Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

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NameLocalityAFS ID
E & G Consultants Pty ltdBellevue Hill243556
E G Financial Services Pty ltdWinthrop377925
E R Syndications Pty ltdHawthorn East466495
E-quine Insurance Services Pty LimitedST Ives315794
E-trans Group Pty ltdMelbourne439303
E.f.d.b. Pty LimitedSydney311720
E.sun Commercial Bank Ltd.Sydney481605
EA Insurance Services Pty ltdBox Hill241135
EC Pohl & CO Pty ltdBundall421704
EG Capital Finance Pty ltdSydney238523
EG Property Syndications LimitedSydney430150
EM Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne419715
EP And K Financial Pty ltdRydalmere491647
EP Financial Services Pty ltdBundall325252
EQ Financial Pty ltdSydney235364
Eac Partners Pty ltdSydney341332
Eagle Insurance Brokers Pty ltdByron Bay236499
Eaglehawk Advisory Pty ltdSydney480180
East Coast Capital Management Pty ltdScotland Island339300
East Coast Insurance Brokers Pty ltdNoosa Heads246829
East West Capital LimitedEveleigh294393
East West Financial Planning LimitedMont Albert246623
East West Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.Coopers Plains230041
Easton Wealth Australia Pty ltdWest Perth264125
Eastwoods Wealth Management Pty ltdNorwood237853
Easy Capital Pty LimitedSydney425165
Easy Group Trading Pty ltdMelbourne437927
Easymarkets Pty ltdSydney246566
Ebs Service Company LimitedSydney341294
Ebsworth Partners Pty ltdPaddington387640
Ecg Financial Pty ltdMelbourne433442
Echelon Wealth Management Pty ltdKalgoorlie327250
Eclipse Accounting Group Pty ltdCaringbah486035
Eclipse Financial Advisers Pty ltdNorth Sydney322800
Eclipse Futures (hk) LimitedCauseway Bay387140
Eclipse Prudent Mortgage Corporation LimitedSydney238546
Ecn Trade Pty ltdSydney388737
Ecogen Energy Pty ltdMelbourne287045
Econ Financial Services Pty ltdSydney293876
Edge Business Partners Pty ltdOrange489186
Edge Energy Trading Pty ltdBrisbane425572
Edge Underwriting Pty ltdPerth407682
Edgehaven Pty ltdSydney466393
Edgewise Insurance Brokers Pty ltdAbbotsford307654
Edl Contracting Pty ltdBrisbane430631
Edward J O'grady Pty. Ltd.Sydney443218
Edwards Marshall Advisory Pty ltdAdelaide479792
Ee, Kong MingTingalpa488601
Eecu LimitedSouthbank244356
Efn (australia) Pty LimitedParramatta492075
Egan & CO Pty ltdSubiaco480154
Eggleton, John WilliamSalisbury488754
Egp Capital Pty ltdSydney499193
Eig Global Energy (australia) Pty ltdSydney342578
Eight Carat Securities Pty ltdWest Perth326514
Eight Investment Partners Pty LimitedSydney342305
Eightcap Pty ltdMelbourne391441
Eighth Gate Pty ltdBrisbane476599
Eildon Funds Management LimitedMelbourne229809
Ejs Insurance Consultants Pty ltdBunbartha404855
Eks Advisory Pty ltdSouth Yarra494108
Elanor Funds Management LimitedSydney398196
Elary Corporate Services Pty ltdCanterbury235266
Elders Financial Planning Pty ltdAdelaide224645
Elders Insurance (underwriting Agency) Pty LimitedAdelaide340965
Elders Rural Services Australia LimitedAdelaide237757
Elderton Capital Pty ltdWest Perth342143
Elect Wealth Management Pty ltdMont Albert499272
Electricity Supply Industry Superannuation (qld) Ltd.Brisbane336567
Element Capital Pty ltdNedlands311835
Elementsfp Pty ltdIndooroopilly460778
Eleventen Advisory Services Pty ltdCarlton North498952
Eley Griffiths Group Pty LimitedSydney224818
Elite General Insurance Services Pty ltdMyaree339383
Elite Taxation Services Pty. LimitedPunchbowl487629
Elite Thoroughbreds Pty ltdGuildford West503402
Elkcorp Pty ltdBurleigh Heads413980
Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedWest Perth246986
Ellerston Capital LimitedSydney283000
Elletson Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Bendigo252525
Elliott Australia Group Pty ltdNedlands418512
Elliott Davies Pty. Ltd.Morningside424016
Elliott Townshend Pty ltdSubiaco488956
Elrig Investments LimitedBallina394642
Elsley Associates Financial Planners Pty ltdWarners Bay244325
Elstree Investment Management LimitedMelbourne225721
Elysium Strategic Solutions Pty ltdScoresby487633
Embrun Pty. Ltd.Clayfield247319
Emc Securities Pty. Ltd.Black Rock425187
Emerald Partners Pty. ltdSydney271151
Emerge Capital Partners (transactions) Pty ltdThe Rocks431622
Emergence Insurance Pty ltdSydney329634
Eminence Global Asset Management Pty ltdRosehill305573
Emjay Insurance Brokers Pty ltdBankstown227164
Eml Payment Solutions LimitedNewstead404131
Empire Insurance Group Pty ltdNorthbridge484569
Empire Insurance Services Pty ltdRichmond232987
Emplus Superannuation Administration Pty ltdMurarrie437788
Emr Capital Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne428885
Emr Capital Pty ltdMelbourne410316
Encorefx (australia) Pty ltdSydney479870
Endeavor Asset Management Pty. Ltd.Albert Park358029
Endeavour Equities Pty ltdWoolloomooloo241233
Endeavour Insurance Broking Group Pty ltdEpping241469
Endeavour Investments International Management Pty LimitedSydney475313
Endeavour Mutual Bank ltdSurry Hills238426
Endeavour Securities (australia) LimitedSydney224972
Endeavour Securities Pty ltdFremantle457436
Endurego Tax Pty. Ltd.Adelaide482443
Energetics Pty ltdNorth Sydney329935
Energy Action (australia) Pty ltdParramatta362843
Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pty LimitedSydney441877
Energy One LimitedNorth Sydney247139
Energyaustralia Pty ltdMelbourne284426
Enett International (singapore) Pte. Ltd.Centre 018981441376
Enevita Pty ltdUpper Mount Gravatt321254
Engage Private Equity Pty ltdBrisbane397878
Enjin Group Pty ltdSydney244591
Enlightened Financial Solutions Pty ltdMackay502728
Enlihtan Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney343672
Enova Community Energy ltdByron Bay489502
Enrizen Pty. Ltd.Sydney403905
Enspira Wealth Pty LimitedBrookvale488121
Ensurance Underwriting Pty ltdMilsons Point429874
Enterprise Finance Solutions Pty ltdSydney312119
Enterprise Underwriting Solutions Pty ltdBaulkham Hills464467
Enthusiast Underwriting Pty ltdBunya396716
Entrust Private Wealth Management Pty ltdPerth222152
Enva Australia Pty ltdKent Town424494
Envex Services Pty LimitedSydney365601
Envisager Securities LimitedCremorne463919
Epic Property Investments ltdFortitude Valley239011
Epm Investment Management Pty ltdSydney453311
Epoch Energy Solutions Pty ltdThe Rocks502920
Epsilon Insurance Broking Services Pty ltdSydney245612
Eqalex Underwriting Pty ltdSydney302455
Eqr Securities Pty LimitedPerth240693
Eqt Responsible Entity Services ltdSydney223271
Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty LimitedNorth Sydney341391
Equipsuper Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne455010
Equipsuper Pty ltdMelbourne246383
Equis Australia Management Pty ltdBrisbane493589
Equitas Asset Management Pty ltdBrighton401915
Equiti Capital LimitedParramatta391452
Equiti Financial Services Pty ltdParramatta328681
Equities First Holdings (australia) Pty ltdSydney387079
Equitise Pty ltdSydney503190
Equity & Advisory Ltd.Adelaide260006
Equity & Super Pty ltdSouth Melbourne410041
Equity Advisers Pty ltdKirkstall336733
Equity Financial Services Australia Pty ltdMelbourne244245
Equity Management Pty ltdEdgecliff253135
Equity One ltdAdelaide245423
Equity Partners Pty ltdSydney239904
Equity Story Pty LimitedNorth Sydney343937
Equity Trustees LimitedMelbourne240975
Equity Trustees Superannuation LimitedMelbourne229757
Equity Trustees Wealth Services LimitedMelbourne234528
Equity Underwriters Pty LimitedSydney244040
Equity West Securities Pty ltdSwanbourne237062
Equity-one Mortgage Fund LimitedMelbourne277318
Era Tax Solutions Pty ltdWoolloongabba488815
Ergon Energy Queensland Pty ltdFortitude Valley306458
Eric Insurance LimitedScoresby238279
Erm Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane387951
Ernst & Young Abc Pty LimitedSydney238167
Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services LimitedSydney240585
Ery Superannuation Pty LimitedSydney484733
Escala Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne456207
Esentry Underwriting Pty ltdNorth Sydney402842
Esi Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane224952
Esoft Solutions Pty. Ltd.Roseville488271
Esp Accounting Pty. Ltd.Dubbo482518
Essenn Solutions Pty ltdAshfield489175
Essentia Financial Advisory Pty LimitedBaulkham Hills485418
Essential Financial Planning Australia Pty ltdMelbourne400439
Estens And Rankmore Pty ltdDubbo488999
Esuperfund Pty ltdSouthbank340762
Esv Financial Services Pty ltdSydney484772
Eternal Wealth Group Pty ltdSydney427848
Etfs Management (aus) LimitedSydney466778
Ethical Investment Advisers Pty ltdRed Hill276544
Ethical Investment Services Pty ltdKew222690
Ethical Planners Pty ltdBurleigh Heads505615
Ethicus Wealth Pty ltdMascot323389
Ethinvest Pty. LimitedSydney223718
Ethos Financial Advisers Pty ltdKew287660
Eticore SD Pty ltdSydney494275
Eto Group Pty ltdNedlands420224
Eureka Funds Management LimitedSydney273320
Eureka Revolution Pty LimitedNorth Brighton503378
Euro Corporate Securities Pty ltdSubiaco319189
Eurofinance Capital LimitedSydney241456
Euroz Securities ltdPerth243302
Eutility Trading Pty ltdNorth Sydney480703
Eva Pacific Pty ltdSydney466742
Evans And Partners Pty. Ltd.Melbourne318075
Evans Rossouw & Young Wealth Management Pty ltdNorth Sydney472429
Evari Insure Pty. Ltd.Perth494857
Eventus Wealth Management Pty ltdMount Eliza335815
Everbery Pty ltdBanyo489126
Everblu Capital Pty ltdSydney499601
Everest Asset Management Pty ltdMosman437924
Everest Financial Pty ltdBarangaroo500857
Everforex Financial Pty ltdMelbourne297499
Evergreen Capital Group Pty LimitedSydney247169
Evergreen Financial Advisers Pty ltdWest End499827
Evergreen Fund Managers Pty ltdSydney486275
Evermore Money Management Pty ltdDoncaster East401712
Everstone Wealth Pty ltdWembley410588
Evoke Business Advisers Pty ltdOsborne Park486934
Evolution Advisory Pty ltdBallina412063
Evolution Financial Pty ltdTownsville499987
Evolution Super (australia) Pty ltdDulwich319810
Evolution Trustees LimitedSydney486217
Evolve Small Business Accounting Pty ltdColedale486762
Ewm Group Pty ltdBrisbane City298171
Exceed Capital Pty ltdBrisbane490284
Excelsius Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne506202
Exclusively Super Pty ltdHope Island358144
Executive Wealth Management Financial Services Pty LimitedMillers Point245451
Exelsuper Advice Pty ltdGoodwood428272
Experien General Insurance Services Pty ltdSydney430190
Experience Wealth Pty ltdPort Melbourne480021
Exto Partners Pty ltdRushcutters Bay478994
Eye Management Pty ltdMelbourne307949
Eze Software Group Pty LimitedSydney448217
Ezi Management Pty ltdFortitude Valley315388