Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

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NameLocalityAFS ID
O'connor Business Services Pty ltdPort Macquarie461490
O'connor, Susan Belmont484793
O'donohue Nominees Pty. Ltd.Colac239911
O'keefe, Anthony JohnSouthport240546
O'regan Group Pty ltdMalaga230806
O'sullivan Insurance Brokers Pty ltdShepparton279801
O.m.w. Pty. LimitedBalwyn484929
ON Q Securities Pty ltdSouth Perth226367
Oak Capital Mortgage Fund LimitedSouthport438659
Oak Hill Advisors (australia) Pty ltdMelbourne415209
Oakwest Holdings Pty ltdWest Perth222266
Oakwood Financial Group Pty LimitedGosford255231
Oakwood Lifestyle Advisers Pty ltdChatswood379049
Oanda Australia Pty ltdSydney412981
Oasis Fund Management LimitedSydney274331
Oasis Wealth Pty ltdHeidelberg293770
Obelisk Capital Pty. LimitedSydney244412
Ocean Asset Management Pty. LimitedST Ives340218
Ocean Financial Services Pty ltdSydney485363
Oceanic Marine Risks Pty. Ltd.Cannonvale238271
Octani Capital Pty LimitedPerth342384
Odin Management Pty ltdSydney224022
Odyssey Capital Administration Pty ltdSydney285413
Odyssey Capital Funds Management ltdSydney297283
Odyssey Equity Finance Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne219431
Ohm Australian Services Pty ltdWentworthville487931
Olam Australia Advisory Pty ltdNewstead438402
Old Gold Credit Union Co-operative LimitedRingwood247080
Olirek Partners Pty ltdSydney474905
Olive Financial Markets Pty ltdSydney390906
Oliver Hume Property Funds Pty ltdSouthbank247074
Olivetree Financial Pty ltdSydney467178
Omega Global Investors Pty ltdMelbourne318125
Omf Australia Pty LimitedSydney485351
Omniport LimitedSydney229846
Omniwealth Services Pty LimitedSydney309643
On-market Bookbuilds Pty LimitedSydney421535
Onamission Pty. Ltd.Kialla486050
One Big Switch Pty ltdPaddington455982
One Energy Pty ltdWest Perth438763
One Focus Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne457139
One Funds Management LimitedSydney300337
One Investment Administration ltdSydney225064
One Managed Investment Funds LimitedSydney297042
One Street Group Pty ltdNorth Curl Curl328866
One Underwriting Pty ltdMelbourne236653
One26 Pty ltdNewstead329408
Onefinancial Pty ltdBelmont484544
Onefocus Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne402304
Oneill, Joseph VincentCheltenham226395
Onepath Custodians Pty LimitedSydney238346
Onepath Funds Management LimitedSydney238342
Onepath General Insurance Pty LimitedSydney288160
Onepath Life LimitedSydney238341
Onesource Financial Services Pty ltdParramatta454048
Oneventures Nominees Pty LimitedSydney462825
Onevue RE Services LimitedSydney223271
Onevue Super Services Pty LimitedAbbotsford246883
Online Insurance Brokers Pty ltdScarborough241055
Online Power And Gas Administration Pty ltdWest Melbourne487372
Online Super Fund Pty. Ltd.Mosman Park482592
Open Corp Funds Management ltdWheelers Hill417371
Open Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne232977
Open Resolve Funds Management Pty LimitedWilloughby473786
Openmarkets Australia LimitedMelbourne246705
Ophir Asset Management Pty ltdSydney420082
Opico Capital Pty ltdLavender Bay445535
Opportunity International Australia Capital Management Pty ltdSydney470094
Optar Pty ltdSydney487626
Optimal Afsl Pty ltdNorth Adelaide431258
Optimal Choice Pty LimitedSydney247169
Optimal Fund Management Australia Pty ltdMelbourne325159
Optimal Fund Management Pty LimitedSydney247366
Optimus 1 Pty ltdWestcourt245456
Optimus Financial Advisory Pty ltdSubiaco389663
Optimus Private Equity Pty ltdSubiaco436292
Option Funds Management LimitedSydney417441
Optionsxpress Australia Pty LimitedFrenchs Forest246743
Optiver Australia Pty LimitedSydney244145
Optus Insurance Services Pty LimitedMacquarie Park247379
Oracle Funds Management LimitedSydney322620
Oracle Group (australia) Pty ltdBalcatta363610
Orange Credit Union LimitedOrange240768
Orbis Investment Advisory Pty LimitedSydney237862
Orbit Capital Pty. Ltd.Brisbane230327
Orbit Remit Global Money Transfer LimitedSydney470646
Ord Minnett Financial Planning Pty LimitedSydney237122
Ord Minnett LimitedSydney237121
Ord Minnett Management LimitedSydney237123
Oreana Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne482234
Oreon Financial Planning Pty ltdKent Town470507
Orient Pacific Asset Management Pty ltdMascot323389
Origin Energy Electricity LimitedSydney238262
Origin Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney237663
Origin Markets ltdSydney246943
Origin Securities Pty LimitedSydney237662
Orimco Pty ltdWest Perth446258
Orion Asset Management LimitedSydney232379
Orion Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney345908
Orion Resource Partners (aus) Pty ltdSydney446872
Orr's And Associates Pty. Ltd.Cohuna238526
Orringa Capital Partners Pty ltdWahroonga478995
Osman Insurance Brokers Pty ltdLindfield238780
Ostermeyer Investment Partners Pty ltdAdelaide438949
Ostrava Securities Pty ltdMelbourne436231
Otsana Pty ltdWest Perth435872
Otway Funds LimitedToorak306644
Our Retirement Pty. Ltd.Westlake411082
Oversea-chinese Banking Corporation LimitedSydney237585
Ovib Pty. Ltd.Myrtleford247868
Owen Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedCastle Hill234539
Ownership Matters Pty ltdMelbourne423168
Oxford Insurance Brokers Pty ltdUnley268411
Oxley Insurance Brokers Pty ltdPort Macquarie240561
Oxygen Global Pty ltdMelbourne452187
Oya Financial Services Pty ltdNarrabeen421290
Ozfinancial Pty. Ltd.Melbourne241041
Ozforex LimitedSydney226484
Ozgen Retail Pty ltdBrisbane327278
Ozplan Financial Services Pty ltdBenalla221235
Ozprop Capital Pty ltdBroadbeach433227