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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: Jan. 20, 2022

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NameLocalityAFS ID
AD Advisory Services Pty ltdBrisbane237058
AQ Investment Management Pty ltdBrisbane384591
Aai LimitedBrisbane230859
Aam Licensees Pty ltdBrisbane458978
Aan Wealth Management Pty ltdBrisbane517548
Access Funds Management ltdBrisbane305407
Acclaim Management Group LimitedBrisbane305604
Adrians Partners Pty ltdBrisbane448308
Adviceiq Partners Pty ltdBrisbane332957
Affluence Funds Management LimitedBrisbane475940
Alex Bank Pty ltdBrisbane510805
Allegiant Irs Pty ltdBrisbane454566
Arcadia Energy Trading Pty ltdBrisbane309188
Argyle Securities Pty ltdBrisbane420509
Arrive Capital Pty ltdBrisbane525758
Arrow Energy Trading Pty. Ltd.Brisbane346122
Aspire Retire Pty ltdBrisbane301712
Australian Fiduciaries LimitedBrisbane465658
Australian Wealth Services Pty ltdBrisbane341926
Ausure Pty ltdBrisbane238433
Auzi Pty ltdBrisbane344231
Awp Australia Pty ltdBrisbane245631
Aylesbury Financial Group Pty ltdBrisbane223260
B.q.l. Management Pty. Ltd.Brisbane244617
BR Securities Australia Pty ltdBrisbane456663
Bastion Superannuation Solutions Pty ltdBrisbane278280
Bcs Broking Pty ltdBrisbane496469
Bdo Corporate Finance ltdBrisbane245513
Bdo Private Wealth Advisers Pty ltdBrisbane238280
Bentleys (qld) Advisory Pty ltdBrisbane274444
Beryllium Advisers Pty ltdBrisbane528250
Bluebook Insurance Brokers Pty ltdBrisbane509657
Bold Trading Pty LimitedBrisbane517790
Brindabella Investment Group Pty ltdBrisbane510735
Calow Nominees Pty ltdBrisbane444712
Canstar Research Pty ltdBrisbane437917
Capital Financial Advisers Pty ltdBrisbane253275
Capstone Global Australia Pty ltdBrisbane494799
Catapult Partners Pty ltdBrisbane343023
Cedar Pacific Pty ltdBrisbane514836
Centaur Energy Pty ltdBrisbane322059
Centec Securities Pty ltdBrisbane240877
Channel Investment Management LimitedBrisbane439007
Cleanco Queensland LimitedBrisbane518171
Cobalt Advisers Pty ltdBrisbane512550
Coda Asset Management Pty ltdBrisbane389315
Cohort Solutions Pty ltdBrisbane455592
Collins Wealth Management Pty ltdBrisbane533532
Credicorp Insurance Pty. Ltd.Brisbane238335
Credit Union Australia ltdBrisbane238317
Cromwell Funds Management LimitedBrisbane333214
Cromwell Property Securities LimitedBrisbane238052
Cua Management Pty ltdBrisbane221896
Ddh Graham LimitedBrisbane226319
Donegal Wealth Pty ltdBrisbane230184
Easy Hail Claim Pty ltdBrisbane532544
Edge Energy Trading Pty ltdBrisbane425572
Edl Contracting Pty ltdBrisbane430631
Egu Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane509564
Electricity Supply Industry Superannuation (qld) Ltd.Brisbane336567
Eml Payment Solutions LimitedBrisbane404131
Erm Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane387951
Esi Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane224952
Exceed Capital Pty ltdBrisbane490284
FB Wealth Management Pty ltdBrisbane244360
Ferguson Hyams Investment Management Pty ltdBrisbane490023
Fiig Investment Management LimitedBrisbane509506
Fiig Securities LimitedBrisbane224659
Financial Force Pty ltdBrisbane238337
Finguard Financial Planning Pty ltdBrisbane327933
Firefly Funds Management Pty ltdBrisbane504206
First Commercial Bank Ltd.Brisbane332389
Firstmac LimitedBrisbane290600
Futuro Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane238478
Fwos Pty ltdBrisbane352826
Gallagher Bassett Services Pty ltdBrisbane530867
Garda Capital LimitedBrisbane246714
Garda Capital RE LimitedBrisbane508873
Garda Funds Management LimitedBrisbane398764
Gardior Pty ltdBrisbane320173
Goodman Private Wealth ltdBrisbane238363
Gps Investment Fund LimitedBrisbane383080
Greenfort IM Pty ltdBrisbane493778
Gtg Advice Pty ltdBrisbane513142
Guardianfp ltdBrisbane237641
Harvest Funds Pty ltdBrisbane521930
Hive Group Pty ltdBrisbane523627
Hlb Chessboard Pty ltdBrisbane474103
Hlb Mann Judd Wealth Pty ltdBrisbane527535
Hunter Green Pty ltdBrisbane225962
Hyperion Asset Management LimitedBrisbane238380
IG Power Marketing Pty ltdBrisbane234943
IJ Financial Services LimitedBrisbane443031
IS Industry Fund Pty ltdBrisbane238051
Iam Capital Markets LimitedBrisbane283119
Iam Cash Markets Pty ltdBrisbane459645
Icg RE Funds Management Australia Pty ltdBrisbane484059
Income Asset Management Group LimitedBrisbane260033
Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers Pty. Ltd.Brisbane238507
Industria Professional Pty ltdBrisbane503221
Insight Investment Services Pty ltdBrisbane309996
Interfinancial Corporate Finance LimitedBrisbane341675
Intergen (australia) Pty ltdBrisbane234942
Investment Markets (aust) Pty ltdBrisbane527875
Isg Financial Services LimitedBrisbane290328
J.w. Bell & Associates Pty. Ltd.Brisbane239125
Jemm Wealth Advisers Pty ltdBrisbane516358
Ken Tame & Associates Pty. Ltd.Brisbane246937
Kern Finance Pty ltdBrisbane489086
Keystone Private Wealth Pty ltdBrisbane326117
Knr Investments Pty ltdBrisbane356442
Lantern RE ltdBrisbane386569
Lgiasuper TrusteeBrisbane230511
Libertate Advisory Pty ltdBrisbane498219
Life Advisors Pty ltdBrisbane523015
Living Room OF Satoshi Pty ltdBrisbane507130
Lovetts (brisbane) Pty ltdBrisbane488710
MY Super Future Pty ltdBrisbane411440
Mackay Private Partners Pty ltdBrisbane534073
Major Professional Services (qld) Pty. LimitedBrisbane252673
Mazars Corporate Finance Pty ltdBrisbane467461
Mcpherson & Associates Pty. Ltd.Brisbane229883
Milestone Advisors Pty ltdBrisbane410967
Millmerran Power Management Pty ltdBrisbane234941
Moore Australia Financial Services (qld/nnsw) Pty ltdBrisbane485435
Morgans Corporate LimitedBrisbane235407
Morgans Financial LimitedBrisbane235410
Morgans Financial Planning Pty LimitedBrisbane235408
Mps Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedBrisbane252651
Mta Insurance Pty ltdBrisbane239912
Mwm Capital Pty ltdBrisbane511851
National Advice Solutions Pty ltdBrisbane514210
National Storage Financial Services LimitedBrisbane475228
Nexia Brisbane Corporate Finance Pty ltdBrisbane478534
Nicholls, Anthony JohnBrisbane487732
Noxe Insurance Services Pty ltdBrisbane239952
Nti LimitedBrisbane237246
Online Power And Gas Administration Pty ltdBrisbane487372
Orbit Capital Pty. Ltd.Brisbane230327
Ozgen Retail Pty ltdBrisbane327278
Pillarview Invest Pty ltdBrisbane515674
Pilot Advisory Pty ltdBrisbane473034
Pilot Superannuation Pty ltdBrisbane483696
Pinnacle Fund Services LimitedBrisbane238371
Pinnacle Investment Management LimitedBrisbane322140
Pinnacle RE Services LimitedBrisbane340235
Pitcher Partners Corporate Finance LimitedBrisbane255516
Pitcher Partners Wealth Management Pty ltdBrisbane357636
Plan 2 Pty ltdBrisbane237874
Plan For Super Pty ltdBrisbane488505
Pwk Private Wealth Afsl Pty ltdBrisbane511408
Qic Active Retail Property Fund TT Company Pty ltdBrisbane534886
Qic Australia Core Plus Fund TT Company Pty ltdBrisbane534887
Qic Infrastructure Management No. 2 Pty ltdBrisbane534880
Qic Infrastructure Management Pty ltdBrisbane534881
Qic Investments No. 1 Pty ltdBrisbane534882
Qic Investments No. 2 Pty ltdBrisbane534883
Qic Investments No. 3 Pty ltdBrisbane534884
Qic Office Fund TT Company Pty ltdBrisbane534888
Qic Private Capital Pty ltdBrisbane298710
Qic Property Fund TT Company Pty ltdBrisbane534889
Qic Retail Pty ltdBrisbane534885
Qic Town Centre Fund TT Company Pty ltdBrisbane534890
Qinsure LimitedBrisbane483057
Qinvest LimitedBrisbane238274
Qpcu LimitedBrisbane241413
Qsuper BoardBrisbane489650
Qsuper LimitedBrisbane334546
Qus Pty ltdBrisbane321877
Railways Credit Union LimitedBrisbane234536
Reef Corporate Services LimitedBrisbane246699
Retirewell Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.Brisbane247062 Pty ltdBrisbane515843
Sentinel Countrywide Retail Pty ltdBrisbane477075
Sentinel Investment Management Pty ltdBrisbane338688
Sentinel Property Group Pty ltdBrisbane405462
Sfds Pty ltdBrisbane509493
Shell Energy Australia Pty ltdBrisbane503710
Sherrin Partners Services Pty ltdBrisbane497949
Singx Australia Pty ltdBrisbane508309
Southland Stokers Pty ltdBrisbane291562
Stanwell Corporation LimitedBrisbane238463
Sterling Managed Investments Pty ltdBrisbane340744
Stonehouse Financial Partners Pty ltdBrisbane520339
Strategic Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd.Brisbane229168
Suncorp Financial Services Pty ltdBrisbane229885
Suncorp Funds Pty ltdBrisbane415699
Suncorp Portfolio Services LimitedBrisbane237905
Suncorp-metway LimitedBrisbane229882
Super Plus Tax Pty ltdBrisbane468112
Tactical Global Management LimitedBrisbane231181
Taishin International Bank Co. Ltd.Brisbane495938
Talu Ventures Pty ltdBrisbane433153
Terri Scheer Insurance Pty ltdBrisbane218585
Thesan Asset Management Pty ltdBrisbane528351
Trident Funds Management Pty ltdBrisbane298979
Trilogy Funds Management LimitedBrisbane261425
Trojan Investment Management Pty ltdBrisbane230016
Truebell Capital Pty ltdBrisbane504795
Trustees Australia LimitedBrisbane260038
Tupicoffs Pty ltdBrisbane302670
Tynans Pty ltdBrisbane480042
Unity Pacific Funds Management LimitedBrisbane442262
Vincents Capital Management Pty ltdBrisbane236608
Vincents Lifevantage Pty ltdBrisbane320580
Visis Pty ltdBrisbane394583
Walshs Financial Planning Pty ltdBrisbane432636
Whitehill Keir Pty ltdBrisbane488673
Williams Hall Chadwick Licensing Pty ltdBrisbane485173
Wilsons Advisory And Stockbroking LimitedBrisbane238375
Wilsons Corporate Finance LimitedBrisbane238383
Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty LimitedBrisbane418755
Xceda Capital Pty ltdBrisbane431183
Xton Investments Pty ltdBrisbane526479
Yourcover Pty ltdBrisbane461299
Zenith Representatives Pty ltdBrisbane479263