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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: April 9, 2021

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NameLocalityAFS ID
V J Ryan & CO Services Pty ltdSydney488702
V J Ryan Securities LimitedSydney246860
V.i.s. Nominees Pty. LimitedDocklands235097
VH Insurance Pty ltdBirtinya234520
VP Capital Pty ltdMelbourne517199
Vado Private Pty LimitedDrummoyne526189
Valant Capital Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne486695
Valor Financial Group Pty ltdBondi Junction405452
Valparaiso Australia Pty ltdBrisbane City482050
Valueinvest Pty ltdPeppermint Grove494690
Valuepoint Asset Management Pty ltdDulwich Hill509665
Valuestream Investment Management ltdNorth Sydney246621
Vandelay Financial Planning Pty LimitedBangor488696
Vaneck Investments LimitedSydney416755
Vanguard Investments Australia ltdMelbourne227263
Vanilla Property Investments Pty. Ltd.North Perth338030
Vantage Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney279186
Vantage Global Prime Pty ltdSydney428901
Vantage PI Pty ltdMelbourne411126
Vantisco Capital Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne504642
Vanzwan Accounting Plus Pty ltdBelconnen488274
Vargas, May Lurnea486092
Vasco Responsible Entity Services LimitedMelbourne434533
Vasco Trustees LimitedMelbourne344486
Vattikuti, Gautham Melbourne489000
Vca Partners Pty LimitedSydney492188
Vcf Capital Partners Pty LimitedChatswood493337
Vega Partners Pty ltdChullora488816
Vehicle Insurance Underwriters Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne318544
Vellum Funds Management Pty ltdSydney482051
Velocity Trade LimitedSydney329813
Venn Milner Superannuation Services Pty ltdBlackburn488331
Ventura Investment Management ltdSydney253045
Venture Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne384499
Ventureaxess Fund Managers LimitedNorthbridge266712
Venturecrowd Pty ltdSydney503381
Ver LimitedDocklands483795
Verisure Insurance Brokers Pty ltdBlacktown330521
Verita Financial Solutions Pty ltdHomebush West276468
Veritas Securities LimitedSydney297043
Veritas Wealth Solutions Pty ltdBarton432993
Verity Capital Management LimitedAldgate290932
Verse Wealth Licensee Services Pty ltdMelbourne523541
Vertex Asset Management Pty ltdPort Adelaide504577
Vertical Capital Markets Pty. Ltd.Darlinghurst418418
Vesparum Capital Pty ltdMelbourne432092
Vested Equities Pty ltdSurfers Paradise478987
Vestyn Capital Pty ltdSydney421584
Veye Pty ltdSydney523157
Vgi Partners LimitedSydney321789
Viafga Pty ltdByron Bay508751
Viburnum Funds Pty ltdNedlands319640
Vicaretti & Associates Pty ltdParramatta489254
Vicinity Centres RE ltdChadstone410224
Vicinity Funds RE ltdChadstone235384
Victoria Capital Pty ltdSouth Yarra428989
Victoria Teachers LimitedHawthorn East240960
Victorian Olive Oil Project LimitedMelbourne233781
Victorian Thoroughbreds Pty. Ltd.Mulgrave227184
View Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne503565
Vig Asset Management Pty ltdChatswood225867
Villawood One Pty ltdBendigo310441
Vimg Investment Fund Pty ltdSydney463497
Vinarc Pty ltdSydney484222
Vincent M. Aboud Pty LimitedParramatta488188
Vincents Financial Advisory Pty ltdBrisbane236608
Vincents Lifevantage Pty ltdBrisbane320580
Vinta Funds Management LimitedSydney453134
Vinva Investment Management LimitedSydney351058
Virgin Money Financial Services Pty ltdSydney286869
Virginia Surety Company Inc.Camberwell245579
Viriathus Capital Pty ltdBarangaroo297950
Viridian Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne476223
Viridian Equity Group Pty ltdSubiaco343442
Viridian Select Pty ltdMelbourne515762
Viridios Capital Pty ltdMosman521837
Virtu Financial Asia Pty ltdSydney410022
Virtu Itg Australia LimitedSydney219582
Vision Planning & Finance (aust) Pty ltdBroadbeach Waters492807
Vision Super Pty ltdMelbourne225054
Visis Pty ltdBrisbane394583
Visual Risk Pty ltdSydney268050
Vital Wealth Strategies Pty ltdBooker Bay409448
Vivid Financial Planning Pty ltdEdithvale478937
Vivienne Court Trading Pty ltdPaddington419010
Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty LimitedChullora389344
Volt Bank LimitedNorth Sydney504782
Vontobel Asset Management Australia Pty LimitedSydney453140
Voyager Resort LimitedBroadbeach262326
Vwm Financial Services Pty ltdWest Perth345744