Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

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NameLocalityAFS ID
P G Cameron Pty. Ltd.Armidale512468
P J A Consultants Pty ltdStrathfield235106
P. J. Privitelli & Associates Pty. Ltd.Thomastown227617
P.a Berger & T Millard & W.j PiepersPenrith486102
P.i. Direct Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.Springwood229462
P3 Financial Planning Pty ltdIndooroopilly464628
PD Financial Group Pty LimitedStanhope Gardens477186
PK Insurance Brokers Pty ltdPenrith509454
PM Capital LimitedSydney230222
PT Advisory Services Pty ltdSydney416775
PT Asset Management Pty ltdSydney318961
Pac Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne335374
Pacific 8 Pty ltdDouble Bay480508
Pacific Bloodstock Pty ltdKew East303164
Pacific Capital Partners LimitedSydney303263
Pacific Custodians Pty LimitedSydney295142
Pacific Eastcoast Securities LimitedSouth Yarra238398
Pacific Equity Partners Investors Administration Pty ltdSydney454251
Pacific Equity Partners Pty LimitedSydney247259
Pacific Hydro Afsl Pty ltdDocklands335327
Pacific Indemnity Underwriting Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne480863
Pacific International Fund Management Pty ltdRegents Park468980
Pacific Road Capital Management Pty ltdSydney306837
Pacific Underwriting Corporation Pty ltdSydney237270
Packer & CO ltdCottesloe221184
Pacreef Asset Management Pty ltdParramatta488045
Paladin Wealth Advisers Pty ltdSydney427401
Pallas Funds Pty ltdWoolloomooloo473475
Palmer Portfolios Group Pty ltdMilton376719
Palmer, Michael RonaldGympie489216
Palmerston Accounting Group Pty. Ltd.Palmerston485750
Paloma Investments Pty ltdTrigg425530
Pamplona Pty ltdSubiaco336349
Pan-tribal Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne462065
Panoptic Underwriting Agency Pty. Ltd.Tullamarine433816
Pantaenius Australia Pty ltdWarriewood410502
Panther Trading Pty ltdWollstonecraft363494
Pap Afsl Licensing Pty ltdMyrtleford487762
Papadopoulos, Nikolaos Sydney484784
Paradice Investment Management Pty ltdSydney224158
Paradigm Professionals Group Pty ltdMelbourne476351
Paradigm Wealth Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne232459
Paradigm Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne297465
Paragem Pty LimitedSydney297276
Paragon Funds Management ltdMelbourne426800
Paragon Wealth Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne478700
Parallax Accounting Pty ltdToowoomba485859
Pareto Group Pty ltdBrighton418700
Pareto Securities Pty ltdPerth454131
Paritech Pty ltdMelbourne243269
Park Street Group Pty ltdSydney445489
Park, Hoon Strathfield485468
Parkside Investorplus Solutions Pty LimitedCastle Hill225920
Parramatta Accountants & Tax Agents Pty ltdParramatta488310
Parramatta Taxation Services Pty LimitedWest Pennant Hills487838
Parsons, Victor ClarenceGowanbrae260793
Partners Wealth Group Advice Pty ltdMelbourne483842
Pas Advisory Services Pty ltdSydney418198
Pas Personnel (nsw) Pty. LimitedEngadine234701
Paskalidis, Angelos EvangelosOakleigh240289
Patel, Miraj Sydney471692
Patel, Prerak Baulkham Hills484996
Paterson, David OBalgowlah253899
Patersons Asset Management LimitedAlbany267899
Patersons Securities LimitedPerth239052
Patron Financial Services Pty ltdMaroochydore307379
Paul Donnelly Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedHornsby231182
Paul Huy Nguyen & CO Pty ltdBankstown485437
Paul Melling & Associates Pty. LimitedHeidelberg231247
Pauline R. Murray Accountants Pty. Ltd.Gawler486146
Paxton Bridge Pty ltdWindsor493251
Paychrome Pty LimitedGordon444062
Payclear Services Pty ltdSydney314357
Payleadr Pty. Ltd.Rose Bay501914
Paymate Pty ltdST Leonards415833
Payments Australia Pty ltdSydney501215
Payne Accountants Pty ltdSarina474669
Payoneer Australia Pty ltdNorth Sydney504803
Paypal Australia Pty LimitedSydney304962
Payton Funds Management Pty ltdSouthbank284280
Payton Private Wealth Pty ltdSouthbank291466
Pba Corporation Pty. Ltd.Nedlands434071
Pbd Funds Management ltdSydney450094
Pbf (australia) Ltd.Osborne Park301359
Pcf Capital Group Pty ltdWest Perth291385
Pch Finance Pty ltdST Leonards508775
Pdfp Pty ltdSutherland293538
Pdm Capital Pty ltdSouth Perth458564
Peacheys Investment Services Pty ltdIpswich238154
Peak Advisors Pty. Ltd.Surfers Paradise426782
Peak Equities Pty ltdMelbourne458013
Peak Investment Holdings Pty ltdSydney304008
Peakbound Financial Services Pty ltdRedfern488411
Pearce Callahan & Associates Pty. Ltd.Greensborough288877
Pearce Accounting Pty ltdOrange488189
Pedler Garlik Nominees Pty ltdSeacliff Park488590
Peet Funds Management LimitedPerth415753
Pegasus Corporate Advisory Pty LimitedSydney299752
Pelathon Funds Management LimitedNeutral Bay477840
Peli Capital Pty ltdMitchelton447123
Pellicano Funds Management Pty ltdNotting Hill309866
Pelorus Private Equity LimitedNeutral Bay247008
Peloton Capital Pty ltdSydney406040
Pemba Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney448486
Pen Underwriting Group Pty ltdSydney238170
Pen Underwriting Pty ltdSydney290518
Pendal Fund Services LimitedSydney431426
Pendal Institutional LimitedSydney316455
Pendragon Capital LimitedSubiaco237549
Pendulum Capital Pty LimitedWest Perth280970
Pengana Capital ltdSydney226566
Pengana Investment Management LimitedSydney219462
Peninsula Financial Consulting Pty ltdDee Why484851
Pentalpha Holdings Pty ltdSandgate476920
Pepper Group LimitedNorth Sydney286655
Pepper Property Advisory Pty LimitedNorth Sydney320498
Pepperstone Group LimitedMelbourne414530
Perdaman Funds Management Pty ltdWest Perth454210
Peregrine Corporate LimitedArmadale237858
Peregrine Projects Pty ltdMelbourne460886
Perennial Investment Management LimitedSydney275101
Perennial Value Management LimitedSydney247293
Peritus Private Wealth Pty ltdSubiaco238064
Perks & Associates Pty. LimitedParkside488997
Perks Wealth Management Pty ltdParkside236551
Permanent Custodians LimitedSydney235129
Perpetual Corporate Trust LimitedSydney392673
Perpetual Investment Management LimitedSydney234426
Perpetual Superannuation LimitedSydney225246
Perpetual Trust Services LimitedSydney236648
Perpetual Trustee Company LimitedSydney236643
Perpetuity Capital Pty ltdSydney405364
Perrozzi, Giuseppe Morley470978
Perryman O'grady Philpott Pty. Ltd.Norwood240525
Pershing LlcJersey City NJ 07399271837
Pershing Securities Australia Pty ltdSydney338264
Personal Asset Services Pty ltdWest Perth308275
Personal Choice Portfolio Services Pty ltdSydney408118
Personal Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne227182
Personal Portfolio Online Pty ltdFrankston227928
Personal Risk Management Pty ltdOsborne Park247844
Petcover Aust Pty ltdTullamarine507143
Peter And Susan Jones TA Pagasa ExpressKings Park291813
Peter J. Woodford Pty. Ltd.Melbourne229069
Peter L Brown & Associates Pty ltdWagga Wagga244332
Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers Pty ltdLindfield229302
Peters Macgregor Capital Management LimitedBondi Junction225984
Petersen, Anne ElizabethGisborne South488392
Petersmckeown Pty ltdHawthorn East296198
Petplan Australasia Pty ltdTullamarine245663
Petra Capital Pty ltdSydney317944
Petrus Superannuation Pty LimitedNewcastle489002
Petsure (australia) Pty ltdChatswood420183
Pfa Adviser Services Pty ltdRichmond425511
Pfg Pty. Ltd.Southbank305927
Pgw Financial Services Pty ltdMarden384713
Pgwg Capital Pty ltdSydney305908
Phillip Anthony Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne483530
Phillip Asset Management LimitedMelbourne246848
Phillip Capital LimitedMelbourne246827
Phillip Capital Trading Pty ltdMelbourne246796
Phillipsons Financial Planning Pty ltdSale332836
Philo Capital Advisers Pty ltdRoseville301808
Philp Newby & Owen Pty. Ltd.Malvern East237822
Phoenix Capital Advisory Pty. Ltd.Sydney340510
Phoenix Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.South Perth229847
Phoenix Portfolios Pty ltdMelbourne300302
Phoenix Private Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney438287
Phoenix Wealth Management Pty LimitedDouble Bay320686
Piccadilly Financial Services Pty ltdSydney414417
Pier Capital Pty LimitedDawes Point294398
Piety Funds Management Pty ltdSydney466719
Pilat Investment Pty ltdCremorne241717
Pilgrim Private Pty ltdMelbourne235322
Pilloni, Neil JosephGriffith489460
Pilot Advisory Pty ltdBrisbane473034
Pilot Superannuation Pty ltdBrisbane483696
Pilot Wealth Management Pty ltdBrooklyn Park410134
Pimco Australia Management LimitedSydney487505
Pimco Australia Pty LimitedSydney246862
Pindan Capital ltdBelmont342911
Pindari Capital Pty ltdSydney488493
Pinn Deavin Securities Pty ltdTaren Point246925
Pinnacle Adviser Services Pty ltdSydney412816
Pinnacle Corporate Finance Pty ltdPerth403684
Pinnacle Equities Pty ltdArmadale300776
Pinnacle FP Pty ltdShepparton509196
Pinnacle Fund Services LimitedBrisbane238371
Pinnacle Investment Management LimitedBrisbane322140
Pinnacle RE Services LimitedBrisbane340235
Pinnacle Securities Pty ltdSydney485760
Pioneer Investment Group Pty ltdTuggerah461933
Pipeclay Lawson ltdSydney437838
Piranha Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.Rockhampton City230917
Pirie Street Custodian ltdAdelaide240521
Pitcher Partners Corporate Finance LimitedBrisbane255516
Pitcher Partners Corporate Pty. Ltd.Docklands229841
Pitcher Partners Investment Services Pty. Ltd.Docklands229887
Pitcher Partners Nsw Corporate Pty LimitedSydney227719
Pitcher Partners SA Financial Pty ltdAdelaide487781
Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management Pty ltdSydney336950
Pitcher Partners Wealth Management Pty ltdBrisbane357636
Pitt Capital Partners LimitedSydney276323
Pjc Inv Pty ltd AS Trustee For Pjc Inv Trust & Pje Pty ltd AS Trustee For The Pje Family Trust & MJParramatta484796
Pjsba Pty ltdCanterbury480991
Pkf Corporate Finance (nsw) Pty LimitedSydney295872
Pkf Melbourne Corporate Pty ltdMelbourne222050
Placer Property LimitedMelbourne442806
Plan 2 Pty ltdBrisbane237874
Plan For Super Pty ltdAlbion488505
Planfarm Marketing Pty ltdNarrogin404501
Planning Partners Pty. Ltd.Camberwell222835
Plant & Associates Pty ltdNerang469574
Plantation Capital LimitedBox Hill339481
Planum Capital Pty ltdSydney479535
Platform Advisory Partners Pty. Ltd.Yarraville494360
Platinum Gate Proprietary LimitedSydney438226
Platinum Investment Management LimitedSydney221935
Platinum Mortgage Securities Pty ltdWest Perth329004
Platinum Perpetual Global Private Wealth Pty ltdYanchep508415
Plato Investment Management LimitedSydney504616
Platypus Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney301294
Pledgeme Pty ltdFortitude Valley503339
Plenary Group Pty. Ltd.Melbourne284493
Plexus Financial Services (aust) Pty LimitedChatswood233675
Plum Grove Pty ltdFremantle231163
Plus Capital Management Pty ltdSydney322080
Plus500au Pty. Ltd.Sydney417727
Pma Strategic Advisory Services Pty ltdMosman489001
Pmcg Pty ltdDouble Bay281846
Pni Financial Services Pty ltdWynnum408735
Podium Connect Pty ltdOatlands235662
Point Underwriting Agency Pty ltdManly477471
Pointons Financial Planners Pty ltdGawler South247114
Police & Nurses Financial Planning Pty ltdPerth237507
Police & Nurses LimitedPerth240701
Police Bank ltdSurry Hills240018
Police Credit Union LimitedAdelaide238991
Police Financial Services LimitedMelbourne240293
Politis Investment Strategies Pty ltdWickham253125
Pollard Advisory Services Pty. Ltd.Frankston247077
Pollard Williams Pty LimitedSurry Hills484640
Pollifrone, James AnthonyConcord489298
Polygon Holdings Pty ltdSydney225889
Polymath Investors Proprietary LimitedHomebush362215
Polyol Australia Pty ltdWest Perth245640
Pomona Australia Pty LimitedSydney390402
Ponsford, Derek MichaelRandwick298750
Poole & Partners Investment Services Pty. Ltd.Birtinya280232
Pooledfunds Pty ltdMona Vale234543
Port Financial Services Pty ltdPalmyra496444
Port Phillip Publishing Pty ltdAlbert Park323988
Portclip Pty. LimitedInverell241096
Portfolio Planners Private Pty ltdBrighton430319
Portfolio Planners Pty ltdBrighton339044
Portfolio Planning Solutions ltdSydney255027
Portfolioiq Pty ltdBrisbane332959
Portnordica LimitedSydney288298
Positive Dynamics Pty. Ltd.Southport484103
Positive Investment Partners Pty ltdSydney475207
Potentia Capital Pty ltdNorth Sydney498227
Pottinger CO Pty ltdSydney307650
Power 2 Financial Planning Pty ltdMackay307169
Power 2 Financial Services Pty ltdSlacks Creek444078
Powerful Accounting And Taxation Pty ltdKorora486003
Powerwrap LimitedMelbourne329829
Poynter Hargraves Financial Consultants Pty ltdEastwood237846
Ppf Advisory Pty ltdSouth Wharf470793
Ppf Asset Management LimitedSouth Wharf229696
Ppi Capital ltdAdelaide344601
Ppi Financial Services Pty ltdAdelaide467297
Ppn Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne459049
Pps Lifestyle Solutions Pty ltdSydney247839
Pps Mutual Insurance Pty ltdSydney478775
Ppt Financial Pty ltdBallarat Central252992
Praemium Australia LimitedMelbourne297956
Praescius Financial Holdings Pty ltdBulimba486455
Precept Investment Actuaries Pty LimitedWahroonga316737
Precise Advice Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Keysborough229986
Precision Administration Services Pty ltdMilton246604
Precision Financial Consulting Pty ltdSydney491432
Preferred Carbon Australia Pty ltdMalvern425618
Prema Capital LimitedAlstonville247184
Premier Asset Management Pty ltdGordon231175
Premier Smsf Solutions Pty ltdSydney397302
Premier Wealth Management Financial Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney404798
Premium China Funds Management Pty ltdUltimo291570
Premium Client Services Australia Pty ltdHawthorn East454195
Premium Wealth Management Pty ltdNorth Sydney237498
Prenitha Wikramanayake & Margaret WikramanayakeDover Heights484718
Prestbury Financial Management Pty ltdIluka477450
Prestige Wealth Advisers Pty ltdJoondalup480007
Prestige Wealth Management Pty ltdVarsity Lakes478891
Prestige Wealth Planning Pty ltdSydney290776
Prfp Pty ltdEast Brisbane512730
Price Financial Intelligence Pty ltdThornleigh402367
Price Gibson Pty ltd AS Trustee For Price Gibson Unit TrustCanterbury486506
Pricewaterhousecoopers Securities ltdBarangaroo244572
Priestleys Accounting Pty ltdWoolloongabba489190
Primacy Underwriting Management Pty LimitedMelbourne237271
Primary Financial Services Pty ltdMundaring338360
Primary Securities ltdFremantle224107
Primassure (australia) Pty. Ltd.Eastwood488936
Prime Mortgage Group Ltd.Melbourne235269
Prime Partners Financial Advice Pty ltdGladesville458993
Prime Partners Pty LimitedNorth Sydney488718
Prime Super Pty ltdMelbourne219723
Prime Time Advisory Pty ltdBlackburn316972
Prime Underwriting Agency Pty ltdMelbourne317217
Prime Value Asset Management LimitedMelbourne222055
Primebroker Securities ltdMelbourne311948
Primecare Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Camberwell473141
Primespace Property Investment ltdCanberra279694
Primestock Capital Pty ltdSouth Yarra434979
Primestock Securities LimitedSouth Yarra239180
Primestock Wealth Management Pty ltdSouth Yarra240277
Primewest Funds ltdPerth339074
Primewest Management ltdPerth250963
Princeton Mortgages Pty ltdSydney429511
Principal Financial Services Pty ltdUpper Mount Gravatt228944
Principal Global Investors (australia) LimitedSydney225385
Principal Partners (vic) Pty ltdMelbourne426722
Principal Partners Securities Pty ltdMelbourne486505
Principled Mortgage Investments ltdCamberwell233081
Priority One Agency Services Pty ltdSydney286660
Priority Wealth Advisers Pty ltdWest Perth508998
Priority1 Wealth Management Group (australia) Pty. Ltd.Ringwood North324472
Pritchard & Partners Pty LimitedHamilton246712
Private Capital Advisers Pty ltdCottesloe422593
Private Financial Advisory Pty ltdLower Plenty464933
Private Mortgage Funding & Management LimitedMount Lawley237861
Private Portfolio Managers Pty LimitedSydney241058
Private Wealth Advisory Pty ltdPerth478249
Private Wealth Partners Group Pty LimitedNorth Sydney484737
Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne320404
Privateinvest Securities Pty ltdMitcham427666
Pro-insure Pty ltdSanctuary Cove452548
Pro-invest Asset Management Pty ltdSydney462871
Probis Financial Services LimitedSydney338241
Probis Securities Pty LimitedSydney403070
Prodigy Investment Partners LimitedPerth466173
Professional & Reliable Financial Services Pty ltdErmington307083
Professional Adviser Alliance Pty ltdSandringham344361
Professional Dealer Services Pty ltdSydney475072
Professional Financial Solutions Pty ltdSydney283650
Professional Forex Services Pty. Ltd.Fitzroy440947
Professional Insurance Brokers (N S W) Pty ltdNorth Parramatta241251
Professional Insurance Brokers (mckinnon) Pty ltdMckinnon229253
Professional Investment Services Pty ltdSydney234951
Professional Investment Solutions Pty. Ltd.Richmond487325
Professional Risk Solutions Pty ltdKew304863
Professional Risk Underwriting Pty ltdEast Melbourne308076
Professional Services Corporation Pty ltdEast Melbourne305491
Professional Wealth Management Services Pty ltdWarriewood468125
Professional Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne369453
Professional Wealth Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney312047
Proficient Capital Pty LimitedNedlands489781
Profile Financial Services Pty ltdParramatta226238
Profusion Advisory Group Pty ltdPerth506425
Progressive Green Trading Pty ltdHawthorn East414252
Progressive Mortgage Company LimitedSydney269822
Progressive Wealth Services Pty ltdLong Jetty424605
Proguard Pty ltdMorwell492256
Projects & Infrastructure Holdings Pty ltdSydney358245
Promisepay Pty. Ltd.Collingwood478497
Promotional Insurance Agency Pty. Ltd.South Yarra246560
Propel Investments Pty LimitedSydney312032
Properties & Pathways Pty ltdCity Beach438152
Property Capital Australia LimitedWest Perth260789
Property Funds Management Australia Pty ltdDerrimut453825
Property Funds Management Services Pty ltdWilloughby North232438
Property Investment Management LimitedSouth Yarra247097
Propertylink Investment Management ltdSydney338189
Propertylink Wim Pty ltdSydney488136
Propex 24 Pty ltdSydney246488
Proprietary & Fiduciary Services Pty ltdSydney258057
Proprium Capital Partners (australia) Pty ltdSydney498167
Proserpine Capital Partners Pty ltdHawthorn412935
Prosolution Group Pty ltdMelbourne238449
Prosperitus Pty ltdSydney236552
Protecht.alm Pty ltdSydney276082
Protecsure Pty ltdSydney238815
Proto Investment Partners Pty ltdFitzroy408867
Proven Thoroughbreds Pty. LimitedKingsford301464
Provenance Financial Solutions Pty ltdInglewood358587
Providence Wealth Advisory Group Pty ltdSydney245643
Provident Strategies Pty ltdPort Lincoln447616
Providus Capital Pty ltdSydney290934
Prudential Investment Services Corp Pty ltdMiranda468145
Przulj, Angela Dandenong486198
Psa Super & Financial Services Pty ltdArmidale488562
Psb Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.Blackburn241402
Psc Connect Pty ltdEast Melbourne344648
Psc Insurance Brokers (aust) Pty ltdEast Melbourne342385
Psc Nfib Markets Pty ltdPerth245374
Psc Reliance Franchise Partners Pty ltdEast Melbourne232446
Psca Financial Group Pty ltdAdelaide486322
Pug Financial Pty ltdDrummoyne470050
Puhuei-century Pty ltdSydney224022
Pulse Credit Union LimitedMelbourne239293
Pulse Markets Pty ltdSydney220383
Pure Commerce Pty LimitedSydney262082
Pure Strategy Pty ltdEast Perth403524
Pursuit Capital Pty ltdSubiaco339211
Purvis Barr And Associates Pty ltdBronte405106
Pushpanathan Trading Pty ltdMarangaroo489136
Putnam Investments Australia Pty LimitedSydney247032
Puzzle Financial Advice Pty ltdPinjarra Hills230050
Pwk Private Wealth Afsl Pty ltdBrisbane511408
Pwm Advisor Services Pty ltdAdelaide334846
Pww Licensee Pty ltdNewcastle407075
Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty. Ltd.Mount Eliza431288