Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: April 14, 2024

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Name Locality AFS ID
O&i Wealth Pty ltd Balcatta 538367
O'connor, Susan Perth 484793
O'dea Capital Pty ltd Fisher 552698
O'donohue Nominees Pty. Ltd. Colac 239911
O'kane Investment Services Pty ltd South Yarra 535653
O'keefe, Anthony John Southport 240546
O'regan Group Pty ltd Leederville 230806
O'shaughnessy, Michael John Deepdene 489911
ON Point Wealth Solutions Pty ltd Tallebudgera 514279
ON Q Securities Pty ltd South Perth 226367
OP Smsf Services Pty ltd Eastwood 489228
OX Capital Management Pty ltd Sydney 533828
OX Securities Pty ltd Chatswood 438402
OZ Direct Mortgages Pty ltd Hectorville 518762
Oak Advisory Group Pty ltd Subiaco 530257
Oak Capital Mortgage Fund Limited Southport 438659
Oak Capital Wholesale Fund Pty ltd Melbourne 506255
Oak Hill Advisors (australia) Pty ltd Melbourne 415209
Oakleigh Financial Services Pty ltd Norwood 501454
Oaktree Capital (australia) Pty Limited Sydney 511218
Oakview Financial Pty ltd Southport 513068
Oakwood Financial Group Pty Limited Gosford 255231
Oakwood Lifestyle Advisers Pty ltd Chatswood 379049
Oanda Australia Pty ltd Sydney 412981
Oasis Financial Holdings Pty ltd Worongary 539094
Oasis Fund Management Limited Docklands 274331
Oasis Insurance Pty ltd Norwest 293770
Oatlands Capital Pty Limited Vaucluse 550754
Obelisk Capital Pty. Limited Melbourne 244412
Obt Wealth Services Pty ltd Gatton 543251
Occasio Securities Pty ltd South Yarra 544112
Ocean Securities Pty ltd Sydney 340218
Ocean Underwriting Pty Limited Sydney 542842
Oceana Licensee Pty ltd Sydney 533233
Ocp Asia (australia) Pty Limited Sydney 539555
Octavian Advisors Pty ltd South Perth 539730
Octillion Partners Pty ltd Slacks Creek 289621
Octopus Investments Aust Pty ltd South Yarra 520121
Odyssey Capital Administration Pty ltd Sydney 285413
Odyssey Capital Funds Management ltd Sydney 297283
Odyssey Equity Finance Pty. Ltd. South Melbourne 219431
Odyssey Specialist Group Pty ltd South Brisbane 508797
Oif Services Pty ltd Double Bay 531652
Okx Australia Financial Pty ltd Sydney 379035
Olirek Partners Pty ltd Sydney 474905
Oliver Hume Property Funds Limited Southbank 247074
Olritz Financial Group Pty ltd Melbourne 244539
Omada Wealth Pty ltd Cheltenham 538532
Omakapital Pty ltd Castle Cove 514002
Omega Financial Strategists Pty ltd Wayville 532064
Omers Infrastructure Australia Pty Limited Sydney 504517
Omipay Pty. Ltd. Sydney 495025
Omnia Capital Partners Pty Limited Sydney 520383
Omniport Limited Sydney 229846
Omnium Technologies Pty ltd Baulkham Hills 500823
On-market Bookbuilds Pty Limited Sydney 421535
One Fund Services ltd Sydney 493421
One Funds Management Limited Sydney 300337
One Investment Administration ltd Sydney 225064
One Licence Pty ltd Bondi Junction 535095
One Managed Investment Funds Limited Sydney 297042
One Underwriting Pty ltd Sydney 236653
One Wholesale Fund Services ltd Sydney 426503
One26 Pty ltd Clayfield 329408
Onefocus Financial Services Pty ltd Melbourne 402304
Onefocus Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Camberwell 240583
Onefocus Private Wealth Pty ltd Melbourne 228914
Oneill, Joseph Vincent Cheltenham 226395
Oneill, Patrick Joseph Perth 500004
Onepath Custodians Pty Limited Docklands 238346
Onepath Funds Management Limited Docklands 238342
Oneventures Nominees #2 Pty ltd Sydney 518264
Oneventures Nominees Pty Limited Sydney 462825
Onevue Super Member Administration Pty Limited Melbourne 241366
Onevue Super Services Pty Limited Melbourne 246883
Onevue Wealth Services ltd Melbourne 308868
Online Financial Planning Australia Pty ltd The Junction 539551
Online Power And Gas Administration Pty ltd Brisbane 487372
Opal Capital Management Pty ltd Sydney 535844
Ope Financial Services Pty Limited Sydney 494800
Open Corp Funds Management ltd Melbourne 417371
Open Insurance Pty ltd Sydney 451712
Openinvest Limited South Yarra 504155
Openmarkets Australia Limited Sydney 246705
Opg TC Holding Pty ltd Sydney 536958
Ophir Asset Management Pty ltd Sydney 420082
Oppenheim Pty ltd Sydney 529099
Opportunity International Australia Capital Management Pty ltd Sydney 470094
Optar Pty ltd Sydney 487626
Optimal Afsl Pty ltd Adelaide 431258
Optimal Fund Management Pty Limited Sydney 247366
Optimus 1 Pty ltd Westcourt 245456
Optimus Financial Advisory Pty ltd Subiaco 389663
Optimus Private Equity Pty ltd Subiaco 436292
Option Funds Management Limited Sydney 417441
Optiver Australia Pty Limited Sydney 244145
Optus Insurance Services Pty Limited Macquarie Park 247379
Opulen Financial Solutions Pty ltd North Adelaide 517131
Opulon Pty ltd Penrith 552817
Oracle Advisory Group Pty. Ltd. Charlestown 540806
Oracle Capital Group Pty ltd Osborne Park 521887
Oracle Group (australia) Pty ltd Balcatta 363610
Oracle Investment Management Pty ltd Charlestown 430574
Oracle Wealth Advisory Pty. Ltd. Bondi Junction 488940
Orange Credit Union Limited Orange 240768
Orbe Solutions Pty ltd Norwood 507622
Orbis Investment Advisory Pty Limited Sydney 237862
Orbit Capital Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 230327
Orbitremit Limited Sydney 470646
Ord Minnett Limited Sydney 237121
Ord Minnett Management Limited Sydney 237123
Orde Capital Management Limited Melbourne 523150
Orde Securitisation Management Pty ltd Melbourne 548347
Oreana Financial Services Pty ltd Sydney 482234
Oreon Financial Planning Pty ltd Kent Town 470507
Origin Asset Management Limited Liability Partnership Sydney 524813
Origin Energy Electricity Limited Barangaroo 238262
Origin Securities Pty Limited Sydney 237662
Orimco Pty ltd Mount Hawthorn 446258
Orion Capital Partners Pty Limited Sydney 345908
Orion Resource Partners (aus) Pty ltd Sydney 446872
Orsaro Capital Pty ltd Caulfield North 524448
Oscar Oliver Capital ltd Melbourne 506982
Ose Management Pty ltd Cremorne 551703
Osman Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Lindfield 238780
Ostermeyer Investment Partners Pty ltd Adelaide 438949
Otg Capital Pty ltd Bilgola Plateau 551695
Oti Management Pty. Ltd. Docklands 510646
Otira Capital Pty. Ltd. Toorak 494127
Otivo Pty ltd Balmain 485665
Ouf Holdings Pty ltd Sydney 400964
Our Retirement Pty. Ltd. Westlake 411082
Ourcrowd Australia Pty ltd Sydney 517755
Ouson Capital Pty. Ltd. Burwood 508864
Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited Melbourne 524353
Oversea-chinese Banking Corporation Limited Sydney 237585
Ovib Pty. Ltd. Myrtleford 247868
Ownership Matters Pty ltd Melbourne 423168
Oxford Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Unley 268411
Oxlade Financial Pty ltd Newstead 535456
Oxley Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Port Macquarie 240561
Oxygen Global Pty ltd Melbourne 452187
Ozforex Limited Sydney 226484
Ozplan Financial Services Pty ltd Bentleigh 221235
Ozprop Capital Pty ltd Broadbeach 433227
Ozwide Afsl Pty ltd Melbourne 548231