Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: May 26, 2024

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Name Locality ID
4 Financial Advice Pty Limited Bondi Junction 270900
4 Jacs Pty Ltd Dulwich 407630
4 More Wealth Pty Ltd West Pennant Hills 230858
4 Pillars Adviser Services Pty Ltd Armidale 407219
4 Points Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd 1261882
4 Square Energy Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309061
4 You Finance Pty Ltd Footscray 1297283
40 City Road Financial Advisors Pty Ltd Southbank 307026
4005 Group Pty Ltd 1283730
405 Bourke Landowner Pty Ltd Sydney 1286320
4068 Management Pty Ltd Indooroopilly 1302921
41 Kayili RD Kalgoorlie Pty Ltd Hamilton 1294771
41 Main Street Pty Ltd 1256924
41 Michelmore ST Paget Pty Ltd 1288815
41 South - Tas Property Pty Ltd Hamilton 1275219
41-49 Johnson ST Parkhurst Pty Ltd Hamilton 1269427
4209 Finance Pty Ltd Upper Coomera 1295711
423 Pty Limited & Qpe No. 5gp Pty Limited & Qpe No. 5lp Pty Limited Sydney 1249444
43 Burswood Road Pty Ltd Sydney 1281202
43 Queen Elizabeth DR Rockhampton Pty Ltd Hamilton 1281095
43 Smith Street Developments Pty Ltd Kew East 303250
4300 Management Pty Ltd Springfield 1309093
4300 Mortgages Pty Ltd East Brisbane 1237838
43468 Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd Southport 328407
44 Adelaide Road Pty Ltd Adelaide 1237618
442 Travel Group Pty Ltd 1265721
45 Grenfell Str Pty Ltd 1279900
452 Advice Pty Ltd 1261614
484 Walter Road East Pty Ltd Perth 1280747
4C Consulting Group Pty Ltd Mount Lawley 437122
4C Consulting Pty Ltd Mount Lawley 438921
4D Infrastructure Pty Ltd Melbourne 1008007
4D Life & Super Pty Ltd Cromer 1283137
4E Financial Services Pty Ltd Brisbane 290169
4K Prestige Pty Limited 1302570
4P Management Services Pty Ltd Ryde 330537
4Q Enterprises Pty Ltd Kingston 324496
4crc Pty Ltd Darra 1278346
4front Accountants Pty Ltd Capalaba 1247257
4front Financial Planning Pty Ltd Salisbury 331728
4front Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Cremorne 1239263
4i's (wa) Pty Ltd Mount Lawley 270500
4orward Advisory Pty Ltd 1283903
4orward Financial Planning Pty Ltd Southbank 320572
4plex Mortgage Solutions Pty. Ltd. Brighton-le-sands 1263655
4talent Pty Limited Southbank 1249035
4th Dimension Transport Pty Ltd Port Melbourne 467063
4you Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Rockingham 1256728