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Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian Financial Services Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Additional information about Australian Financial Services Licensees can be found via ASIC's website.

Last update: Nov. 18, 2020

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NameLocalityAFS ID
@ Risk Underwriting Pty ltdNorth Sydney520582
A2z Licence Pty ltdNorth Sydney406275
AG Guard Pty ltdNorth Sydney480716
Acorn Managed Investments Pty. Ltd.North Sydney473968
Aetos Capital Group Pty ltdNorth Sydney313016
Alleron Investment Management Pty LimitedNorth Sydney278856
Anchorage Marine Underwriting Agency Pty ltdNorth Sydney237400
Andaz Private Investments Pty ltdNorth Sydney504662
Apogee Financial Planning LimitedNorth Sydney230689
Argon Capital Pty LimitedNorth Sydney300250
Arthur J. Gallagher & CO (aus) LimitedNorth Sydney238312
Asia Mideast Insurance And Reinsurance Pty ltdNorth Sydney239926
Austagencies Pty ltdNorth Sydney244584
Austbrokers Aei Pty LimitedNorth Sydney321117
Australian Risk Applications Pty ltdNorth Sydney228991
Axicorp Financial Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney318232
BL Wealth Group Pty ltdNorth Sydney479970
BW Capital Pty ltdNorth Sydney221409
Bedford CA Financial Pty LimitedNorth Sydney484060
Birling Private Wealth Pty ltdNorth Sydney523245
Black Green Equity Pty ltdNorth Sydney488841
Blicensed Pty ltdNorth Sydney318930
Bluepoint Consulting Pty LimitedNorth Sydney277860
Brela Group Pty LimitedNorth Sydney512840
Bridge Private Wealth Afsl Pty ltdNorth Sydney513013
CF Management Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney308279
Cerberos Brokers Pty LimitedNorth Sydney260668
Chu Underwriting Agencies Pty ltdNorth Sydney243261
Chuisaver Underwriting Agency Pty ltdNorth Sydney491113
Columbus Direct Travel Insurance Pty LimitedNorth Sydney246636
Congen Insurance Brokers Pty ltdNorth Sydney429513
Conscious Capital LimitedNorth Sydney427216
Cover-more Insurance Services Pty. Ltd.North Sydney241713
Cxc Financial Partners Pty ltdNorth Sydney378656
Defender Asset Management Pty ltdNorth Sydney482722
Delaney Kelly Golding Pty LimitedNorth Sydney231146
Deltaplan Financial Services Pty LimitedNorth Sydney483102
Dib Insurance Brokers Pty ltdNorth Sydney238384
Dimension Advice Pty ltdNorth Sydney514910
Direct Underwriting Agency Pty ltdNorth Sydney507890
Dixon Advisory & Superannuation Services LimitedNorth Sydney231143
EH Capital Pty. Ltd.North Sydney523351
Eclipse Financial Advisers Pty ltdNorth Sydney322800
Energetics Pty ltdNorth Sydney329935
Enterprise Underwriting Solutions Pty ltdNorth Sydney464467
Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty LimitedNorth Sydney341391
Equity Story Pty LimitedNorth Sydney343937
Esentry Underwriting Pty ltdNorth Sydney402842
Eutility Trading Pty ltdNorth Sydney480703
Evaro Wealth Partners Pty ltdNorth Sydney472429
Executive Wealth Solutions Pty LimitedNorth Sydney509230
Fenwicke Financial Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney515738
Financial Systems Pty ltdNorth Sydney241060
Finchoice Pty ltdNorth Sydney422854
Finclear Pty ltdNorth Sydney481017
Fluid Financial Planning Pty ltdNorth Sydney389518
Fxplus Trading Academy Pty ltdNorth Sydney425041
Gallagher Benefit Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney488001
Gallagher Risk Placements Pty ltdNorth Sydney238177
Global Transport & Automotive Insurance Solutions Pty ltdNorth Sydney240714
Godfrey Pembroke LimitedNorth Sydney230690
Gwm Adviser Services LimitedNorth Sydney230692
HQ Insurance Pty LimitedNorth Sydney235666
Hanwha Energy Retail Australia Pty ltdNorth Sydney516442
Harvest Financial Group Pty LimitedNorth Sydney284909
Innova Investment Management Pty ltdNorth Sydney509578
Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty LimitedNorth Sydney240549
Insurance Advisory Service (N S W) Pty ltdNorth Sydney234624
Insurance Investment Solutions Pty ltdNorth Sydney487177
Itg Australia TS Pty ltdNorth Sydney521741
Jeps Mgt Pty ltdNorth Sydney509274
Kelly Partners Capital Pty ltdNorth Sydney448803
Kelly Partners Private Wealth Pty ltdNorth Sydney516704
Kinect Energy Pty LimitedNorth Sydney501019
Learn TO Trade Pty LimitedNorth Sydney339557
Life Insurance Direct Australia Pty ltdNorth Sydney473135
Lionsgate Financial Group Pty. Ltd.North Sydney342766
London Australia Underwriting Pty ltdNorth Sydney295894
Lra Corporate Pty LimitedNorth Sydney253008
MM Consultancy Pty. LimitedNorth Sydney483286
Mazars Wealth Management Pty LimitedNorth Sydney484885
Milliman Pty ltdNorth Sydney340679
Milne Alexander Pty ltdNorth Sydney277932
Mlc Investments LimitedNorth Sydney230705
Mlc LimitedNorth Sydney230694
Mlc Nominees Pty ltdNorth Sydney230702
Moneytech LimitedNorth Sydney421414
Mortgage House Capital Pty ltdNorth Sydney312912
Multi Secure Insurance Solutions Pty LimitedNorth Sydney227724
NM Insurance Pty ltdNorth Sydney227186
Navigator Australia LimitedNorth Sydney236466
New Forests Advisory Pty LimitedNorth Sydney301556
Newport Capital Group Pty. LimitedNorth Sydney262001
Nulis Nominees (australia) LimitedNorth Sydney236465
Onepath General Insurance Pty LimitedNorth Sydney288160
Onepath Life LimitedNorth Sydney238341
Payoneer Australia Pty ltdNorth Sydney504803
Pepper Group Pty LimitedNorth Sydney286655
Potentia Capital Pty ltdNorth Sydney498227
Prasidium Pty. Ltd.North Sydney511640
Premier Wealth Management Financial Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney404798
Private Wealth Partners Group Pty LimitedNorth Sydney484737
Professional Wealth Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney312047
Quad Code AU ltdNorth Sydney327075
Quattro Risk Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney225022
Ratch-australia Infrastructure Management LimitedNorth Sydney310497
Raven Capital Pty LimitedNorth Sydney426369
Raven VC Pty ltdNorth Sydney486878
Resilium Insurance Broking Pty ltdNorth Sydney460382
Resilium Pty ltdNorth Sydney232703
Richmond Partners Pty ltdNorth Sydney504220
Risk Advisory Services Pty LimitedNorth Sydney324686
Rose Stanton Insurance Brokers Pty LimitedNorth Sydney245555
Sire Custodians ltdNorth Sydney223671
Solium Capital (australia) Pty ltdNorth Sydney441581
Solium Nominees (australia) Pty ltdNorth Sydney465193
Southpeak Investment Management Pty LimitedNorth Sydney346036
Sqm Research Pty ltdNorth Sydney421913
Squared Away Life Insurance Pty ltdNorth Sydney247339
Steadfast Irs Pty LimitedNorth Sydney435538
Stening Simpson (international) Pty. LimitedNorth Sydney243532
Stephen Financial Solutions Pty ltdNorth Sydney518185
Stephen Good Capital Pty ltdNorth Sydney232984
Sterling Insurance Pty LimitedNorth Sydney237880
Strata Community Insurance Agencies Pty ltdNorth Sydney457787
Strata Unit Underwriting Agency Pty LimitedNorth Sydney246719
Strata United Insurance Brokers Pty ltdNorth Sydney458895
Supered Pty ltdNorth Sydney468859
Superiq Pty ltdNorth Sydney406690
Sura Pty ltdNorth Sydney294313
Sydney Financial Professionals Services Pty. Ltd.North Sydney489279
The Lunar Group Pty LimitedNorth Sydney470948
The Professional Super Advisers Pty ltdNorth Sydney321895
Think Tank Nominees Pty ltdNorth Sydney333163
Trade Wind Capital Markets Pty ltdNorth Sydney235362
Travel Insurance Partners Pty LimitedNorth Sydney360138
Trinity Pacific Underwriting Agencies Pty LimitedNorth Sydney337064
Valuestream Investment Management ltdNorth Sydney246621
Volt Bank LimitedNorth Sydney504782
Walsh & Company Asset Management Pty LimitedNorth Sydney450257
Walsh & Company Investments LimitedNorth Sydney410433
Wcp Super Advice Pty ltdNorth Sydney485616
Wealth Leadership Services Pty LimitedNorth Sydney317369
Wealthhub Securities LimitedNorth Sydney230704
Wealtho2 Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney500032
Weather Risk Management Solutions Pty ltdNorth Sydney233798
Wel-link Funds Pty ltdNorth Sydney507266
Zammit Partners Investments Pty LimitedNorth Sydney223602
Zebra Financial Services Pty ltdNorth Sydney512864
Zurich Australia LimitedNorth Sydney232510
Zurich Australian Insurance LimitedNorth Sydney232507
Zurich Investment Management LimitedNorth Sydney232511