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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: Jan. 20, 2022

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NameLocalityAFS ID
A.i.s. Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne255304
Accountancy Insurance Pty ltdSouth Melbourne276100
Accountancy Insurance Underwriting Pty ltdSouth Melbourne340731
Advice Assist Australia Pty ltdSouth Melbourne496692
Alara Funds Management Pty ltdSouth Melbourne525624
Alliance Management Group Pty ltdSouth Melbourne244127
Austair Pilots Pty ltdSouth Melbourne344259
Australian United Corporation Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne257992
BC Capital Pty ltdSouth Melbourne435500
Beulah Capital Pty ltdSouth Melbourne330951
Choice Financial Advisors Pty ltdSouth Melbourne324987
Choice Private Clients Pty ltdSouth Melbourne227675
Daniel Allison & Associates Superannuation Pty ltdSouth Melbourne487858
Doquile Perrett Meade Financial Services ltdSouth Melbourne239690
Emmark Insurance Brokers Pty ltdSouth Melbourne246323
Equity & Super Pty ltdSouth Melbourne410041
Erefunds Pty ltdSouth Melbourne519282
Gci Australia Pty ltdSouth Melbourne346034
Hughes Forbes Financial Services Pty ltdSouth Melbourne323719
Insurance Admin Pty ltdSouth Melbourne531682
Life Experts Pty ltdSouth Melbourne533827
Melbourne Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne246992
Mtis Private Wealth Pty ltdSouth Melbourne473383
Newhaven Wealth Pty ltdSouth Melbourne422120
Nlc Insurance Pty ltdSouth Melbourne319038
Odyssey Equity Finance Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne219431
Patterson Family Trust & The Bye Investment Trust & Trustee Hickey Family Trust & Trustee Mccann WeaSouth Melbourne329868
Rose Partners Corporate Advisory Pty ltdSouth Melbourne463393
Royale Wealth CO Pty ltdSouth Melbourne438644
Sciventures Investments Pty ltdSouth Melbourne227611
Smsf Advisers Network Pty ltdSouth Melbourne430062
Strata Advice Pty ltdSouth Melbourne528306
Strategic Financial Solutions Pty ltdSouth Melbourne222828
Sumo Financial Services Pty ltdSouth Melbourne505704
Terraplex Pty ltdSouth Melbourne378434
Trading Mastery Pty ltdSouth Melbourne527599
Tyjc Pty ltdSouth Melbourne514063
Valant Capital Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne486695
Vehicle Insurance Underwriters Pty. Ltd.South Melbourne318544
Wealth PI Capital Pty ltdSouth Melbourne354933
Wealthbridge Financial Services Pty ltdSouth Melbourne473934