Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Nov. 15, 2019

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4P Management Services Pty LtdRyde330537
Advance Finance & Investments Pty LtdRyde283327
Agile Financial Solutions Pty LimitedRyde400877
Arb Marine Pty LimitedRyde276414
Attard, Alison Ryde257525
Australian Automotive Group Pty LimitedRyde244096
Boonta, Sujitra JillRyde1257134
Cai, Mai Ryde233545
Camori Pty LtdRyde441932
Cator, Mitchell Ryde413309
Cheng, Michael Ryde309593
Chuah, Sze Ryde453070
Cyrus Investment Pty LtdRyde1257133
D.deepu7 Pty LtdRyde1278041
Davidson, Craig Ryde446882
Davie, Gregory ThomasRyde1245507
Deefin Pty LimitedRyde270816
Digalla, Pradeep KumarRyde1009265
Divine Grace Pty. Ltd.Ryde461903
Espinosa, James DE LeonRyde309583
Farallo, Clemente Ryde277569
Forsyth, Adrian RobertRyde344436
Forthright Business Solutions Pty LtdRyde344435
Future Travel Pty LtdRyde270079
Geaitani, Merveille Ryde385625
Gleeson, Ray Ryde335679
Gugliandolo, Domenic Ryde325687
Hewa, Nalaka DumindaRyde236247
Huntermotive II Pty LimitedRyde270990
Huntermotive Pty LtdRyde270740
Jackson Rowe Pty LtdRyde272311
Jegs Solutions Pty LtdRyde1245508
Katsouris, Marina Ryde414148
Kee, Peck SzuRyde1247532
Keillor, James AnthonyRyde236035
Kermit Consultants Pty LimitedRyde253589
Kilby, Charles Ryde337634
Killgallon, Kellie JeanRyde1003794
Kinetic Insurance Solutions Pty LtdRyde1233244
Kwan, Nicholas Ryde330066
Le, Son HoangRyde1251843
Lesiva, Tatiana Ryde284163
Lewis, Joann Ryde396553
Lifetime Advisers Pty LimitedRyde315342
Lin, Irene LI WenRyde233293
Louton Networks Pty LtdRyde436466
Madalex Pty LtdRyde440251
Manage Australia Pty LimitedRyde276945
Markar Travel Pty LimitedRyde267746
Masmanidis, Phillip Ryde331110
Mchugh, Sean BruceRyde1273564
Mehndiratta, Ravi ShankarRyde1242654
Mobini-kesheh, Davood Ryde311570
Nab Financial Planning Chatswood Pty LtdRyde1254574
Numero Wealth Pty LtdRyde1253474
Oldfield, Deanne Ryde257526
Oliver, David GavinRyde455035
Oracle FX Plus Pty LtdRyde453002
Papa, Joseph Ryde461904
Perkins, Daniel Ryde1003621
Pidial, Maheshwar Ryde451527
Pinkwater Enterprises Pty LtdRyde283497
Pollard, Luke Francis PaulRyde350002
Prasad, Atish Ryde348823
Project Paradigm Pty LimitedRyde452524
Rankin, William Ryde304501
Savva, Pinky Ryde233301
Savva, Sam Ryde233364
Scarano, Luciano AntonioRyde282767
Shahen, Majid Ryde342094
Shahen, Mary Ryde342370
Simple Easy Finance Pty. Ltd.Ryde1264741
Skoronline Sports & Corporate Group Pty LtdRyde269180
Smith, Josephine GraceRyde264465
Snj Global Corp Pty LtdRyde1007366
Tarchichi, Elias Ryde287457
Taviro Pty LtdRyde281551
Taylor, Bronwyn ChristinaRyde235789
Techwizard Pty. Ltd.Ryde328956
Thorpe, Anita MarieRyde330538
Toombes, Rodney JohnRyde288850
Turley Real Estate Pty. Ltd.Ryde272312
Walshe, Katie Ryde236550
Walters, Darren DwayneRyde446519
Wizepp Pty. LimitedRyde453490
Yakun Pty LtdRyde430689
Yambiluka Pty LtdRyde350001