Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: July 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
193-195 Great Eastern Hwy Pty Ltd Perth 1274338
484 Walter Road East Pty Ltd Perth 1280747
62-64 Ormsby Terrace Syndicate Pty Ltd Perth 340527
Abc Funding Pty Ltd Perth 1294705
Absolute Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Perth 237195
Ace Insurance Agencies Pty. Limited Perth 288176
Acurancy Insurance Services (wa) Pty Ltd Perth 1266398
Afm Artemis Pty Ltd Perth 1277645
Afm F & A Pty Ltd Perth 1279626
Afm Zeus Pty Ltd Perth 295119
Aileen Street Syndicate Pty Ltd Perth 340538
Alito Advisors Pty Ltd Perth 1301495
Allard, Wayne Perth 279149
Allendale Square Pty Ltd Perth 1299470
Alpmega Advisory Pty Ltd Perth 1294873
Amberlee Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 340558
Arca Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Perth 1284920
Argo Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 1242430
Argonaut Partners Pty Limited Perth 322195
Arrive Wealth Management Perth Pty Ltd Perth 281107
Arthurson, Lyndon Perth 417492
Atlastrend Pty Ltd Perth 1233660
Australian Heritage Funds Pty Ltd Perth 317921
Austsure Financial Services Pty Ltd Perth 403969
Axion Capital Partners Pty Ltd Perth 1285729
Baron Vanilla Management Pty Ltd Perth 1292810
Baron Vanilla NO 2 Pty Ltd Perth 1288721
Baron Vanilla NO 3 Pty Ltd Perth 1292877
Baron Vanilla NO 5 Pty Ltd Perth 1298747
Baron Vanilla NO 6 Pty Ltd Perth 1299147
Baron Vanilla NO 7 Pty Ltd Perth 1302664
Baron Vanilla NO 8 Pty Ltd Perth 1308839
Barraclough, Rohan Perth 1309852
Barton, Anthony Peter Perth 273837
Barton, Dennis Edward Perth 275519
Bate, Brendan Ross Perth 1272327
Bau Risk Services Pty Ltd Perth 1308013
Bdc And Associates Pty Ltd Perth 1282690
Beattie, Stuart Hunter Perth 1005945
Beattie, Timothy David Perth 259630
Beck, Craig William Perth 281051
Becroft, Brent Perth 1005335
Bellwether Perth Cbd Pty Ltd Perth 1286717
Benitez, Maria Cecilia Perth 1306315
Bennett, Timothy Francis Perth 1002502
Benney, David Victor Perth 241956
Bentley, Robert Kenneth Perth 455024
Betlem, Magda Lucia Rocha Perth 1245707
Betterlabs Pty Ltd Perth 1302032
Billing, Craig Andrew Perth 286069
Bird, Warwick Thomas Perth 1002789
Blake, Paul Gregory Perth 327528
Bluemount Capital (wa) Pty Ltd Perth 1300257
Boldbay Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340689
Bond, John Bryan Perth 1276303
Bonomi, Alisha Perth 383699
Brady, Anna Perth 1006503
Brandis, Laine Simon Perth 276446
Brockway, Daniel John Perth 1235150
Budge, Mathew Perth 1235038
Burnett, Angeline Mei Lee Perth 1309854
Burnett, Norman John Lloyd Perth 259361
Burns, Troy Perth 1259838
CK Locke Pty Ltd Perth 1307081
Cahill, Adam Denis Perth 1239678
Cahill, David Perth 400800
Cahill, Yvonne Michelle Perth 1295177
Capricorn Mutual Management Pty Limited Perth 324456
Carton, Darren Michael Perth 344729
Carvolth, Timothy Perth 259631
Catherall, Robert Perth 288857
Cavalier Capital Pty Ltd Perth 461780
Centuria WA (15 Ogilvie Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340536
Centuria WA (380 Scarborough Beach Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340540
Centuria WA (380a Scarborough Beach Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340539
Centuria WA (382 Scarborough Beach Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340537
Centuria WA (384 Scarborough Beach Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340541
Centuria WA (511 Abernethy Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340570
Centuria WA (607 Bourke Street) Pty Ltd Perth 340530
Centuria WA (616 ST Kilda Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340532
Centuria WA (australia Place) Pty Ltd Perth 340533
Centuria WA (busselton) Pty Ltd Perth 340548
Centuria WA (cannington) Pty Ltd Perth 340545
Centuria WA (cottesloe Central) Pty Ltd Perth 340553
Centuria WA (erskine) Pty Ltd Perth 340556
Centuria WA (gauge Circuit) Pty Ltd Perth 340568
Centuria WA (hillbert Rd) Pty Ltd Perth 340572
Centuria WA (joondalup House) Pty Ltd Perth 340565
Centuria WA (melville) Pty Ltd Perth 340564
Centuria WA (northlands) Pty Ltd Perth 340554
Centuria WA (osborne Park) Pty Ltd Perth 340542
Centuria WA (wattleup) Pty Ltd Perth 340526
Centuria WA Agrichain Management Pty Ltd Perth 1264243
Centuria WA Enterprises Pty Ltd Perth 340557
Centuria WA P/q Pty Ltd Perth 1261920
Centuria WA Property Pty Ltd Perth 340697
Chambers, Matthew Alexander Perth 1005082
Chan, Kenneth Francis Perth 1310305
Chevron Australia New Energies Pty Ltd Perth 1302786
Chew, Sunny Perth 250198
Chionh, Gilbert Perth 1305346
Chircop, Taylor Perth 1297434
Christian, Murray Keith Perth 324770
Chung, Alan Perth 1003422
Ciento Once Pty Ltd Perth 1300804
Civil Service Association OF Western Australia Incorporated Perth 465402
Cjl Insurance Pty Ltd Perth 1282635
Clare, Owen Perth 1006410
Colbern Fiduciary Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 260180
Collgar Renewables Pty Ltd Perth 1299737
Collie River Investments Pty Ltd Perth 340581
Collie, Duncan Perth 1239328
Community CO Operative Travel Ltd Perth 275906
Conceicao, Leslie Christopher Perth 296710
Connor-stead, Philip Perth 1004899
Context Capital Pty Ltd Perth 1282338
Contreras Torres, Maria Perth 1305347
Coombe, Benjamin Charles Perth 453919
Coombes, Alexander Perth 1295504
Cosmo Travel Pty. Ltd. Perth 1257752
Coultas, Brett Perth 1309310
Cox, Andrew Alexander Perth 1002477
Craig Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Perth 1276177
Craig, Yolanda Perth 1276158
Crestway Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 340559
Crown Wealth Management Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1281972
DI Giallonardo, Lucio Perth 1250561
DI Giulio, Malcolm James Perth 323848
DP Services Group Pty Ltd Perth 1283138
Davey, Damien Perth 1256277
Dca Projects Pty Limited Perth 1286639
Decarbonisation Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1305735
Della-bosca, Ben Jonathan Perth 401986
Delmont Group Pty Ltd Perth 1285912
Dessay, Farzanah Zakiyya Perth 1284513
Discovery Black Pty. Ltd. Perth 449299
Dorado Direct Investment 19 Pty Ltd Perth 1283991
Dorado Direct Investment 21 Pty Ltd Perth 1293551
Dorado First Mortgage Fund 1 Pty Ltd Perth 1276572
Dorado First Mortgage Fund 2 Pty Ltd Perth 1276573
Dorado Income Asset 14 Pty Ltd Perth 1264936
Dorado PE Search Fund 1 Pty Ltd Perth 1292736
Dorado Property Pty Ltd Perth 342769
Dorado Pty Ltd Perth 308987
Dowling, Peter John Perth 1002325
Dsm Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Perth 1286270
Eagle Wealth Pty Ltd Perth 398348
Emerald Capital Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1258113
Ethical Wealth Partners Pty Ltd Perth 1273555
Evans, Bryn David Perth 1298001
Everest Financial Advisory Pty Ltd Perth 1297402
Evergreen Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Perth 1284603
Ezpz Finance Pty Ltd Perth 1300065
Farrugia, Phillip Perth 292933
Fear, Charles Anthony Candlin Perth 258171
Fenton, Casey Marie Perth 1304918
Fibreconx Investment Management Pty Ltd Perth 1294207
Fisher Insurance Pty Ltd Perth 1280693
Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd Perth 1280904
Fitzpatricks Private Wealth Perth Pty Ltd Perth 1246035
Fitzpatricks Private Wealth WA Pty Ltd Perth 1274516
Foster, Andrew Perth 1006024
Foster, Michael John Perth 259336
Four Motor Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340695
Frame, Nichole Perth 1293053
Fredericks, Mark Steven Perth 1238993
Geary, Marc Perth 381671
Gee, Christopher Perth 247722
Geepeevee Pty Ltd Perth 1008568
George, Nick Perth 1234854
Geraldton (drummond Cove Stage 2) Pty Ltd Perth 340528
Gerstmayr, Kathrin Novina Perth 1306956
Ghataura, Melinda Perth 1003410
Gibbs, Robert Perth 1306267
Giblett, Garry Perth 1005464
Gleeson, Diarmuid Perth 1293073
Glencap Operations Pty Ltd Perth 1301646
Glenmarie Capital Pty Ltd Perth 1301645
Global Funds Management Corporation Pty Ltd Perth 1278006
Glow Wealth Pty Ltd Perth 1295610
Goanna Resources Pty Ltd Perth 337552
Gow, Simon Richard Perth 1235708
Graham Lyle Insurance Pty Ltd Perth 1285152
Grantham, Nicholas Perth 1309311
Greatwave Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340692
Green, Rachael Perth 1006035
Growden, Ben Perth 1271837
Gulliver, Thomas Perth 1234616
Hamburg, Bradley Robert Perth 284380
Hanna, Kate Perth 1279903
Hansen, Travis Perth 1006335
Harpley, Brian John Perth 288177
Hart, Troy Perth 429531
Harvis Advisers Pty Ltd Perth 1285748
Harvis Corporation Pty Ltd Perth 1273869
Harvis Finance No. 2 Pty Ltd Perth 1285746
Harvis Finance Pty Ltd Perth 1274343
Harwood, Michael John Perth 1005149
Hawdon, Peter Rowland Perth 237717
Hazeldine, Warrick Perth 1286386
Health Insurance Fund OF Australia Limited Perth 1250504
Hennessy, Paul John Perth 376580
Hhia Pty Ltd Perth 341291
Hill, Christopher Richard Perth 1293529
Hogan, Bianca Jane Perth 1257130
Holmes, Jaarod Allen Daaron Perth 1299281
Honeychurch, Lindy Louise Perth 341293
Hph Life Pty Ltd Perth 1286596
Hua, Kevin Han Perth 1280776
Hudson, Ross Perth 1256500
Hughes, Francesca Enda Perth 232235
Hughes, Jason Harvey Perth 404183
Hynes, David Vincent Perth 341292
Ian Moiler Pty Ltd Perth 344512
Ibc Financial Services Pty Ltd Perth 1280689
Inpex New Energy Business Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1307589
Inpex Operations Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1307590
Insurance Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1301346
Integro PW Pty Ltd Perth 1297985
Invesco Nominee Pty Ltd Perth 270686
Ironstate Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 1309851
Ironstate Pty Ltd Perth 1309850
Isure Pty Ltd Perth 437064
Jack Capital WA Pty Ltd Perth 1287264
Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen, Muranda Perth 1277373
Jansen, Victor Perth 1295004
Jefferis, Toby Peter Perth 1002503
Jeffery, Garth Perth 1005417
Jencrest Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340561
Jia, Zhiyue Perth 1304039
Jiang, Kane Perth 432975
Jla Advice Pty Ltd Perth 1297932
Johns, Jack Thomas Perth 1005689
Jtcr Financial Pty Ltd Perth 1289375
June North Pty Ltd Perth 1288571
Jurleka, Michael Perth 259339
Just Across The River Pty Ltd Perth 1286638
KS Freo Pty Ltd Perth 1292533
KS Loan Notes Pty Ltd Perth 1302540
Kbi Pty Ltd Perth 450152
Kealley, Alexander James Perth 1297742
Keenan, Peter Michael Perth 293211
Kennedy, Peter John Perth 463101
Kenzle, Travis Lloyd Perth 449704
Kincaid, Micheal Perth 1263150
Kirkham, Rebecca Perth 1005980
Knight, Bradley James Perth 465642
Kurrali Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 260181
Kwan, Kien Khan Perth 1277516
Kwok, KA Ming Perth 361149
Lam, YI KI Pinky Perth 334563
Lamb, Colin Gary Perth 339055
Lambrecht, Paul Perth 298511
Lamont, Stuart Perth 1303373
Lau, Wing Ling Perth 289990
Laufmann, Karl Bartlett Perth 1005907
Les, Noreen Perth 311421
Levido, Claire Joanne Perth 1307896
Liberties Insurance Pty Ltd Perth 1295532
Lido Capital Pty Ltd Perth 435233
Liew, James Paul Zhe Xiang Perth 1272388
Lighthouse Capital Collective Pty Ltd Perth 1297349
Lighthouse Capital North Pty Ltd Perth 1301997
Lighthouse Capital South West Pty Ltd Perth 1007348
Lim, Meng Jaik Perth 1280592
Litis, James Evangelos Perth 1276305
Lombardo, Ashton Perth 1292738
Longreach Maris Pty Ltd Perth 1284113
Lopresti, Claudio Perth 1005729
Lucioli, Alessandro Perth 1302815
Lude, Nathan Perth 1261848
Lwp Byford Syndicate Pty Ltd Perth 340580
Lwp Denmark Pty Ltd Perth 340578
Lwp King Road Syndicate Pty Ltd Perth 340579
Lyle, Graham Perth 426100
Lyons & Associates (wa) Pty Ltd Perth 1288357
MY Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Perth 1281912
Macmillan, Gregory Donald Perth 273835
Maes, Keenan Paul Perth 1272989
Mahony, Timothy David Perth 1295546
Mainriver Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340575
Maisey, Jake Philip Perth 1280246
Major Domus Pty Ltd Perth 1258305
Marano, Michael Joseph Perth 1002492
Maringoni, Ashlee Perth 1303134
Marketech Online Trading Pty Ltd Perth 1293528
Marthesa Pty Ltd Perth 252483
Martinez, Leanne Perth 1003829
Maschler, Timothy Perth 1006225
Matrix Company Pty Ltd Perth 1279904
Matsinger, Richard Malcolm Perth 238819
Maughan, Rhyse Dean Perth 1310306
Mccarthy, Daniel Perth 1286266
Mcchesney, Hugo Perth 1267268
Mcguren, Marcus Ramsey Perth 310351
Meinertz, Sharna Michelle Perth 1307894
Merchant Corporate Advisory Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1280265
Merchant Funds Management Pty Ltd Perth 420444
Merchant Group Pty Ltd Perth 1253374
Meyer, Rafiek Perth 341378
Mfo Enterprises Pty Ltd Perth 430162
Mightywest Pty Ltd Perth 1286640
Milton, Craig Jonathon Perth 1304896
Mitchell, Duncan Perth 1005214
Mkc Pty Ltd Perth 324517
Moffatt, Nicholas Andrew Perth 1305280
Moiler, Adam Mark Perth 426353
Monnock, Peter Michael Perth 319032
Monterosso, Antonio Perth 1002635
Moore Australia Financial Services (wa) Pty Ltd Perth 1282819
Moore, Stuart Mark Caradoc Perth 423721
Morgan, Andrea Louise Perth 404960
Murchison, Ian Mackenzie Perth 270552
Mybroker247 Pty Ltd Perth 1278898
Myers, Adam Anthony Perth 332081
Narvaez, Pablo Perth 1298019
Nbr Investments Pty Ltd Perth 340690
Nefco Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 260178
Neill, Norman Gary Perth 1250560
Nesbit, Simon Perth 408006
New Horizon Wealth Pty Ltd Perth 1276142
Nguyen, Hiep TU Perth 423147
Non Correlated Management Pty Ltd Perth 1306995
Northern Gateway Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 1241093
Novus Horizon Advice Pty Ltd Perth 1306290
O'callaghan, Trevor Perth 415902
O'sullivan Financial Group Pty Ltd Perth 301724
O'sullivan, Sarah Perth 1309220
Obp Financial Planning Pty Ltd Perth 1243670
Ollett, Madeline Maree Perth 1247964
Ong, Jade Ngoc Perth 1280964
Padbury, Stephen Mark Perth 1005231
Palmer, Mark Perth 1006245
Paris, Mark Perth 252742
Partnership Wealth Ethical Advisory Pty Ltd Perth 1299268
Patersons Capital Partners Limited Perth 322135
Patersons Pty Ltd Perth 260201
Paticoa Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 260179
Paul, Zachary Michael Perth 1252119
Pedretti, Renato Andre Perth 1006183
Perpetual Trustees W.a. Ltd Perth 264837
Perret, Jordan Patrick Perth 1295240
Perrott, Matthew James Perth 1304142
Perry, Steven Perth 1005682
Personal Financial Planners Pty Ltd Perth 1295583
Petrescue Ltd Perth 1307442
Petta, Ethan Andrew Perth 1294996
Phiang Wealth Pty Ltd Perth 1288570
Philogene, William Louis Guillaume Perth 1006186
Phung, Tien Perth 423145
Piggott, Lindsay John Perth 408979
Pilbara Funds Management Pty Ltd Perth 325014
Pitcher Partners Corporate Finance (wa) Pty Ltd Perth 1301437
Pitcher Partners Wealth WA Pty Ltd Perth 1274651
Platel, Keith Ian William Perth 240709
Pontague, Adam Perth 1004454
Pott, James Michael Perth 1308073
Potter, Darren Ernest Perth 1004242
Premia Capital Pty Ltd Perth 1275865
Premia Private Wealth Pty Ltd Perth 1240671
Prentice, Andrew Owen Perth 259119
Price, Simon Charles Perth 1247287
Primary Wealth Pty Ltd Perth 1282463
Primeprivate (1 Forrest Place) Pty Ltd Perth 340534
Primeprivate (1060 Hay Street) Pty Ltd Perth 340535
Primeprivate (307 Murray Street) Pty Ltd Perth 340529
Primeprivate (359 Scarb Beach Rd) Pty Ltd Perth 340547
Primeprivate (lot 4 Davidson Street Kalgoorlie) Pty Ltd Perth 340566
Primeprivate (neerabup) Pty Ltd Perth 340574
Primewest (1 Magenta Terrace) Pty Ltd Perth 340544
Primewest (13 Rouse Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340543
Primewest (135 Clayton Street) Pty Ltd Perth 340577
Primewest (1500 Albany Highway) Pty Ltd Perth 340550
Primewest (2 Delage Street) Pty Ltd Perth 340549
Primewest (381 Phoenix Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340525
Primewest (39 Dixon Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340551
Primewest (401 Great Eastern Highway) Pty Ltd Perth 340546
Primewest (5 Clayton Street) Pty Ltd Perth 340523
Primewest (89 ST Georges Terrace) Pty Ltd Perth 340531
Primewest (brighton) Pty Ltd Perth 340524
Primewest (byford Shopping Centre) Pty Ltd Perth 340696
Primewest (gledden Arcade) Pty Ltd Perth 340562
Primewest (kelmscott Denny Avenue) Pty Ltd Perth 340521
Primewest (lot 292 Baldivis Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340571
Primewest (mandurah) Pty Ltd Perth 340552
Primewest (melbourne) Pty Ltd Perth 340569
Primewest (norma Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340522
Primewest (vulcan Road) Pty Ltd Perth 340567
Primewest Motor Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340691
Psc Insurance Brokers Perth Pty Ltd Perth 1238950
Psc Mckenna Hampton Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Perth 422168
Psc National Franchise Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Perth 1256170
Quaypoint Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 1286641
Quigley, Margaret Joan Perth 448437
Rachmat, Jenny Perth 299064
Radomiljac, Andrew Michael Perth 1284306
Rae, Elizabeth Anne Perth 472166
Rahim, Sonny Perth 1002361
Realview Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340693
Reay, Shane Richard Perth 462949
Redhill Partners Investment Pty Ltd Perth 1278230
Redhill Partners Pty Ltd Perth 1263072
Relf, Duncan Arthur Perth 1264264
Reynolds, Brenton Scott Perth 1005688
Richards, Khale Perth 1305349
Richards, Tim Perth 1264272
Rigg, Edward Godfrey Perth 258172
Riodell Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340560
Risksure Consulting Pty Ltd Perth 1304038
Rmh Insurance Services Pty Ltd Perth 1285964
Roberts Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Perth 1308757
Rooney, Damian Perth 1271292
Rsm Australia Cpg Pty Ltd Perth 1307868
Ruby Insurance Services Pty Ltd Perth 423144
Russo, Adam Daniello Perth 1259808
Saber Claims Management & Consultancy Pty Ltd Perth 1294731
Salvemini, Conlie Sid Perth 1005704
Sancus Insurance Services Pty Ltd Perth 1303222
Sanjele Pty Ltd Perth 309678
Santoso Travel Services Pty Ltd Perth 228592
Santul, John Perth 337551
Scala Risk Services Pty Ltd Perth 1294521
Scala, Daniel Perth 1294803
Schammer, Byron Perth 1001920
Schwartz, David Jacob Perth 1276304
Scofield Pty Ltd Perth 429569
Scofield, Mark Alan Perth 243911
Scofield, Roy Perth 243913
Scott-morey, Thomas Cain Perth 1299950
Septre Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 340555
Shah, Binni Vatsal Perth 1259832
Shah, Neket Perth 1253524
Shaw, Pushpa Rekha Perth 385716
Sheth, Abhishek Perth 1255020
Shields, Brooke Perth 1294089
Shoemark, Danielle Cherie Perth 340920
Shortte, Kelvin Perth 1006366
Shreeve, Stephen Brendon Perth 1005830
Silverkey Pty Ltd Perth 340563
Sixty Two Capital Pty. Ltd Perth 1262650
Smith, Luke Elden Perth 377450
Smsf Mate Australia Pty Ltd Perth 1294101
Solarif Australia Pty Ltd Perth 441513
Southam, Kim Emily Perth 1307239
Sovereignty Mortgage No. 12 Pty Limited Perth 414452
Sparksure Pty Ltd Perth 1304917
Spaulding, Blair Perth 1249745
Speers, Tyler Kevin Perth 1255489
State One Nominees Pty Ltd Perth 258863
Stead Road Pty Ltd Perth 340573
Steinepreis, Derek Christian Perth 1002482
Stent, Danny Keith Perth 1002481
Stent, Zachary Alexander Perth 1233894
Strata Town Pty Ltd Perth 1283315
Strategy Partners (wa) Pty Ltd Perth 316132
Strawbridge, Simon Joseph Perth 1248374
Stretton, Lachlan Perth 1296832
Stumpo, Jamie Adrian Perth 1279217
Sullivan, Timothy Patrick Perth 410914
Sumner, Glen Philip Perth 1004842
Sunny C Pty Ltd Perth 410978
Super Advice Corporate Services Pty Ltd Perth 245602
Super Simpler Pty Ltd Perth 468201
Sze, Vicky Perth 1268753
Tan, Evelyn Wei-li Perth 1290472
Taylor, Michelle Irene Perth 1005019
Teewana Farm Pty Ltd Perth 340576
The Colony ME Pty Ltd Perth 340694
The Home Loan Factory Pty Ltd Perth 1287660
The Market Bull Pty Ltd Perth 1296936
The Trustee For Delat Brabham Unit Trust Perth 1305299
The Trustee For Delat Harrisdale Unit Trust Perth 1305300
The Trustee For Delat Kalgoorlie Unit Trust Perth 1305298
The Trustee For Delat Monash Unit Trust Perth 1305301
The Trustee For Delat Piara Waters Unit Trust Perth 1305302
The Trustee For Dhht Magnetic Island Unit Trust Perth 1305297
The Trustee For Donald F Munro & Associates UN IT Trust Perth 1244118
The Trustee For Dorado Hotels And Hospitality Unit Trust Perth 1305296
The Trustee For Dorado Subordinate Finance 104 Unit Trust Perth 1307269
The Trustee For Dorado Subordinate Finance 108 Unit Trust Perth 1306762
The Trustee For F360 FP Trust Perth 1281990
The Trustee For Jskb Family Trust Perth 1279216
The Trustee For Micheal Kincaid Family Trust Perth 1292311
The Trustee For Namarillup Trust Perth 401269
The Trustee For Piggott Family Trust Perth 1284553
The Trustee For The Alarie Trading Trust Perth 1240021
The Trustee For The Monarch Wealth Trust Perth 1274167
The Wholesale Fund Pty Ltd Perth 317446
Thornberry, Matthew Martin Perth 1310002
Toltec Holdings Pty Ltd Perth 1249464
Tomasevic, Petar Perth 1261839
Torokina Investments Pty Ltd Perth 1286420
Underdown, Jaime Perth 1304736
Vallance, Katherine Mary Perth 314861
Vega, Alain Perth 1249772
Vele, Mark Vincent Perth 449232
Vestiuum Pty Ltd Perth 1305807
Viaggi Pty Ltd Perth 1245733
Vickery, Karen Perth 1284307
Vos, Henko Perth 1277372
Wadhwa, Sumeet Perth 323167
Walker Kingston Pty Ltd Perth 1285153
Walker, Jessica Grace Lucy Perth 1285154
Wallace, Gordon Perth 1251935
Waltham, Caitlin Perth 1302409
Warner, Damien Perth 1005783
Welch, Joshua Paul Perth 1005839
Wentworth Capital Partners Pty Ltd Perth 1295545
West End Group Pty Ltd Perth 1273759
Westvalley Corporation Pty Ltd Perth 431368
Whitney, Calvin Perth 1287659
Wild, Bryce Alan Perth 1256168
Winter, Simon Perth 446961
Wippl, Christopher Perth 1271323
Woodside Energy Carbon (services) Pty Ltd Perth 1299721
Woodthorpe, Daniel Perth 1248427
Woollams, David James Perth 1301347
Wu, Qinying Perth 1284919
Xcel Capital Pty Ltd Perth 1277353
Xie, Zongqi Perth 1245920
Yoong, Andrew Perth 247723
Zhang, Fan Perth 1299949