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Liquidators registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) are required to keep their information up-to-date on ASIC's registers. The Registered Liquidator and Official Liquidator Registers are available to the public to search on the ASIC Connect website

Last update: April 14, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Algeri, Salvatore Melbourne 224498
Allen, Paul Anthony Melbourne 494511
Andrews, Luke Francis Melbourne 538128
Beck, Andrew William Melbourne 414344
Bellamy, Liam William Paul Melbourne 446230
Bergin, Christopher Stephen Melbourne 526814
Bise, Ahmed Melbourne 464005
Blakeley, Ross Andrew Melbourne 214591
Blum, Mathew Dieter Windsor Melbourne 519248
Brace, Timothy James Melbourne 491552
Brereton, Mark Andrew Melbourne 549323
Burdett, Rachel Elizabeth Melbourne 338594
Burness, Paul Andrew Melbourne 160116
Caddy, Matthew Wayne Melbourne 338012
Cant, Anthony Robert Melbourne 8772
Carrafa, Michael Melbourne 341947
Cauchi, Richard John Melbourne 206127
Chesser, Leanne Kylie Melbourne 318681
Conrad, Benjamin Joseph Melbourne 451313
Coyne, David John Melbourne 296411
Crawford, Keith Alexander Melbourne 318981
Cremin, Shane Justin Melbourne 401566
Crisp, Glenn Anthony Melbourne 165552
Crispino, Roberto Melbourne 548750
D'souza, Leon Melbourne 533712
DI Carlo, Renee Sarah Melbourne 442441
Dixon, Stephen Robert Melbourne 279363
Downey, James Patrick Melbourne 8739
Dudman, Leigh William Melbourne 53454
Eszenyi, Theodora Alice Melbourne 286542
Fettes, Gary Stephen Melbourne 16075
Fitzgerald, Laurence Andrew Melbourne 160587
Franklin, Glenn Jeffrey Melbourne 350452
Georges, George Melbourne 194125
Glavas, Ivan Melbourne 418679
Gollant, Mathew Terence Melbourne 339259
Gountzos, Peter Melbourne 284377
Hams, Sebastian David Melbourne 438334
Hanna, Manuel Melbourne 531171
Harlond, Paul Stuart Melbourne 522232
Hilet, Brodie Luke Melbourne 549616
Howarth, Jon Brennan Melbourne 384163
Howell, Malcolm Kimbal Melbourne 335273
Howlett, Justin Melbourne 383475
Hutton, Matthew Russell Melbourne 527022
Jess, Matthew James Melbourne 293194
Juratowitch, Daniel Peter Melbourne 293862
Kanevsky, Glen Melbourne 439746
Kaso, Sam Melbourne 473292
Kelson, Karen Leanne Melbourne 431385
Knight, Andrew Lyall Melbourne 495736
Kokkinos, Con Melbourne 212235
Korda, Mark Anthony Melbourne 8862
Korda, Michael Melbourne 523507
Kucianski, Matthew Melbourne 493282
Kukulovski, Trajan John Melbourne 327242
Lawrence, Richard John Melbourne 508615
Macneill, Andrew James Melbourne 495015
Malarkey, Andrew Melbourne 347957
Martin, Nicholas John Melbourne 217469
Matthews, Shaun James Melbourne 549096
Mattinson, Andrew Robert Melbourne 495488
Mccallum, Stewart Alexander Melbourne 408422
Mccluskey, Peter Damien Melbourne 83357
Mclean, Neil Stewart Melbourne 494030
Mentha, Mark Francis Melbourne 8926
Micheletto, Fabian Kane Melbourne 456597
Michell, Stephen John Melbourne 280098
Morgan, Brent Leigh Melbourne 281857
Nelson, Simon Patrick Melbourne 313685
Newman, Philip Melbourne 15963
Nikitins, Adams Pauls Melbourne 321642
Norman, Timothy Bryce Melbourne 296669
O'brien, Colby Rhys Melbourne 522233
O'connor-price, Garth James Melbourne 542363
Palaghia, Lucica Melbourne 480583
Poulter, Andrew William Melbourne 319005
Quin, David Charles Melbourne 211757
Quin, Michael Francis Melbourne 423873
Rathner, Gideon Isaac Melbourne 8873
Rohrt, Richard Trygve Melbourne 322875
Schwarz, Andrew Peter Melbourne 364901
Secatore, Bruno Anthony Robert Melbourne 8855
Shepard, Craig Peter Melbourne 222320
Smith, Robert Bruce Melbourne 494614
Spooner, Glenn John Melbourne 394122
Steedman, Tristana Jane Melbourne 289632
Stone, Jason Glenn Melbourne 415666
Sweeny, Matthew Brian Melbourne 494427
Talic, Nedin Melbourne 501085
Trimboli, Claudio Melbourne 404963
Uebergang, Mark Stewart Melbourne 439993
Vartelas, Paul Melbourne 8838
Verney, Ben Charles Melbourne 426790
Vrsecky, Petr Melbourne 288992
Warwick, Kathryn Melbourne 291897
Webster, Bryan Melbourne 349403
Wiggins, Lara Luisa Melbourne 522335
Wight, Barry Melbourne 437505
Woods, Robert Melbourne 421354
Wright, Kylie Maree Melbourne 326586