Art Life Insurance ltd

AFS License Number
Art Life Insurance ltd
Licensee issued
May 19, 2016
Brisbane, 4000, QLD

Licence conditions

This licence authorises the licensee to carry on a financial services business to:
deal in a financial product by:
issuing, applying for, acquiring, varying or disposing of a financial product in respect of the following classes of financial products:
life products limited to:
life risk insurance products as well as any products issued by a Registered Life Insurance Company that are backed by one or more of its statutory funds; and
provide a claims handling and settling service limited to:
the person makes a decision to accept or reject all or part of a claim under an insurance product;
the person quantifies the extent of the insurer's liability to another person under an insurance product, or provides assistance in relation to the quantification of the extent of such a liability;
the person offers to settle all or part of a claim under an insurance product; and
the person satisfies a liability of the insurer under an insurance product in full or partial settlement of a claim under the insurance product;
to wholesale clients.



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