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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: Jan. 20, 2022

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NameLocalityAFS ID
123 Investment Management Pty ltdMelbourne469061
333 Capital Pty ltdMelbourne276264
38th Parallel Pty ltdMelbourne295699
3P Wealth Pty. Ltd.Melbourne487318
5ways Group Investments Pty ltdMelbourne485777
Aag Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne530475
About Underwriting Pty ltdMelbourne483210
Acacia Partners Pty ltdMelbourne480585
Accordius Pty ltdMelbourne321955
Acentus Pty ltdMelbourne482717
Acm Insurance Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne281790
Acorn Capital LimitedMelbourne227605
Acorn Financial Group Pty ltdMelbourne299171
Acton Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne516420
Actuate Alliance Services Pty ltdMelbourne240959
Acumen Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne241420
Acvm Pty ltdMelbourne488767
Advantage Advisors Corporate Pty ltdMelbourne311489
Affinity Private Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne522707
Afm Investment Partners Pty ltdMelbourne281344
Afterpay Australia Pty ltdMelbourne527911
Aia Australia LimitedMelbourne230043
Aia Financial Services LimitedMelbourne231109
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia Pty ltdMelbourne443540
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company LimitedMelbourne254489
Airpay Financial Technologies Pty ltdMelbourne526194
Airwallex Pty ltdMelbourne487221
Akambo Pty ltdMelbourne322056
Alexander Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne476697
Aligned Financial Services Licence Pty ltdMelbourne503726
Alphington Private Investor Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne341759
Amfc Pty ltdMelbourne477063
Anc Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne490542
Annex Wealth Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne504681
Antares Capital Partners ltdMelbourne234483
Anz Capel Court LimitedMelbourne237627
Apd Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne457453
Apogee Financial Planning LimitedMelbourne230689
Aragon Capital Pty ltdMelbourne311711
Arch Finance Pty ltdMelbourne499141
Arch Underwriting Agency (australia) Pty. Ltd.Melbourne247340
Arco Investment Management Pty ltdMelbourne325159
Arena Reit Management LimitedMelbourne465754
Armitage Associates Pty ltdMelbourne502602
Armytage Private Pty ltdMelbourne238519
Arrow Funds Management LimitedMelbourne439095
Ascent Funds Management LimitedMelbourne234763
Ascia Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne469551
Asclepius Underwriting Pty ltdMelbourne489923
Ashford Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne325404
Ashthorn CA Pty ltdMelbourne480392
Aspect Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne508564
Assetplan Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne229613
Atc Insurance Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne305802
Atia Insurance Services LimitedMelbourne246675
Auctus Pty ltdMelbourne517083
Aurora Capital Markets Pty ltdMelbourne490749
Aurora Funds Management LimitedMelbourne222110
Aus Finance Group Pty ltdMelbourne470573
Auslink Investment Management ltdMelbourne318368
Australia Pacific Funds Management Pty LimitedMelbourne339151
Australia Pacific Mortgage Fund ltdMelbourne416441
Australia Post Services Pty ltdMelbourne457551
Australia Ratings Pty ltdMelbourne346138
Australian Council OF Superannuation Investors LimitedMelbourne493441
Australian Investment Company Services LimitedMelbourne303209
Australian Private Capital Advisory Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne236776
Australian Property Custodian Holdings ltdMelbourne226692
Australian Securities LimitedMelbourne260499
Australian Seniors Finance Pty LimitedMelbourne520451
Australian Standfirst Funds Management Ltd.Melbourne510315
Australian Stock Report Pty LimitedMelbourne301682
Australian Underwriters Pty ltdMelbourne285456
Australian Unity Bank LimitedMelbourne237994
Australian Unity Corporate Advisory Services Pty ltdMelbourne448047
Australian Unity Funds Management LimitedMelbourne234454
Australian Unity Investment Real Estate LimitedMelbourne477434
Australian Unity Personal Financial Services ltdMelbourne234459
Australian Unity Property LimitedMelbourne234455
Australian Unity Trustees LimitedMelbourne483220
Australian Wealth Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne226035
Australiansuper Pty ltdMelbourne233788
Australis Investment Management Company Pty ltdMelbourne504596
Austvice Pty ltdMelbourne519265
Avant-garde Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne501110
Avatar Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne453267
Aviva Investors Pacific Pty ltdMelbourne411458
Awfp Group Pty ltdMelbourne506819
Axial Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne511101
Axis Underwriting Services Pty ltdMelbourne236650
BR Advice Pty ltdMelbourne488655
BW Equities Pty ltdMelbourne389353
Baillie Asset Management LimitedMelbourne295814
Bain Capital Credit (australia) Pty. Ltd.Melbourne474629
Balanced Equity Management Pty. LimitedMelbourne247025
Balanced Securities LimitedMelbourne241382
Banner Capital Management LimitedMelbourne465404
Barbacane Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne512465
Bcp2 Pty ltdMelbourne525465
Bcp3 Pty ltdMelbourne525467
Bell Asset Management LimitedMelbourne231091
Bell Potter Capital LimitedMelbourne360457
Bell Potter Nominees LimitedMelbourne269278
Bell Potter Platforms Pty ltdMelbourne247289
Bell Potter Securities LimitedMelbourne243480
Bennelong Funds Management ltdMelbourne296806
Bensons Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne306326
Bespoke Portfolio Pty ltdMelbourne341991
Best Superannuation Pty. Ltd.Melbourne530672
Bettertradeoff Australia Pty ltdMelbourne524838
Bgh Capital Custody Services Pty LimitedMelbourne507617
Bgh Capital Pty ltdMelbourne499409
Bhosale, Agrani Melbourne486097
Bhp Marine & General Insurances Pty ltdMelbourne532549
Bjs Body Corporate Insurance Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne241466
Bjs Insurance Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne277725
Blue Nrg Pty. Ltd.Melbourne425272
Blue Orbit Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne513710
Blue Rock Melbourne Pty ltdMelbourne486194
Boag Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne469081
Bombora Advice Pty ltdMelbourne439065
Bond Adviser Pty LimitedMelbourne456783
Bongiorno Financial Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne238977
Bongiorno Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne345313
Bourse Capital Pty ltdMelbourne487205
Boutique Wealth Australia Pty. Ltd.Melbourne494253
Bpc Securities Pty LimitedMelbourne297851
Brandon Capital Partners Pty ltdMelbourne344082
Brickx Financial Services LimitedMelbourne494878
Bridgewood Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne389100
Brightstone Capital Advisors Pty. Ltd.Melbourne430197
Brokers Carbon Pty ltdMelbourne429738
C & F Nominees Mortgage Securities LimitedMelbourne245567
C.s. & CO Managers Pty. LimitedMelbourne495639
Cambian Corporate Advisory Pty. Ltd.Melbourne442477
Cameron Harrison Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne412454
Cameron Harrison Private Pty ltdMelbourne412452
Canaccord Genuity (australia) LimitedMelbourne234666
Canterbury Partners Pty ltdMelbourne297331
Cape Leveque Securities Pty. Ltd.Melbourne246543
Capital Bridging Finance Pty ltdMelbourne512904
Capital Com Australia LimitedMelbourne513393
Capital Guardians Pty. Ltd.Melbourne504332
Capital Value Securities Pty ltdMelbourne311705
Capstone Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne223135
Carbon IQ Trading Pty ltdMelbourne450874
Care Super Pty ltdMelbourne235226
Carnbrea & Co. Ltd.Melbourne233763
Carpeesh Pty ltdMelbourne516350
Cashel Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne306803
Catama Pty. Ltd.Melbourne487885
Catholic Church Insurance LimitedMelbourne235415
Ccsl LimitedMelbourne287084
Centuria Life LimitedMelbourne230867
Cfsg Pty ltdMelbourne238135
Channel Finance Pty ltdMelbourne508485
Chatham Financial Pty ltdMelbourne450968
Chimaera Capital ltdMelbourne246542
Chimaera Private LimitedMelbourne317743
Churchill Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne513239
Citigroup Securities Clearing Australia LimitedMelbourne284956
Claim Solutions Pty. Ltd.Melbourne531891
Claims Advocate Pty ltdMelbourne531137
Club Plus Superannuation Pty ltdMelbourne245362
Collins House Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne449146
Collins Partners Advisory Pty ltd & Cradoc Nominees Pty ltdMelbourne241459
Collins ST Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne468935
Collins St. Investment Advisors Pty. Ltd.Melbourne243305
Colonial Nominees Proprietary LimitedMelbourne420237
Community Broker Network Pty ltdMelbourne233750
Consultum Financial Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne230323
Contented Capital Pty ltdMelbourne457139
Cooper Investors Pty LimitedMelbourne221794
Copia Investment Partners ltdMelbourne229316
Coppin Investment Partners LimitedMelbourne501260
Cor Capital Pty ltdMelbourne419924
Corsair Capital Australia Pty ltdMelbourne526464
Cove Capital Pty ltdMelbourne392362
Coverforce Insurance Broking Victoria Pty LimitedMelbourne345986
Cowden (vic) Pty ltdMelbourne245658
Crowe Horwath Property Securities ltdMelbourne247427
Csf Pty LimitedMelbourne246664
Ctin Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne504151
Cullen Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne230633
Cumulus Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne524450
Cvs Lane Capital Partners Pty ltdMelbourne421125
Cyan Investment Management Pty. Ltd.Melbourne453209
Cygnet Financial Pty ltdMelbourne514528
D F S Advisory Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne280881
D H Flinders Pty ltdMelbourne353001
DS Capital Pty ltdMelbourne427283
Dacland Capital LimitedMelbourne347541
Daiwa Capital Markets Australia LimitedMelbourne240685
Ddm Securities Pty ltdMelbourne352828
Defence Bank LimitedMelbourne234582
Defence Health LimitedMelbourne313890
Delcor Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne475210
Dexus Asset Management LimitedMelbourne237500
Dexus RE LimitedMelbourne510685
Dga Insurance Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne238706
Dhf Investment Managers Pty ltdMelbourne509932
Diversa Trustees LimitedMelbourne235153
Dmp Asset Management ltdMelbourne383580
Dobbyn And Carafa Pty. Ltd.Melbourne317251
Dolphin Partners Pty ltdMelbourne364512
Domacom Australia LimitedMelbourne444365
Domain Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne292516
Dominium Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne461653
Drapac Advisory LimitedMelbourne433022
Draupner Investment Management Pty ltdMelbourne303566
Drjb Pty ltdMelbourne526798
Dst Bluedoor Pty LimitedMelbourne522565
E-trans Group Pty ltdMelbourne439303
E.l. & C. Baillieu LimitedMelbourne245421
EM Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne419715
ET Fintech Pty ltdMelbourne470050
East Ridge Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne513758
Edison Partners Pty ltdMelbourne506302
Eia Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne532931
Eightcap Pty ltdMelbourne391441
Eikon Financial Pty ltdMelbourne517879
Eildon Funds Management LimitedMelbourne229809
Elstree Investment Management LimitedMelbourne225721
Elysian Wholesale Pty ltdMelbourne524987
Emerald Financial Group Pty ltdMelbourne241041
Emr Capital Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne428885
Emr Capital Pty ltdMelbourne410316
Ennox Securities Pty ltdMelbourne348530
Eqt Responsible Entity Services ltdMelbourne223271
Equitable Investors Pty ltdMelbourne505824
Equitas Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne401915
Equity Financial Services Australia Pty ltdMelbourne244245
Equity Plan Services Pty ltdMelbourne505437
Equity T S Pty ltdMelbourne477891
Equity Trustees LimitedMelbourne240975
Equity Trustees Superannuation LimitedMelbourne229757
Equity Trustees Wealth Services LimitedMelbourne234528
Equity-one Mortgage Fund LimitedMelbourne277318
Escala Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne456207
Essential Financial Planning Australia Pty ltdMelbourne400439
Eternal Wealth Group Pty ltdMelbourne427848
Etoro Asset Management LimitedMelbourne319738
Evans And Partners Pty. Ltd.Melbourne318075
Excelsius Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne506202
Eye Management Pty ltdMelbourne307949
Fairview Equity Partners Pty ltdMelbourne329052
Falcon Capital LimitedMelbourne302538
Fawkner Property ltdMelbourne437334
Fdx Pty. Ltd.Melbourne320820
Federated Investors Australia Services Ltd.Melbourne433831
Financial Acuity LimitedMelbourne233760
Financial Index Australia Pty ltdMelbourne240559
Financial Management Group Pty. Ltd.Melbourne258920
Findex Advice Services Pty ltdMelbourne243253
Findex Corporate Finance (aust) ltdMelbourne239170
Findex Financial Advice Pty ltdMelbourne238244
Findex Insurance Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne342526
Finplan Australia Pty. Ltd.Melbourne247459
Finwealth Pty ltdMelbourne504485
First Financial Pty ltdMelbourne481098
First Light Racing Pty ltdMelbourne417744
First Mutual Australia Pty ltdMelbourne423710
First Option Bank ltdMelbourne236509
First Samuel LimitedMelbourne225405
Flagstaff Partners Pty ltdMelbourne348370
Flexewallet Pty ltdMelbourne448066
Flinders Lane Capital Pty ltdMelbourne433442
Fmd Advisory Services Pty ltdMelbourne232977
Focus Markets Pty ltdMelbourne514425
Foresters Financial LimitedMelbourne241421
Forex Sport Pty. Ltd.Melbourne401379
Fortrend Securities Pty. Ltd.Melbourne247261
Fortuity Funds Management Pty. Ltd.Melbourne517453
Forza Capital Pty ltdMelbourne345929
Fourthree Pty ltdMelbourne472131
Franklin Templeton Australia LimitedMelbourne240827
Franklin Templeton Investments Australia LimitedMelbourne225328
Fresh Underwriters Pty ltdMelbourne244040
Frontier Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne241266
G.w.s. Pty. Ltd.Melbourne231210
GO Markets Pty ltdMelbourne254963
Galaxy Crowdfunding Pty ltdMelbourne503370
Garnaut Private Clients Pty ltdMelbourne512507
Garnaut Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne238326
Gavin Ross & Co. Pty. Ltd.Melbourne241092
Gbs Venture Partners Pty ltdMelbourne223808
Generation Life LimitedMelbourne225408
Gfm Investment Management ltdMelbourne482211
Giles Wade Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne412146
Glenowar Pty. Ltd.Melbourne247258
Gmtk Global Pty LimitedMelbourne400364
Golden Age Capital Pty ltdMelbourne493772
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Australia Pty ltdMelbourne228948
Goldman Sachs Australia Pty ltdMelbourne243346
Gpl (vic) LimitedMelbourne230690
Grant Thornton Wealth Advisory Services Pty ltdMelbourne234500
Greencape Capital Pty ltdMelbourne303903
Grimsey Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne293334
Growthpoint Properties Australia LimitedMelbourne316409
Guideway Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne420367
Guild Insurance LimitedMelbourne233791
Guild Trustee Services Pty. LimitedMelbourne233815
Guildfords Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne471379
Guildfords Markets Pty ltdMelbourne247858
Gwm Adviser Services LimitedMelbourne230692
H.e.s.t. Australia Ltd.Melbourne235249
Harvest Personal Investment Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne246935
Hatchstone Capital Pty ltdMelbourne483761
Hawkview Partners Pty ltdMelbourne409149
Hcut Pty ltdMelbourne422713
Headway Capital Pty ltdMelbourne499615
Hejaz Financial Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne517686
Hejaz Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne339583
Henslow Pty ltdMelbourne483168
Heritage Capital Group Pty ltdMelbourne518138
Heuristic Investment Systems Pty ltdMelbourne276762
Hewison & Associates Pty. Ltd.Melbourne227185
High Street Corporation Pty. Ltd.Melbourne284284
Hlb Mann Judd Corporate Finance Pty ltdMelbourne240988
Host-plus Pty. LimitedMelbourne244392
Htfs Nominees Pty ltdMelbourne232500
Hume Partners Pty ltdMelbourne467054
I.o.o.f. Investment Management LimitedMelbourne230524
ID Funds Management LimitedMelbourne488178
IG Australia Pty ltdMelbourne515106
IG Markets LimitedMelbourne220440
Iadvice Technology Pty ltdMelbourne526700
Ibl LimitedMelbourne231203
Ifm Fiduciary No. 2 Pty ltdMelbourne422757
Ifm Fiduciary Pty ltdMelbourne422756
Ifm Investors (nominees) LimitedMelbourne239169
Ifm Investors Pty ltdMelbourne284404
Ifs Insurance Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne241506
Independent Wealth Services Pty ltdMelbourne512433
Industry Fund Services LimitedMelbourne232514
Industry Funds Investments ltdMelbourne229881
Infochoice Pty ltdMelbourne349445
Infrastructure Specialist Asset Management LimitedMelbourne237516
Innovation Group (australia) Pty LimitedMelbourne530823
Instanz Licencee Pty ltdMelbourne462087
Insurance & Superannuation Administration Services Pty ltdMelbourne535889
Interfinanz Pty ltdMelbourne229170
International Power (energy) Pty ltdMelbourne247024
International Standard Asset Management Asia Pacific Pty ltdMelbourne343704
Interprac Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne246638
Intralink Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne330737
Invesco Australia LimitedMelbourne239916
Investor Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne296861
Invia Custodian Pty. LimitedMelbourne247082
Ioof Insurance Brokers Pty ltdMelbourne238152
Ioof Investment Services ltdMelbourne230703
Ioof ltdMelbourne230522
Ip2ipo Australia Management Pty ltdMelbourne508731
Ispt Pty ltdMelbourne247280
JM Financial Group LimitedMelbourne238397
Jacques Martin Administration And Consulting Pty ltdMelbourne235037
Jameson Global Investments Pty ltdMelbourne431387
Jamiesoncootebonds Pty ltdMelbourne459018
Jana Investment Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne230693
Jbs Financial Strategists Pty ltdMelbourne486674
Jbwere ltdMelbourne341162
Jinding Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne499517
Jolimont Capital Pty ltdMelbourne296637
Jupiter International (australia) Pty ltdMelbourne222756
K2 Asset Management ltdMelbourne244393
KM Private Clients Pty ltdMelbourne486798
KM Property Funds ltdMelbourne442806
Kaiser Trading Group Pty ltdMelbourne238542
Karara Capital Pty ltdMelbourne333318
Keep Wealth Partners Pty ltdMelbourne494858
Kentgrove Capital Pty ltdMelbourne405539
Keymax Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne495804
Keystone Asset Management ltdMelbourne491477
Kidder Williams LimitedMelbourne300458
Kinetic Investment Partners Pty ltdMelbourne234674
Kordamentha Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne441845
Koustas & CO Smsf Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne486128
L1 Capital Pty ltdMelbourne314302
LA Trobe Financial Asset Management LimitedMelbourne222213
LA Trobe Financial Custody & Securitisation Services Pty LimitedMelbourne379454
Laminar Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne476686
Lanteri Partners Financial Management Pty. Ltd.Melbourne239127
Lauders Group Capital Pty ltdMelbourne519309
Leeds Capital Investments Pty LimitedMelbourne440193
Legal Super Pty ltdMelbourne246315
Lempriere Mcgregor Pty ltdMelbourne336815
Lendex RE LimitedMelbourne477371
Leyland Private Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne223419
Lfi Group Pty ltdMelbourne413613
Liberty Fiduciary ltdMelbourne303137
Liberty Financial Pty ltdMelbourne286596
Lifebroker Pty. Ltd.Melbourne400209
Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society LimitedMelbourne237989
Lifewealth Pty ltdMelbourne279615
Lighthouse Infrastructure Management LimitedMelbourne310689
Lincoln Financial Group Pty ltdMelbourne483167
Lion Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne325906
Lion Manager Pty ltdMelbourne237979
Lodge Partners Pty ltdMelbourne246271
Lonsdale Financial Group LimitedMelbourne246934
Lowell Accounting Services Pty ltdMelbourne487194
Lowell Resources Funds Management ltdMelbourne345674
Lumen Investment Management Pty ltdMelbourne493790
M & A Partners Pty ltdMelbourne333092
M & C Energy Pty ltdMelbourne237359
M2 Energy Pty ltdMelbourne313995
MP Capital Partners Pty ltdMelbourne443025
MW Planning Pty ltdMelbourne312489
MY Adviser Pty ltdMelbourne238307
Mab Funds Management LimitedMelbourne232747
Madison Cross Corporate Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne402118
Managed Portfolio Services LimitedMelbourne233761
Management Advisors Pty. Ltd.Melbourne331624
Margaret Street Promoter Services Pty ltdMelbourne420274
Market Eye Pty ltdMelbourne517703
Markets Nominees Pty ltdMelbourne319197
Marks Henderson Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne277933
Marq Private Funds Pty ltdMelbourne473984
Mawson Capital Licence Pty ltdMelbourne444283
Maxcap Investment Management Pty ltdMelbourne462086
Mcallister Wealth Group Pty ltdMelbourne535240
Mcfarlane Cameron Pty ltdMelbourne402148
Mcging Advisory & Actuarial Pty ltdMelbourne427730
Mckenzie Ross & Co. Pty. Ltd.Melbourne246988
Mcmillan Shakespeare LimitedMelbourne299054
Media Super LimitedMelbourne230254
Medical Indemnity Protection Society LimitedMelbourne301912
Mediterranean Olives Estate LimitedMelbourne246263
Melbourne Anglican Trust CorporationMelbourne502165
Melbourne Securities Corporation LimitedMelbourne428289
Melbourne Venture Securities Pty. Ltd.Melbourne224313
Members Equity Bank LimitedMelbourne229500
Meridian Energy Markets Pty ltdMelbourne417585
Meritum Financial Group Pty ltdMelbourne245569
Merricks Capital Pty LimitedMelbourne319477
Merrill Lynch (australia) Nominees Pty. LimitedMelbourne235152
Millbrook Funds Pty ltdMelbourne402900
Millbrook Mortgage Management ltdMelbourne335001
Mips Insurance Pty ltdMelbourne247301
Mitrade Global Pty ltdMelbourne398528
Mojo Wholesale Pty. Ltd.Melbourne490539
Moneyplan Australia Pty ltdMelbourne247101
Moneywise Personal Financial Management Pty ltdMelbourne287804
Moore Australia (vic) Pty ltdMelbourne247262
Morgan Wealth Management Group Pty. Ltd.Melbourne234555
Moula Money Pty. Ltd.Melbourne526786
Mountain Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne529560
Mrc Financial Advice Pty ltdMelbourne520249
Msc Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne480649
Municipal Association OF VictoriaMelbourne271438
Munro Asset Management LimitedMelbourne480509
Mutual Capital ltdMelbourne238314
Mutual LimitedMelbourne230347
Mutual Trust Pty ltdMelbourne234590
Mva Bennett Holdings Pty ltdMelbourne481626
Mwh Capital Pty. Ltd.Melbourne338141
N. M. Superannuation Proprietary LimitedMelbourne234654
NT Asset Management Australia Pty ltdMelbourne529895
Nab Trust Services LimitedMelbourne497263
National Australia Bank LimitedMelbourne230686
National Australia Managers LimitedMelbourne230631
National Planning Partners Pty ltdMelbourne503734
National Wealth Financial Services LimitedMelbourne511239
Netwealth Investments LimitedMelbourne230975
Netwealth Superannuation Services Pty ltdMelbourne528032
Neuberger Berman Australia ltdMelbourne391401
New Horizons Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne522392
Newline Australia Insurance Pty. Ltd.Melbourne516594
Newport Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne451820
Nexia Melbourne Corporate Pty ltdMelbourne460701
Nexif Energy Australia Management Pty ltdMelbourne501895
Nextec Corporation Pty ltdMelbourne230680
Nextplan Financial Pty ltdMelbourne452996
Nfp Group Pty ltdMelbourne529890
Nium Pty LimitedMelbourne464627
Nmmt LimitedMelbourne234653
Non Correlated Capital Pty ltdMelbourne499882
Northwest Healthcare Australia RE LimitedMelbourne489445
Northwest Healthcare Australian Property LimitedMelbourne452719
Now Finance Group Pty ltdMelbourne425142
Nucleus Advice Pty ltdMelbourne515796
Oak Capital Wholesale Fund Pty ltdMelbourne506255
Oak Hill Advisors (australia) Pty ltdMelbourne415209
Oasis Fund Management LimitedMelbourne274331
Omega Global Investors Pty ltdMelbourne318125
Onefocus Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne402304
Onepath Custodians Pty LimitedMelbourne238346
Onepath Funds Management LimitedMelbourne238342
Open Corp Funds Management ltdMelbourne417371
Orde Capital Management LimitedMelbourne523150
Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society LimitedMelbourne524353
Ownership Matters Pty ltdMelbourne423168
Oxygen Global Pty ltdMelbourne452187
PB Capital Australia Pty ltdMelbourne269820
Pac Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne335374
Pacific Indemnity Underwriting Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne480863
Pan-tribal Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne462065
Paradigm Commercial Property Group Pty ltdMelbourne476351
Paradigm Wealth Advisors Pty ltdMelbourne232459
Paradigm Wealth Management Pty ltdMelbourne297465
Parakeet Trading Pty ltdMelbourne513209
Partners Wealth Group Advice Pty ltdMelbourne483842
Payany1 Pty ltdMelbourne518990
Peak Equities Pty ltdMelbourne458013
Peregrine Projects Pty ltdMelbourne460886
Personal Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne227182
Pertinax Lrc Pty ltdMelbourne526129
Peter J. Woodford Pty. Ltd.Melbourne229069
Phillip Anthony Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne483530
Phillip Asset Management LimitedMelbourne246848
Phillip Capital LimitedMelbourne246827
Phoenix Portfolios Pty ltdMelbourne300302
Pilgrim Private Pty ltdMelbourne235322
Pkf Melbourne Corporate Pty ltdMelbourne222050
Platform Advisory Partners Pty. Ltd.Melbourne494360
Plenary Origination Pty ltdMelbourne513235
Police Financial Services LimitedMelbourne240293
Postsuper Pty ltdMelbourne530677
Powerwrap LimitedMelbourne329829
Ppn Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne459049
Praemium Australia LimitedMelbourne297956
Premium Client Services Australia Pty ltdMelbourne454195
Primacy Underwriting Management Pty LimitedMelbourne237271
Prime Mortgage Group Ltd.Melbourne235269
Prime Super Pty ltdMelbourne219723
Prime Underwriting Agency Pty ltdMelbourne317217
Prime Value Asset Management LimitedMelbourne222055
Primebroker Securities ltdMelbourne311948
Principal Partners (vic) Pty ltdMelbourne426722
Principal Partners Securities Pty ltdMelbourne486505
Private Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne320404
Proclaim Management Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne530885
Professional Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne369453
Prosolution Group Pty ltdMelbourne238449
Pulse Credit Union LimitedMelbourne239293
Qb4 Capital Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne482248
Qualitas Securities Pty ltdMelbourne342242
Queen Street Partners Pty. LimitedMelbourne337065
Quest Securities (australia) LimitedMelbourne331235
Quintessential Equity Pty ltdMelbourne347953
Racv Insurance Services Pty ltdMelbourne230039
Reach Financial Group Pty ltdMelbourne333297
Realm Pty. Ltd.Melbourne421336
Red Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne306552
Redgum Wealth Group Pty ltdMelbourne277780
Redzed Lending Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne311128
Regis Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne502707
Rei Superannuation Fund Pty LimitedMelbourne240569
Resolute Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne523401
Resolute Property Protect Pty ltdMelbourne425966
Responsible Entity Partners LimitedMelbourne304542
Revolut Payments Australia Pty ltdMelbourne517589
Ricard Securities Pty ltdMelbourne299812
Risk Mitigation Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne246583
Riverside Australia Management Pty LimitedMelbourne520093
Rochis Capital Pty ltdMelbourne519447
Rockworth Capital Pty ltdMelbourne483942
Rpdw Pty. Ltd.Melbourne477975
S&p Global Ratings Australia Pty ltdMelbourne337565
S.a.m. Financial Group (australia) Pty ltdMelbourne338674
SB Capital Pty ltdMelbourne478899
SG Hiscock & Company LimitedMelbourne240679
Sage Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne238039
Salter Brothers Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne308971
Salter, Geoffrey GordonMelbourne264928
Sarto Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne501994
Sayers Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne525093
Secure Investments F.i.b. Pty. Ltd.Melbourne240893
Security National Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne244565
Seneca Financial Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne492686
Sentinel Fund Manager Australia Pty ltdMelbourne426939
Shadforth Financial Group LimitedMelbourne318613
Sherbrook Private Pty ltdMelbourne421478
Shinewing Australia Securities Pty ltdMelbourne509026
Shinewing Australia Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne236556
Silc Fiduciary Solutions Pty ltdMelbourne522145
Silverdale Services (australia) Pty ltdMelbourne506267
Sira Group Pty ltdMelbourne278423
Slm Corporate Pty ltdMelbourne224034
Smsf Works Pty ltdMelbourne485833
Solution Underwriting Agency Pty ltdMelbourne407780
Somerset Capital Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne504276
Southbank Capital Pty ltdMelbourne343678
Southern Cross Underwriting Pty. LimitedMelbourne237236
Sovereign Financial Group Pty ltdMelbourne383416
Specialised Investment And Lending Corporation Pty. Ltd.Melbourne407100
Specialised Private Capital ltdMelbourne246744
Spring Street Asset Management ltdMelbourne298210
Square AU Pty ltdMelbourne513929
Stable Connect LimitedMelbourne336964
Star Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne488828
Starr Underwriting Agents (asia) LimitedMelbourne390627
Stellan Capital Group Pty ltdMelbourne416354
Sterling & Freeman Advisory Pty ltdMelbourne479381
Sterling Equity Pty ltdMelbourne308070
Sterling Private Group Pty ltdMelbourne511783
Steward Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne432197
Stonehouse Corporation Pty ltdMelbourne432001
Stripe Payments Australia Pty ltdMelbourne500105
Summerhill Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne300038
Super Investment Management Pty LimitedMelbourne240004
Superclear FX Pty ltdMelbourne525769
Superfund Works Pty. Ltd.Melbourne488986
Surefire Capital Pty ltdMelbourne434990
Swilken Capital Partners Pty ltdMelbourne515631
Synchronised Business Services Pty ltdMelbourne243313
T W U Nominees Pty ltdMelbourne239163
TF Accountants & Advisory Pty. Ltd.Melbourne486135
TF Global Markets (aust) Pty ltdMelbourne424700
TF Global Securities (aust) Pty ltdMelbourne412816
Tag Asset Consulting Group Pty ltdMelbourne230846
Talaria Asset Management Pty ltdMelbourne333732
Tcap Investments LimitedMelbourne305740
Technical Investing Pty ltdMelbourne291655
Telstra Super Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne218705
Telstra Super Pty ltdMelbourne236709
Tetris Capital Pty ltdMelbourne499919
The Heron Partnership Pty LimitedMelbourne252538
The Northern Trust CompanyMelbourne314970
The Portland House Group Pty. LimitedMelbourne281481
The Principals Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne230223
Thomas Price Pty ltdMelbourne345963
Thorney Management Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne444369
Thundering Herd Funds Management Pty ltdMelbourne519319
Tidswell Financial Services ltdMelbourne237628
Tilt Renewables Market Services Pty ltdMelbourne419007
Timelio Fund Management Pty ltdMelbourne323106
Titanium Equities Pty. Ltd.Melbourne221671
Title Capital Licence Co. Pty ltdMelbourne525506
Togethr Financial Planning Pty ltdMelbourne455010
Togethr Trustees Pty ltdMelbourne246383
Tomas Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne244539
Top Quartile Management Pty ltdMelbourne238816
Towers Watson Australia Pty ltdMelbourne229921
Towers Watson Superannuation Pty ltdMelbourne236049
Townsend Cobain Pty ltdMelbourne487618
Trade View Investments Pty ltdMelbourne510116
Treasury Group Investment Services Pty ltdMelbourne227326
Triple Eight Capital Pty ltdMelbourne527866
True Elite Business Services Pty. Ltd.Melbourne488120
Truepillars RE ltdMelbourne505578
Truwealth Group Pty ltdMelbourne499444
Unified Property Group ltdMelbourne430166
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Unisuper LimitedMelbourne492806
Unisuper Management Pty. Ltd.Melbourne235907
United Almonds Ltd.Melbourne224314
United Global Capital Pty ltdMelbourne496179
United Insurance Group Pty ltdMelbourne327131
United Super Pty ltdMelbourne233792
Uniting Ethical Investors LimitedMelbourne294147
VP Capital Pty ltdMelbourne517199
Vanguard Investments Australia ltdMelbourne227263
Vantage PI Pty ltdMelbourne411126
Vasco Custodians Pty ltdMelbourne530682
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Viridian Select Pty ltdMelbourne515762
Vision Super Pty ltdMelbourne225054
Vmg Management Services Pty ltdMelbourne526334
W.a. Blue Gum LimitedMelbourne246264
WE Are Gen Y Pty ltdMelbourne467065
WH Capital Pty ltdMelbourne469418
Wam Global Growth Fund LimitedMelbourne296874
Warakirri Asset Management ltdMelbourne246782
Watershed Dealer Services Pty ltdMelbourne436357
Wattle Partners Pty ltdMelbourne383169
Way Forward Debt Solutions LimitedMelbourne516657
Wealth Trail Pty ltdMelbourne521516
Wealth Within LimitedMelbourne226347
Wealthhub Securities LimitedMelbourne230704
Westbourne Credit Management LimitedMelbourne328515
Western Asset Management Company Pty ltdMelbourne303160
Whampoa New Rich Pty ltdMelbourne485546
Whitbread Associates Pty. Ltd.Melbourne229092
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Wilshire Global Advisors LimitedMelbourne236781
Wilson Hanna Pty ltdMelbourne426848
Wingate Financial Services Pty ltdMelbourne276899
Wisdom Wealth Pty ltdMelbourne488036
Wisewoulds Nominees LimitedMelbourne299022
Women's Financial Network Pty. Ltd.Melbourne303011
Woods & Partners Pty. Ltd.Melbourne226384
Wren Advisers Pty ltdMelbourne247124
Wright Planning Pty. Ltd.Melbourne277585
Xantias Financial Management Pty ltdMelbourne247106
Xec Partners Pty ltdMelbourne491461
Xinying Pty ltdMelbourne411932 Pty ltdMelbourne343628
YX Ball Financial Pty ltdMelbourne436232
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Zanda Compliance Pty ltdMelbourne534407
Zank Capital ltdMelbourne246943
Zenith Investment Partners Pty ltdMelbourne226872