Australian Financial Services Licensees

The Australian Financial Services Licensees Database is a collection of information about licensees who have been granted an Australian Financial Services License by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This database contains details such as the name and license number of each licensee, as well as the services they are authorized to provide. The database is available to the public through the ASIC website, and can be used by consumers to verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider, and by ASIC to monitor and regulate the activities of licensees.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: June 16, 2024

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Name Locality AFS ID
Akuna Capital Australia Pty ltd Barangaroo 511867
Argentex Pty ltd Barangaroo 540430
Belus Capital Pty ltd Barangaroo 555325
Capella Capital Lend Lease Pty Limited & Capella Partners Pty Limited Barangaroo 343710
Contrarius Investment Advisory Pty Limited Barangaroo 506315
Coverforce Insurance Broking Pty ltd Barangaroo 302522
Coverforce Partners Pty ltd Barangaroo 245377
Coverforce Pty Limited Barangaroo 238874
Currencycloud Pty ltd Barangaroo 536093
Decode Capital Pty ltd Barangaroo 246796
Decode Funding ltd Barangaroo 320497
Dls Markets (aust) Pty ltd Barangaroo 296805
Epg Wealth Pty ltd Barangaroo 529273
Everest Financial Pty ltd Barangaroo 500857
First Sentier Investors (australia) IM ltd Barangaroo 289017
First Sentier Investors (australia) RE ltd Barangaroo 240550
First Sentier Investors Rqi Pty ltd Barangaroo 335381
Global Capital Assets Management Pty ltd Barangaroo 439184
Green Squares Capital Management Pty ltd Barangaroo 527750
Lendlease Funds Management Limited Barangaroo 250126
Lendlease Imt (llitst) Limited Barangaroo 238564
Lendlease Imt (oitst) Limited Barangaroo 474992
Lendlease Imt (sm) Pty ltd Barangaroo 418194
Lendlease Investment Management (afsl) Pty Limited Barangaroo 494185
Lendlease Real Estate Investments Limited Barangaroo 250095
Lendlease Responsible Entity Limited Barangaroo 308983
Lifestyle Asset Management Pty ltd Barangaroo 288421
Maple-brown Abbott ltd Barangaroo 237296
Max Alpha Asset Management Pty ltd Barangaroo 362215
Millennium Capital Management (australia) Pty ltd Barangaroo 481427
Morningstar Australasia Pty Limited Barangaroo 240892
Morningstar Investment Management Australia Limited Barangaroo 228986
Origin Energy Electricity Limited Barangaroo 238262
P2p Advice Pty ltd Barangaroo 542188
Pricewaterhousecoopers Securities ltd Barangaroo 244572
Quanta Insurance Group Pty ltd Barangaroo 302520
Susquehanna Asia Trading Pty ltd Barangaroo 504537
Susquehanna Pacific Pty ltd Barangaroo 244582
Trademax Australia Limited Barangaroo 436416
Triton Investment Services Proprietary Limited Barangaroo 474767
Viriathus Capital Pty ltd Barangaroo 297950
Yard Financial Pty ltd Barangaroo 509481