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Liquidators registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) are required to keep their information up-to-date on ASIC's registers. The Registered Liquidator and Official Liquidator Registers are available to the public to search on the ASIC Connect website

Last update: April 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Caddy, Matthew Wayne Melbourne 338012
Calabretta, Domenico Alessandro Sydney 336268
Calvert, Kiara Melaleuca Hobart 535522
Calvisi, Dino Berardino Ringwood 422921
Cameron, Andrew Robert Caulfield North 166374
Campbell, Benjamin Peter Brisbane 513815
Campbell-wilson, Philip Sydney 319617
Cant, Anthony Robert Melbourne 8772
Cantone, Dominic Adelaide 495046
Carrafa, Michael Melbourne 341947
Carrello, Giovanni Maurizio Northbridge 82334
Carruthers, Benjamin Forster Perth 526010
Carson, Benjamin Michael Drummoyne 480627
Carter, Moira Kathleen Townsville 288735
Carter, Philip Patrick Barangaroo 67603
Caspaney, Michael John Southport 485110
Cathro, Simon John Sydney 278428
Cauchi, Richard John Melbourne 206127
Chambal, Abdul Remane Remtula Brisbane 519839
Chamberlain, Christopher Mel Waggawagga 68923
Chand, John Stevens Sydney 526735
Chesser, Leanne Kylie Melbourne 318681
Chin, Kong Yao Pennant Hills 437790
Chou, Ernie Kierston Parramatta 532185
Chua, Kaily Lyn Brisbane 518446
Chubb, Morgan James Coffs Harbour 168657
Clifton, Timothy James Adelaide 221237
Clout, David Lewis Brisbane 4592
Clout, Scott Matthew Brisbane 540980
Clubb, Duncan Edward Sydney 488055
Coad, Simon Roger Osborne Park 15767
Colbran, Jonathon Kingsley Deakin 419577
Colley, Adam John Barangaroo 549277
Collis, Bryan Patrick Sydney 56026
Colwell, William Martin Brisbane 211986
Combis, Nick Brisbane 179844
Condon, Schon Gregory Parramatta 4905
Coneyworth, Amanda Goni Sydney 514640
Conneely, Catherine Margaret Sydney 521312
Connelly, Anthony Norman Brisbane 410893
Conrad, Benjamin Joseph Melbourne 451313
Cook, Barry Raymond Greystanes 4795
Cook, Christopher Richard Brisbane 307258
Cook, Paul John Hobart 317
Cook, Timothy James Sydney 480624
Cooper, Mark Fraser Hobart 220390
Cooper, Nicholas David Adelaide 218261
Copeland, Brendan James Sydney 421144
Cormack, Adam Kenneth Deakin 546031
Cotter, William Paul Woolloongabba 426644
Coyne, David John Melbourne 296411
Crawford, Keith Alexander Melbourne 318981
Cremin, Shane Justin Melbourne 401566
Crichton, Cameron Alexander Brisbane 455542
Crisp, Glenn Anthony Melbourne 165552
Crispino, Roberto Melbourne 548750
Crosbie, Craig David Southbank 208364
Crosthwaite, Lee Andrew Brisbane 493699
Crouch, Nicholas James David Sydney 206515
Crowe-maxwell, Atle Sydney 275986
Cull, Innis Anthony Docklands 527109
Cummins, Andrew John Sydney 169877
Currie, Ian Alexander Brisbane 206136
Cussen, Neil Robert Sydney 59346
Cvitanovic, Daniel Ivan Wollongong 16404