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Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: May 10, 2023

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Name Locality AFS ID
I Broker Pty. Ltd. Wandong 299814
I.o.o.f. Investment Management Limited Docklands 230524
I.r Stevens & D Stevens West End 496321
I2 Advisory Financial Services Pty ltd Norwood 488390
IA Advice Pty ltd Sydney 445825
IC Advice Pty ltd Sans Souci 536826
ID Funds Management Limited Melbourne 488178
IG Australia Pty ltd Melbourne 515106
IG Markets Limited Melbourne 220440
IG Power Marketing Pty ltd Brisbane 234943
IJ Financial Services Limited Brisbane 443031
IQ Financial Services Pty ltd Southport 535047
IS Fsl Pty Limited Sydney 408800
IS Prime Asia Pacific Pty ltd Sydney 463364
Iadvice Technology Pty ltd Melbourne 526700
Iag Agencies Pty ltd Sydney 471282
Iag Asset Management Limited Sydney 227676
Iam Capital Markets Limited Sydney 283119
Ian Bell Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Coffs Harbour 237936
Ian Henry Financial Services Pty ltd Hampton 327056
Ian Jones Insurance Brokers Pty Limited Newcastle 236784
Iberdrola Australia Energy Markets Pty Limited Sydney 321435
Iberico Consulting Pty ltd Sydney 481247
Ibg Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Hawthorn 323671
Ibl Limited Melbourne 231203
Ica Investment Services Pty ltd Sydney 518407
Ica Partners Pty ltd Sydney 470003
Icap Brokers Pty Limited Sydney 234593
Icap Futures (australia) Pty ltd Sydney 234579
Ice Data Services Australia Pty ltd Southbank 234689
Icehouse Capital Pty ltd Nunawading 539011
Icf Insurance Brokers (australia) Pty ltd Norwood 543267
Icf Protection Plus Pty ltd Baulkham Hills 475125
Icg RE Funds Management Australia Pty ltd Brisbane 484059
Iconic Partners Pty ltd Lane Cove 450822
Icorp Group Pty ltd Adelaide 500740
Ict Wealth Pty ltd Sydney 509519
Ida Securities Pty ltd South Yarra 418895
Idsinvest Licensee Pty ltd Albion 512276
Ifa Private Wealth Advisors Pty ltd Bondi Junction 524103
Ifm (securities) Pty ltd Sydney 227051
Ifm Fiduciary No. 2 Pty ltd Melbourne 422757
Ifm Fiduciary Pty ltd Melbourne 422756
Ifm Investors (nominees) Limited Melbourne 239169
Ifm Investors Pty ltd Melbourne 284404
Ifs Insurance Solutions Pty ltd Melbourne 241506
Ifs Private Wealth Pty ltd Toowong 511051
Igm Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. Spring Hill 239651
Iiadvice Pty ltd South Yarra 493047
Ijd Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Mona Vale 237304
Ikon Commodities Pty Limited Sydney 410554
Illawarra Credit Union Limited Wollongong 245576
Illingworth David Financial Planning Pty ltd Geelong 253127
Imac (qld) Pty Limited Hendra 445924
Imagineering FS Pty ltd Fitzroy 510873
Imalia Pty Limited Razorback 451867
Imb Securitisation Services Pty Limited Wollongong 290368
Imb ltd Wollongong 237391
Imc Insurance Brokers Pty ltd South Yarra 229344
Imc Pacific Pty ltd Sydney 218678
Imfg Pty ltd Sydney 527657
Imh Squared Pty ltd Castle Cove 472189
Impact Agriculture Pty ltd Prahran 508171
Impact Funds Management Pty ltd ST Kilda 356648
Impact Wealth Solutions Pty ltd North Adelaide 525676
Impartial Financial Advisers Pty ltd Drummond Cove 533684
Imperial Pacific Asset Management Pty Limited Sydney 288318
Implemented Portfolios Pty ltd Sydney 345143
In1bank ltd Sydney 515926
Inception Fiduciary Pty Limited Lane Cove 485866
Income Guard Pty ltd Cremorne 344457
Independent Capital Advisers Pty ltd Cairns 378693
Independent Financial Advice & Education Pty ltd Orange 520963
Independent Financial Advisers Australia Pty ltd Phillip 464629
Independent Wealth Management Pty ltd Robina 493459
Independent Wealth Services Pty ltd Melbourne 512433
India Avenue Investment Management Australia Pty. Ltd. Sydney 478233
Indian Ocean Management Group Pty ltd Subiaco 336409
Indie Advice Pty ltd Newtown 511786
Indigo Empire Pty ltd Yallingup 463571
Indigo Vehicle Solutions Pty ltd Artarmon 532517
Indipac Securities Pty ltd Sydney 475072
Indue ltd Toowong 320204
Industria Professional Pty ltd Brisbane 503221
Industrial And Commercial Bank OF China Limited Sydney 324233
Industry Fund Services Limited Melbourne 232514
Industry Funds Investments ltd Melbourne 229881
Infinitas Asset Management Pty Limited Sydney 326087
Infinity Advisor Australia Pty ltd Bowen Hills 519295
Infinity Capital Solutions Pty ltd Melbourne 515762
Infinity Management Pty ltd Newcastle 481586
Infochoice Pty ltd Brisbane 349445
Infocus Securities Australia Pty ltd Maroochydore 236523
Infradebt Pty ltd Canberra 438986
Infrastructure & Real Estate Australia Pty Limited Kirribilli 502497
Infrastructure Specialist Asset Management Limited Melbourne 237516
Ing Bank (australia) Limited Sydney 229823
Ing Bank N.v. Sydney 234557
Ingenia Communities RE Limited Sydney 415862
Ingenious Brokers Pty ltd South Kingsville 538868
Inglis Insurance Group Pty ltd Chatswood 491029
Ingot Brokers (australia) Pty ltd Sydney 428015
Ingot Capital Management Pty. Limited Sydney 239075
Ingwersen & Lansdown Securities Limited Palm Beach 241097
Inheritance Capital Asset Management Pty ltd Adelaide 481118
Initium Capital Pty ltd ST Leonards 527072
Inloop Pty ltd Manly 471558
Innate Wealth Pty ltd Keilor 229242
Innova Investment Management Pty ltd Sydney 509578
Innovation Group (australia) Pty Limited Melbourne 530823
Innovus Licensee Services Pty ltd Fairy Meadow 526954
Insight Capital Advisors Pty ltd Malvern 482927
Insight Investment Australia Pty ltd Sydney 230541
Insight Investment Partners Pty ltd Sydney 368175
Insight Investment Services Pty ltd Brisbane 309996
Insight Private Wealth Pty Limited Sydney 401070
Inspired Financial Group Pty ltd West Perth 494196
Instanz Licencee Pty ltd Melbourne 462087
Instinet Australia Pty Limited Sydney 327834
Institutional Securitisation Services Limited Melbourne 237627
Institutional Shareholder Services (australia) Pty. Ltd. Sydney 297008
Instreet Investment Limited Sydney 434776
Insurance & Superannuation Administration Services Pty ltd South Yarra 535889
Insurance Adjusting Services Pty ltd Evandale 534023
Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Limited North Sydney 240549
Insurance Advisory Service (N S W) Pty ltd North Sydney 234624
Insurance Australia Limited Sydney 227681
Insurance Brokers Australia Pty ltd Bundall 309265
Insurance Brokers OF Nsw Pty ltd Harris Park 239101
Insurance Facilitators Pty ltd Eastwood 289450
Insurance House Pty. Ltd. East Melbourne 240954
Insurance Investment Solutions Pty ltd Mittagong 487177
Insurance Logic Pty. Limited Surry Hills 237633
Insurance Manufacturers OF Australia Pty Limited Sydney 227678
Insurance Marketing Group OF Australia Pty. Ltd. East Melbourne 234421
Insurance Service Holdings Pty ltd Sydney 491165
Insurance Services And Management Pty Limited Port Melbourne 296737
Insurance Specialist Group Pty ltd Parramatta 311831
Insure ME Now Pty. Limited Mosman 416019
Insured Creativity Pty ltd Docklands 517901
Insurex Pty ltd Parramatta 244326
Insurtech Gateway Australia Pty Limited Brisbane City 525866
Insurx Pty ltd Parramatta 528534
Insync Funds Management Pty Limited Sydney 322891
Insyt Pty. Ltd. Mordialloc 489261
Intas Financial Services Pty. Ltd. Launceston 343939
Intas Insurance Services Pty ltd Launceston 365432
Integer Securities Limited Sydney 225397
Integral Wealth Management Pty ltd Sherwood 510928
Integralife Pty ltd Bunbury 438941
Integrated Claims Services Pty ltd North Sydney 530740
Integrated Execution Services Pty ltd Bunbury 405897
Integrated Financial Advice Pty ltd Kalamunda 483119
Integrated Insurance Solutions Pty ltd Sydney 306931
Integrated Pathways Financial Services Pty ltd North Melbourne 536049
Integrity Car Care Pty. Ltd. Traralgon 247069
Integrity Financial (sa) Pty ltd Adelaide 334846
Integrity Financial Planners Pty. Ltd. Croydon 225051
Integrity Insurance Services Pty ltd Ross 532532
Integrity Life Australia Limited Pyrmont 245492
Integrity Private Wealth Pty ltd Hurstville 436298
Integrity Wealth Solutions Pty ltd Penrith 533207
Integro Holdings (wa) Pty ltd Perth 489444
Integrum Capital ltd Hope Island 529284
Intellect Wealth Pty ltd Cairnlea 523297
Intelligent Capital Pty ltd Seaforth 516656
Intelligent Financial Markets Pty ltd Sydney 426359
Intelligent Insurance Services (vic) Pty. Ltd. Clifton Hill 230498
Interactive Brokers Australia Pty ltd Sydney 453554
Intercept Information Solutions Pty ltd Seven Hills 538460
Intercharge Pty ltd Epping 238187
Interfinancial Corporate Finance Limited Brisbane 341675
Interfinanz Pty ltd Melbourne 229170
Intergen Capital Pty ltd Chatswood 528669
Intergen Funds Management Pty Limited Sydney 483109
Intergenerational Wealth Group Pty ltd Pascoe Vale 537486
Interim Finance Corporation Limited Sydney 479859
International Bank OF Australia Pty Limited Melbourne 515656
International Capital Markets Pty. Ltd. Sydney 335692
International Immobiliari (australia) Pty Limited Sydney 307107
International Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Hendra 514345
International Othello Capital Pty ltd West Melbourne 313681
International Pacific Capital Limited Sydney 225936
International Power (energy) Pty ltd Melbourne 247024
International Standard Asset Management Asia Pacific Pty ltd Melbourne 343704
Interprac Financial Planning Pty ltd Melbourne 246638
Interre Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd. Stapylton 255238
Interretire Pty ltd Brighton 260836
Intervate Capital Limited Kew 492814
Interwest Financial Services Pty ltd Applecross 514843
Intesa Sanpaolo Spa Sydney 520252
Intralink Wealth Management Pty ltd Melbourne 330737
Intrepid Wealth Pty ltd Belrose West 393254
Intrinsic Partners Pty ltd South Yarra 475135
Intrinsic Private Wealth Management Pty ltd Sydney 480872
Introvest Pty ltd Bondi Beach 424670
Intuitive Advice Group Pty ltd Carlton 534626
Intuitive Services Pty ltd Osborne Park 541944
Invast Financial Services Pty ltd Sydney 438283
Invesco Australia Limited Melbourne 239916
Investa Listed Funds Management Limited Sydney 401414
Investa Wholesale Funds Management Limited Sydney 401858
Investify Pty ltd Woombye 540543
Investment & Retirement Services Pty ltd Baulkham Hills 537452
Investment Administration Services Pty Limited Sydney 284316
Investment Gateway Pty ltd Melbourne 239117
Investment Markets (aust) Pty ltd Brisbane 527875
Investment Professionals Pty ltd Bundall 234525
Investogain Pty ltd Crows Nest 334036
Investor Wealth Pty ltd Melbourne 296861
Investorlink Direct Pty Limited Sydney 226842
Investorplan Pty ltd Gordon 515947
Investors Direct Financial Planning Pty ltd Glen Iris 385827
Investors First Funds Management Limited Varsity Lakes 246192
Investors Mutual Limited Sydney 229988
Investory Pty ltd Norwest 432670
Investplan Pty ltd Black Forest 518743
Investserve Australia Pty ltd Willunga 319138
Investsmart Advice Pty Limited Sydney 334107
Investsmart Financial Services Pty ltd Sydney 226435
Investsmart Funds Management ltd Sydney 246441
Investwest Pty. Ltd. Henley Brook 246568
Invia Custodian Pty. Limited Melbourne 247082
Io2 Insurance Group Pty ltd Noosa Heads 490721
Ion Wholesale Pty ltd Melbourne 490539
Ioof Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Docklands 238152
Ioof Investment Services ltd Docklands 230703
Ioof ltd Docklands 230522
Ip2ipo Australia Management Pty ltd Melbourne 508731
Ipac Asset Management Limited Sydney 234655
Ipartners Pty. Ltd. Sydney 502791
Ipg Funds Management Pty ltd South Yarra 476564
Ipib Pty ltd Southbank 218600
Iplatforms Nominees Pty. Ltd. Sydney 519552
Ipm Funds Management Pty ltd Sydney 312415
Ipraxis Pty ltd Parramatta 329337
Ips Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Osborne Park 224855
Iq360 Pty ltd Robina 525067
Iqx Investment Services Pty ltd Sydney 451144
Iraklisfs Pty ltd Parramatta 522661
Ironarb Capital Pty Limited Sydney 508259
Ironbark Asset Management (fund Services) Limited Sydney 298626
Ironbark Asset Management Pty ltd Sydney 341020
Ironbridge Capital Management Pty Limited Sydney 237556
Irongate Funds Management Limited Sydney 290909
Ironplan Financial Pty ltd West Melbourne 529722
Irt Insurance Pty Limited Melbourne Airport 247020
Iselect General Pty ltd Docklands 334115
Iselect Life Pty ltd Docklands 331128
Islamic Bank Australia Pty ltd Auburn 534355
Ispt Pty ltd Melbourne 247280
Itg Australia TS Pty ltd North Sydney 521741
Ivanhoe International Pty ltd Hillarys 247412
Ivcm (aust) Pty ltd Sydney 491530
Ivx Financial Planning Pty ltd Booragoon 518488
Ivy League Capital Pty ltd Sydney 514905
Ivy Securities Pty ltd Sydney 430450
Iwm Advisors Australia Pty ltd South Yarra 343582