acp Corum Pty ltdSydney285503
Act Super Management Pty LimitedSydney245387
Actuity Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney416879
Adamantem Capital Pty ltdSydney492717
Adastra Corporate Advisory Pty ltdSydney540052
Admirals AU Pty ltdSydney410681
Advance Asset Management LimitedSydney240902
Advent Insurance Management Pty LimitedSydney530849
Advice & Wealth Partners Pty ltdSydney532199
Advice Today Pty ltdSydney403895
Advicenet Pty ltdSydney308200
Advise Wise Financial Services Pty ltdSydney511532
Adviser Solutions Group Pty ltdSydney485946
Advisor Plus Pty. Ltd.Sydney474520
Aegon Insights Australia Pty LimitedSydney236657
Afa Pty ltdSydney247122
Affiliated Managers Group Pty ltdSydney443903
Affinia Financial Advisers LimitedSydney237857
Afim LimitedSydney339008
Afsl Holdings Australia Pty ltdSydney460940
Afsl Licensee Pty. Ltd.Sydney518453
Agc Capital Securities Pty ltdSydney481024
Agentia Pty ltdSydney512059
Agile Underwriting Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney483374
Agl Financial Energy Solutions Pty LimitedSydney533856
Agnitio Real Estate Investments Pty ltdSydney522397
Agp Capital Management Australia Pty ltdSydney525069
Agp Investment Management LimitedSydney312247
Agricultural Bank OF China LimitedSydney449262
Aig Australia LimitedSydney381686
Aims Capital Management Pty ltdSydney302051
Aims Capital Pty ltdSydney405894
Aims Fund Management LimitedSydney258052
Aims Investment Managers Ltd.Sydney225357
Aims Real Estate Funds LimitedSydney318261
Aims Securitisation Pty LimitedSydney287846
Airrails Pty ltdSydney526878
Akindred Pty ltdSydney446375
Akuna Capital Australia Pty ltdSydney511867
Alceon Group Pty ltdSydney345692
Alexis Wealth Advisors Pty ltdSydney309481
Alfred Street Nominees Pty LimitedSydney336940
Aligned FM Pty ltdSydney461047
Alinta Energy Cea Futures Trading Pty ltdSydney477448
Alinta Energy Cea Trading Pty ltdSydney477449
Aliro Group Pty ltdSydney502179
Alius Capital Pty ltdSydney523554
Allan Gray Australia Pty ltdSydney298487
Allard Partners Australia Pty. LimitedSydney223100
Allegro Funds Pty ltdSydney345995
Allen Allen & Partners Pty ltdSydney376102
Alliancebernstein Australia LimitedSydney230698
Alliancebernstein Investment Management Australia LimitedSydney230683
Allianz Australia Insurance LimitedSydney234708
Allianz Australia Life Insurance LimitedSydney296559
Allied Advice Pty ltdSydney528160
Allier Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney336276
Allworths Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney457155
Alpha Investment Partners Australia Pty LimitedSydney477272
Alpha Lease Fund Australia LimitedSydney394797
Alpha Securities Pty ltdSydney330757
Alpha Trade Pty ltdSydney237244
Alphinity Investment Management Pty ltdSydney356895
Alta Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney300692
Alteris Financial Group Pty ltdSydney402370
Alternative Risk Management Services Pty ltdSydney530893
Altis Property Partners Pty ltdSydney338671
Altrinsic Global Advisors (australia) Pty ltdSydney413749
Altus Financial Services Pty ltdSydney520266
Ama Business Services Pty ltdSydney488931
Amal Asset Management LimitedSydney339904
Amal Security Services Pty LimitedSydney483461
Amal Trustees Pty LimitedSydney483459
Amalgamated Australian Investment Solutions Pty LimitedSydney314614
Ambassador Funds Management Services Pty ltdSydney331717
Amber Fund Management LimitedSydney535613
American Century Investment Management (au) Pty LimitedSydney518417
American Express Australia LimitedSydney291313
American Express International IncSydney237996
Amgun Holdings Pty. Ltd.Sydney247190
Amicaa Advisors Pty ltdSydney520271
Amicaa Investments Pty ltdSydney520270
Amp Bank LimitedSydney234517
Amp Capital Funds Management LimitedSydney426455
Amp Capital Investors LimitedSydney232497
Amp Financial Planning Pty LimitedSydney232706
Amp Investment Services Pty LimitedSydney232496
Anchorage Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney319256
Anchorage Marine Underwriting Agency Pty ltdSydney237400
Andover Corporate Finance Pty LimitedSydney238272
Antipodes Partners LimitedSydney481580
Antler Financial Services Pty ltdSydney542924
Anton Advisory Pty LimitedSydney417204
Anz Securities LimitedSydney237531
Anz Underwriting LimitedSydney237587
Aon Reinsurance Australia LimitedSydney246797
Aon Risk Services Australia LimitedSydney241141
Aoris Investment Management Pty ltdSydney507281
Apa Group LimitedSydney239927
Apac Financial Services Pty ltdSydney540418
Apex Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney383571
Apex Fund Services Pty ltdSydney303253
Apollan Investments Pty. LimitedSydney229820
Apostle Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney458375
App Securities Pty ltdSydney307706
Apsec Compliance And Administration Pty ltdSydney345443
Apt Wealth Partners Pty ltdSydney436121
Aptixlab Pty ltdSydney429711
Aqr Pty LimitedSydney305603
Aquamore Afsl Pty ltdSydney357875
Aquasia Pty ltdSydney337872
Aquirefx LimitedSydney500818
Arab Bank Australia LimitedSydney234563
Arag Services Australia Pty ltdSydney513547
Arcadia Capital Pty ltdSydney534968
Arcadia Funds Management LimitedSydney225417
Arch Underwriting AT Lloyd's (australia) Pty ltdSydney426746
Arch Underwriting Agency (australia) Pty. Ltd.Sydney247340
Archer Capital Growth Funds Pty ltdSydney402552
Archer Capital Nominees Pty ltdSydney453855
Archer Capital Pty LimitedSydney235231
Archer Growth Custodians Pty ltdSydney463672
Archery Capital Pty ltdSydney504586
Archibald Capital Licence Pty LimitedSydney530512
Archiwoods Capital Pty ltdSydney337968
Ardea Investment Management Pty ltdSydney329828
Ares Australia Management Pty LimitedSydney537666
Ares Ssg Capital Management (australia) Pty ltdSydney536083
Aretean Pty ltdSydney460754
Argenta Underwriting Asia Pte. Ltd.Sydney482725
Argus Partners Managed Investments LimitedSydney289817
Ariadne Capital Pty ltdSydney313033
Ark Total Wealth Pty ltdSydney239445
Aroau Capital Holding Pty ltdSydney494636
Arquero Investments Pty ltdSydney440382
Arrow Asset Management Pty ltdSydney483442
Arrow Capital Management Pty ltdSydney540551
Artemas Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney527932
Ascot Securities Pty ltdSydney246718
Asf Capital Pty ltdSydney245578
Asfin Funds Management Pty ltdSydney535976
Asgard Capital Management ltdSydney240695
Ashe Morgan Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney237510
Asia Principal Capital Operations Pty LimitedSydney468046
Assetinsure Pty LimitedSydney488403
Assetsecure Pty. LimitedSydney409144
Astute Planning Services Pty LimitedSydney512023
Asx Collateral Management Services Pty LimitedSydney428738
Athena Investment Company Pty ltdSydney542914
Atlantic Growth Capital Pty LimitedSydney526026
Atlas Funds Management Pty ltdSydney491395
Atlas Infrastructure (australia) Pty ltdSydney497475
Atrium Investment Management Pty ltdSydney338634
Atticus Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney481528
Attunga Capital Pty ltdSydney297385
Augs Markets Pty ltdSydney374686
Aura Capital Pty ltdSydney366230
Auric International Markets Pty ltdSydney430091
Ausbil Investment Management LimitedSydney229722
Auscap Asset Management LimitedSydney428014
Auschina International Investment Pty. Ltd.Sydney471094
Ausfunds Management LimitedSydney440900
Aussie Forex & Finance Pty ltdSydney431354
Austandard Industrial International Pty. Ltd.Sydney488588
Austar Finance Pty ltdSydney467641
Austbrokers Corporate Pty ltdSydney255080
Austbrokers Sydney Pty LimitedSydney244244
Austral Asset Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney454350
Australia National Investment Group Pty ltdSydney522028
Australia Prudential Investment Management Pty ltdSydney527949
Australian Bond Exchange Pty. Ltd.Sydney484453
Australian Capital Funds Management ltdSydney327505
Australian Continental Energy Pty ltdSydney351958
Australian Ethical Investment ltdSydney229949
Australian Ethical Superannuation Pty ltdSydney526055
Australian Financial Advisory Group Pty ltdSydney475300
Australian Financial Advisory Solutions Pty ltdSydney287619
Australian Financial Planning Group Pty LimitedSydney247430
Australian Group Insurances Pty ltdSydney379565
Australian Income Fund LimitedSydney317391
Australian Insurance Agency Pool Pty LimitedSydney245438
Australian Investment Exchange LimitedSydney241400
Australian Leisure And Entertainment Property Management LimitedSydney230749
Australian Life Development Pty ltdSydney502759
Australian Life Insurance Distribution Pty ltdSydney226403
Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Pty ltdSydney238829
Australian Military Bank ltdSydney237988
Australian Mutual Funds Exchange Pty ltdSydney379035
Australian Securities Administration LimitedSydney233182
Australian Stock Report Pty LimitedSydney301682
Auto Industry Insurer Pty ltdSydney444144
Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty ltdSydney406684
Avant Insurance LimitedSydney238765
Avanteos Investments LimitedSydney245531
Avari Holdings Pty ltdSydney472222
Avenor Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney541421
Aventus Capital LimitedSydney478061
Avenue Bank ltdSydney520239
Aviator Capital Pty ltdSydney432803
Award Global Capital Pty ltdSydney494702
Aware Financial Services Australia LimitedSydney238430
Aware Super Pty ltdSydney293340
Awm Services Pty ltdSydney366121
Axa Investment Managers Australia ltdSydney273320
Axius Services Pty ltdSydney499066
Azora Finance (management) Pty ltdSydney321882
Azupay Trading Pty ltdSydney537645
B G Capital Corporation Pty LimitedSydney243388
BC Payments Australia Pty ltdSydney493372
BT Funds Management LimitedSydney233724
BT Funds Management No. 2 LimitedSydney233720
BT Portfolio Services ltdSydney233715
BT Securities ltdSydney233722
Bac Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney240348
Bacera CO Pty ltdSydney328794
Back9 Capital Management Pty ltdSydney306986
Bailador Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney400811
Balmain Fund Administration LimitedSydney333213
Bank OF America National AssociationSydney412901
Bank OF BarodaSydney427704
Bank OF China (australia) LimitedSydney287322
Bank OF China LimitedSydney230547
Bank OF Communications Co. Ltd.Sydney409837
Bank OF Sydney ltdSydney243444
Bank OF TaiwanSydney499407
Bano Pty ltdSydney536984
Banpu Energy Australia Pty LimitedSydney538682
Banyan Tree Investment Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney486279
Barclay Pearce Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney503261
Barings Australia Pty ltdSydney342787
Barlings Capital Pty LimitedSydney293802
Baron Partners LimitedSydney247223
Barrack Broking Pty ltdSydney516934
Barrenjoey Advisory Pty LimitedSydney521801
Barrenjoey Markets Pty LimitedSydney521800
Barwon Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney298445
Bbb Capital Pty ltdSydney299023
Bdo Corporate Finance (east Coast) Pty ltdSydney247420
Bedino Pty ltd & Scrumpy Corporation Pty ltd & Minerva Capital Services Pty ltdSydney287730
Beerworth & Partners Pty LimitedSydney269926
Belay Advice Pty ltdSydney522238
Belike Nominees Pty. LimitedSydney238164
Bellinger Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney442377
Bellmont Securities Pty ltdSydney331625
Bellrock Broking (nsw) Pty ltdSydney520281
Bennelong Asset Management (australia) Pty ltdSydney504430
Bennelong Private Wealth Pty ltdSydney296152
Bentham Asset Management Pty ltdSydney356199
Berkholts Investments Pty ltdSydney421310
Berkley Insurance CompanySydney463129
Berkshire Global Advisors Pty ltdSydney504088
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance CompanySydney466713
Betashares Capital ltdSydney341181
Bgc Partners (australia) Pty LimitedSydney221315
Bgc Securities (australia) Pty LimitedSydney399636
Binfinity Securities ltdSydney298464
Bisan Fund Management Pty ltdSydney510086
Bizcover Pty ltdSydney501769
Black Financial Services Pty ltdSydney509322
Black Green Equity Pty ltdSydney488841
Blackpeak Capital Pty ltdSydney472221
Blackrock Investment Management (australia) LimitedSydney230523
Blackstone Real Estate Australia Pty LimitedSydney485716
Blackwattle Investment Management Pty ltdSydney385348
Blackwood Capital Pty ltdSydney224221
Blend Insurance Solutions Pty ltdSydney500768
Bloomberg Tradebook Australia Pty ltdSydney245509
Blue Lantern Financial Services Pty ltdSydney420464
Blue Ocean Equities Pty LimitedSydney412765
Blue Zebra Insurance Pty ltdSydney504130
Bluestone Management Pty LimitedSydney247012
Bluewater Financial Advisors Pty ltdSydney411846
Bmf Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney224035
Bmf International Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney320237
Bms Risk Solutions Pty ltdSydney461594
Bnp ParibasSydney238043
Bnp Paribas Asset Management Australia LimitedSydney223418
Bnp Paribas Fund Services Australasia Pty ltdSydney241080
Bny Trust (australia) Registry LimitedSydney235126
Bny Trust Company OF Australia LimitedSydney239048
Boab Capital Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney512270
Boardroom Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney338301
Boardroom Pty LimitedSydney533383
Body Corporate Brokers Pty ltdSydney244529
Bolt Capital Pty ltdSydney522572
Bond Street Custodians LimitedSydney237489
Boutique Capital Pty ltdSydney508011
Brady & Associates Pty. ltdSydney246740
Bravura Solutions Services Pty LimitedSydney527843
Breakaway Research Pty ltdSydney503622
Breckenridge Funds Management LimitedSydney247264
Bridgelane Asset Management Pty ltdSydney429035
Brigdens Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney237188
Brightlight Group Pty ltdSydney493660
Brite Advisors Pty ltdSydney337670
Brookfield Australia Funds Management LimitedSydney231115
Brookfield Capital Management LimitedSydney223809
Brookfield Capital Securities LimitedSydney226442
Brookfield Funds Management LimitedSydney231141
Brookfield Management Equity Plans LimitedSydney241178
Bta Institutional Services Australia LimitedSydney239053
Btg Associates (admin) Pty ltdSydney527096
Btig Australia LimitedSydney320961
Burnvoir Corporate Finance LimitedSydney247387
C2 Financial Services Pty ltdSydney502171
C2 Funds Management Pty ltdSydney518180
Cache Investment Management ltdSydney514360
Cadence Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney252745
Caledonia (private) Investments Pty LimitedSydney254432
Cambooya Pty. Ltd.Sydney243442
Cambridge Mercantile (australia) Pty. Ltd.Sydney351278
Campbell Financial Group Pty LimitedSydney457078
Campbell Private Wealth Pty ltdSydney490750
Canadian Imperial Bank OF CommerceSydney501551
Canopius Asia Pte. Ltd.Sydney520341
Capital 19 Pty ltdSydney441891
Capital Dynamics (australia) LimitedSydney326283
Capital Group Investment Management LimitedSydney443118
Capitaland Australia Pty ltdSydney419043
Caprock Pty LimitedSydney330742
Capstra Pty LimitedSydney320498
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney430054
Cardinal Mark Licensee Pty ltdSydney513647
Carling Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney279022
Carlyle Australia Equity Management Pty LimitedSydney408315
Carrara Investment Management Pty ltdSydney526072
Carson Capital Holdings Pty ltdSydney453149
Cartesian Corporate Finance LimitedSydney257871
Carthona Capital FS Pty ltdSydney463846
Casl Governance ltdSydney525889
Castlereagh Capital Pty LimitedSydney356926
Catalyst Funds Management LH Pty ltdSydney536693
Catalyst Investment Managers Pty LimitedSydney298757
Catlin Australia Pty ltdSydney301617
Causeway Asset Management LimitedSydney286005
Cbg Asset Management ltdSydney246790
Cbl Markets (australia) Pty ltdSydney536825
Cbre Capital Advisors (asia Pacific) Pty LimitedSydney436171
Cbre Investment Management Australia Pty LimitedSydney502479
Cbre Investment Management Listed Real Assets Pty ltdSydney313203
Ccz Equities Australia Pty ltdSydney239946
Cedar Asset Management Pty ltdSydney503883
Celeste Funds Management LimitedSydney222445
Celsius Pro (australia) Pty ltdSydney498585
Centaur Securities Pty ltdSydney341190
Centennial Asset Management Pty ltdSydney515887
Central Securities Pty ltdSydney305918
Centre Capital Securities Pty ltdSydney317799
Centuria Bass Financial Services LimitedSydney499339
Centuria Funds Management LimitedSydney479873
Centuria Healthcare Asset Management LimitedSydney246368
Centuria Healthcare Funds Distribution LimitedSydney246367
Centuria Property Funds LimitedSydney231149
Centuria Property Funds No. 2 LimitedSydney340304
Centurion Capital LimitedSydney338401
Cerno Real Estate Investors LimitedSydney338645
Certane CT Pty ltdSydney258829
Cgi Glass Lewis Pty LimitedSydney307501
Chairmont Capital Pty ltdSydney285043
Challenger Bank LimitedSydney245606
Challenger Investment Partners LimitedSydney234678
Challenger Investment Solutions Management Pty ltdSydney487354
Challenger Life Company LimitedSydney234670
Challenger Retirement And Investment Services LimitedSydney295642
Challenger Securitisation Management Pty ltdSydney244593
Champ Management Pty LimitedSydney226410
Champ Ventures 7 Management Pty LimitedSydney378672
Charter Financial Planning LimitedSydney234665
Charter Hall Direct Property Management LimitedSydney226849
Charter Hall Flk Funds Management LimitedSydney340990
Charter Hall Funds Management LimitedSydney262861
Charter Hall Investment Management LimitedSydney458715
Charter Hall Property Securities Management LimitedSydney238349
Charter Hall Retail Management LimitedSydney246996
Charter Hall Social Infrastructure LimitedSydney281544
Charter Hall Wale LimitedSydney486721
Charter Hall Wholesale Management LimitedSydney247075
Chess Depositary Nominees Pty LimitedSydney254514
Chevalier Capital Pty ltdSydney523684
Chief Trade Credit Insurance Pty LimitedSydney291459
Chifley Investor Group Pty LimitedSydney266807
China Construction Bank CorporationSydney377293
China Everbright Bank Co. Ltd.Sydney508686
China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd.Sydney498531
Cho, Youn Sydney511863
Chubb Insurance Australia ltdSydney239687
Cibc Australia ltdSydney240603
Cigna International Services Australia Pty ltdSydney415416
Ciior CC Pty ltdSydney538432
Citadel Securities Australia Trading Pty LimitedSydney531079
Citibank Australia Staff Superannuation Pty LimitedSydney530570
Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty LimitedSydney240992
Citigroup Pty LimitedSydney238098
Citisecurities LimitedSydney238099
Citta Funds Management Pty ltdSydney314848
Claims X Pty ltdSydney530894
Clarke Advisory Group Pty ltdSydney516752
Class Leading Solutions Pty ltdSydney521616
Claymore Capital Pty ltdSydney261076
Clean Energy Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney511390
Clearbridge Investments LimitedSydney307727
Clearbridge Rare Infrastructure International Pty LimitedSydney402466
Clearstream Australia LimitedSydney230684
Clearview Financial Management LimitedSydney227677
Clearview Life Assurance LimitedSydney227682
Clearview Life Nominees Pty LimitedSydney227683
Clearway Capital Solutions Pty. Ltd.Sydney328663
Clicksuper Pty ltdSydney337805
Cliffbrook Capital Financial Services Pty ltdSydney517893
Climb Wealth Pty ltdSydney409424
Clime Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney221146
Clsa Australia Pty ltdSydney350159
Club Holidays Australia LimitedSydney479621
Club Marine LimitedSydney236916
Cmc Markets Asia Pacific Pty ltdSydney238054
Cmc Markets Stockbroking LimitedSydney246381
Cobden Reid Advisory Pty LimitedSydney529576
Coffre-fort Pty ltdSydney472457
Colinton Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney496959
Collective Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney511427
Colonial First State Investments LimitedSydney232468
Columbus Capital Pty. LimitedSydney337303
Columbus Investment Services ltdSydney221183
Combined Life Insurance Company OF Australia ltdSydney245628
Commonwealth Bank OF AustraliaSydney234945
Commonwealth Bank Officers Superannuation Corporation Pty LimitedSydney246418
Commonwealth Financial Planning LimitedSydney231139
Commonwealth Private LimitedSydney314018
Commonwealth Securities LimitedSydney238814
Compass Global Holdings Pty ltdSydney426810
Compound Capital Pty LimitedSydney290981
Conicklaird Pty ltdSydney281268
Consilium Advice Australia Pty ltdSydney246623
Consilium Advice Pty ltdSydney424974
Constantia Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney473534
Contact Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney494045
Contego Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney410381
Convergence Wealth Holdings Pty ltdSydney516137
Cooperatieve Rabobank U.a.Sydney238446
Core Property Research Holdings Pty ltdSydney518320
Coriolis Capital Management Pty ltdSydney457309
Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty ltdSydney430199
Corval Partners LimitedSydney326118
Count Financial LimitedSydney227232
Court House Capital Management ltdSydney531406
Covau Pty LimitedSydney463807
Cover Genius Pty ltdSydney490058
Coverdirect Pty LimitedSydney383590
Coverradar Group Pty ltdSydney523647
Cp2 LimitedSydney246803
Cpec Financial Services Pty ltdSydney333165
Cpg Financial Services Pty ltdSydney436802
Cpu Share Plans Pty LimitedSydney309884
Cqs Investment Management (australia) Pty LimitedSydney386047
Credit Agricole Cib Australia LimitedSydney237946
Credit Suisse (australia) LimitedSydney236606
Credit Suisse AGSydney226896
Credit Suisse Equities (australia) LimitedSydney237237
Crescent Capital Partners Management Pty LimitedSydney300336
Crescent Custodian Pty LimitedSydney482849
Crescent Wealth Funds Management (aust) Pty LimitedSydney365260
Crm Brokers Pty LimitedSydney246622
Cromwell Real Estate Partners LimitedSydney418476
Cross Asset Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney526187
Crystal Wealth Partners ltdSydney412226
Ctsp Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney421469
Curran & CO Pty ltdSydney475078
Curve Securities Pty ltdSydney405751
Cuscal LimitedSydney244116
Cvc Ecf Managers Pty LimitedSydney541681
Cvc Managers Pty ltdSydney277740
Daintree Capital Management Pty ltdSydney487489
Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore LimitedSydney523808
Das, Anjan Sydney515209
David W Lee & Associates Pty ltdSydney239948
Davidson Hughes Developments Pty. Ltd.Sydney534108
Dayton Way Securities Pty ltdSydney382585
Dbg Markets (australia) Pty ltdSydney247017
Dbs Bank Ltd.Sydney475946
Dean Evans & Associates Pty. LimitedSydney245652
Delegates Financial Services Pty ltdSydney520049
Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants LimitedSydney244576
Deloitte Corporate Finance Pty LimitedSydney241457
Demand Manager Pty. Ltd.Sydney474395
Denning Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney513856
Deutsche Australia LimitedSydney238157
Deutsche Bank AktiengesellschaftSydney238153
Deutsche Capital Markets Australia LimitedSydney238161
Dexus Funds Management LimitedSydney238163
Dexus Investment Management LimitedSydney498778
Dexus Wholesale Funds LimitedSydney474620
Dexus Wholesale Management LimitedSydney426801
Dexus Wholesale Property LimitedSydney238166
Dfa Australia LimitedSydney238093
Dfp Corporate Pty ltdSydney479499
Digital Wallet Pty ltdSydney515270
Djt Wealth Pty ltdSydney510793
Dmx Asset Management LimitedSydney459120
Doctors Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney487758
Domestic & General Insurance PlcSydney320666
Doo Financial Australia LimitedSydney222650
Douugh Australia Pty ltdSydney500063
Dransfield Management Services LimitedSydney282033
Dual Australia Pty LimitedSydney280193
Durant Wyot Funds Management Pty ltdSydney537318
Dwa Managed Accounts Pty ltdSydney264125
Dwf Claims (australia) Pty LimitedSydney530851
Dws Investments Australia LimitedSydney499640
Dynamic Asset Consulting Pty LimitedSydney502623
Dynamic Payment Pty ltdSydney505375
E&p Corporate Advisory Pty LimitedSydney338885
E&p Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney450257
E&p Investments LimitedSydney410433
E.f.d.b. Pty LimitedSydney311720
E.sun Commercial Bank Ltd.Sydney481605
EG Capital Finance Pty ltdSydney238523
EQ Financial Pty ltdSydney235364
EQ Private Pty ltdSydney524161
Eac Partners Pty ltdSydney341332
Eaglestone Capital Management Pty ltdSydney330294
Easymarkets Pty ltdSydney246566
Ebc Global Pty ltdSydney500991
Ebs Service Company LimitedSydney341294
Eclipse Insurance Pty LimitedSydney516081
Ecliptic Financial Services Pty ltdSydney529695
Ecn Trade Pty ltdSydney388737
Econ Financial Services Pty ltdSydney293876
Econ Funds Management Pty ltdSydney517694
Edgehaven Pty ltdSydney466393
Edward J O'grady Pty. Ltd.Sydney443218
Egp Capital Pty ltdSydney499193
Eig Global Energy (australia) Pty ltdSydney342578
Eiger Capital Pty LimitedSydney516751
Eight Bays Investment Management Pty ltdSydney524810
Eighth Gate Pty ltdSydney476599
Elanor Funds Management LimitedSydney398196
Eley Griffiths Group Pty LimitedSydney224818
Elgar Middleton Infrastructure And Energy Finance LlpSydney530557
Ellerston Capital LimitedSydney283000
Emerald Partners Pty. ltdSydney271151
Emerge Capital Partners (transactions) Pty ltdSydney431622
Emergence Insurance Pty ltdSydney329634
Emjay Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney227164
Emlife Pty ltdSydney530877
Employers Mutual LimitedSydney530875
Employers Mutual Management Pty ltdSydney530878
Endeavour Investments International Management Pty LimitedSydney475313
Endeavour Securities (australia) LimitedSydney224972
Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pty LimitedSydney441877
Enlihtan Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney343672
Enrizen Pty. Ltd.Sydney403905
Enstar Australia LimitedSydney529259
Envex Services Pty LimitedSydney365601
Epg Wealth Pty ltdSydney529273
Epm Investment Management Pty ltdSydney453311
Epsilon Insurance Broking Services Pty ltdSydney245612
Eqt Partners Australia II Pty ltdSydney523044
Equanimity Partners Pty LimitedSydney540074
Equiteq Australia Pty ltdSydney518316
Equities First Holdings (australia) Pty ltdSydney387079
Equitise Pty ltdSydney503190
Equity Mates Media Pty ltdSydney540697
Equity Partners Pty ltdSydney239904
Equity Story Pty LimitedSydney343937
Ernst & Young Abc Pty LimitedSydney238167
Ernst & Young Strategy And Transactions LimitedSydney240585
Esr Investment Management 1 (australia) Pty LimitedSydney520160
Esr Rim (australia) ltdSydney338189
Esr Wim (australia) Pty ltdSydney488136
Ethical Partners Funds Management Pty ltdSydney504749
Ethinvest Pty. LimitedSydney223718
Eticore SD Pty ltdSydney494275
Etoro Asset Management LimitedSydney319738
Etoro Aus Capital LimitedSydney491139
Eva Pacific Pty ltdSydney466742
Everblu Capital Pty ltdSydney499601
Evergreen Fund Managers Pty ltdSydney486275
Evolution Mit Services Pty ltdSydney528593
Evolution Trustees LimitedSydney486217
Experien General Insurance Services Pty ltdSydney430190
Experience Insurance Services Pty ltdSydney539078
Eze Software Group Pty LimitedSydney448217
F Palmer & M E PalmerSydney247067
FC Funds Management Pty ltdSydney431245
FX Corp Pty ltdSydney459050
Fairbridge Wealth Pty ltdSydney520030
Fairmarkets Trading Pty ltdSydney424122
Fairmont Equities Australia Pty ltdSydney494022
Far East Capital LimitedSydney253003
Fat Prophets Pty ltdSydney229183
Federation Asset Management Pty ltdSydney516560
Fei Finance Pty ltdSydney408024
Fexco Proprietary LimitedSydney402979
Fidante Partners LimitedSydney234668
Fidante Partners Services LimitedSydney320505
Fiducia Asset Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney387963
Fiducian Financial Services Pty ltdSydney231103
Fiducian Investment Management Services LimitedSydney468211
Fiducian Portfolio Services LimitedSydney231101
Fife Capital Funds LimitedSydney438693
Fife Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney296337
Fil Investment Management (australia) LimitedSydney237865
Fil Responsible Entity (australia) LimitedSydney409340
Finalto (australia) Pty ltdSydney424008
Financial Keys Advice Pty ltdSydney509930
Financial Markets (australia) Pty ltdSydney298221
Financial Masterplan Pty ltdSydney344628
Financial Planning Advice Australia Pty. Ltd.Sydney461710
Financial Systems Pty ltdSydney241060
Financial Wisdom LimitedSydney231138
Findlay, Ivor Sydney264258
Finexia Securities ltdSydney485760
Finstead Risk Solutions Pty ltdSydney238549
Firestone Financial Services Pty ltdSydney517950
Firetrail Investments Pty LimitedSydney516821
Firmbridge Capital LimitedSydney458097
First Capital Financial Planning Pty ltdSydney281193
First City Corporate Advisory Services Pty LimitedSydney225858
First Prudential Markets Pty ltdSydney286354
First Rung Pty. Ltd.Sydney499666
Firstunity Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney513101
Fish Tacos Pty ltdSydney533055
Fisher Investments Australasia Pty ltdSydney433312
Fitch Australia Pty ltdSydney337123
Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Pty ltdSydney247429
Flag Asset Management Pty ltdSydney459495
Flash Partners Pty ltdSydney480834
Fleetsure Pty ltdSydney238151
Fleming Funds Management Pty ltdSydney300641
Flotilla Capital Pty ltdSydney289898
Flourish Financial Services Pty ltdSydney224485
Fnz Custodians (australia) Pty ltdSydney507452
Focus Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney438982
Folkestone Seniors Living Management LimitedSydney238506
Forager Funds Management Pty ltdSydney459312
Fort Securities Australia Pty. Ltd.Sydney493520
Fort Street Capital Pty ltdSydney497000
Fortas Investment Pty ltdSydney503946
Forte Securities Australia Pty LimitedSydney492490
Fortitude Private Wealth Pty Ltd.Sydney435732
Fortius Funds Management Pty ltdSydney289244
Fortius Property Investment Management Australia ltdSydney412083
Fortnum Advice Pty ltdSydney519190
Fortnum Private Wealth ltdSydney357306
Fortress Investment Group (australia) Pty LimitedSydney392924
Fortune Securities Pty ltdSydney343560
Forward Financial Group Pty ltdSydney382882
Foster Stockbroking Pty LimitedSydney223687
Four Hats Capital Pty ltdSydney292177
Frazis Capital Management Pty ltdSydney521445
Freshwater Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney278530
Fta Insurance Pty ltdSydney493713
Fti Capital Advisors (australia) Pty Ltd.Sydney504204
Fulcrum Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney461521
Fule Securities Pty ltdSydney389753
Fundhost LimitedSydney233045
Fusion Specialty Mga Solutions Pty ltdSydney230917
Futu Securities (australia) ltdSydney224663
Future Insurance Group International Pty ltdSydney506558
Future Superannuation Holdings Pty. LimitedSydney482684
G&c Mutual Bank LimitedSydney238311
GP Mortgage Corporation LimitedSydney247274
Galileo Direct Property Funds Management LimitedSydney317716
Galileo Japan Funds Management LimitedSydney305429
Gannet Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney340799
Gard Insurance Pty ltdSydney479125
Gardior Pty ltdSydney320173
Garnsey Partners Pty LimitedSydney446874
Garten Pty ltdSydney520579
Gateway Bank ltdSydney238293
Gateway Capital Investment Management Pty ltdSydney535586
Gcq Funds Management Pty ltdSydney538513
Gdi Funds Management LimitedSydney253142
Gencap Pty ltdSydney516313
General Insurance Brokers OF Australia Pty ltdSydney342546
Generation Wealth Group Pty ltdSydney476673
Genesis Management Australia LimitedSydney249718
Geometrica Capital Pty ltdSydney533212
Gfa Capital Markets ltdSydney398104
Gfi Australia Pty ltdSydney338706
Ggbwealthcare Pty ltdSydney340355
Gibraltar Capital Pty LimitedSydney493813
Gis Private Nominees Pty LimitedSydney233727
Gleneagle Asset Management LimitedSydney226199
Gleneagle Securities (aust) Pty LimitedSydney337985
Glennon Capital Pty ltdSydney338567
Global Blue Australia Pty LimitedSydney513299
Global Capital Management LimitedSydney233189
Global Credit Investments Pty ltdSydney476976
Global Infrastructure Management Australia Pty LimitedSydney403639
Global Loan Agency Services Australia Specialist Activities Pty LimitedSydney519374
Global Mining Research Pty ltdSydney486912
Global Prime Pty LimitedSydney385620
Global X Management (aus) LimitedSydney466778
Globex Finance Pty ltdSydney230286
Glow Financial Services Pty ltdSydney535001
Glow Investment Managers Pty ltdSydney535002
Gmo Australia LimitedSydney236656
Golden Group Consulting Pty ltdSydney480291
Goldman Sachs Financial Markets Pty ltdSydney247147
Goldmate Funds Management Pty ltdSydney462615
Gow-gates Insurance Brokers (australasia) Pty ltdSydney245433
Gow-gates Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney245432
Gps Capital Markets Australia Pty ltdSydney520218
Gps Wealth ltdSydney254544
Gpt Funds Management LimitedSydney298248
Gpt Platform Pty LimitedSydney533092
Gpt RE LimitedSydney286511
Gqg Partners (australia) Pty ltdSydney515673
Grant Samuel & Associates Pty LimitedSydney240985
Grant Samuel Capital Advisory Pty LimitedSydney241010
Grant Samuel Corporate Finance Pty LimitedSydney241040
Grant Thornton Corporate Finance Pty LimitedSydney247140
Great Lakes Insurance SESydney318603
Greenhill & Co. Australia Pty LimitedSydney224482
Greenstone Partners Pty LimitedSydney227843
Greenwich Investment Management Pty ltdSydney434276
Gresham Advisory Partners LimitedSydney247113
Gresham Partners Capital ltdSydney247110
Gresham Property Funds Management LimitedSydney247112
Grevillea Capital Pty ltdSydney518088
Gsa Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney238477
Gsfm Pty LimitedSydney317587
Gsfm Responsible Entity Services LimitedSydney321517
H C F Life Insurance Company Pty ltdSydney236806
H C Isert Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney230756
H&h Capital Mortgage Fund Pty ltdSydney537992
H.r.l. Morrison & CO Private Markets Pty. Ltd.Sydney340502
HB Biotechnology ltdSydney527435
HC Finance Group Pty ltdSydney509157
HC Management Pty ltdSydney464545
Habit Financial Services Pty ltdSydney514654
Habitus Capital Pty ltdSydney426927
Hadley Green Securities Pty ltdSydney286507
Haines Norton Sydney Advisers Pty ltdSydney485258
Haitong International Securities (australia) Pty ltdSydney511584
Hale Capital Funds Management Pty ltdSydney533594
Hall Capital Finance Pty ltdSydney518039
Hall Capital Strategies Pty LimitedSydney253048
Hall Chadwick Corporate (nsw) LimitedSydney227902
Hall Chadwick Wealth Advisory Pty ltdSydney485306
Hallbar Group Capital Pty LimitedSydney345927
Halo Financial Services Pty ltdSydney504663
Hampton Property Group Pty ltdSydney438605
Handpay Fund Management Pty ltdSydney503908
Hannover Life RE OF Australasia ltdSydney530811
Hantec Markets (australia) Pty LimitedSydney326907
Harbour Financial Group Pty ltdSydney515518
Harmoney Australia Pty ltdSydney474726
Harper Bernays LimitedSydney230635
Harrington Custodian Pty LimitedSydney430694
Havana Financial Services Pty ltdSydney500435
Hawkesbridge Capital Pty LimitedSydney219140
Hawkesbury Partners Pty LimitedSydney432322
Hayberry Asset Management LimitedSydney428337
Hcap Pty LimitedSydney332100
Hcw Funds Management LimitedSydney239882
Hdi Global Specialty SESydney458776
Hdl Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney422018
Heitman International Real Estate Securities Pty LimitedSydney376105
Helmsec Global Capital Pty LimitedSydney334838
Henderson Maxwell Pty ltdSydney321972
Heritage Private Wealth Pty ltdSydney468749
Hifx Australia Pty ltdSydney240917
Highbury Partnership Pty ltdSydney434566
Hill Young & Associates LimitedSydney245537
Hillross Financial Services LimitedSydney232705
Hills Asset Management Pty ltdSydney398693
Hines (aus) Investment Services Pty ltdSydney458703
Hlb Mann Judd Corporate (nsw) Pty ltdSydney253134
Hlb Mann Judd Wealth Management (nsw) Pty LimitedSydney526052
Hlk Group Pty ltdSydney435746
Hmc Capital Funds Management Pty ltdSydney513625
Hmc Funds Management LimitedSydney237257
Hollard Insurance Partners LimitedSydney235030
Holon Investments Australia LimitedSydney532669
Hong & Company Pty ltdSydney489104
Hope Partners Pty ltdSydney518706
Horizon Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney353387
Houlihan Lokey (australia) Pty LimitedSydney474953
Howden Insurance Brokers (australia) Pty ltdSydney539613
Hoxton Capital Management (australia) Pty ltdSydney402217
Hps Investment Partners (aus) Pty ltdSydney502080
Hsbc Bank Australia LimitedSydney232595
Hsrc Capital Pty ltdSydney438151
Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd.Sydney409830
Hub Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney393606
Hub24 Custodial Services ltdSydney239122
Hunt Prosperity Pty ltdSydney504318
Huntley Management LimitedSydney229754
Hvb Markets Pty ltdSydney401072
Hyperwallet Systems Australia Pty ltdSydney499092
IA Advice Pty ltdSydney445825
IS Fsl Pty LimitedSydney408800
IS Prime Asia Pacific Pty ltdSydney463364
Iag Agencies Pty ltdSydney471282
Iag Asset Management LimitedSydney227676
Iam Capital Markets LimitedSydney283119
Iberdrola Australia Energy Markets Pty LimitedSydney321435
Iberico Consulting Pty ltdSydney481247
Ica Investment Services Pty ltdSydney518407
Ica Partners Pty ltdSydney470003
Icap Brokers Pty LimitedSydney234593
Icap Futures (australia) Pty ltdSydney234579
Ict Wealth Pty ltdSydney509519
Ifm (securities) Pty ltdSydney227051
Ikon Commodities Pty LimitedSydney410554
Imc Pacific Pty ltdSydney218678
Imfg Pty ltdSydney527657
Imperial Pacific Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney288318
Implemented Portfolios LimitedSydney345143
In1bank ltdSydney515926
India Avenue Investment Management Australia Pty. Ltd.Sydney478233
Indipac Securities Pty ltdSydney475072
Industrial And Commercial Bank OF China LimitedSydney324233
Infinitas Asset Management LimitedSydney326087
Ing Bank (australia) LimitedSydney229823
Ing Bank N.v.Sydney234557
Ingenia Communities RE LimitedSydney415862
Ingot Brokers (australia) Pty ltdSydney428015
Ingot Capital Management Pty. LimitedSydney239075
Innova Investment Management Pty ltdSydney509578
Insight Investment Australia Pty ltdSydney230541
Insight Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney368175
Insight Private Wealth Pty LimitedSydney401070
Instinet Australia Pty LimitedSydney327834
Institutional Shareholder Services (australia) Pty. Ltd.Sydney297008
Instreet Investment LimitedSydney434776
Insurance Australia LimitedSydney227681
Insurance Manufacturers OF Australia Pty LimitedSydney227678
Insurance Service Holdings Pty ltdSydney491165
Insync Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney322891
Integer Securities LimitedSydney225397
Integrated Insurance Solutions Pty ltdSydney306931
Intelligent Financial Markets Pty ltdSydney426359
Interactive Brokers Australia Pty ltdSydney453554
Intergen Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney483109
Interim Finance Corporation LimitedSydney479859
International Capital Markets Pty. Ltd.Sydney335692
International Immobiliari (australia) Pty LimitedSydney307107
International Pacific Capital LimitedSydney225936
Intesa Sanpaolo SpaSydney520252
Intrinsic Private Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney480872
Invast Financial Services Pty ltdSydney438283
Investa Listed Funds Management LimitedSydney401414
Investa Wholesale Funds Management LimitedSydney401858
Investment Administration Services Pty LimitedSydney284316
Investorlink Direct Pty LimitedSydney226842
Investors Mutual LimitedSydney229988
Investsmart Advice Pty LimitedSydney334107
Investsmart Financial Services Pty ltdSydney226435
Investsmart Funds Management ltdSydney246441
Ipac Asset Management LimitedSydney234655
Ipartners Pty. Ltd.Sydney502791
Iplatforms Nominees Pty. Ltd.Sydney519552
Ipm Funds Management Pty ltdSydney312415
Iqx Investment Services Pty ltdSydney451144
Ironarb Capital Pty LimitedSydney508259
Ironbark Asset Management (fund Services) LimitedSydney298626
Ironbark Asset Management Pty ltdSydney341020
Ironbridge Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney237556
Irongate Funds Management LimitedSydney290909
Ivcm (aust) Pty ltdSydney491530
Ivy League Capital Pty ltdSydney514905
Ivy Securities Pty ltdSydney430450
J.p. Morgan Securities Australia LimitedSydney238066
Jaaims Technologies Pty. Ltd.Sydney519985
Jacanda Capital Pty. LimitedSydney227163
Jana Investment Advisers Pty ltdSydney230693
Janus Henderson Investors (australia) Funds Management LimitedSydney444268
Janus Henderson Investors (australia) Institutional Funds Management LimitedSydney444266
Jarden Australia Pty ltdSydney485351
Jaxen Funds Management Pty ltdSydney479771
Jefferies (australia) Pty ltdSydney504712
Jefferies (australia) Securities Pty ltdSydney487263
Jemenna Capital Pty LimitedSydney441213
Jlt Risk Solutions Pty ltdSydney226827
Jones Lang Lasalle Property Fund Advisors LimitedSydney250978
Jpmorgan Asset Management (australia) LimitedSydney376919
Jpmorgan Chase Bank National AssociationSydney238367
Jua Underwriting Agency Pty ltdSydney235411
K S Capital Pty LimitedSydney316880
K T M Capital Pty ltdSydney247149
KJ Risk Group Pty ltdSydney388263
Kakariki Capital Pty LimitedSydney365948
Kalkine Pty LimitedSydney425376
Kapstream Capital Pty LimitedSydney308870
Kbrz Capital Management Pty ltdSydney541317
Keb Hana BankSydney450526
Kee Partners Pty ltdSydney484743
Kemosabe Capital Pty ltdSydney289009
Kerr Allan Financial Pty ltdSydney319830
Kestrel Capital Pty LimitedSydney227065
Key Pacific Advisory Partners Pty ltdSydney225921
King OF The Mountain Financial Advice Pty ltdSydney524853
Kingsmede Partners Pty ltdSydney520453
Kkr Australia Investment Management Pty ltdSydney420085
Kkr Australia Pty LimitedSydney336127
Koda Capital Markets Pty ltdSydney488345
Koda Capital Pty ltdSydney452581
Kohle Capital Markets Pty ltdSydney489437
Kosmos Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney320639
Kuttabul Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney535700
Kvb Global Markets Pty ltdSydney334293
Kvb Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney503886
Kwc Funds Pty ltdSydney246737
Kwm Financial Consultants Pty ltdSydney401108
Lakehouse Capital Pty ltdSydney526842
Lam, Esther HingSydney516834
Lanyon Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney342955
Lasalle Funds Management LimitedSydney237588
Latimer Partners Pty ltdSydney529952
Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co.Sydney238432
Lazarus Securities Pty ltdSydney502758
Lcc Asia Pacific Pty LimitedSydney278054
Lcm Advisory LimitedSydney343496
Leading Wealth Financial Services Pty ltdSydney488819
Leaven Capital Pty ltdSydney509652
Leftfield Investments Pty ltdSydney503365
Legacy Property Capital Pty ltdSydney334490
Lennox Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney498737
Leveraged Equities LimitedSydney360118
Lfg Financial Services ltdSydney227096
Lgss Pty LimitedSydney383558
Lgt Capital Partners (australia) Pty LimitedSydney461974
Lgt Crestone Wealth Management LimitedSydney231127
Lhc Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney438285
Libertas Financial Planning Pty ltdSydney429718
Liberty Mutual Insurance CompanySydney530842
Life Plan FP Australia Pty ltdSydney277681
Lifebroker Pty. Ltd.Sydney400209
Lifespan Financial Planning Pty ltdSydney229892
Lincoln Place IM Pty ltdSydney521476
Lion Underwriting Pty ltdSydney491793
Lipman Burgon And Partners Pty LimitedSydney234972
Lipper Australia Pty ltdSydney501311
Liquid Capital Australia Pty ltdSydney235381
Liquidnet Australia Pty ltdSydney312525
Liverpool Partners Pty ltdSydney429777
Lls Investment Management Pty ltdSydney524167
Lockwood & Ward Smsf Advisers Pty ltdSydney488886
Locumsgroup Asset Management Pty ltdSydney339567
Loftus Peak Pty ltdSydney503571
Logan Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney233789
Logos Investment Manager Pty LimitedSydney505699
Lonergan Edwards & Associates LimitedSydney246532
Long Tail Asset Management Pty ltdSydney341474
Longreach Alternatives ltdSydney246747
Lonsec Research Pty ltdSydney421445
Lorica Partners Pty LimitedSydney237314
Lufthansa Airplus Servicekarten GmbhSydney321654
Luminis Partners Pty ltdSydney471335
Lunawave Pty. LimitedSydney225759
M R Advisory Pty ltdSydney488756
MA Asset Management ltdSydney427515
MA Moelis Australia Advisory Pty ltdSydney345499
MA Moelis Australia Securities Pty ltdSydney308241
MB Insurance Group Pty LimitedSydney243522
MF & Co. Asset Management Pty ltdSydney520442
MF Afsl Pty ltdSydney401812
MX Capital Pty ltdSydney503230
Maam RE ltdSydney335783
Mac Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney328214
Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management ltdSydney307086
Macquarie Alternative Assets Management ltdSydney225758
Macquarie Australian Infrastructure Management 1 LimitedSydney241106
Macquarie Australian Infrastructure Management 2 LimitedSydney326792
Macquarie Bank LimitedSydney237502
Macquarie Capital (australia) LimitedSydney314416
Macquarie Equities LimitedSydney237504
Macquarie Financial Products Management LimitedSydney237847
Macquarie Fund Advisers Pty LimitedSydney318123
Macquarie Gig Funds Management LimitedSydney319402
Macquarie Group LimitedSydney318062
Macquarie Infrastructure Management (asia) Pty LimitedSydney284621
Macquarie Investment Management Australia LimitedSydney238321
Macquarie Investment Management Global LimitedSydney237843
Macquarie Investment Management ltdSydney237492
Macquarie Investment Services LimitedSydney237495
Macquarie Life LimitedSydney237497
Macquarie Prism Pty LimitedSydney237505
Macquarie Real Estate Management (australia) LimitedSydney292155
Macquarie Securities (australia) LimitedSydney238947
Macquarie Securitisation LimitedSydney237863
Macquarie Specialised Asset Management 2 LimitedSydney241404
Macquarie Specialised Asset Management ltdSydney241104
Macquarie Specialist Investment Management LimitedSydney229916
Macquarie Underwriting Pty ltdSydney237267
Macrovue Pty LimitedSydney484264
Madigan Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney531845
Madison Financial Group Pty ltdSydney246679
Mafip LimitedSydney344448
Magellan Asset Management LimitedSydney304301
Magma Capital Advisory Pty LimitedSydney423984
Magnitude Group Pty ltdSydney221557
Mainstream Superannuation Services Pty ltdSydney239636
Mainstreet Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney293655
Mam Pty LimitedSydney223231
Man Investments Australia LimitedSydney240581
Manifest Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney241307
Maniford Pty LimitedSydney431090
Manning Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney509561
Mantis Financial Group Pty ltdSydney492452
Mantis Funds Services Pty ltdSydney531027
Maple Leaf Management Pty ltdSydney513086
Marex Australia Pty ltdSydney529155
Maritime Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney241735
Maritime Super Pty LimitedSydney348197
Marketech Online Pty ltdSydney486148
Marketmatters Pty ltdSydney488798
Markham Real Estate Partners Pty LimitedSydney415723
Markiewicz & Company Pty ltdSydney385384
Marprop Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney487440
Marsh & Mclennan Agency Pty ltdSydney238984
Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty ltdSydney238369
Marshall Property Investments Pty ltdSydney268501
Martin Minett Pty LimitedSydney532417
Mason Stevens LimitedSydney351578
Masu Financial Management Pty ltdSydney231140
Mbt Management Pty ltdSydney238443
Mcfaddens Securities Pty ltdSydney338943
Mcgrathnicol Transaction Advisory Pty ltdSydney436347
Mckay Global Markets Pty ltdSydney346282
Mecon Insurance Pty ltdSydney253106
Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.Sydney247346
Megacap Pty ltdSydney538821
Meltin Group Pty ltdSydney455388
Mepay Holdings Pty ltdSydney528836
Mercari Pty ltdSydney229935
Mercurien Insurance Pty ltdSydney480284
Mercury Capital Investments Pty LimitedSydney388088
Mercury Insurance Services Pty ltdSydney238986
Mercury Private Pty ltdSydney473466
Merit Wealth Pty ltdSydney409361
Merlon Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney343753
Merrill Lynch (australia) Futures LimitedSydney235143
Merrill Lynch Equities (australia) LimitedSydney235132
Merrill Lynch Markets (australia) Pty. Limited.Sydney432424
Metlife Insurance LimitedSydney238096
Metroland Funds Management Pty ltdSydney339360
Mex Australia Pty ltdSydney416279
Mfs International Australia Pty ltdSydney485343
Mgf Capital Pty ltdSydney421246
Mgs Financial Pty LimitedSydney337568
Mhn Asset Management Pty ltdSydney532429
Michael Flegg Pty ltdSydney485097
Microequities Asset Management Group LimitedSydney287526
Miles Advisory Partners Pty LimitedSydney296023
Milestone Operations LimitedSydney526670
Milford Australia Pty ltdSydney461253
Mill Hill Capital Pty ltdSydney282335
Millinium Capital Managers LimitedSydney284336
Mingshi Investment Management (australia) Pty ltdSydney536159
Mirae Asset Global Investments (australia) LimitedSydney484816
Miramar Underwriting Agency Pty LimitedSydney314176
Mirvac Funds LimitedSydney233121
Mirvac Funds Management Australia LimitedSydney534843
Mirvac Funds Management LimitedSydney220718
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company LimitedSydney240816
Mizuho Bank Ltd.Sydney231240
Mnm Group Financial Services Pty ltdSydney503737
Moga International Group Pty ltdSydney501156
Monash Investors Pty ltdSydney417201
Monash Private Capital Pty ltdSydney416570
Mondari Capital Group Pty ltdSydney294138
Monex Securities Australia Pty ltdSydney363972
Moneyclip Management Pty ltdSydney503881
Moneyme TM Pty ltdSydney539165
Montara Services Pty ltdSydney526747
Montgomery Investment Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney354564
Moody's Analytics Australia Pty ltdSydney383569
Moody's Investors Service Pty LimitedSydney336969
Mooneys Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSydney518445
Moreton Managed Investments Pty ltdSydney507650
Morgan Stanley Australia LimitedSydney233742
Morgan Stanley Australia Securities LimitedSydney233741
Morgan Stanley Investment Management (australia) Pty LimitedSydney314182
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia Pty ltdSydney240813
Morphic Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney419916
Morrison Securities Pty LimitedSydney241737
Mozo Pty. Ltd.Sydney328141
Msm Loss Management Pty ltdSydney530724
Msquare Group Pty ltdSydney499761
Mst Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney500557
Mufg Bank Ltd.Sydney234561
Mulpha Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney488493
Mulpha Funds Services Pty LimitedSydney486652
Multi Secure Insurance Solutions Pty LimitedSydney227724
Multiforte Group Pty ltdSydney525631
Myafs Pty ltdSydney480599
Mzl Nominees Pty ltdSydney526845
N.j. Renton And Partners Capital Pty ltdSydney337724
N1 Venture Pty ltdSydney477879
NW Advice Pty LimitedSydney241715
Nanuk Asset Management Pty ltdSydney432119
Naos Asset Management LimitedSydney273529
Narrow Road Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney474871
National Financial Solutions Pty ltdSydney284182
National Mutual Funds Management Ltd.Sydney234652
Natixis Australia Pty LimitedSydney317114
Natixis Investment Managers Australia Pty LimitedSydney246830
Navigate Wealth Pty. Ltd.Sydney332417
Neoen Australia Pty. Ltd.Sydney525455
New Urban Villages Funds Management Pty ltdSydney526756
Newealth Pty ltdSydney231297
Newton Advisory Partners Pty ltdSydney536603
Nexia Sydney Financial Solutions Pty ltdSydney247300
Next Capital Pty LimitedSydney289762
Ngs Super Pty LimitedSydney233154
Nib Travel Services (australia) Pty ltdSydney308461
Niche Insurance Pty ltdSydney530784
Nine Mile Financial Pty. Ltd.Sydney518735
Ninety One Australia Pty LimitedSydney329636
Nobleoak Life LimitedSydney247302
Nobleoak Services LimitedSydney286798
Nomura Asset Management Australia Pty LimitedSydney246427
Nomura Australia ltdSydney246412
Nonghyup BankSydney535838
Noontide Investments ltdSydney434558
Nordlys Investments Pty ltdSydney471631
North Ridge Partners Pty LimitedSydney281326
Northcape Capital Pty ltdSydney281767
Northern Trust Securities Australia Pty ltdSydney529894
Nova Underwriting Pty ltdSydney324767
Novaport Capital Pty ltdSydney385329
Novus Capital LimitedSydney238168
Nsw Fire Brigades Superannuation Pty LimitedSydney530269
Nuveen Real Estate (australia) LimitedSydney460770
OX Capital Management Pty ltdSydney533828
Oaktree Capital (australia) Pty LimitedSydney511218
Oanda Australia Pty ltdSydney412981
Obelisk Capital Pty. LimitedSydney244412
Ocean Underwriting Pty LimitedSydney542842
Oceana Licensee Pty ltdSydney533233
Odyssey Capital Administration Pty ltdSydney285413
Odyssey Capital Funds Management ltdSydney297283
Oif Services Pty ltdSydney531652
Olirek Partners Pty ltdSydney474905
Omers Infrastructure Australia Pty LimitedSydney504517
Omipay Pty. Ltd.Sydney495025
Omni Bridgeway Investment Management LimitedSydney524023
Omnia Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney520383
Omniport LimitedSydney229846
On-market Bookbuilds Pty LimitedSydney421535
One Fund Services ltdSydney493421
One Funds Management LimitedSydney300337
One Investment Administration ltdSydney225064
One Managed Investment Funds LimitedSydney297042
One Underwriting Pty ltdSydney236653
One Wholesale Fund Services ltdSydney426503
Onetwo Finance Pty ltdSydney527230
Oneventures Nominees #2 Pty ltdSydney518264
Oneventures Nominees Pty LimitedSydney462825
Opal Capital Management Pty ltdSydney535844
Ope Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney494800
Openmarkets Australia LimitedSydney246705
Opg TC Holding Pty ltdSydney536958
Ophir Asset Management Pty ltdSydney420082
Oppenheim Pty ltdSydney529099
Opportunity International Australia Capital Management Pty ltdSydney470094
Optar Pty ltdSydney487626
Optimal Fund Management Pty LimitedSydney247366
Option Funds Management LimitedSydney417441
Optiver Australia Pty LimitedSydney244145
Orbis Investment Advisory Pty LimitedSydney237862
Orbitremit LimitedSydney470646
Ord Minnett LimitedSydney237121
Ord Minnett Management LimitedSydney237123
Oreana Financial Services Pty ltdSydney482234
Origin Asset Management Limited Liability PartnershipSydney524813
Origin Securities Pty LimitedSydney237662
Orion Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney345908
Orion Resource Partners (aus) Pty ltdSydney446872
Ouf Holdings Pty ltdSydney400964
Ourcrowd Australia Pty ltdSydney517755
Oversea-chinese Banking Corporation LimitedSydney237585
Ozforex LimitedSydney226484
PM Capital LimitedSydney230222
PT Asset Management Pty ltdSydney318961
Pacific Capital Partners LimitedSydney303263
Pacific Custodians Pty LimitedSydney295142
Pacific Equity Partners Investors Administration Pty ltdSydney454251
Pacific Equity Partners Pty LimitedSydney247259
Pacific Road Capital Management Pty ltdSydney306837
Pacific Underwriting Corporation Pty ltdSydney237270
Paladin Wealth Advisers Pty ltdSydney427401
Pan Asia Investments Pty ltdSydney259487
Pan Australia Fund Management Pty ltdSydney469103
Papadopoulos, Nikolaos Sydney484784
Paradice Investment Management Pty ltdSydney224158
Paragem Pty LimitedSydney297276
Park Street Group Pty ltdSydney445489
Partners Group Private Markets (australia) Pty. Ltd.Sydney509285
Pas Advisory Services Pty ltdSydney418198
Payclear Services Pty ltdSydney314357
Payments Australia Pty ltdSydney501215
Paypal Australia Pty LimitedSydney304962
Peak Investment Holdings Pty ltdSydney304008
Pella Global Pty LimitedSydney541327
Peloton Capital Pty ltdSydney406040
Pemba Capital Nominees Pty ltdSydney530939
Pemba Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney448486
Pen Underwriting Pty ltdSydney290518
Pendal Fund Services LimitedSydney431426
Pendal Institutional LimitedSydney316455
Pengana Capital ltdSydney226566
Pengana Investment Management LimitedSydney219462
Perennial Investment Management LimitedSydney275101
Perennial Value Management LimitedSydney247293
Peritia Wealth Pty ltdSydney523970
Permanent Custodians LimitedSydney235129
Perpetual Corporate Trust LimitedSydney392673
Perpetual Investment Management LimitedSydney234426
Perpetual Superannuation LimitedSydney225246
Perpetual Trust Services LimitedSydney236648
Perpetual Trustee Company LimitedSydney236643
Perpetuity Capital Pty ltdSydney405364
Petra Capital Pty ltdSydney317944
Phoenix Capital Advisory Pty. Ltd.Sydney340510
Phoenix Private Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney438287
Piccadilly Financial Services Pty ltdSydney414417
Picnic Licensing Pty ltdSydney532540
Piety Funds Management Pty ltdSydney466719
Pimco Australia Management LimitedSydney487505
Pimco Australia Pty LimitedSydney246862
Pipeclay Lawson ltdSydney437838
Pitcher Partners Nsw Corporate Pty LimitedSydney227719
Pitcher Partners Sydney Corporate Finance Pty ltdSydney516413
Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney336950
Pitt Capital Partners LimitedSydney276323
Pkf Corporate Finance (nsw) Pty LimitedSydney295872
Planum Capital Pty ltdSydney479535
Plata Capital Australia Pty ltdSydney536975
Platinum Gate Proprietary LimitedSydney438226
Platinum Investment Management LimitedSydney221935
Plato Investment Management LimitedSydney504616
Platypus Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney301294
Playfairtan Pty ltdSydney416775
Plenary Funds Management Pty ltdSydney535601
Plenti RE LimitedSydney449176
Plus500au Pty. Ltd.Sydney417727
Plutus Independent Advisors Pty ltdSydney517944
Poly (australia) Investment Management Pty ltdSydney525697
Polygon Holdings Pty ltdSydney225889
Pomona Australia Pty LimitedSydney390402
Port Jackson Family Office (licence) Pty ltdSydney523061
Portfolio Planning Solutions ltdSydney255027
Portnordica LimitedSydney288298
Positive Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney475207
Pottinger CO Pty ltdSydney307650
Pps Lifestyle Solutions Pty ltdSydney247839
Pps Mutual Insurance Pty ltdSydney478775
Precision Financial Consulting Pty ltdSydney491432
Premier Compliance Solutions Pty ltdSydney509609
Premier Litigation Funding Pty ltdSydney525066
Premier Smsf Solutions Pty ltdSydney397302
Premium Advisory Pty ltdSydney472548
Prestige Wealth Planning Pty ltdSydney290776
Prime Capital Pty ltdSydney514452
Prime Treasury Services Pty ltdSydney529610
Princeton Mortgages Pty ltdSydney429511
Principal Global Investors (australia) LimitedSydney225385
Priority One Agency Services Pty ltdSydney286660
Private Portfolio Managers Pty LimitedSydney241058
Private Wealth Partners Group Pty LimitedSydney484737
Pro-invest Asset Management Pty ltdSydney462871
Probis Financial Services LimitedSydney338241
Professional Financial Solutions Pty ltdSydney283650
Progressive Mortgage Company LimitedSydney269822
Projects & Infrastructure Holdings Pty ltdSydney358245
Propel Investments Pty LimitedSydney312032
Propex 24 Pty ltdSydney246488
Proprietary & Fiduciary Services Pty ltdSydney258057
Proprium Capital Partners (australia) Pty ltdSydney498167
Prospa Advance Pty ltdSydney536012
Protecht.alm Pty ltdSydney276082
Protecsure Pty ltdSydney238815
Providence Fund Services Pty ltdSydney222334
Providence Wealth Advisory Group Pty ltdSydney245643
Providus Capital Pty ltdSydney290934
Psf Services ltdSydney224315
Psk Advisory Services Pty ltdSydney234656
Ptrn Pty ltdSydney527320
Pure Asset Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney520396
Pure Commerce Pty LimitedSydney262082
Pureheart Australia Pty ltdSydney519768
Putnam Investments Australia Pty LimitedSydney247032
Pwm Financial Services Pty ltdSydney226143
QA Capital Pty ltdSydney448754
QI Financial Pty ltdSydney313217
Qbe Insurance (australia) LimitedSydney239545
Qpe Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney450227
Quad Code AU ltdSydney327075
Quality Advisers Pty LimitedSydney527456
Quattro RE LimitedSydney299074
Quay Fund Services ltdSydney494886
Quay Wholesale Fund Services Pty ltdSydney528526
Quentin Ayers Pty. LimitedSydney229265
Quintet Partners Pty ltdSydney507614
Qvg Capital Pty ltdSydney507070
R&s Wealth Group Pty ltdSydney540872
RC Global Funds Management Pty ltdSydney491119
RF Capital (nominees) Pty LimitedSydney403193
RV Wealth Pty ltdSydney314113
Rabobank Australia LimitedSydney234700
Rainmaker Information Pty LimitedSydney461816
Rakuten Securities Australia Pty ltdSydney418036
Ram Property Funds Management ltdSydney514484
Range Capital Pty ltdSydney519686
Rapid Financial Services Solutions Pty LimitedSydney485573
Rbc Securities Australia Pty LimitedSydney282590
Re1 LimitedSydney380202
Re2 LimitedSydney380203
Real Asset Management Pty ltdSydney484263
Realmont Real Assets Pty ltdSydney499628
Realside Asset Management Pty ltdSydney517629
Record Point Operations Pty ltdSydney480290
Red Leaf Securities Pty LimitedSydney510097
Redcape Hotel Group Management ltdSydney505932
Redpoint Investment Management Pty ltdSydney411671
Redwood North Funds Management Pty ltdSydney539782
Reedy Capital Pty ltdSydney495539
Regal Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney277737
Reginsun Funds Pty ltdSydney448540
Region RE LimitedSydney426603
Regis Mutual Management Pty ltdSydney338156
Reinventure Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney501175
Remagen Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney446226
Renaissance Property Securities Pty ltdSydney227908
Renaissance Smaller Companies Pty ltdSydney227074
Renaissance Wealth Advisors Pty ltdSydney308297
Resi Wholesale Funding Pty LimitedSydney523225
Resimac LimitedSydney247283
Resolution Capital LimitedSydney274491
Resolution Life Australasia LimitedSydney233671
Resonant Asset Management Pty ltdSydney511759
Resource Super Pty ltdSydney420220
Retail Employees Superannuation Pty. LimitedSydney240003
Reunion Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney503165
Rev Australia Pty ltdSydney401610
Revolution Asset Management Pty ltdSydney507353
Rfc Ambrian ltdSydney233214
Riact Pty ltdSydney227190
Richard Oliver Underwriting Managers Pty. Ltd.Sydney238334
Richlink Capital Investments Pty ltdSydney498871
Right Click Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney435725
Riviera Capital Pty ltdSydney338550
Rivva Pty. Ltd.Sydney513762
Rlnm LimitedSydney234649
Roc Capital Pty LimitedSydney460464
Rochford Capital Pty LimitedSydney361276
Rose Oak Investments & CO Pty ltdSydney255291
Rosenfeld, Samuel Sydney334044
Rothschild & CO Australia LimitedSydney239059
Rounded Wealth Advisory Pty ltdSydney523251
Royal Bank OF CanadaSydney246521
Royal Financial Trading Pty ltdSydney420268
Russell Investment Group Pty ltdSydney247172
Russell Investment Management Ltd.Sydney247185
Russell Investments Employee Benefits Pty ltdSydney220705
Russell Investments Financial Solutions Pty ltdSydney229850
Ryder Investment Management Pty ltdSydney328971
ST Funds Management LimitedSydney416778
Sakkara Investment Management LimitedSydney292298
Salt Marine Risks Pty LimitedSydney513974
Sambe Investments Pty. LimitedSydney478766
Samuel Allgate Investments Pty ltdSydney420170
Sandford Capital Pty LimitedSydney461981
Sandon Capital Pty ltdSydney331663
Sanlam Private Wealth Pty ltdSydney337927
Sapien Capital Partners LimitedSydney238128
Savills Investment Management (australia) Pty LimitedSydney497211
Saxo Capital Markets (australia) LimitedSydney280372
Scape Australia Management Pty ltdSydney520445
Scentre Management LimitedSydney230329
Schroder Investment Management Australia LimitedSydney226473
Schroders RF LimitedSydney238546
Scp Corporation Pty ltdSydney491118
Securitisation Advisory Services Pty. LimitedSydney241216
Securitor Financial Group Pty LimitedSydney240687
Secvest Capital Pty LimitedSydney414225
Sedgwick Australia Pty LimitedSydney530898
Seed Partnerships Pty ltdSydney492973
Select Equities Pty ltdSydney282153
Selector Funds Management LimitedSydney225316
Sen Capital Pty ltdSydney513200
Sentinel Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney336426
Sepeco Pty ltdSydney237589
Sequoia Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney341506
Sequoia Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney472387
Sfgw Pty ltdSydney391655
Sguas Pty ltdSydney234437
Share Prices Australia Pty ltdSydney287367
Shaw And Partners Financial Planning Pty ltdSydney490255
Shaw And Partners LimitedSydney236048
Shaw Downie Pty LimitedSydney488993
Shed Enterprises Pty LimitedSydney298902
Shinhan Bank Co. ltdSydney483679
Sky Alliance Markets (au) Pty ltdSydney292464
Skyone Capital Pty LimitedSydney514682
Sle Worldwide Australia Pty LimitedSydney237268
Slmc Property Australia Pty ltdSydney528423
Smallco Investment Manager LimitedSydney224108
Smart Financial Planning Pty ltdSydney240713
Smartestenergy Australia Financial Services Pty ltdSydney521368
Smartmonday Solutions LimitedSydney236667
Smartransfer Pty ltdSydney526125
Smsf Administration Solutions Pty ltdSydney291195
Social IT Group Pty ltdSydney509529
Social Ventures Australia LimitedSydney428865
Societe GeneraleSydney511956
Societe Generale Australia LimitedSydney244585
Societe Generale Securities Australia Pty ltdSydney289791
Societyone Investment Management Pty ltdSydney477365
Sockeye Capital Pty ltdSydney533937
Solium Capital (australia) Pty ltdSydney441581
Solium Nominees (australia) Pty ltdSydney465193
Source Funding Pty ltdSydney510226
Southern Cross Benefits LimitedSydney331058
Southern Cross Venture Partners Pty ltdSydney301441
Sovereign Capital Pty ltdSydney456235
Sovereign Private Corporate Finance Pty ltdSydney501119
Spaceship Capital LimitedSydney501605
Spark Capital Pty LimitedSydney338600
Spartan Asset Management Pty ltdSydney230540
Spartan Capital Management LimitedSydney514394
Specialised Private Capital ltdSydney246744
Specialist Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney411324
Spectrum Asset Management LimitedSydney225069
Spectrum Licensing Services Pty ltdSydney478589
Spinifex Capital Pty ltdSydney246682
Spire Capital Pty ltdSydney344365
Spitfire Operations Pty ltdSydney440821
Squirrel Superannuation Services Pty ltdSydney462160
Stafford Capital Partners Pty ltdSydney221530
Stamford (wealth Management) Pty ltdSydney432426
Stamford Capital Funds Management Pty ltdSydney475123
Standard Chartered BankSydney246833
Stanton Road Partners Pty ltdSydney515613
Star & CO Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney484852
State Bank OF IndiaSydney238340
State Street Australia ltdSydney241419
State Street Bank And Trust CompanySydney239679
State Street Global Advisors Australia LimitedSydney238276
State Street Global Advisors Australia Services LimitedSydney274900
Statton Pty ltdSydney526868
Steadfast Art Pty ltdSydney298444
Steadfast Claims Solutions Pty ltdSydney530839
Steadfast Group ltdSydney254928
Stellar Global Capital Pty ltdSydney534499
Stewards Capital Group Pty ltdSydney409535
Stirling Property Funds ltdSydney497783
Stockland Capital Partners LimitedSydney241188
Stockland Management LimitedSydney284395
Stockland Trust Management LimitedSydney241190
Stockspot Pty ltdSydney536082
Stoic Asset Management Pty ltdSydney523439
Stonex Financial Pty ltdSydney345646
Strada Group Pty LimitedSydney335662
Strategic Advice Australia Pty ltdSydney523703
Strategic Financial Advisers Pty. Ltd.Sydney535997
Stratford Advisory Group (nsw) Pty LimitedSydney345404
Stripe Payments Australia Pty ltdSydney500105
Stropro Compliance Pty ltdSydney533443
Structured Investment Solutions Pty LimitedSydney298480
Sturt Capital Pty ltdSydney362429
Suanni Capital Pty ltdSydney508985
Suetonius Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney452772
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationSydney288519
Sumo Siv Pty ltdSydney494009
Sunset Power International Pty ltdSydney482639
Super Group Holdings Pty ltdSydney246309
Superannuation Accounting Pty ltdSydney485152
Superhero Securities LimitedSydney430150
Superiq Pty ltdSydney406690
Superpay Global Pty ltdSydney520907
Superratings Pty LimitedSydney311880
Swiss RE International SESydney355088
Swiss RE Life & Health Australia LimitedSydney324908
Swita Investment Management Pty ltdSydney338118
Switzer Financial Group Pty ltdSydney286531
Swmg Pty ltdSydney449553
Sydney Capital PartnersSydney296890
T. Rowe Price Australia LimitedSydney503741
TK Advisers Pty ltdSydney520585
TT Advisors Pty ltdSydney516127
Taiwan Business Bank Ltd.Sydney244596
Taiwan Cooperative Bank Ltd.Sydney401425
Tal Australia Distribution LimitedSydney237854
Tal Direct Pty LimitedSydney243260
Tal Life Insurance Services LimitedSydney233728
Tal Life LimitedSydney237848
Tal Superannuation LimitedSydney237851
Tanarra Capital Australia Pty ltdSydney290098
Taronga Group Investments Pty ltdSydney478338
Tasman Capital Investments (australia) Pty LimitedSydney315809
Taurus Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney307723
Tcm Alpha Pty ltdSydney539128
Tcm Macro Pty ltdSydney515204
Tdm Growth Partners Pty ltdSydney331087
Tego Insurance Pty ltdSydney482467
Terraform Asset Management (aus) Pty ltdSydney529881
Tfs Australia Pty. LimitedSydney230557
The Bank OF New York MellonSydney527917
The Bank OF Nova ScotiaSydney483575
The Blackstone Group (australia) Pty LimitedSydney408376
The Fairbairn Partnership Pty ltdSydney509880
The Family Wealth Advisory Group Pty ltdSydney500323
The Growth Fund Pty ltdSydney481923
The Hollard Insurance Company Pty ltdSydney241436
The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation LimitedSydney301737
The Hospitals Contribution Fund OF Australia ltdSydney241414
The Leaders Investment Manager Pty LimitedSydney240776
The Silverfern Group Pty ltdSydney382641
The Trust Company (australia) LimitedSydney235145
The Trust Company (nominees) LimitedSydney235140
The Trust Company (ptal) LimitedSydney235128
The Trust Company (re Services) LimitedSydney235150
The Trust Company (sydney Airport) LimitedSydney301162
The Trust Company (utccl) LimitedSydney235170
The Trust Company LimitedSydney235148
The Uniting Church (N S W) Trust Association LimitedSydney292186
The Wealth Partnership Pty ltdSydney303000
Thera Tfs Pty ltdSydney527076
Theta Asset Management ltdSydney230920
Thincats Australia Pty ltdSydney488196
Third Link Investment Managers Pty LimitedSydney321611
Third Party Platform Pty ltdSydney314341
Thomas Miller (australasia) Pty LimitedSydney240429
Thornton & Lee Pty ltdSydney490448
Thyra Investment Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney291214
Tian AN Funds Management LimitedSydney450094
Tickrs Securities Pty. Ltd.Sydney342771
Tiger Brokers (au) Pty LimitedSydney300767
Tilt Renewables Market Services Pty ltdSydney419007
Timark Casualty Solutions Pty ltdSydney529677
Tip Wealth RE No.1 ltdSydney512062
Tipalea Funds Management Pty ltdSydney463108
Tiy Loy Chinese Community IncorporatedSydney503397
Tmt Partners Pty LimitedSydney238428
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.Sydney246548
Topaz Claims Management Pty ltdSydney530897
Toria Finance Pty. Ltd.Sydney453345
Torica Financial Services Pty ltdSydney540818
Total Risk Management Pty LimitedSydney238790
Totus Capital Pty ltdSydney409468
Towemer Pty ltdSydney487918
Trade Nation Australia Pty ltdSydney422661
Trading Point OF Financial Instruments Pty ltdSydney443670
Trans-west Insurance Brokers (nsw) Pty ltdSydney230142
Transcend Corporate Pty ltdSydney444079
Transfermate Pty LimitedSydney514851
Transocean Securities Pty ltdSydney230161
Travelex LimitedSydney222444
Treadstone Resource Partners Pty ltdSydney449481
Tribeca Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney239070
Trilogy & CO Pty ltdSydney516102
Trimont Rea AU Pty LimitedSydney533555
Trophy Asset Management Pty ltdSydney514612
True Alignment Capital Pty ltdSydney543021
Trustees Australia LimitedSydney260038
Tullett Prebon (australia) Pty LimitedSydney224852
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