Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: July 29, 2019

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4 Jacs Pty LtdDulwich407630
Accru Harris Orchard (wealth) Pty LtdDulwich330251
Acn 143 836 702 Pty LimitedDulwich379278
Adcorp Property Group Pty LtdDulwich345676
Affleck Properties Pty LtdDulwich269706
African Sunsets Pty LtdDulwich318028
Anderson, Lynette FayDulwich1241815
Andrew Mclaren Pty LtdDulwich268904
Andrews, Kristy AnnDulwich315343
Annpac Pty LtdDulwich318024
Apoinga Pty LtdDulwich1265302
Ashby Madden Truman Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich1237923
Ashby Roma & CO Pty LtdDulwich344525
Ashby, Edwin PeterDulwich315965
Ats Nominees (sa) Pty LtdDulwich327521
Atw Insurance Pty LtdDulwich443281
Austech Computing Pty LtdDulwich1274226
Austin Management Services Pty LtdDulwich269694
Barker Insurance Services Pty LtdDulwich417532
Barker Wealth Management Pty LtdDulwich297029
Barker, Anthony AlfredDulwich245810
Barker, Kenneth McdonaldDulwich1244398
Barker, Peggy SiujenDulwich245811
Barnes, Michelle Dulwich1244397
Beilby, Kym AndrewDulwich263567
Blackham, Marion KayDulwich330759
Braemanor Corporate Services Pty LtdDulwich451363
Brenton Williams Management Pty LimitedDulwich269696
Brown, Andrew Dulwich307743
Brown, Andrew AlistairDulwich1246846
Bruce, Ian Dulwich1244389
Brunello, Damian Dulwich278865
Burgemeister, Lynton Dulwich239716
C & B Financial Strategies Pty LtdDulwich278271
Cadman, Meggan Dulwich433851
Cann, Lorraine Dulwich311264
Chapman Property Services Pty LtdDulwich334462
Chris Green Nominees Pty LtdDulwich267468
Coligan Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich336454
Coligan, Joshua Dulwich319048
Comakis, Diamando Dulwich278265
Conlon, Leah MarieDulwich1251517
Coombe, Peter AshleyDulwich1244983
Cooper, Rebecca Dulwich1244340
Cosh, Tiffany MichelleDulwich327412
Cotter, Kym Dulwich235659
Craven Enterprises (aust) Pty LimitedDulwich358319
Craven, John CharlesDulwich1244339
Croxton, Simon MervynDulwich275753
D & N Training Enterprises Pty Ltd.Dulwich267478
DE Wolf, Roy Dulwich447655
DI Giovanni, Claudio Dulwich269250
Darby, Stacey Dulwich1244327
Dilliway, Deborah Dulwich440495
Downs, Donna LeeDulwich1239352
Dulwich Group Insurance Services Pty LtdDulwich1235056
Edgar, Jacob MatthewDulwich1007987
Elliott, Alicia Dulwich251520
Esposito, Christine AnnDulwich434262
Ezfinance Pty LtdDulwich437361
F1 Money Pty LtdDulwich311343
Facy, Samuel AlexanderDulwich1244551
Felderhof, Charles AshleyDulwich452884
Fenton, Paul Dulwich249514
Fielder Management Pty LtdDulwich295709
Fielke, Rowan AndrewDulwich224822
Fileti, Joshua Dulwich417709
Financial Tuner Pty LtdDulwich1275409
Fisher, Kerry Dulwich249646
Fisher, Michelle Dulwich1265832
Flint, Richard WilliamDulwich267874
Forcett Pty. Ltd.Dulwich440101
Forrest, David William JohnDulwich298317
Franchitto, Alessandro Dulwich314128
Francis, David GeorgeDulwich255826
Fraser Keith Management Services Pty LtdDulwich297279
Genovese, Vanessa Dulwich1244270
Gerrard, Paul StephenDulwich256666
Goyak, Rosemary Dulwich1241582
Grandison, Mark JohnDulwich1244266
Grandison, Vanessa Dulwich1253672
Grandwill Pty. Ltd.Dulwich267491
Granger, Judy Dulwich1244264
Grocke, Adam Dulwich328985
Grocke, John RonaldDulwich245970
Haas, Cara TristaDulwich303803
Hamersley, Nicholas DrummondDulwich1007344
Harris Orchard Financial Planners Pty LtdDulwich275558
Harris, Grantley JamesDulwich1243849
Hartus, John Dulwich326851
Harvard Financial Services Australia Pty LtdDulwich321056
Hayes, Richard WilliamDulwich343908
Henson Lloyd Advisory Services Pty LtdDulwich298802
Henwood, William WedgeDulwich287728
Higgins, Mark LincolnDulwich345531
Hillier Ellis Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich327765
Hlb Mann Judd Wealth Management (sa) Pty LtdDulwich250271
Hooper Management Services Pty LtdDulwich269697
Howson, Kerry Dulwich1244263
Howson, Tahlia Dulwich1276691
Ind, Travis Dulwich249415
Instructant Advisory Pty LtdDulwich1274109
J. Japp Communications Pty. Ltd.Dulwich1263553
Jacvlin Pty LtdDulwich269699
Jaeger, Walter GerhardDulwich302871
James Mclaren Pty LtdDulwich1237729
James, Robert JohnDulwich252339
Jem Corporate Services Pty LtdDulwich269700
Jenkins, Trudy-anne Dulwich1234906
Jones, Milton JohnDulwich1244219
Jovel, Hugo EdgardoDulwich1002171
Juanta, Eric Dulwich377407
Julian, Nicole RachelDulwich327267
Julyan, Edith Dulwich453205
Keeley, Scott StephenDulwich281588
Keenihan, Phillip IanDulwich1243964
Kelly, Tina MarieDulwich259632
Kiernan, Sean PatrickDulwich238616
King, Anne ElizabethDulwich411212
Klatt, Anthony LieghDulwich275759
Kleinig, Frank Raymond Dulwich1247185
Kuhl, Brooklyn Dulwich1276906
Lam, Ailisa Dulwich1262747
Lamberts Brs Business & Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich290159
Lamberts Private Wealth Pty LtdDulwich355100
Lamphee Financial Advisors Pty LtdDulwich461794
Lamphee, Bridget AnneDulwich243657
Lawrie Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich267482
Lawrie, Geoffrey StuartDulwich1244262
Lea, Jenna Dulwich1244190
Lebosi Investments Pty LtdDulwich286905
Lenthall, Jeremy Dulwich242827
Lenthall, Michael Dulwich242669
Lockwood, Sandra Dulwich314082
Lolicato, David JohnDulwich309082
Lorbeer, Richard PeterDulwich1248845
M & M Grand Pty LtdDulwich276645
M Jones Services Pty LtdDulwich267871
M. Caire & Associates Pty LtdDulwich249367
M.g.a. Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.Dulwich269215
Madden, Ryan Dulwich1237922
Mahoney, Christina Dulwich1243771
Mallia, Tanya Dulwich1243764
Mamone, Violetta Dulwich354463
Manning, Mark TrevorDulwich253032
Marshall, Christopher JohnDulwich1244273
Matthew, Darren RandallDulwich250760
Max Harris & Associates Pty. Ltd.Dulwich263405
Max Works Pty LtdDulwich269701
Mazzarolo, Santina Dulwich251931
Mcb Management Services Pty LtdDulwich269702
Mccarthy Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Dulwich415517
Mcinerney, Steven JonDulwich274894
Mckelvie, Phylis Margaret ChristineDulwich402747
Mclaren, Andrew Josiah LaneDulwich1244080
Mclaren, James Dulwich1243837
Melville, Jessica Dulwich1262746
Mercer, Eric GeorgeDulwich303691
Metro Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich242359
Mga Management Services (qld) Pty LtdDulwich322987
Millington, David GrantDulwich1244206
Millowick, William JohnDulwich242866
Mills, Phillip Dulwich330252
Mitchell, Raymond EdwardDulwich249154
Moore, Steven PDulwich322689
Mosey, Nicholas Dulwich252678
Muegel, Greg AllanDulwich282544
Munn, Rebekah Dulwich1244203
Murray, Barry Dulwich239810
NH Consultancy Pty LtdDulwich290901
Natasha, Natasha Guglietti Dulwich1244221
Neil Sims Pastoral Pty LtdDulwich267484
Nguyen, Quang VanDulwich248153
Niche Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich242990
Noonan, Christopher DamienDulwich274895
O'daniel, Jasmin Dulwich1244193
O'loughlin, Christine AnnDulwich252306
Ong, Dennis Dulwich1260340
Orchard, James RogerDulwich1244729
Overall Property Management Pty LtdDulwich269704
Ozga, Michael Dulwich463825
Papapetros, Mihailieos Dulwich1264088
Pascoe, Greg Dulwich308926
Pascoe, Gregory ThomasDulwich242548
Penley, Mala AudreyDulwich1257720
Phillips, Nigel Dulwich242293
Pktbp Pty LtdDulwich317943
Platinum Black Financial Pty LtdDulwich1261644
Prudent Asset Management Pty. LimitedDulwich287475
Qdra Pty LtdDulwich318255
Rapisarda, Paula Dulwich1243963
Ray, Anthony JohnDulwich1244269
Reedman, David Dulwich249416
Rice, Philip JohnDulwich291687
Rigg, Christie LeeDulwich257852
Robert M. Whyatt Pty. LimitedDulwich250085
Robinson, Jacqueline Dulwich289718
Robmanco Pty LtdDulwich409408
Rungie, William Dulwich239833
S72 Pty LtdDulwich1266259
Sawicki, Michael Dulwich249041
Schultz, David AnthonyDulwich232179
Searle, Leonie Dulwich276221
Sellicks Beach Pty LtdDulwich1264087
Sequoia Wealth Pty LtdDulwich412048
Shanahan, Matthew BernardDulwich243386
Shaw, Justin GrahamDulwich248958
Simmons Moore Pty LtdDulwich1257572
Sinness International Pty LtdDulwich249042
Siostrom, David Dulwich250400
Sixspoon D Investments Pty LtdDulwich267490
Slama, David Dulwich298422
Smith, Grant PhilipDulwich1002979
Standish, Tammy Dulwich1244188
Sterrey Financial Planning Pty LtdDulwich242410
Sterrey, Glenn Dulwich242156
Stuckey, Morgan Dulwich1244185
Symons, Anthony Harold GrahamDulwich238760
TK Specialty Risks Pty LtdDulwich1237371
TS Financial Services Pty LtdDulwich424128
Teneight Infinity Investments Pty LtdDulwich1008941
Tennant, Paul Dulwich1244641
Thompson, Kate MaryDulwich473032
Thornton Insurance Services Pty LtdDulwich253700
Truman, Margot Dulwich1237921
Veitch, Ryan Dulwich1244982
Venn, Maria SusannaDulwich339845
Vinjo Investments Pty. Ltd.Dulwich269705
Visser, Heath Dulwich239856
W. Millowick Pty. Ltd.Dulwich243110
Walsh Management Services Pty LtdDulwich286287
Ward, Ashley ThomasDulwich1244191
Warren, Daniel BlakeDulwich408246
Whitewater Holdings Pty. Ltd.Dulwich267489
Whittles Management Services Pty LtdDulwich269782
Wiech, Duncan Dulwich259206
Wigan, Bruce Dulwich1233525
Wilkshire, Mathew Dulwich267422
Withy, Brett EdwardDulwich284455
Withy, Lee AnneDulwich246213
Woodward, Graham RossDulwich306189
Woolvett, Ben Dulwich311674
Wright, George Francis LapereDulwich250370
Wylie, Mark AndrewDulwich227912
Zoppa, Adrian Dulwich239866