Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: Dec. 7, 2023

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Name Locality ID
AM Strata Pty Ltd Southport 338691
Acm Cars & Commercial Pty Ltd Southport 1288647
Allery, Theresa Southport 1245325
Apex Financial Planning Pty Ltd Southport 1295054
Armstrong, Robert Southport 1249501
Australian Financial Claims Services Pty Ltd Southport 1301663
Ayres, Justin Phillip Southport 277101
B.j Feldman & P.b Feldman Southport 284427
Bailey, Paul Southport 1276149
Bill Wyeth Motors Pty Ltd Southport 323231
Body Corporate Services Pty. Ltd. Southport 333127
Bolton Financial Services Pty Ltd Southport 1302744
Bps Financial Pty Ltd Southport 1279598
Bright & Duggan (qld) Pty Ltd Southport 299047
Burling, Nicholas William Southport 1266618
C.l Wagstaff & J.a Wagstaff Southport 327461
Car Empire Pty Ltd Southport 1305703
Car Jungle Pty Ltd Southport 1260324 Pty Ltd Southport 326462
Cat Finance Pty Ltd Southport 1278864
Clemow Holdings (qld) Pty Ltd & Palrow Pty Ltd Southport 1263600
Clemow, Reine Southport 461670
Count GC Pty Ltd Southport 320386
Coverit Solutions Pty Ltd Southport 1254647
Creating Futures Qld Pty Ltd Southport 1297422
Credit One Equipment Finance Pty Ltd Southport 360667
Cruickshank, Lachlan Southport 1296505
Cws Finance Pty Ltd Southport 1281033
Dbs Southport Pty Ltd Southport 329945
Demas, Jamie Southport 331314
Dib, Raymond Anthony Southport 282329
Donnelly Automotive Services Pty Ltd Southport 1260946
Downey, Paul Donald Southport 1297001
Echelon Financial Pty Ltd Southport 1298536
Edwards Corp. Australia Pty Ltd Southport 450187
Element Smsf & Advisory Pty Ltd Southport 1245324
Eureka Asset Management Pty Ltd Southport 1306373
Ewin, Mark Edwin Southport 334230
Feldav Pty Ltd Southport 321049
File Financial Pty. Ltd. Southport 1235415
Fitzpatrick, Bruce Duncan Southport 244836
Fme Financial Services Pty Ltd Southport 466773
Foster, Steven Sydney Southport 265817
GO Tours Holiday Shop (aust.) Pty. Ltd. Southport 236580
Gold Coast Car Sales Pty Ltd Southport 342217
Gold Coast Tax Pty Ltd Southport 1246054
Gold Coast Wholesale 4x4 Pty Ltd Southport 443521
Grand Motors Prestige Pty. Ltd. Southport 234045
Green, Simon Leonard Southport 244871
Hall, Curt Michael Southport 1294064
Hall, Lauren Anne Southport 1260195
Hanneman, Catriona Southport 302259
Harris, Michael James Southport 1298805
Hendry, Christina Leanne Southport 1250484
Hood Advisory Pty Ltd Southport 448309
Jackrod Pty Ltd Southport 326715
Jade Investments (qld) Pty Ltd Southport 418816
Kgm (qld) Pty Ltd Southport 431753
Khalil, Vanessa Irene Southport 1300956
Killian, Joe Southport 331300
L&f Motor Group Pty Ltd Southport 1000268
Lippside Pty. Ltd. Southport 326458
Luke, Christopher Southport 1242078
Lvc Investments Pty Ltd Southport 331685
Marketing Services Pty Ltd Southport 458417
Mason, Rikki Leonard Southport 1266216
Mcqueen, Isaac Jacob Southport 1268295
Michell, Andre Robin Southport 1235062
Mitway Pty. Ltd. Southport 278761
Murrell Family Trust Southport 328811
Murselovic, Alen Southport 1293647
Nathaniel, Adrian Jnanadev Southport 457780
Nautique Central Pty Ltd Southport 421049
Nautique Central Queensland Pty Ltd Southport 1301929
Neil Budini Motor Wholesale Pty Ltd Southport 326463
Ngatae, Chesley Southport 1280340
Ngetis, Krisna Southport 1303525
Nilsen, Mark Southport 1237654
Oates, Joshua Ian Southport 1297421
P.k.k. Transport Pty. Ltd. Southport 264093
Papadopoulos, Alexander Southport 1001775
Paradise Insurance Services Pty Ltd Southport 330434
Payne, Michael John Southport 441353
Pca Accounting Pty Ltd Southport 1266952
Presley Auto Wholesale Pty Ltd Southport 1281768
Quill Group Investment Management Pty Ltd Southport 1242636
Riviera Motors Pty. Ltd. Southport 273424
Roberts, Harry Southport 432113
Robertson, Graeme Kilgour Southport 323364
Roelofs, Sarah Nicole Southport 1260393
Ryan, Bartholomew John Southport 1251842
Send Payments Corporate Pty Ltd Southport 1303043
Shallue, Keith Joseph Michael Southport 325890
Sheth, Hardik Southport 1256531
Shunter Enterprises Pty. Ltd. Southport 443522
Six Garage Pty Ltd Southport 1295912
Smoling Stockbroking Pty Ltd Southport 319139
Sojourn Journeys Pty Ltd Southport 1304700
Southport Mazda Pty Ltd Southport 1266756
Spectrum General Insurance Pty Ltd Southport 1289065
Stenchion, Brooke Southport 1249506
Strata Care Gold Coast Pty Ltd Southport 299048
Strata Sphere Management Pty Ltd Southport 331791
Swinbourne Wealth & Protection Pty Ltd Southport 1294041
Switch Finance Pty Ltd Southport 447354
The Kim Elliott Family Trust Southport 430348
The Scooter Shop (gold Coast) Pty Ltd Southport 329740
The Trustee For Essential Planner Southport 1279629
The Trustee For The Bruce Lynton Family Trust Southport 1251299
The Trustee For The Rallis Family Trust Southport 329735
The Trustee For Von Bibra Auto Village Trust Southport 324165
The Trustee For West Family Trust Southport 1265421
Thomas, Thomas Southport 438036
Ursi, Marco Southport 1258469
Valavi, Alireza Southport 1243308
Van Der Hoven, Eghard Southport 460217
Virtue Planning Pty Ltd Southport 437247
Von Bibra Motors Gold Coast Pty Ltd Southport 234725
Wang, Mandy Southport 1301039
Zatta, Severiano Giancarlo Southport 1259315