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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: Dec. 2, 2021

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NameLocalityAFS ID
AB Management Pty ltdAdelaide240520
Accord Property Funds Management Pty. Ltd.Adelaide481749
Acn 103 403 854 Pty ltdAdelaide297464
Acrux Capital Pty ltdAdelaide492534
Adelaide Equity Partners LimitedAdelaide313143
Adelaide Financial Planning Pty ltdAdelaide483663
Adelaide Wealth Management (aust) Pty ltdAdelaide513690
Angas Securities LimitedAdelaide232479
Argo Service Company Pty ltdAdelaide470477
Australia Foresight Group Pty ltdAdelaide489203
Australian Central Credit Union ltdAdelaide244310
Australian Central Services Pty. Ltd.Adelaide312916
Australian Executor Trustees LimitedAdelaide240023
Baker Young LimitedAdelaide246735
Bdo Corporate (sa) Pty ltdAdelaide247307
Bdo Corporate Finance (sa) Pty ltdAdelaide259983
Beston Pacific Asset Management Pty ltdAdelaide246727
Bexceed Tax & Accounting Services Pty ltdAdelaide488831
Beyond Bank Australia LimitedAdelaide237856
Bwp Advisory Pty ltdAdelaide515936
Capital Prudential Funds Management Pty ltdAdelaide524725
Capitalus Pty ltdAdelaide484866
Carlshurst Investments Pty LimitedAdelaide486931
Centra Wealth Pty ltdAdelaide422704
Chapman Capital Partners Pty ltdAdelaide528216
Clean Power Energy Pty ltdAdelaide509650
Clear Sky Properties Pty ltdAdelaide488429
Commercial & General Wholesale Office Pty ltdAdelaide433688
Community Cps Services Pty ltdAdelaide409721
Credit Union SA ltdAdelaide241066
Currie Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Adelaide443737
Dbco Smsf Advisory Pty ltdAdelaide485764
E&a Corporate Services ltdAdelaide260006
Eastwoods Wealth Management Pty ltdAdelaide237853
Edwards Marshall Advisory Pty ltdAdelaide479792
Elders Insurance (underwriting Agency) Pty LimitedAdelaide340965
Elders Rural Services Australia LimitedAdelaide237757
Financial Solutions Australasia Pty ltdAdelaide244308
Fire Service Credit Union LimitedAdelaide237515
First Advice Licensee Services Pty ltdAdelaide484091
Fortis Ago Pty ltdAdelaide407776
Franklin Advisory Pty ltdAdelaide495480
Halpin Wealth Partners Pty ltdAdelaide517210
Harmony Property Syndication Pty ltdAdelaide270413
Hendersons FP Pty ltdAdelaide338020
Hephzibah Financial Pty ltdAdelaide497829
Hood Sweeney Securities Pty ltdAdelaide220897
Icorp Group Pty ltdAdelaide500740
Inheritance Capital Asset Management Pty ltdAdelaide481118
Integrity Financial (sa) Pty ltdAdelaide334846
Jlt Group Services Pty ltdAdelaide417964
Keyinvest Managed Investments Pty ltdAdelaide510440
Keyinvest ltdAdelaide240667
Keystone Capital LimitedAdelaide439327
Knightsbridge Wealth Management Pty ltdAdelaide489151
Leadenhall Corporate Advisory Pty ltdAdelaide293586
Leyton Funds Management Pty ltdAdelaide483762
Likewize Services Pty ltdAdelaide230163
Ljfd Pty ltdAdelaide438458
Mandala Property Investment Fund Pty ltdAdelaide507849
Mbfs Pty ltdAdelaide420378
Medical Insurance Australia Pty LimitedAdelaide255906
Messenger Zerner Financial Solutions Pty ltdAdelaide484246
Murray Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.Adelaide480309
Mybudget Pty ltdAdelaide391759
National Credit Insurance (brokers) Pty. Ltd.Adelaide233817
Newmarket Grandwest Pty ltdAdelaide296193
Optimal Afsl Pty ltdAdelaide431258
Ostermeyer Investment Partners Pty ltdAdelaide438949
Pinnacle Dealer Services Pty ltdAdelaide513743
Pirie Street Custodian ltdAdelaide240521
Pitcher Partners SA Financial Pty ltdAdelaide487781
Police Credit Union LimitedAdelaide238991
Ppi Capital ltdAdelaide344601
Ppi Financial Services Pty ltdAdelaide467297
RS Finance (aust) Pty ltdAdelaide441277
Risk Broking Pty ltdAdelaide230673
Sims Richmond Pty ltdAdelaide485129
Southern Cross Equity Group Pty ltdAdelaide412862
Southmore Capital Pty ltdAdelaide298313
Starfish Financial Services Pty ltdAdelaide495223
Statewide Superannuation Pty ltdAdelaide243171
Superguardian Pty ltdAdelaide485643
Swarmer Pty ltdAdelaide507867
Taim Investments Pty ltdAdelaide498819
Taylor Collison LimitedAdelaide247083
Tsl Capital Pty ltdAdelaide478847
Turner Securities ltdAdelaide307209
Uhy Sothertons Advisory (sa) Pty ltdAdelaide484909
Uniting Church SA Investment Fund LimitedAdelaide501022
Whitmore Property Pty ltdAdelaide509574
William Buck Nominees (sa) Pty ltdAdelaide420174
William Buck Wealth Advisors (sa) Pty ltdAdelaide230637
Xpress Super Pty ltdAdelaide430962