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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: June 6, 2022

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NameLocalityAFS ID
Abbotts Wealth Management Pty ltdWest Perth303138
Acdex Pty ltdWest Perth464367
Acns Capital Markets Pty ltdWest Perth279099
Adcor Risk Consultants Pty ltdWest Perth522608
Afg Securities Pty ltdWest Perth418017
Ashanti Capital Pty ltdWest Perth493204
Augmentum Corporate Pty ltdWest Perth445570
Austasia Financial Planning Pty ltdWest Perth229454
Australasian Property Investments LimitedWest Perth238795
Bajada & Associates Pty ltdWest Perth230706
Banksia Management Pty ltdWest Perth320240
Bdhsterling Afsl Pty ltdWest Perth222266
Caip Services Pty LimitedWest Perth432297
Capital Partners Consulting Pty ltdWest Perth227148
Capricorn Insurance Services Pty ltdWest Perth435197
Capricorn Mutual LimitedWest Perth230038
Chesterfields Wealth Pty ltdWest Perth482701
Chieftain Securities Pty ltdWest Perth492850
Discovery Capital Partners Pty ltdWest Perth500223
Dv01 Funds Management Pty ltdWest Perth308697
Eight Carat Securities Pty ltdWest Perth326514
Elderton Capital Pty ltdWest Perth342143
Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedWest Perth246986
Fisher GT Financial Group Pty ltdWest Perth230454
Four Points Financial Services Pty ltdWest Perth311396
Gameplay Capital Pty ltdWest Perth511738
Geerssullivan Smsf Advisory Pty ltdWest Perth488745
Globe Financial Planning Pty ltdWest Perth499923
Gondwana Securities Pty ltdWest Perth343514
Gramercy Securities Advisors Pty ltdWest Perth344269
Grange Capital Partners Pty ltdWest Perth264772
Inspired Financial Group Pty ltdWest Perth494196
Just Financial Pty ltdWest Perth414823
Key Financial Partners Pty ltdWest Perth485113
Lasarith Pty ltdWest Perth433938
Les Mumme Pty ltdWest Perth243174
Life Financial Planners Pty ltdWest Perth296182
Linq Capital LimitedWest Perth239785
Mair Property Securities ltdWest Perth238386
Mavco Insurance Group Australia Pty ltdWest Perth502198
Max Capital Pty ltdWest Perth411136
Mda National Insurance Pty ltdWest Perth238073
Minaret Capital Pty ltdWest Perth332513
Natsec Pty ltdWest Perth530337
Next G Wealth Pty ltdWest Perth376420
Nwq Capital Management Pty ltdWest Perth318835
One Energy Pty ltdWest Perth438763
Pcf Capital Group Pty ltdWest Perth291385
Pendulum Capital Pty LimitedWest Perth280970
Perdaman Funds Management Pty ltdWest Perth454210
Platinum Mortgage Securities Pty ltdWest Perth329004
Priority Wealth Advisers Pty ltdWest Perth508998
Property Capital Australia LimitedWest Perth260789
Pursuit Capital Pty ltdWest Perth339211
R E Ledger Pty ltdWest Perth481349
R M Capital Pty ltdWest Perth221938
RM Corporate Finance Pty ltdWest Perth315235
Rac Insurance Pty LimitedWest Perth231222
Ramsay Planning Pty ltdWest Perth520748
Redwood Wealth Alliance Pty ltdWest Perth227870
Resolute Financial Advisory Pty ltdWest Perth436967
Risc A&d Pty ltdWest Perth456327
Riskcorp Pty ltdWest Perth525955
Sandalwood Properties ltdWest Perth241192
Saxild, Bruce EdmondWest Perth269277
Scope Licensee Services Pty ltdWest Perth492134
Security Capital Australia Pty ltdWest Perth436915
Sentry Advice Pty ltdWest Perth227748
Sentry Financial Services Pty ltdWest Perth286786
Sfc Management Pty ltdWest Perth535303
Sfs Licence Pty ltdWest Perth489820
Stantons Corporate Finance Pty ltdWest Perth448697
Statesman Financial Solutions Pty ltdWest Perth538949
Twd Licensee Services Pty ltdWest Perth475964
Uhy Haines Norton Super Advisory Perth Pty ltdWest Perth483977
Vwm Financial Services Pty ltdWest Perth345744
Wealthsure Financial Services Pty ltdWest Perth326450
Wellington Underwriting Agencies Pty ltdWest Perth511660
Westbridge Funds Pty ltdWest Perth533936
Western Advisory Pty ltdWest Perth403566
Xantus Pty ltdWest Perth494198