Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: March 3, 2024

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Name Locality AFS ID
L Jack & Associates Strategic Advisory Pty ltd Castle Hill 486680
L1 Capital Pty ltd Melbourne 314302
LA Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited Melbourne 222213
LA Trobe Financial Custody & Securitisation Services Pty Limited Melbourne 379454
LT Advice Pty ltd Newcastle 523026
Laboratories Credit Union Limited North Ryde 240807
Lachstock Consulting Pty ltd Stirling 320562
Lakehouse Capital Pty ltd Sydney 526842
Lam, Esther Hing Sydney 516834
Lam, Paul Chiu Endeavour Hills 460296
Lambda Investment Solutions Pty ltd Spring Hill 240024
Lambert Group Management Pty ltd Sutherland 525558
Laminar Capital Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 476686
Lammermoor FP Pty ltd North Parramatta 512180
Lancashire Underwriting Australia Pty ltd Sydney 536279
Land Real Pty Limited Southbank 245629
Lane 9 Capital Pty ltd Teneriffe 471236
Lane Financial Group Pty ltd The Basin 398034
Lanham Financial Advice Pty ltd Miranda 222769
Lantana Private Wealth Pty ltd Malvern 502980
Lanteri Partners Financial Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 239127
Lanterne Fund Services Pty ltd Neutral Bay 238198
Lanyon Asset Management Pty Limited Sydney 342955
Lanyon RE Services Limited Adelaide 544723
Lasalle Funds Management Limited Sydney 237588
Lateral Payment Solutions Pty ltd Oxenford 521901
Latevo Underwriting Agency Pty Limited Griffith 504074
Latimer Partners Pty ltd Sydney 529952
Latitude Private Wealth Licensee Services Pty ltd Adelaide 542876
Latitude Technologies Pty ltd Pyrmont 500252
Lauders Group Capital Pty ltd Melbourne 519309
Laurel Oak Thoroughbreds Pty ltd Bella Vista 259491
Laurie Ebert Pty Limited Burwood 287378
Lavaro Pty ltd Perth 238901
Laverne Capital Pty ltd Harris Park 482937
Lawrence, Sharon L Pakenham 226787
Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co. Sydney 238432
Lazard Australia Pty ltd Melbourne 531701
Lazarus Corporate Finance Pty ltd Subiaco 403684
Lazarus Securities Pty ltd Sydney 502758
Lbpc Services Pty ltd Fortitude Valley 461135
Lbw Strategic Pty ltd Chatswood 491513
Lbw Wealth Pty ltd Geelong West 534569
Lcc Asia Pacific Pty Limited Sydney 278054
Lcm Advisory Limited Sydney 343496
Ldb Financial Group Pty ltd Blackburn 437164
Ldc Enterprises Australia Pty Limited Newstead 247247
Lea Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Bundall 241418
Lead Partners Private Wealth Pty ltd Auchenflower 520268
Leadenhall Corporate Advisory Pty ltd Adelaide 293586
Leaders Investment Management Pty Limited ST Ives 230417
Leading Wealth Financial Services Pty ltd Sydney 488819
Learn TO Trade Pty Limited North Sydney 339557
Leaven Capital Pty ltd Sydney 509652
Leculier Financial Services Pty ltd Narrabri 514919
Leda Licensing Pty ltd Nedlands 536684
Lederman Insurance Brokers Pty. Limited Wahroonga 245430
Ledger Financial Group Pty ltd Subiaco 465368
Lee And Associates (australia) Pty ltd Fortitude Valley 485720
Lee Clarke And CO Pty ltd Newcastle 225486
Leebridge Financial Planners Pty ltd Kew 247372
Leeds Capital Investments Pty Limited Eight Mile Plains 440193
Leftfield Investments Pty ltd Sydney 503365
Legacy Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. Margaret River 519446
Legacy Property Capital Pty ltd Sydney 334490
Legal Super Pty ltd South Yarra 246315
Legg Financial Services Pty ltd Port Melbourne 484563
Leggett Advisory Pty ltd Tingalpa 489195
Leishman Financial Services Pty. Ltd. Glen Waverley 227747
Leith, Diane Alison Sandhurst 488421
Leithner & Company ltd Toowong 259094
Lellco Pty ltd Richlands 544979
Lemessurier Securities Pty ltd Newcastle 296877
Lempriere Mcgregor Pty ltd Melbourne 336815
Lendfin Private Pty ltd Parramatta 500786
Lendlease Funds Management Limited Barangaroo 250126
Lendlease Imt (llitst) Limited Barangaroo 238564
Lendlease Imt (oitst) Limited Barangaroo 474992
Lendlease Imt (sm) Pty ltd Barangaroo 418194
Lendlease Investment Management (afsl) Pty Limited Barangaroo 494185
Lendlease Real Estate Investments Limited Barangaroo 250095
Lendlease Responsible Entity Limited Barangaroo 308983
Lennox Capital Partners Pty Limited Sydney 498737
Les Mumme Pty ltd West Perth 243174
Lets Make Money Pty Ltd. Cheltenham 233808
Level One Financial Advisers Pty Limited Wollongong 280061
Leveraged Equities Limited Bendigo 360118
Lewis Equity Services Pty ltd Mcdowall 422723
Lewis Financial Services Licence Pty ltd Springwood 522904
Leyland Private Asset Management Pty ltd Melbourne 223419
Leyton Funds Management Pty ltd Adelaide 483762
Lfc Group Pty Limited Warrawong 526600
Lfg Financial Services ltd Sydney 227096
Lfi Group Pty ltd Melbourne 413613
Lgaa Investments Pty ltd Frenchs Forest 482823
Lgiasuper Trustee Brisbane 230511
Lgo Accounting & Taxation Services Pty ltd Surry Hills 489005
Lgss Pty Limited Sydney 383558
Lgt Capital Partners (australia) Pty Limited Sydney 461974
Lgt Crestone Wealth Management Limited Sydney 231127
Lhc Capital Partners Pty ltd Sydney 438285
Liao, Rong Chadstone 488568
Libertas Financial Planning Pty ltd Sydney 429718
Libertas Wealth Consulting Pty ltd Greenwich 422763
Libertate Advisory Pty ltd Brisbane 498219
Liberty Fiduciary ltd Melbourne 303137
Liberty Financial Pty ltd Melbourne 286596
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Sydney 530842
Licorish Pty ltd Sydney 536957
Liddicoat Financial Planning Pty ltd Highton 519744
Lief Pty ltd Yatala 373752
Life Advisors Pty ltd Brisbane 523015
Life Experts Pty ltd South Melbourne 533827
Life Financial Planners Pty ltd West Perth 296182
Life Insurance Direct Australia Pty ltd North Sydney 473135
Life Map Financial Planning Pty ltd Baulkham Hills 523004
Life Matters Claims Pty ltd Broadwater 532487
Life Money CO Services Pty ltd Neutral Bay 522050
Life Path Financial Planning Pty ltd Upper Mount Gravatt 518221
Life Plan FP Australia Pty ltd Sydney 277681
Life Risk Partners Pty ltd Berwick 411655
Life Stages Group Pty ltd Belrose 551601
Lifebroker Pty. Ltd. Sydney 400209
Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited Melbourne 237989
Lifespan Financial Planning Pty ltd Sydney 229892
Lifestyle Asset Management Pty ltd Barangaroo 288421
Lifestyle Insurance Group Pty ltd Maroochydore 246937
Lifestyle Investment Planning Pty ltd Melbourne 278361
Lifetime Financial Pty ltd Ceres 519089
Lifewealth Pty ltd Melbourne 279615
Lifewise Financial Services Pty ltd Chevron Island 529362
Lightbulb Financial Management Pty ltd Cheltenham 542662
Lighthouse Advice Group Pty ltd Eight Mile Plains 533631
Lighthouse Financial Advisers (townsville) Pty ltd West End 471826
Lighthouse Funds Management Pty ltd Rutherford 489340
Lighthouse Infrastructure Management Limited Melbourne 310689
Lighthouse Investment Group Pty ltd Suffolk Park 483326
Lighthouse Wealth Management Pty ltd Balwyn North 418445
Likewize Services Pty ltd Adelaide 230163
Limberg Asset Management Pty ltd North Ryde 339083
Linargo Capital Pty ltd Caulfield 493670
Lincoln Financial Group Pty ltd Melbourne 483167
Lincoln Holland Pty ltd Lilydale 451350
Lincoln Place IM Pty ltd Sydney 521476
Linear Funds Management Pty Limited Dover Heights 243358
Link Advice Pty ltd Parramatta 258145
Link Asset Management (australia) Pty ltd North Sydney 540761
Link Financial Services Pty ltd Caulfield North 239929
Link Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Taringa 238479
Link Private Pty ltd Caulfield North 517546
Linked Fund Management Pty ltd North Sydney 548401
Lion Advisory Pty ltd Melbourne 325906
Lion And Shield Financial Planning Pty ltd Toowoomba 513220
Lion Manager Pty ltd Melbourne 237979
Lion Underwriting Pty ltd Sydney 491793
Lionsgate Financial Group Pty. Ltd. Cronulla 342766
Lipman Burgon And Partners Pty Limited Sydney 234972
Lipper Australia Pty ltd Sydney 501311
Liquidise Limited Sydney 547681
Liquidnet Australia Pty ltd Sydney 312525
Lisa Kovacs Pty ltd & Paul Fenton & Associates Pty ltd Wollongong 246580
Lisle Group Pty ltd West Perth 549234
Listedreserve Pty Limited The Rocks 513745
Lithuanian Co-operative Credit Society "talka" Limited North Melbourne 257751
Live Payments A&i Pty ltd Edgecliff 500017
Liverpool Partners Pty ltd Sydney 429777
Living Room OF Satoshi Pty ltd Brisbane 507130
Ljfd Pty ltd Adelaide 438458
Lls Investment Management Pty ltd Sydney 524167
Lmi Group Pty ltd Camberwell 283777
Lmp Accountants Pty ltd AS Trustee For The Haycraft Practice Trust And Lmp Accountants Pty ltd AS TR Croydon 489200
Localvolts Merchant Services Pty ltd Manly 538479
Lockton Companies Australia Pty ltd Sydney 291954
Lockwood & Ward Smsf Advisers Pty ltd Sydney 488886
Locumsgroup Asset Management Pty ltd Sydney 339567
Lodge Partners Pty ltd Melbourne 246271
Lofgren Financial Pty ltd Turramurra 530501
Loftus Nominees Pty ltd Oatley 530733
Loftus Peak Pty ltd Sydney 503571
Logan Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Sydney 233789
Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty ltd Mosman 238959
Logos Investment Manager Pty Limited Sydney 505699
Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty ltd Butler 525803
London Australia Underwriting Pty ltd North Sydney 295894
London Pay Pty ltd Sydney 533463
Lonergan Edwards & Associates Limited Sydney 246532
Loney Bell Capital Pty ltd Capalaba 515965
Long Tail Asset Management Pty ltd Sydney 341474
Longreach Alternatives ltd Sydney 246747
Longreach Capital Pty. Ltd. Nedlands 497333
Lonsdale Financial Group Limited Docklands 246934
Lonsec Research Pty ltd Sydney 421445
Lonsford Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd. Doncaster East 241390
Lorica Partners Pty Limited Sydney 237314
Lorne Resort Apartments Limited Lorne 253102
Low, Fui Sing Kedron 486159
Lowe Lippmann Wealth Advisers Pty ltd Melbourne 526748
Lowell Resources Funds Management ltd Melbourne 345674
Loyalize Fund Management Pty ltd Box Hill 501290
Lra Corporate Pty Limited North Sydney 253008
Lsn Capital Partners Pty ltd Melbourne 550265
Ltg Gold Rock Pty ltd Sydney 286510
Lucerne Services Pty ltd Richmond 481217
Ludosh Pty ltd Turner 499250
Lufthansa Airplus Servicekarten Gmbh Sydney 321654
Lugarno Holdings Pty ltd Wangara 331147
Lugarno Partners Pty Limited Kingscliff 508934
Lumen Investment Management Pty ltd Melbourne 493790
Lumiere Private Advisory Pty ltd Hawthorn 511440
Luminis Partners Pty ltd Sydney 471335
Lunawave Pty. Limited Sydney 225759
Lutheran Laypeople's League OF Australia Limited North Adelaide 329339
Lwm Financial Services Pty ltd Maylands 438603
Lwp Capital Pty ltd West Perth 540596
Lwp Financial Pty ltd Macleod 423936
Lythgo Crew Wealth Management Pty ltd Fortitude Valley 370951