Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: July 14, 2024

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Name Locality AFS ID
N P Financials Pty ltd Wheelers Hill 488567
N. M. Superannuation Proprietary Limited Melbourne 234654
N.j. Renton And Partners Capital Pty ltd Sydney 337724
N1 Venture Pty ltd Sydney 477879
NF Securities Pty ltd Melbourne 551107
NM Insurance Pty ltd North Sydney 227186
NS Financial Pty ltd Bassendean 539778
NW Advice Pty Limited Sydney 241715
Nab Trust Services Limited Melbourne 497263
Nacora Insurance Services Pty ltd Derrimut 304872
Nadic Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Toronto 233769
Najma Investments Pty ltd Auburn 527623
Nanuk Asset Management Pty ltd Sydney 432119
Naos Asset Management Limited Sydney 273529
Narrow Road Capital Pty. Ltd. Sydney 474871
Nash LC Pty ltd Melbourne 540368
National & General Administration Pty ltd Paradise Point 522835
National Australia Bank Limited Melbourne 230686
National Australia Managers Limited Melbourne 230631
National Corporate Broking Pty. Limited Penrith 247071
National Credit Insurance (brokers) Pty. Ltd. Adelaide 233817
National Financial Services Pty ltd Kingston 383131
National Financial Solutions Pty ltd Sydney 284182
National Mutual Funds Management Ltd. Sydney 234652
National Planning Partners Pty ltd Melbourne 503734
National Storage Financial Services Limited Brisbane 475228
Natixis Australia Pty Limited Sydney 317114
Natixis Investment Managers Australia Pty Limited Sydney 246830
Natsec Pty ltd West Perth 530337
Natural Advantage Pty ltd Melbourne 542310
Natural Capital Securities Pty ltd East Perth 525278
Natural Resources Investor Pty ltd Frenchs Forest 552472
Navigate Funds Management Pty Limited Toorak 299940
Navigate Global Payments Pty ltd Lane Cove West 502711
Navigate Licence Pty ltd Wagga Wagga 521367
Navigate Wealth Pty. Ltd. Sydney 332417
Navigator Australia Limited Docklands 236466
Navitus Pty ltd Unley 425609
Nbfi Secured Investments ltd Darlinghurst 292528
Ncxhub Pty ltd Sydney 427552
Ndli Pty Limited Sydney 547119
Neex Prime Pty ltd Sydney 335126
Neilson Financial Services Pty ltd Millers Point 552284
Nemean Group Pty ltd Beaumont 513100
Neoen Australia Pty. Ltd. Sydney 525455
Neowealth Group Pty ltd East Brisbane 533763
Nepean Brokers & Associates Proprietary Limited Rosebud 227064
Nerdwallet Australia Pty ltd North Sydney 554604
Nero Funds Management Pty ltd Oakleigh 323727
Ness Super Pty ltd Chullora 238945
Nest Advisory HQ Pty ltd Canberra 519569
Netvest Pty ltd Fullarton 229867
Netwealth Investments Limited Melbourne 230975
Netwealth Superannuation Services Pty ltd Melbourne 528032
Network Advisory Pty ltd Rockingham 492077
Network Influencer Pty ltd South Yarra 282288
Networth Advisors Pty ltd Double Bay 485226
Neuberger Berman Australia ltd Melbourne 391401
New Forests Advisory Pty Limited North Sydney 301556
New Holland Financial Services Pty ltd Brisbane 540840
New Horizons Financial Services Pty ltd Melbourne 522392
New River Asset Management Pty ltd Mosman 497505
New Urban Villages Funds Management Pty ltd Sydney 526756
New World Advisers Group Pty ltd Casuarina 428451
Newadvice Pty Limited The Junction 546987
Newcastle Greater Mutual Group ltd Newcastle West 238273
Newealth Pty ltd Sydney 231297
Newell Palmer Securities Pty ltd Crows Nest 229264
Newhaven Wealth Pty ltd South Melbourne 422120
Newline Australia Insurance Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 516594
Newmark Capital Limited South Yarra 319372
Newmarket Grandwest Pty ltd Adelaide 296193
Newport Capital Group Pty. Limited North Sydney 262001
Newport Private Wealth Pty ltd Melbourne 451820
Newsure Insurance Brokers Pty ltd Newcastle 516271
Newton Advisory Partners Pty ltd Sydney 536603
Nexa Accounting & Business Advisory Pty ltd Brunswick 512044
Nexia Brisbane Corporate Finance Pty ltd Brisbane 478534
Nexia Melbourne Corporate Pty ltd Melbourne 460701
Nexia Melbourne Financial Services Pty ltd Melbourne 548748
Nexia Perth Corporate Finance Pty ltd Perth 289358
Nexia Perth Financial Solutions Pty ltd Perth 482926
Nexia Sydney Financial Solutions Pty ltd Sydney 247300
Next Business Energy Pty ltd Southbank 474127
Next Capital Pty Limited Sydney 289762
Next G Wealth Pty ltd Milton 376420
Next Generation Advice Pty ltd Bundall 302947
Next Level Corporate Pty ltd Menora 223191
Next Payments Pty ltd Cheltenham 474743
Nextec Corporation Pty ltd Melbourne 230680
Nextplan Financial Pty ltd Ringwood 452996
Nfp Group Pty ltd Melbourne 529890
Ngc Capital Management Pty ltd Sydney 404967
Ngc Fund Management Pty ltd Sydney 493576
Ngs Super Pty Limited Sydney 233154
Nhc Advisors Pty ltd Crows Nest 398309
Nib Travel Services (australia) Pty ltd Sydney 308461
Niche Insurance Pty ltd Sydney 530784
Niche Trade Credit Pty ltd Gordon 355296
Nichoface Pty ltd Surfers Paradise 557420
Nicholson Financial Planning Pty ltd Red Hill South 545354
Nicholson Wealth Management Pty ltd Melbourne 538364
Nine Mile Financial Pty. Ltd. Sydney 518735
Ninety One Australia Pty Limited Sydney 329636
Nium Pty Limited Melbourne 464627
Nkh Knight Holdings Pty ltd Subiaco 438631
Nlc Insurance Pty ltd South Wharf 319038
Nmmt Limited Melbourne 234653
Noah's Rule Pty ltd Milsons Point 292168
Noble Private Wealth Pty ltd Tylden 551391
Nobleoak Life Limited Sydney 247302
Nobleoak Services Limited Sydney 286798
Nolan Securities Pty ltd Manly 311662
Nomura Asset Management Australia Pty Limited Sydney 246427
Nomura Australia ltd Sydney 246412
Non Correlated Advisors Pty ltd Perth 430126
Non Correlated Capital Pty ltd Perth 499882
Nonghyup Bank Sydney 535838
Noontide Investments ltd Sydney 434558
Nordlys Investments Pty ltd Sydney 471631
North City Accounting Pty ltd Joondalup 485153
North Harbour Partners Services Pty ltd Northbridge 516954
North Queensland Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd. Kirwan 245647
North Ridge Partners Pty Limited Annandale 281326
North Run Pty ltd Jamestown 329800
North West Financial Services (qld) Pty ltd Upper Kedron 302318
Northcape Capital Pty ltd Sydney 281767
Northerly Capital Pty ltd Subiaco 502290
Northern Beaches Investment Planning Pty ltd Norwest 553061
Northern Inland Credit Union Limited Tamworth 235022
Northern Plateau Wealth Management Pty ltd Atherton 528562
Northern Trust Asset Management Australia Pty ltd Melbourne 529895
Northern Trust Securities Australia Pty ltd Sydney 529894
Northhaven Financial Management Pty Limited Epping 245627
Northlake Holdings Pty ltd Cloverdale 238717
Northland Group Holdings Pty ltd Brighton 407409
Northmore Gordon Environmental Pty ltd Melbourne 533927
Northpoint Investment Services Pty ltd Essendon 533297
Northstandard Limited East Melbourne 507074
Northstar Financial Advisers Pty ltd Brookvale 313618
Northward Capital Pty Limited Northbridge 294368
Northwest Healthcare Australia RE Limited Melbourne 489445
Northwest Healthcare Australian Property Limited Melbourne 452719
Nova Underwriting Pty ltd Sydney 324767
Novaport Capital Pty ltd Sydney 385329
Novus Capital Limited Sydney 238168
Novus Management Pty ltd Sydney 543158
Now Accounting Pty ltd Parramatta 526742
Now Financial Group Pty Limited Epping 411227
Noxe Insurance Services Pty ltd Brisbane 239952
Npr Management Limited South Yarra 526690
Nsp Insurance Brokers Pty. Limited Ingleside 240553
Nsw Complete Financial Services Group Pty ltd Tuncurry 457600
Nsw Fire Brigades Superannuation Pty Limited Sydney 530269
Nti Limited Brisbane 237246
Nucleus Advice Pty ltd Melbourne 515796
Nulis Nominees (australia) Limited Millers Point 236465
Nuveen Australia Limited Sydney 460770
Nwg Financial Services Pty ltd Mermaid Beach 538619
Nwq Capital Management Pty ltd West Perth 318835