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Liquidators registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) are required to keep their information up-to-date on ASIC's registers. The Registered Liquidator and Official Liquidator Registers are available to the public to search on the ASIC Connect website

Last update: April 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Baskerville, Christopher John Brisbane 466951
Campbell, Benjamin Peter Brisbane 513815
Chambal, Abdul Remane Remtula Brisbane 519839
Chua, Kaily Lyn Brisbane 518446
Clout, David Lewis Brisbane 4592
Clout, Scott Matthew Brisbane 540980
Colwell, William Martin Brisbane 211986
Combis, Nick Brisbane 179844
Connelly, Anthony Norman Brisbane 410893
Cook, Christopher Richard Brisbane 307258
Crichton, Cameron Alexander Brisbane 455542
Crosthwaite, Lee Andrew Brisbane 493699
Currie, Ian Alexander Brisbane 206136
Daniel, Murray Richard Brisbane 524045
Dopking, Stefan Brisbane 192668
Dullaway, Michael Brisbane 417339
Dunn, Joanne Emily Brisbane 335366
Earel, Stephen Phillip Brisbane 526801
Fielding, Andrew Peter Brisbane 52586
Fletcher, William John Brisbane 7012
Greig, John Lethbridge Brisbane 55418
Griffin, Michael John Brisbane 176823
Hambleton, David James Brisbane 289882
Hanson, Andrew Gerard Brisbane 524586
Harris, William James Brisbane 276402
Hazell, Mahala Rachel Brisbane 542000
Heenan, Timothy Joseph Brisbane 478622
Hellen, Bradley Vincent Brisbane 72493
Herrett, Mitchell Mackenzie Brisbane 384744
Hill, Michael John Brisbane 206836
Holland, Mark Alfred Brisbane 530738
Hughes, Richard John Brisbane 326810
Hussain, Mohammed Shahin Brisbane 443814
Hutson, Robert William Brisbane 208511
Imray, James Marc Brisbane 215933
Johnstone, David Martin Brisbane 530478
Joiner, Matthew Leslie Brisbane 203318
Karageozis, Bill Brisbane 482410
Kersey, Adam Peter Brisbane 509801
Khatri, Nikhil Brisbane 508167
Khatri, Rajendra Kumar Brisbane 65281
Killer, Graham Robert Brisbane 319199
Kirk, Darryl Edward Brisbane 341257
Knight, Tracy Lee Brisbane 421475
Lane, Declan Morgan George Brisbane 546047
Lane, Morgan Gerard Brisbane 206155
Lau, Damien Lee Hou Brisbane 493494
Lee, Leon Brisbane 490191
Leslie, Ashley Jade Brisbane 471759
Lucas, Peter Anthony Brisbane 87416
Markey, Nigel Robert Brisbane 212234
Mccann, Michael Gerard Brisbane 182386
Mckinnon, Shaun Christopher Brisbane 344636
Mcleod, Jonathan Paul Brisbane 185187
Meagher, Anne Brisbane 383871
Moore, Daniel Peter Brisbane 384586
Morton, Gavin Charles Brisbane 297335
Newman, Helen Brisbane 432812
Orr, David Michael Brisbane 480292
Owen, Michael Andrew Brisbane 206306
Park, John Richard Brisbane 196558
Pearce, Mark William Brisbane 194346
Pullen, Travis Jay Brisbane 433641
Quinn, Andrew James Brisbane 549283
Rose, Terrence John Brisbane 316087
Ruhe, Alice Fay Brisbane 439994
Shanahan, John Gervase Brisbane 309872
Shannon, Glenn Michael Brisbane 285941
Sparks, Grant Dene Brisbane 166884
Staatz, Steven Neville Brisbane 442228
Stimpson, David Michael Brisbane 236579
Stojic, Aleksandar Brisbane 541553
Taplin, James Leonard Eaton Brisbane 509802
Tay, Liyan Brisbane 412404
Trenfield, Kelly-anne Lavina Brisbane 310779
Van Der Velde, Terry Grant Brisbane 56818
Vickers, Derrick Craig Brisbane 277491
Watters, Marcus Jon Brisbane 493492
Weatherley, Andrew Brian Brisbane 457865
Whyte, David Brisbane 285940
Woodcroft, Cameron John Brisbane 547207