Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

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NameLocalityAFS ID
A.c.n. 608 646 251 Pty ltdSubiaco482173
Aacl Funds Management LimitedSubiaco254421
Barclay Wells ltdSubiaco235070
Batterham And Associates Pty ltdSubiaco329948
Bdo Corporate Finance (wa) Pty ltdSubiaco316158
Bdo Tax (wa) Pty ltdSubiaco488988
Bizzaca & Buhari Financial Services Pty ltdSubiaco487986
Bluebird Capital Pty ltdSubiaco499929
Bourchier Nominees Pty ltdSubiaco238917
Butler Settineri Superannuation Services Pty ltdSubiaco269543
Caerus Capital Pty ltdSubiaco340083
Centaur Securities Pty ltdSubiaco341190
Chinsiro Pty ltdSubiaco497051
Colonial Capital Management Pty ltdSubiaco459899
Conexus Group Pty ltdSubiaco485018
Crest Capital Asia Pty ltdSubiaco468057
Devwest Securities Pty ltdSubiaco287466
Egan & CO Pty ltdSubiaco480154
Elliott Townshend Pty ltdSubiaco488956
Euro Corporate Securities Pty ltdSubiaco319189
Fire And Emergency Services Superannuation BoardSubiaco259671
Forrest Private Wealth Management Pty ltdSubiaco492712
GO Capital Pty ltdSubiaco479974
Goldschmidt & CO Pty ltdSubiaco237991
Honey & Honey Pty ltdSubiaco482853
Indian Ocean Management Group Pty ltdSubiaco336409
Indian Ocean Smsf Pty ltdSubiaco489139
Integro Holdings (wa) Pty ltdSubiaco489444
Kingslane Securities Pty ltdSubiaco343574
Lockton Companies Australia Pty ltdSubiaco291954
Macro Capital LimitedSubiaco392401
Nkh Knight Holdings Pty ltdSubiaco438631
Optimus Financial Advisory Pty ltdSubiaco389663
Optimus Private Equity Pty ltdSubiaco436292
Pamplona Pty ltdSubiaco336349
Pendragon Capital LimitedSubiaco237549
Peritus Private Wealth Pty ltdSubiaco238064
Pursuit Capital Pty ltdSubiaco339211
Qube Capital Pty ltdSubiaco227554
RM Corporate Finance Pty ltdSubiaco315235
Raptor Global Corporation ltdSubiaco456469
Redwood Wealth Alliance Pty ltdSubiaco227870
Salmon Heist Pty ltdSubiaco488396
Smith Coffey Pty ltdSubiaco237972
Smith Coffey Securities Pty ltdSubiaco237971
Sphere Capital Services Pty ltdSubiaco444731
Stadia Capital Pty ltdSubiaco342716
Stirling Capital Nominees Pty ltdSubiaco322592
Strategic Elements ltdSubiaco342673
Symmetry Group Pty ltdSubiaco426385
Tomkins Turner Capital Pty ltdSubiaco477691
Viridian Equity Group Pty ltdSubiaco343442
Westmount Securities Pty ltdSubiaco225715