Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: March 3, 2024

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Name Locality AFS ID
Adyen Australia Pty Limited Surry Hills 516550
Airtree Ventures Custody Pty ltd Surry Hills 544106
Airtree Ventures Pty Limited Surry Hills 456766
April Invest Pty ltd Surry Hills 505959
Aspen Funds Management Limited Surry Hills 227933
Australian Mutual Bank ltd Surry Hills 236476
Blackbird Fund Services Pty ltd Surry Hills 535620
Blackbird Ventures Pty ltd Surry Hills 469288
Dale Advisers Pty ltd Surry Hills 298916
Expert Wealth Pty ltd Surry Hills 538287
Grow Super Afsl Pty ltd Surry Hills 340958
Hay Limited Surry Hills 515459
Instantiapay Pty ltd Surry Hills 546157
Insurance Logic Pty. Limited Surry Hills 237633
Jaaims Technologies Pty. Ltd. Surry Hills 519985
King River Capital Holdings Pty ltd Surry Hills 526279
King River Capital Management Pty ltd Surry Hills 526280
Lgo Accounting & Taxation Services Pty ltd Surry Hills 489005
Mitropoulos, Helen Surry Hills 488685
Mitti Insurance Pty ltd Surry Hills 528433
Molokai Capital Pty ltd Surry Hills 537046
Montaka Global Pty ltd Surry Hills 516942
Msi Funds Management Limited Surry Hills 491268
Police Bank ltd Surry Hills 240018
Professional Superannuation Management Pty Limited Surry Hills 499786
Revtech Media Pty ltd Surry Hills 455982
Safetyculture Care Australia Pty ltd Surry Hills 544306
Steadfast Life Pty ltd Surry Hills 421904
Transport Mutual Credit Union Limited Surry Hills 240718
Victoria Capital Pty ltd Surry Hills 428989
Watkins Insurance Brokers Pty Limited Surry Hills 244427
Ypw Wealth Pty ltd Surry Hills 549719