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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: June 6, 2022

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NameLocalityAFS ID
Acure Funds Management ltdPerth411056
Alarie Pty ltdPerth481792
Argonaut Funds Management Pty ltdPerth224815
Argonaut Pcf LimitedPerth221476
Argonaut Securities Pty LimitedPerth274099
Assent Financial Services Pty ltdPerth241061
Australian Fsl Pty ltdPerth528449
Australian Heritage Group Pty ltdPerth291102
Axis Financial Group Pty ltdPerth233680
Azure Capital Pty ltdPerth276569
Azure Capital Securities Pty ltdPerth464426
Badge Financial Pty ltdPerth518117
Baptist Education Fund ltdPerth525051
Base Capital Management Pty ltdPerth522386
Bdo Corporate Finance (wa) Pty ltdPerth316158
Bellwether Financial Group Pty ltdPerth479993
Blackoak Securities Pty ltdPerth420784
Blinc Funds Management Pty ltdPerth517824
Bnk Banking Corporation LimitedPerth246884
Boomer Australia LimitedPerth510015
Brokernet Australia Pty ltdPerth239958
Bwp Management LimitedPerth247830
Canaccord Genuity Financial LimitedPerth239052
Capital Managed Investments ltdPerth241014
Cbh Grain Pty ltdPerth269743
Cka Risk Solutions Pty ltdPerth276915
Co2 Group Financial Services Pty ltdPerth388086
Consilium Corporate Advisory Pty ltdPerth277313
Context Group Pty ltdPerth535218
Cooper Partners Financial Services Pty ltdPerth327033
Cps Capital Group Pty ltdPerth294848
Eden Asset Management Pty ltdPerth296466
Edge Underwriting Pty ltdPerth407682
Euroz Hartleys LimitedPerth230052
Evari Insure Pty. Ltd.Perth494857
Fenchurch Insurance Brokers Pty ltdPerth522814
Financial Pathfinders Pty ltdPerth247187
Fintech Equity Pty ltdPerth521588
Firmus Investment Management Pty ltdPerth513332
Flinders Financial Services Pty ltdPerth231155
Foster West Securities Pty ltdPerth230325
Fxopen AU Pty ltdPerth412871
Hall Chadwick Consultants Pty ltdPerth512495
Harvis Capital Pty ltdPerth510118
Hlb Mann Judd Corporate (wa) Pty ltdPerth250903
Hoperidge Advisors Pty ltdPerth441268
Integro Holdings (wa) Pty ltdPerth489444
Japhener Pty ltdPerth230176
John Cameron Financial Planning Pty ltdPerth515139
Katana Asset Management ltdPerth288412
Kbi Group Pty ltdPerth494792
Knightcorp Holdings Pty ltdPerth342692
Lavaro Pty ltdPerth238901
Lazarus Corporate Finance Pty ltdPerth403684
MI Private Wealth Pty ltdPerth519620
Mapleridge Pty ltdPerth241076
Marketech Online Pty ltdPerth486148
Moore Australia Corporate Finance (wa) Pty ltdPerth240773
Neo Financial Solutions Pty ltdPerth385845
Nexia Perth Corporate Finance Pty ltdPerth289358
Nexia Perth Financial Solutions Pty ltdPerth482926
Oneill, Patrick JosephPerth500004
Pareto Securities Pty ltdPerth454131
Partnership Holdings Pty ltdPerth531350
Paywise Financial Services Pty ltdPerth521956
Peet Funds Management LimitedPerth415753
Picture Wealth Advisory Pty ltdPerth530789
Police & Nurses LimitedPerth240701
Poynton Stavrianou Pty ltdPerth488739
Primewest Funds ltdPerth339074
Primewest Management ltdPerth250963
Private Wealth Advisory Pty ltdPerth478249
Profusion Advisory Group Pty ltdPerth506425
Psc Nfib Markets Pty ltdPerth245374
Pwd Corporation Pty ltdPerth534974
Redhill Property Partners Pty ltdPerth503243
Rmblack Pty ltdPerth521214
Rsm Corporate Australia Pty ltdPerth255847
Rsm Financial Services Australia Pty ltdPerth238282
ST Andrew's Insurance (australia) Pty ltdPerth239649
ST Andrew's Life Insurance Pty ltdPerth281731
Salmon Heist Pty ltdPerth488396
Sentinel Financial Group Pty ltdPerth230542
Sirona Capital Management Pty ltdPerth432619
Srg Group Pty ltdPerth288320
State One Equities Pty ltdPerth233129
State One Stockbroking ltdPerth247100
Trident Capital Pty ltdPerth292674
Ukawa Pty ltdPerth236663
Vanilla Property Investments Pty. Ltd.Perth338030
Visia Licensee Services Pty ltdPerth537472
Wealth Plus Solutions Pty ltdPerth487103
West End Licensee Group Pty ltdPerth518873
Westar Capital LimitedPerth255789
Western United Financial Services Pty ltdPerth244620
Westminster Coverforce Pty ltdPerth237466
Westmount Securities Pty ltdPerth225715
Westoz Funds Management Pty ltdPerth285607
Woodside Energy (financial Advisory Services) Pty ltdPerth535701
Zephyr Capital Pty ltdPerth531949