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Liquidators registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) are required to keep their information up-to-date on ASIC's registers. The Registered Liquidator and Official Liquidator Registers are available to the public to search on the ASIC Connect website

Last update: April 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Walker, Alan Lee Sydney 420880
Walley, Daniel Austin Barangaroo 398308
Wallman, Kimberley Stuart West Perth 14183
Walsh, Justin Denis Brisbane City 217320
Walsh, Martin Gregory North Sydney 480975
Wang, Sichu Sydney 535180
Wang, Wenjie Sydney 545259
Ward, Adam Francis Ipswich 354142
Ward, Grahame Robert Sydney 351104
Warner, Anthony John Sydney 226457
Warry, Adrian John Hawthorn East 481671
Warwick, Kathryn Melbourne 291897
Watters, Marcus Jon Brisbane 493492
Weatherley, Andrew Brian Brisbane 457865
Webb, David Michael Peakhurst Heights 407817
Webster, Bryan Melbourne 349403
Wengel, Sean Magnus Sydney 418501
Weston, Paul Gerard Sydney 68746
White, Hayden Leigh Perth 409041
Whittingham, Kenneth Michael Sydney 4928
Whitton, Robert William Sydney 16241
Whyte, David Brisbane 285940
Wiggins, Lara Luisa Melbourne 522335
Wight, Barry Melbourne 437505
Williams, Julie Ann Robina 230012
Wollinski, Nicholas Stephen Sydney 542780
Woodcroft, Cameron John Brisbane 547207
Woodgate, Giles Geoffrey Sydney 4937
Woodhouse, Daniel Hillston Perth 500854
Woods, Matthew David Perth 448144
Woods, Robert Melbourne 421354
Wright, Anthony Phillip Sydney 544677
Wright, Kylie Maree Melbourne 326586