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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: March 9, 2023

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Harding, Sarah Sydney1008277
00617662 Pty LtdSydney425437
057 836 307 Pty LtdSydney261071
1 TO 100 Pty LtdSydney299065
100x Bsky Pty LimitedSydney296178
100x Global Pty LtdSydney312146
100x Nominees Pty LimitedSydney313293
100x Pty LtdSydney288055
100x Rose Bay Pty LimitedSydney303079
10b Brunswick Pty LtdSydney1300062
120 Harbour Pty LtdSydney1277487
123 Insurance Pty LtdSydney1259573
14 Moore Street Pty LtdSydney1275754
151 Property Commercial Management Pty LimitedSydney1252575
151 Property Services Pty LimitedSydney460536
157 Walker Street Pty LtdSydney1263100
15b S Melbourne Pty LtdSydney1300064
17 Moore Street Pty LtdSydney1281203
188 Capital Pty LtdSydney447707
1941 Capital Pty LimitedSydney1292160
1P Capital Advisors Pty LtdSydney466159
1V Venture Credit Trusco Pty LtdSydney1274980
1V Vgf Trusco Pty LtdSydney1293113
1cover General Insurance Pty LtdSydney313028
1cover Pty LimitedSydney269304
2020 Directinvest Pty LtdSydney336649
21 098 234 630 Pty LtdSydney288737
235 ST Georges Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286315
24 X 7 Training Pty LtdSydney1260051
240 Queen Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286318
2nt (ls) Pty LtdSydney1295677
2nt (pareto) Pty LtdSydney1283803
3 Oceans Vantage Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1258952
3 Wishez Pty LtdSydney432279
300 Flinders ST Pty LtdSydney1298229
33 Longland Street Pty LtdSydney1289229
333 Kent ST Pty. Ltd.Sydney1248680
358 Australia Pty LtdSydney423445
360 Accident & Health Pty LtdSydney1262596
360 Aviation Pty LtdSydney1266052
360 Capital Credit Management Pty LimitedSydney1281688
360 Capital Equities Management Pty LtdSydney1278597
360 Capital Strategic RE Management Pty LimitedSydney1298480
360 Casualty Pty LtdSydney1281876
360 Commercial Motor Pty LtdSydney1266050
360 Complex Risks Pty LtdSydney1292305
360 Construction And Engineering Pty LtdSydney1278878
360 Farm Holdings Pty LtdSydney1276817
360 Financial Lines Pty LtdSydney1268172
360 Landlords Pty LtdSydney1278877
360 Mobile Plant And Equipment Pty LtdSydney1277429
362lc Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286319
36m North Melbourne Pty LtdSydney1300063
3oceans Vantage Private Equity Growth Fund, LPSydney1258954
3oceans Vantage Private Equity Management Partnership, LPSydney1258953
3pillars Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney1252437
405 Bourke Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286320
423 Pty Limited & Qpe No. 5gp Pty Limited & Qpe No. 5lp Pty LimitedSydney1249444
43 Burswood Road Pty LtdSydney1281202
51-61 Bolton ST Pty LtdSydney1282322
52 Goulburn Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286317
541 ST Kilda Road Pty LtdSydney1275753
55 Hunter Street Pty LimitedSydney301286
55 Oratava Holdings Pty LtdSydney1293582
60 Carrington Holdings Pty LtdSydney1286384
680g 50g Investments Pty LtdSydney1286316
789 Securities Pty LtdSydney432999
80 Grenfell Street ST Pty LtdSydney1266248
86 400 Pty LtdSydney1294317
9 Brisbane Avenue Pty LtdSydney1286244
99 Gawler PL Pty LtdSydney1301649
A D Danieli Financial Services Pty LtdSydney352758
A Khan & Associates Pty LimitedSydney1248032
A Lakhan & P.s Small & P.j ST ClairSydney324238
A Mitsui Travel Services Pty LtdSydney259507
A&a Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney422091
A&b Etcf Manager Pty LtdSydney310873
A&b Growth Fund Trusco A Pty LimitedSydney324995
A&b Growth Fund Trusco B Pty LimitedSydney324996
A&p Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1294058
A.c.n. 000 375 959 Pty LtdSydney267085
A.c.n. 002 778 332 Pty LtdSydney298222
A.c.n. 003 683 967 Pty LimitedSydney261346
A.c.n. 004 836 695 Pty LimitedSydney267086
A.c.n. 055 442 978 Pty LimitedSydney281488
A.c.n. 062 479 207 Pty LimitedSydney281487
A.c.n. 062 671 872 Pty LtdSydney1277780
A.c.n. 079 010 772 Pty LtdSydney261416
A.c.n. 079 922 160 Pty LimitedSydney258621
A.c.n. 079 964 533 Pty LtdSydney271802
A.c.n. 081 627 269 Pty LimitedSydney281489
A.c.n. 089 068 673 Pty LimitedSydney281486
A.c.n. 106 491 990 Pty LimitedSydney273138
A.c.n. 118 177 601 Pty LimitedSydney307046
A.c.n. 120 726 409 Pty LimitedSydney316774
A.c.n. 125 017 478 Pty LtdSydney328139
A.c.n. 126 114 476 Pty LimitedSydney317247
A.c.n. 128 331 144 Pty LtdSydney412750
A.c.n. 132 863 122 Pty LtdSydney333062
A.c.n. 136 003 113 Pty LtdSydney1243022
A.c.n. 139 386 520 Pty LimitedSydney345064
A.c.n. 140 670 748 Pty LtdSydney344022
A.c.n. 143 882 008 Pty LtdSydney401116
A.c.n. 145 887 252 Pty LtdSydney1258397
A.c.n. 159 190 833 Pty LimitedSydney436455
A.c.n. 165 515 515 Pty LtdSydney1251981
A.c.n. 608 850 791 Pty LtdSydney1236613
A.c.n. 611 399 412 Pty LtdSydney1241078
A.c.n. 622 720 987 Pty. Ltd.Sydney1259721
A.c.n. 623 172 083 Pty LtdSydney1261245
A.c.n. 648 196 632 Pty LtdSydney1285827
A.d. Hill & Co. Services Pty. Limited & A.d Hill & Ryusei Pty LtdSydney315881
A.l.i. Group Pty LtdSydney1259343
A.p.i. Travel Pty. Ltd.Sydney258142
A.t.d. Finance Pty LtdSydney269288
A1 Tax Limited PartnershipSydney299760
A2b Financial Management Pty LtdSydney325547
A3d Capital Pty LtdSydney1275926
AA Advisory Pty. Ltd.Sydney1257179
AB Financial Management Pty LimitedSydney467337
AC Advanced Consultant Pty LtdSydney333031
AC Destiny Financial Services Pty LtdSydney1278328
AD Carbon Pty LtdSydney1300379
AD Investment House Pty LtdSydney1276565
AF Financial Markets Pty LtdSydney1283918
AG Home Loans Pty LtdSydney342646
AG Investors Nominee Pty LimitedSydney1008285
AG No. 11 Pty LimitedSydney445897
AG No. 12 Pty LimitedSydney445896
AG No. 2 Pty LimitedSydney414036
AG No. 3 Pty LimitedSydney424745
AG No. 5 Pty LimitedSydney431711
AG Planners Pty LtdSydney301643
AG Private Advisory Pty LtdSydney324231
AH Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney1259212
AI Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1277049
AJ Travel Pty LtdSydney457406
AL Rais Australia Pty. LimitedSydney279784
AM 166 Creek Street Equity No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1297549
AM 166 Creek Street Equity Pty LtdSydney1297550
AM 166 Creek Street Investment Manager Pty LtdSydney1277380
AM 166 Creek Street Investment Pty LtdSydney1297552
AM 166 Creek Street Investor Pty LtdSydney1297551
AM 310 Ann Street Equity Pty LtdSydney1297570
AM 310 Ann Street Investment Manager Pty LtdSydney1295871
AM 310 Ann Street Investment Pty LtdSydney1297572
AM 310 Ann Street Investor Pty LtdSydney1297571
AM 9 Hunter Street Investor Pty LimitedSydney1297561
AM 9 Hunter Street Pty. LtdSydney1297562
AM Brisbane Cbd Investments Pty LimitedSydney1297554
AM Brisbane Cbd Investor Pty LtdSydney1297553
AM Crossroads Equity Pty LtdSydney1297558
AM Crossroads Investment Manager Pty LtdSydney1274563
AM Crossroads Investor Pty LtdSydney1297559
AM Crossroads Pty LtdSydney1297560
AM Darlinghurst Investment Pty LtdSydney1297557
AM Darlinghurst Investor Pty LtdSydney1297555
AM HT Development No. 1 Pty LtdSydney1297578
AM HT Development No. 10 Pty LtdSydney1297588
AM HT Development No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1297579
AM HT Development No. 4 Pty LtdSydney1297580
AM HT Development No. 5 Pty LtdSydney1297582
AM HT Development No. 6 Pty LtdSydney1297584
AM HT Development No. 7 Pty LtdSydney1297585
AM HT Development No. 8 Pty LtdSydney1297586
AM HT Development No. 9 Pty LtdSydney1297587
AM Harbour Town Financing Pty LtdSydney1297576
AM Harbour Town Investor Pty LtdSydney1297577
AM Kent Street Equity No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1297493
AM Kent Street Equity Pty LtdSydney1297492
AM Kent Street Investment Manager Pty LtdSydney1297026
AM Kent Street Investor Pty LtdSydney1297494
AM Kent Street Property Pty LtdSydney1297495
AM Prospect Investment Manager Pty LtdSydney1300822
AM Prospect Investor No.2 Pty LtdSydney1300824
AM Prospect Investor Pty LtdSydney1300823
AM Prospect Property No.2 Pty LtdSydney1300827
AM Prospect Property Pty LtdSydney1300826
AM TC Beirne Investment Manager Pty LtdSydney1274566
AM Toga Darlinghurst Investor Pty LtdSydney1297556
AP Accountant & Consultant Pty LtdSydney403567
AP FX Pty LtdSydney1286469
AP Financial Solutions Pty LtdSydney448656
AR Financial Solutions Pty LtdSydney416734
AS Group Services Pty LtdSydney1276746
AU Financial Pty LtdSydney1008456
AU Riceball Pty LtdSydney1300486
AW Property & Investments Pty LtdSydney266612
AZ Capital Pty LtdSydney1000628
AZ Global Wealth Management Australia Pty LtdSydney1283334
Aaa Employee Plans Pty LimitedSydney302349
Aaa Plus Super Pty LtdSydney463544
Aab Wealth Pty LtdSydney1277031
Aapt LimitedSydney275620
Aaron, Allan Sydney1286747
Aas Superannuation Services Pty LimitedSydney307947
Aat International Co. Pty LtdSydney267039
Abacus Property Services Pty LimitedSydney277835
Abacus Trading ( Australia ) Pty LtdSydney1293467
Abbasszadeh, Hanya Sydney1284723
Abbott, Hannah LeeSydney1252731
Abbott, Melissa Sydney314481
Abbott, Michael Sydney282604
Abbott, Tracey Sydney362713
Abboud, Layal Sydney334884
Abc Fund Management Pty LtdSydney412453
Abc World Pty LtdSydney227970
Abc&s Pty LtdSydney1300881
Abd, Charlie Sydney472511
Abdallah, Salima Sydney254310
Abdo, Katy GeorginaSydney276505
Abdollahian, Neil PeimanSydney321348
Abdul, Samuel Sydney430992
Abe Settlements Pty LimitedSydney1297390
Abel, Lance Sydney333564
Abellar, Maricris Sydney350757
Abey, Arun Sydney1250969
Abhoo, Nathan JaySydney1274832
Abigroup Share Plans Pty LimitedSydney267249
Ablaze Capital Pty LtdSydney1233462
Ablrate Pty LtdSydney1253112
Abn Amro Clearing Sydney Nominees Pty LtdSydney227911
Abood, Jennifer Sydney277297
Abood, Jennifer MargaretSydney1268880
Abou Saab, Najwa Sydney1297811
Above And Beyond Wealth Pty LtdSydney1285181
Above The Index Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1255813
Abradovic, Slavica Sydney1246539
Abraham, Clint LeeSydney463657
Abraham, Jerry Sydney303929
Abraham, Richard JohnSydney274110
Abraham, Sami Sydney313336
Abrahamian, Andrew Sydney444054
Abrams, Darren RyanSydney1288976
Abrams, Patrick JamesSydney1006090
Abreu, Melissa LouiseSydney304598
Abrot, Josh Sydney1288389
Absolute Advice Pty LtdSydney466079
Absolute Capital Investments LimitedSydney280254
Absolute Financial Pty LtdSydney291626
Absolutely Pty LtdSydney1292844
Ac&e Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney339741
Ac&e International Pty LimitedSydney1241500
Acacia Capital Pty LimitedSydney403000
Academy Travel Pty LtdSydney411946
Acal Pty LtdSydney283909
Acapital Fund Pty LtdSydney1266400
Acce Australia Pty LtdSydney1276852
Accede Capital Pty LimitedSydney302045
Accelerator Capital Pty LtdSydney353842
Access Capital Management Partnership LP Ilp2100003Sydney1286611
Access Capital Ventures VC Fund LP Lp2100006Sydney1286630
Access Private Equity Pty LtdSydney341695
Accountable Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney458841
Accountants Financial Services Licencing Pty LtdSydney437101
Accountants R US Pty LtdSydney343610
Accretion A Pty LtdSydney303105
Accretion B Pty LtdSydney303106
Accretion C Pty LtdSydney393025
Accretion D Pty LtdSydney393026
Accru Felsers Corporate Finance Pty LtdSydney1243474
Accru Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney241081
Accura Advisory Pty LtdSydney1285427
Ace Capital Investment Pty LtdSydney1263096
Ace Investors Pty LtdSydney1280353
Acer Education Pty LtdSydney1239575
Acfm Capital Pty LtdSydney1284293
Acharya, Amar RajSydney1266811
Acharya, Sandeep Sydney278157
Achjian, Jason Sydney315291
Ackley, Shane ParkesSydney416884
Acme CO No.2 Pty LtdSydney1271749
Acme CO No.3 Pty LtdSydney1267343
Acme CO No.4 Pty LtdSydney1274068
Acme CO Pty LtdSydney1266325
Acn 000 195 933 Pty LtdSydney300003
Acn 052 854 145 Pty LtdSydney301293
Acn 060 472 666 Pty LtdSydney298968
Acn 076 848 112 Pty LimitedSydney278251
Acn 108 352 441 Pty LimitedSydney276222
Acn 114 284 016 Pty LtdSydney293764
Acn 124 553 206 Pty LimitedSydney1240326
Acn 128 650 037 Pty LimitedSydney328077
Acn 143 836 702 Pty LimitedSydney379278
Acn 146 846 719 Pty LtdSydney385508
Acn 148 000 355 Pty LtdSydney1265147
Acn 160 540 901 Pty LtdSydney454277
Acn 169 353 708 Pty LtdSydney1241359
Acn 606 032 624 Pty LtdSydney1008904
Acn 612 330 953 Pty LtdSydney1243013
Acn Forex Pty LtdSydney452152
Acp GP II Pty LimitedSydney438871
Acp GP IV Pty LimitedSydney1295582
Acp GP Iii Pty LtdSydney1260036
Acp Services B Pty LtdSydney1280831
Acp Services II A Pty LtdSydney438868
Acp Services II C Pty LtdSydney438870
Acp Services IV A Pty LimitedSydney1295579
Acp Services IV B Pty LimitedSydney1295580
Acp Services IV C Pty LimitedSydney1295581
Acp Services Iii A Pty LimitedSydney1260039
Acp Services Iii B Pty LimitedSydney1260038
Acp Services Iii C Pty LimitedSydney1260037
Acta Capital Pty LtdSydney1295548
Actis Trading Pty LimitedSydney1283162
Active General Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney467832
Acumen Investors Pty LtdSydney1283155
Acurancy Financial Pty LtdSydney248810
Acurancy Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney327237
Acurancy Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney277043
Adam GrahamSydney1265183
Adam, Angelo Sydney443173
Adam, Duncan AlexanderSydney1242441
Adam-smith, Matthew AlexanderSydney258871
Adamantem Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1250911
Adamantem Capital Pty LtdSydney1248490
Adams Capital Management Pty LtdSydney281816
Adams Capital Pty LtdSydney1262245
Adams, Charles Sydney410760
Adams, Clint Sydney1279422
Adams, David Sydney1273882
Adams, David JohnSydney264820
Adams, David John StuartSydney1262247
Adams, Elizabeth Sydney1296669
Adams, Graeme JohnSydney461022
Adams, Gregory LawrenceSydney317399
Adams, John Sydney355197
Adams, Julie Sydney258456
Adams, Julie SuzanneSydney413403
Adams, Kevin NoelSydney243233
Adams, Luke Sydney1279670
Adams, Natalia Sydney1238655
Adams, Stephen RobertSydney460771
Adams, Steve Sydney278069
Adams, Trudy Sydney411617
Adams, Wade LiamSydney466057
Adamson, Alastair Stuart ThaimesSydney1235429
Adamson, Douglas Sydney1286746
Adamson, Robert HenrySydney238294
Adaptxion Pty LtdSydney1295186
Adara Advisors Pty. LimitedSydney305515
Adastra Corporate Advisory Pty LtdSydney1285911
Add Insure Pty LtdSydney1282515
Addison, Byron Sydney280133
Addison, Michael JohnSydney355780
Addison-lafferty, Antoinette AnnemarieSydney321686
Addison-lafferty, Toni Sydney1279421
Addsum Accountants Pty LtdSydney318800
Addventure Group Management Pty LtdSydney1260960
Addventure MP Pty LimitedSydney1248585
Addventure Pty LimitedSydney1248581
Adexum Management Pty LtdSydney1237521
Adhikari, Sudarshan Sydney1269056
Adibzadeh Property Pty. Ltd.Sydney1260879
Adibzadeh, Mehdi Sydney1260880
Adiseshan, David Sydney324424
Adkins, Peter AndrewSydney252752
Adler, Andrew SteveSydney244627
Adler, David Sydney274884
Adnams, Reece HenrySydney333064
Adriaan, Violeta Sydney286407
Advance Australia Travel Pty LimitedSydney267045
Advance-olympic International Pty. LimitedSydney267046
Advantage Accountants & Business Consultants Pty LtdSydney315892
Advantage College Pty. Ltd.Sydney1234322
Adventure World Travel Holdings Pty LimitedSydney432490
Advice Street Pty LimitedSydney1286200
Advicewealth Pty LtdSydney1236688
Advise And Assist Pty LimitedSydney454846
Advise Wise Pty LtdSydney1233044
Adviser Business Services Group Pty LtdSydney294284
Advisory Solutions Pty LtdSydney1248074
Adzic, Stevan Sydney1001788
Aegis Corporate Research Pty LimitedSydney364341
Aegis Equities Research Pty LimitedSydney364342
Aegis Investment Partners Pty LtdSydney364343
Aegis Managed Investments Research Pty LtdSydney364344
Aep Esv Pty LtdSydney410952
Aep Management Pty LimitedSydney281982
Aequo Pty LimitedSydney1238212
Aerin, Konrad Sydney262107
Aerin, Konrad JustinSydney340406
Aerius Travel Holdings Pty LimitedSydney267048
Aes Development Holding Pty LtdSydney1265370
Aesir Capital Pty LimitedSydney1250164
Aesir Corporate Pty LimitedSydney1265259
Af2 Nsw Pty LimitedSydney1242248
Affiliated Managers Group Pty LtdSydney315813
Affinity Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney312309
Afg Venture Group Asset Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney463630
Afic Solutions Group Pty LtdSydney472297
Afm Operations 2 Pty. Ltd.Sydney1276523
Afm Prism Asset Management Pty LtdSydney424126
Afm Property 2 Pty. Ltd.Sydney1276525
Africa Marketing Pty LimitedSydney264630
Africa Pacific Capital Pty. LimitedSydney307036
Afs Alliance Australia Pty LtdSydney464614
Afsg Capital Pty LtdSydney1283406
Afsl Managers Pty LtdSydney306910
Afsx Pty LtdSydney1263610
After Sales (australia) Pty LimitedSydney325356
Agarwal, Anish Sydney1008629
Agarwala, Sumit Sydney1256070
Agawa, Takeru Sydney250102
Agc Capital Securities Pty LtdSydney465258
Aged Care Directions Pty LimitedSydney1009261
Agf Funds Management Pty LtdSydney326325
Aggarwal, Shantanu Sydney278149
Agility Finance Pty LtdSydney1265108
Agility Fintech Pty LtdSydney1274237
Agility Markets Pty LtdSydney1298847
Agius, David JohnSydney1267196
Agius, Jason Sydney1285036
Agl Financial Energy Solutions Pty LimitedSydney1293132
Agl Sales Pty LimitedSydney1289534
Agm Trade Global Pty LtdSydney1258237
Agnew, Charles StewartSydney292733
Agnitio Investment Services Pty LtdSydney1284913
Agnitio Nominees Pty LtdSydney1284935
Agnitio Real Estate Investments Pty LtdSydney1268945
Agostino, Roy JosephSydney1263349
Agp Funds Management LimitedSydney1277505
Agp International Management Pty LtdSydney1254169
Agp Investment Management LimitedSydney1288217
Agranat, Roy PhilipSydney260009
Agriprove Pty LtdSydney1275434
Agu, Gibson Sydney316300
Aguilan, Alexander JosephSydney439314
Aguilar, Cecilia Sydney301242
Aguilera-mendoza, Stephen Sydney231987
Ahchong, Lee-ann MarieSydney254292
Ahearne, Paul ThomasSydney273201
Ahl Investments Pty LtdSydney338358
Ahlawat, Arvind Sydney333989
Ahlawat, Sai Sydney394139
Ahluwalia, Prabhjot Jay SinghSydney1007862
Ahmad, Waqas Sydney1269744
Ahmed, Bulbul Sydney1263304
Ahmed, Nayeema Sydney254350
Ahmed, Rabbi Sydney437084
Ahmed, Raju Sydney1267257
Ahmed, Shaikh DawoodSydney280862
Ahmed, Sultan Sydney254331
Ahmed, Waqas Sydney452029
Ahsan, Sararrat Sydney1266782
Aia Insurance Agencies Pty. LimitedSydney257484
Aihua International Travel Pty LimitedSydney258268
Aikman, Megan AntheaSydney416599
Ailo Pay Pty LtdSydney1280515
Ainger, Marcus JohnSydney327234
Aipx Pty LtdSydney1242413
Air New Zealand LimitedSydney314137
Air Pacific LtdSydney390462
Air Time Pty LimitedSydney337652
Air Travel Services Pty LtdSydney417284
Air Vanuatu (operations) LimitedSydney421271
Airmaster Travel & Tours Pty LtdSydney267050
Airsonic Australia Travels Pty. Ltd.Sydney267051
Aisa International Group Pty LtdSydney1264057
Aitchison, Melissa Sydney423078
Aitken Spence Travel Pty. Ltd.Sydney267052
Aitkenhead, Gary Sydney268064
Ajc Broking Pty LtdSydney1285002
Ajmera, Hiren BipinSydney278130
Ajmera, Sylvia Sydney411952
Ajr Financial Services Pty LtdSydney439295
Akd Holdings Pty. LimitedSydney260873
Akhtar, Sayyed Sydney1006114
Akkawi, Tony JoeSydney441956
Akunah Capital Pty LtdSydney1295949
Alabakov, Anthony RobertSydney289033
Alagirisamy, Venkatesan Sydney463718
Alaisa, Zeb Sydney254286
Alam, Qazi MunirSydney1250777
Alam, Zafar Sydney300396
Alamine, Adham Sydney254342
Alan Business Consulting Pty LtdSydney1284918
Alan Squires & AssociatesSydney257842
Alaria Pty LimitedSydney269977
Alaso, Renji Sydney328919
Albany Creek Capital Pty LtdSydney1258544
Albrighton, Ray Sydney441067
Albrighton, Raymond Sydney441069
Albuquerque, Antonio Sydney433976
Alceon Eagle LimitedSydney1235647
Alceon GT Pty LimitedSydney358071
Alceon Group No. 24 Pty LimitedSydney1284926
Alceon Group No. 37 Pty LimitedSydney1239009
Alceon Group No. 38 Pty LimitedSydney1240449
Alceon Group No. 39 Pty LimitedSydney1240448
Alceon Group No. 40 Pty LimitedSydney1242099
Alceon Group No. 41 Pty LimitedSydney1242098
Alceon Group No. 42 Pty LimitedSydney1245767
Alceon Group No. 43 Pty LimitedSydney1248800
Alceon Group No. 44 Pty LimitedSydney1248802
Alceon Group No. 45 Pty LimitedSydney1248803
Alceon Group No. 46 Pty LimitedSydney1248801
Alceon Group No. 48 Pty LimitedSydney1248804
Alceon Group No. 49 Pty LimitedSydney1248805
Alceon Group No. 52 Pty LimitedSydney1250462
Alceon Group No. 53 Pty LimitedSydney1255243
Alceon Group No. 54 Pty LimitedSydney1250463
Alceon Group No. 55 Pty LimitedSydney1250464
Alceon Group No. 56 Pty LimitedSydney1250465
Alceon Group No. 57 Pty LimitedSydney1254077
Alceon Group No. 58 Pty LimitedSydney1254078
Alceon Group No. 59 Pty LimitedSydney1254079
Alceon Group No. 60 Pty LimitedSydney1254080
Alceon Group No. 61 Pty LimitedSydney1254081
Alceon Group No. 62 Pty LimitedSydney1255242
Alceon Group No. 63 Pty LimitedSydney1257656
Alceon Group No.10 Pty LimitedSydney445895
Alceon Group No.14 Pty LimitedSydney451577
Alceon Group No.16 Pty LimitedSydney451579
Alceon Group No.17 Pty LimitedSydney451580
Alceon Group No.18 Pty LimitedSydney451581
Alceon Group No.19 Pty LimitedSydney451582
Alceon Group No.20 Pty LimitedSydney451583
Alceon Group No.21 Pty LimitedSydney451584
Alceon Group No.32 Pty LimitedSydney1235646
Alceon Group No.33 Pty LimitedSydney1233969
Alceon Group No.34 Pty LimitedSydney1236994
Alceon Group No.68 Pty LimitedSydney1261404
Alceon Group No.69 Pty LimitedSydney1261407
Alceon Group No.70 Pty LimitedSydney1264518
Alceon Group No.71 Pty LtdSydney1264519
Alceon Group No.74 Pty LtdSydney1282288
Alceon Group No.75 Pty LtdSydney451576
Alceon Group No.80 Pty LtdSydney1290416
Alceon Group No.82 Pty LtdSydney1290415
Alceon Group Pty LtdSydney345350
Alceon Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1299498
Alceon Liquid Strategies Pty LtdSydney419052
Alceon PE Facilitator No.1 Pty LtdSydney1290414
Alceon PE Facilitator No.2 Pty LtdSydney1290413
Alceon PE Facilitator No.3 Pty LtdSydney1290412
Alceon PE Facilitator No.4 Pty LtdSydney1290411
Alceon PE Facilitator No.5 Pty LtdSydney1295391
Alceon PE Facilitator No.6 Pty LtdSydney1295392
Alceon Private Equity Pty LtdSydney1290417
Alceon Pty LtdSydney358070
Alceon Qld Pty LtdSydney431710
Alceon Real Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1274531
Alchemy Investment Holdings Pty LtdSydney273136
Alchemy Venture Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney1243485
Alcott, Christopher MarkSydney461983
Aldersley, John Sydney336411
Alderton, Melissa Sydney418289
Aldis, Lindsey Sydney251805
Aldridge, Murray Sydney362614
Aldridge, Pamela Sydney362635
Aleda Capital Pty LtdSydney463322
Alert Trader Pty LtdSydney298010
Alert Trader Publishing Pty LimitedSydney284595
Alert Trader Securities Pty LtdSydney318315
Alexakis, Dimitrios Sydney339632
Alexander, Charles VictorSydney314770
Alexander, Craig Sydney318172
Alexander, Hone Sydney1277741
Alexander, Kathleen AnneSydney263667
Alexander, Philip Sydney340065
Alexander, Ross Sydney411030
Alexander, Thomas Jacob ScottSydney1266463
Alexandridis, Helen Sydney338557
Alexiou, Etienne Sydney1251592
Alexis Insurance Brokers Pty LtdSydney326574
Alford, Chloe Sydney286376
Alhovirta, Marianne Sydney317235
Ali, Mozammel Sydney1266639
Ali, Rahul Sydney405522
Ali, Sutunc Sydney329334
Alibaba Capital Fund Pty LtdSydney1276964
Alikhan, Yousuf Sydney282783
Alindogan, Joseph Sydney287037
Alinea Australia Holding Pty LtdSydney1293510
Alinea Impact Capital Pty LtdSydney1293508
Alinta Employee Share Plans Pty. LimitedSydney267251
Alipalo, Augusto Sydney321352
Alipalo, Augusto TSydney245723
Aliro Management Pty LimitedSydney1273206
Aliro Trusco 1 Pty LimitedSydney1273208
Aliro Trusco 2 Pty LimitedSydney1289034
Alium Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1247980
All About Wealth Services Pty LimitedSydney468525
All Financial Services (nsw) Pty LtdSydney280477
All Financial Services (qld) Pty LtdSydney309728
All Insurance Matters Pty LtdSydney1258187
Allan Deacon & Associates Pty LtdSydney440163
Allan, Christopher YoungSydney289625
Allan, Darren JamesSydney270560
Allan, Harrison Sydney1280396
Allan, Jane LouiseSydney257998
Allard, Jean-paul Sydney312773
Allaway Weaver Williams Development Fund Pty LimitedSydney281792
Allaway, Jonathon Revell ChristopherSydney296212
Allaway, Patrick Newton JamesSydney233041
Allblue International Pty LimitedSydney1283242
Allcap Group Pty LtdSydney1007492
Allco Aviation Finance Pty LtdSydney294497
Allco Ess Pty LimitedSydney300999
Allco Finance (australia) LimitedSydney293307
Allco Funds Management LimitedSydney292448
Allco Infrastructure Pty LimitedSydney311197
Allco International (holdings) LimitedSydney302175
Allcock, Brent Sydney249430
Allegiant Investments Pty LtdSydney1263778
Allegro Co-investment Services 2 Pty LtdSydney1300206
Allegro Fund IV Co-invest Services Pty LtdSydney1295712
Allegro Fund IV Feeder Services Pty LtdSydney1293819
Allegro Fund IV General Partner, LPSydney1293813
Allegro Fund IV Private Feeder Pty LtdSydney1293818
Allegro Fund Iii Feeder Services Pty LtdSydney1295811
Allegro Fund Iii GP CO Pty LimitedSydney1286184
Allegro Fund Iv, LPSydney1293814
Allegro Funds General Partner Pty LimitedSydney462461
Allegro Funds Pty LtdSydney321466
Allegro Management IV Pty LtdSydney1293812
Allegro Services II A Pty LtdSydney462462
Allegro Services II B Pty LimitedSydney462463
Allegro Services II C Pty LimitedSydney1009083
Allegro Services IV A Pty LtdSydney1293815
Allegro Services IV B Pty LtdSydney1293816
Allegro Services IV C Pty LtdSydney1293817
Allegro Services Iii A Pty LtdSydney1286181
Allegro Services Iii B Pty LtdSydney1286182
Allegro Services Iii C Pty LtdSydney1286183
Allegro Services Iii D Pty LtdSydney1295810
Allegro Side Car Services IV A Pty LtdSydney1295713
Allegro Side Car Services IV B Pty LtdSydney1299596
Allegro Side Car Services Iii A Pty LimitedSydney1286185
Allegro Side Car Services Iii B Pty LtdSydney1286186
Allegro Side Car Services Iii C Pty LtdSydney1286187
Allegro Side Car Services Iii D Pty LtdSydney1288408
Allegro Side Car Services Iii E Pty LtdSydney1298372
Allekian, Shant Sydney1005674
Allen & Buckeridge Growth Management Pty LimitedSydney324965
Allen & Buckeridge Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney274985
Allen, Beverley Sydney362152
Allen, Carla HeleneSydney464805
Allen, Chantelle Sydney410439
Allen, Christian Jay GeoffreySydney402743
Allen, David FrankSydney433180
Allen, David JamesSydney1261783
Allen, Delphi Sydney366396
Allen, Gerald Sydney249508
Allen, Gregory PaulSydney276780
Allen, Joanne ElizabethSydney361562
Allen, Julian MylesSydney1245543
Allen, Katie RoseSydney275180
Allen, Peter BernardSydney456151
Allen, Peter JohnSydney295850
Allen, Roger WilliamSydney256611
Allen, Spencer CainSydney443724
Allen, Trent Sydney331960
Allen, Trevor Sydney404190
Allenby, Alexander LukeSydney1270939
Allender, Brett SamuelSydney337124
Alleron Holding Pty LimitedSydney279129
Alleron Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney280247
Alles, Danika Sydney413576
Alliance Business Group Pty LtdSydney1253763
Allianz Australia General Insurance LimitedSydney1289392
Allianz Australia Life Policy Services Pty LimitedSydney1302136
Allied Wealth Pty LtdSydney338115
Alliker, Oliver Sydney311134
Allinson, Richard ChristopherSydney282704
Allitt, Sean Sydney1004514
Allpress, Brett DelaneySydney445233
Allshorn, Luke Sydney1246712
Allsopp, Grant DavidSydney1242397
Allstate Bloodstock Pty LtdSydney1284783
Allsun Holidays Pty LtdSydney268267
Allt-graham, James Sydney430402
Allunga Advisory Pty LtdSydney1240983
Allways Travel Pty LtdSydney261313
Allworths Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney334495
Alma Services I Pty LtdSydney1295705
Alma Services II Pty LtdSydney1295704
Alman, Steven Sydney318761
Alpf Head Company Pty LimitedSydney435045
Alpha Capital Management Pty LtdSydney419527
Alpha Insurance Agencies Pty LtdSydney298555
Alpha Securities Pty LtdSydney312317
Alpha Tradex Pty LtdSydney1273943
Alpha Vista Investment Managers Pty LimitedSydney1289007
Alpha Wealth Advisers Pty LimitedSydney328227
Alpha Wealth Advisory Services Pty LtdSydney281015
Alphaxo Risk Partners Pty LimitedSydney450374
Alpherts, Jan Hein AlexanderSydney460992
Alpine Asset Management Pty LtdSydney296876
Alpine Funds Management Pty LtdSydney424769
Alport, Peter RaymondSydney236347
Alsten Nominees & Associates Pty. Ltd.Sydney271721
Altair Asset Management Services Pty LimitedSydney1247705
Altair Assets Pty LtdSydney1240210
Altcorp Pty LimitedSydney322222
Alterio, Amanda Sydney324385
Alteris Financial Group Pty LtdSydney332537
Alteris Lifestyle Care Sydney Pty LtdSydney458500
Alteris Private Pty LtdSydney1277541
Altis Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1295265
Altitude Global Investments Pty. Ltd.Sydney450768
Altruvest Pty LtdSydney349807
Altus EX Gfs Pty LtdSydney428578
Altus Financial Pty LtdSydney242352
Altus Wealth Pty LtdSydney1287625
Altvest Pty LimitedSydney1288388
Alua Nominees Pty LtdSydney309899
Alvear, Paola RoxanaSydney1301094
Alwar, Hans OliverSydney429637
Amadon Travel Management Pty LimitedSydney278736
Amal Management Services Pty LimitedSydney1246047
Amalg Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney281698
Aman, Ahmed ZakiSydney471115
Amanatidis, Bill Sydney1278313
Amasi, Daniel VincentSydney1285536
Amato, Matthew Sydney1250919
Amazing Worldwide Tours Pty LtdSydney448341
Amber Australia Pty LimitedSydney1296272
Ambuja Pty LtdSydney1284692
American Express Wholesale Currency Services Pty LimitedSydney394191
Americano, Catherine AdeleSydney1271542
Amey, Aylin Sydney1269813
Amg Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney405458
Amiradaki, Peter NicholasSydney1251078
Amjad, Muhammad ImranSydney321135
Amjera, Sylvia Sydney362704
Amoggh Financial Service Pty LtdSydney1238310
Amon, Guy PeterSydney247699
Amos, Cheryl Sydney432694
Amour Morley Pty LtdSydney1289044
Amp Capital Global Property Securities Pty LimitedSydney309819
Amp Planner Register Company Pty LimitedSydney324013
Ampleton Traders Pty LtdSydney408226
Ampol Property Manager Pty LtdSydney1283806
Ampoulos, Vicky Sydney1272609
Amr (a) Pty LtdSydney280495
Ams Mortgage Services Pty LtdSydney246256
Amw Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney1232689
Amzalak, Menachem MendelSydney1264324
An, Anne Sydney362144
An, Mary Sydney362728
Anagnos, Steve Sydney433341
Anand Advice Pty LtdSydney1292552
Anand, Geetesh Sydney257710
Anand, Rajesh Sydney254300
Anand, Rakesh Sydney1004379
Ananda Travel Service (aust.) Pty. LimitedSydney268803
Ananda, Manikam Sydney322820
Anantakrishnan, Sajidharan Sydney1301096
Anantharaj, Kirushika Sydney334633
Anastasio, Anthony JohnSydney262111
Anastasio, Vanessa Sydney333987
Anbound Cinda Pty. Ltd.Sydney1276930
Anc Travel Pty LtdSydney282202
Anchorage Capital Partners Fund Iv, LPSydney1295603
Anchorage Capital Partners IV Pty LimitedSydney1295578
Anchorage Capital Partners Management Partnership Iv, LPSydney1295604
Andary, Joseph BenjaminSydney384113
Andcar Pty. LimitedSydney261380
Ande Insurance Solutions Pty LtdSydney1295230
Andersen, Jamie Sydney311734
Andersen, Torben SteenSydney1244847
Anderson, Andrew DouglasSydney283293
Anderson, Anthony Sydney284565
Anderson, Anthony AlexanderSydney224393
Anderson, Brandon JamesSydney1263362
Anderson, Cornelia Sydney271845
Anderson, David JohnSydney264397
Anderson, David RobertSydney273907
Anderson, Donald LeslieSydney1004777
Anderson, Gordon AlasdairSydney1273753
Anderson, Hugh ReidSydney303568
Anderson, Kate ElizabethSydney282599
Anderson, Katrina AnneSydney301645
Anderson, Kerry LouiseSydney314318
Anderson, Melanie Sydney410816
Anderson, Michael JamesSydney278289
Anderson, Miles RobertSydney232962
Anderson, Natalie JaneSydney274226
Anderson, Richard ScottSydney457613
Anderson, Robert Sydney240856
Anderson, Scott Sydney277807
Anderson, Scott CharlesSydney283627
Anderson, Stuart JamesSydney1255766
Anderson, Zac Sydney1235975
Andhare, Trivikram Sydney1258212
Andrado, Mario Sydney336962
Andre, Marine Sydney1295425
Andre, Stephane ClementSydney364637
Andreou, Anthia Sydney362147
Andrew Bennett Financial Advisory Pty LtdSydney1236475
Andrew, Shannon JaneSydney1282648
Andrew, Wells Sydney281187
Andrews, Anne-marie LindaSydney287228
Andrews, Crystal Sydney411627
Andrews, Jennifer MaySydney297768
Andrews, Nicholas WilliamSydney334111
Andrews, Scot SutherlandSydney1001364
Andrews, Sharon Sydney466758
Andrews, Stephen Sydney401766
Andrews, Wayne JeffreySydney265018
Andric, Barbara Sydney281263
Andrich, Benjamin Sydney401088
Androd Pty LtdSydney257936
Andronaco, Filomeno Sydney1006843
Anfang, Mark Sydney1245654
Ang, Ivan Sydney253073
Angelakis, Jordan George BernardSydney322055
Angelese Pty LtdSydney273137
Angeli, Vivienne Sydney1299635
Angelica Jacob Pty. LimitedSydney248292
Angelis, Christian ConSydney1289550
Angelopoulos, Theo Sydney300431
Anglo Menda Pty LimitedSydney1281763
Angus, Andrew Sydney451760
Angus, Robert GordonSydney337125
Anic-kaliger, Michael Sydney413422
Anita Marshall Pty LtdSydney328553
Ankura Consulting (australia) Pty LtdSydney1292800
Annand, Andrew PaulSydney460993
Anning, Julie Sydney438083
Anning, Thomas GibsonSydney1283476
Announcer Financial Planning Pty LimitedSydney441093
Announcer Financial Planning Queensland Pty LimitedSydney1243506
Ansari, Kashif Sydney1008217
Ansell, Michael JohnSydney221665
Anson, Benjamin Sydney335548
Anstee, Angela Sydney268650
Anstis, Charles JohnSydney279139
Antflick, Ashleigh Sydney300568
Anthony, Sydney Sydney465350
Anthony, Terrence Sydney437624
Anthony-benson, Hilary JaneSydney403525
Anthos Consulting Pty LtdSydney1277374
Antipodal Capital Management Pty LtdSydney345285
Antipodes Global Investment Company Pty LimitedSydney1250893
Antipodes Partners LimitedSydney468121
Antler Fund Ii, LPSydney1301687
Antler GP II Pty LtdSydney1300457
Antler GP Pty LtdSydney1276334
Antler Global Funds GP Pty LtdSydney1302030
Antler Mit Fund II Pty LtdSydney1299749
Anton Capital Services Pty LtdSydney1237871
Anton Real Estate Partners Pty LtdSydney1251274
Anton, Manuel Sydney1277991
Antony, Matthew Sydney280391
Antulov, Robert DavidSydney342088
Anwar, Desmon Sydney1290187
Anwar, Shamim Sydney431217
Anz Self Managed Super Pty LimitedSydney452803
Aojin Group Pty LtdSydney1251866
Aon Risk & Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1277884
Aoris Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1260508
Apac Partners Pty LtdSydney1253085
Apex Investment Alliance Pty LimitedSydney288594
Apexx Wealth Pty LtdSydney389162
Apg Operations Pty LtdSydney429191
Api Philadelphia Pty LtdSydney424087
Aplan LimitedSydney331188
Apolinar, Lennard Sydney1290217
Apollo Travel Centre Pty LtdSydney267054
Apostolopoulos, Alexandros Sydney305768
Appel Society Pty LtdSydney1008310
Appleby, Robert IanSydney376585
Applestone Education Pty LtdSydney1278412
Appleyard, Christopher WayneSydney328685
April Australia Operations Pty LimitedSydney392383
Apsec Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney411858
Apsec Funds Management Pty LtdSydney411859
Apt (mit) Services Pty LimitedSydney324261
Apt Financial Services Pty LtdSydney297210
Aquamore Credit Equity Pty LtdSydney1263755
Aqueduct Venture Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1265416
Aquilia, Guiseppe PaoloSydney297287
Aquino, Eddie Sydney412194
Aquino-araux, Eddie Sydney319195
Arag Services Australia Pty LtdSydney1276045
Arandjelovic, Stevan Sydney1247784
Arandt, Gregory JamesSydney443008
Arapi, Mariela AlejandraSydney1285212
Arawata Pty LtdSydney1256410
Arbatov, Andrew Sydney313753
Arbidyne Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney1008715
Arbidyne Pty LtdSydney1291963
Arbitrage Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney1256890
Arbuckle, John PhillipSydney333909
Arc Infrastructure WA TC Pty LtdSydney313591
Arca Group Investments Pty LimitedSydney405653
Arcadia Advisory Pty LimitedSydney237387
Arcadia Capital Pty LtdSydney1284093
Arcadia Managed Investments Pty LimitedSydney431384
Arch Luna Management (australia) Pty LimitedSydney1293183
Archer, Andrew JohnSydney258867
Archerfield Advisory Group Pty LtdSydney1239220
Archibald Capital Pty LimitedSydney1288395
Archibald, James Sydney270509
Arcstone Financial Services Pty LtdSydney319170
Ardent Securities Pty LtdSydney312527
Ardent Wealth Pty. Ltd.Sydney1242754
Ardill, Marc StephenSydney280384
Ardino, Eugene BrunoSydney382421
Ardino, John Sydney234791
Ares Australia Management Pty LimitedSydney1280423
Ares Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney303008
Ares Idf Investors (ida) Pty LimitedSydney1283495
Ares Management Asia (australia) Pty LtdSydney1286545
Ares Wealth Advice Pty LimitedSydney433863
Arezo, Christopher Sydney1234784
Argeetes, Haris PeterSydney245799
Argus (cumberland) Pty LtdSydney458200
Argus (edmondson) Pty LtdSydney1236694
Argus (metro) Pty LtdSydney471245
Argus (rdb) Pty LtdSydney452889
Argus (somerfield) Pty LtdSydney1258308
Argus (thornton Stage 2) Pty LtdSydney1237243
Argus (thornton) Pty LtdSydney1236695
Argus (varsity) Pty LtdSydney1273776
Argus (wagga Wagga) Pty LtdSydney1292103
Argus (wodonga) Pty LtdSydney1288345
Argus Property Partners Pty LtdSydney446977
Argyle Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney1282000
Argyle Financial Pty LtdSydney1258638
Argyrides, Peter Sydney335609
Argyrides, Peter ThomasSydney1233103
Aricheta, Elise Sydney470006
Aries Corporation Pty LtdSydney444657
Aris, Phillip Sydney328175
Ark General Insurance Pty LimitedSydney400829
Arkilo, Johnny Sydney241042
Arkintell Pty. Ltd.Sydney1296919
Arlington Capital Pty LtdSydney1297640
Armada Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney340742
Armbruster, Kurt Sydney317187
Armour, David Sydney1005967
Arms Length Pty LtdSydney314077
Armstrong Dawson Pty LimitedSydney1241970
Armstrong Nisbet Capital Pty LtdSydney301961
Armstrong, Bethan Sydney1235344
Armstrong, Chad Sydney433044
Armstrong, David HughSydney331213
Armstrong, Mary Sydney345040
Armstrong, Miles GrahamSydney229544
Armstrong, Robin GeraldSydney269661
Armstrong, Sam Sydney294032
Armstrong, Stephen NoelSydney314738
Armstrong, Thomas WilliamSydney1258890
Armstrong, Tim Sydney1292708
Armutcu, Ercan SerdarSydney221905
Armytage, Penelope JaneSydney335492
Arnaout, Daniel Sydney412550
Arnaud, Julian Sydney339706
Arnett, Matthew BrianSydney282147
Arnheim, Richard Sydney241935
Arnhem Investment Management Pty LtdSydney325191
Arnold And Bella Pty LimitedSydney428757
Arnold, Andrew ScottSydney462907
Arnold, Robyn LeanneSydney1234319
Arnold, Scott EvanSydney1272954
Arnott, Graeme JohnSydney1284706
Arnott, Jamie GrantSydney1241691
Arnott, Peta Sydney1234531
Arora, Dhiraj Sydney1007443
Arora, Dimple Sydney338556
Arora, Hemant KumarSydney295528
Arora, Mahesh KumarSydney1273566
Arora, Pooja Sydney1278539
Arora, Roohi Sydney432616
Arora, Shikha Sydney424901
Arrow Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1293459
Arrow Capital Pty LtdSydney1254102
Arrow Funds Group Pty LtdSydney1252154
Arrowsmith, Robert CharlesSydney278132
Arseniou, Anna Sydney287250
Artarmon Retail Centre TC Pty LtdSydney1263050
Artega Investment Administration Pty LimitedSydney1301309
Artemas Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney235457
Arthur Phillip Pty LtdSydney1239486
Arti, Bassi Sydney333996
Arti, Pravita Sydney254323
Artioukhovski, Iouri Sydney285681
Artisan Advisory Pty LimitedSydney331344
Arulanantham, Anuruktha Sydney359096
Aruman, Shakila Sydney1008717
Arvanitopoulos, Andrew Sydney429861
Arx Placement Solutions Pty LtdSydney1295433
Arya, Manish Sydney1251390
Aryal, Jwala Sydney459995
As1 Growth Partners Pty LtdSydney1276989
Asa International Pty LtdSydney261411
Asa, Joey Sydney1292631
Asas (nsw) Pty LtdSydney1292294
Asc Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1278317
Asc Dang Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney443248
Asc Group (apac) Pty. Ltd.Sydney1241770
Asc Resources Pty LtdSydney305704
Ascalon Capital Pty LtdSydney1298276
Ascend Corporate Pty LimitedSydney326596
Ascent Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney245747
Ascentia Wealth Pty LtdSydney339600
Ascia Advisory Pty LtdSydney466854
Ash, Amanda Sydney1289096
Ashby, Daniel MarkSydney327511
Ashby, Paul Sydney256330
Ashcroft, Malcolm RobertSydney417968
Asher, Anthony Sydney410038
Asher, Jaime ClaireSydney1271016
Ashford, Leonie SharonSydney346121
Ashley, Edwin PhilipSydney229543
Ashley, Michael KeithSydney390694
Ashman, David JohnSydney258180
Ashraf, Mohammed Sydney1000861
Ashton, Adrian Sydney315582
Ashton, Adrian WinterSydney1272937
Ashton, Raymond Sydney257652
Ashurst, Rachel Sydney1235769
Ashwin, Lucy Sydney362707
Asi Management Pty LtdSydney336655
Asia Hong Kong Travel Pty LimitedSydney269363
Asia Pacific Capital Pty. LimitedSydney341809
Asia Principal Capital - Corporate Finance Pty LimitedSydney1239846
Asia Principal Capital Pty LtdSydney1241464
Asiagroup International Pty LtdSydney294353
Asiamah, Perry Sydney1297774
Asian Traveller Pty LtdSydney275528
Asif, Chhipa MSydney278134
Askins, Georgina Sydney345029
Asmark Pty LtdSydney274569
Aspinall, Angela Sydney1272781
Aspinall, Craig StevenSydney447872
Aspire Wealth Creation Pty LtdSydney429771
Aspire Wealth Services Pty LtdSydney470482
Aspropotamitis, Paul Sydney249925
Assad, Anthony Sydney1236989
Assariotakis, Nicolette Sydney274766
Assef, Nicholas AndrewSydney229541
Assembly Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1276176
Asservo Mutual LimitedSydney1301794
Asset Custodian Nominees (aust) Pty LtdSydney298396
Asset Protect Insurance Pty LtdSydney1238574
Associate Global Partners LimitedSydney1288558
Assure Insurance Solutions Pty LtdSydney357436
Assure Wealth Pty LimitedSydney1244817
Assureme Pty. Ltd.Sydney1246524
Assuring Pty LtdSydney1259889
Asta Advisory Pty. Ltd.Sydney1252179
Astarra Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney289387
Aston, Nicholas JohnSydney261504
Astoria Financial Services Pty LtdSydney415716
Astrand, Adele MareeSydney446212
Astrion Capital Pty LtdSydney1262645
Astute Investments & Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney338463
Atchison, Tania AnonaSydney320422
Atech VC Management PartnershipSydney1299572
Atef, Sussan Sydney1248118
Atelier Wealth Pty LtdSydney1007369
Atencia, Christine LorraineSydney467825
Athanasiou, John Sydney430084
Athlon Cif Pty LtdSydney1289175
Athlon Services Pty LtdSydney1289176
Atkin, Marjorie Sydney362721
Atkins, Carynne ElaineSydney254352
Atkins, Jay RonaldSydney254304
Atkins, Mitchell Sydney1267703
Atkinson, Adam Sydney1239936
Atkinson, Amy OrmeSydney1235897
Atkinson, Barry ArgyleSydney298510
Atkinson, Danielle JoySydney269294
Atkinson, Jennifer MarieSydney335330
Atkinson, John EdwardSydney343265
Atkinson, Matthew RaymondSydney225526
Atlantic & Pacific Business Travel Pty LimitedSydney258535
Atlantic Growth Capital Pty LimitedSydney1283961
Atlantic Pacific Securities Pty LtdSydney339207
Atlas Advisors Australia Afof Pty LtdSydney1238486
Atlas Advisors Australia Pty LtdSydney444166
Atlas Advisors Australia Venture Capital Fund of FundsSydney1289551
Atlas Advisors Australia Venture Capital Managing PartnershipSydney1289582
Atlas Afof VcmpSydney1289558
Atlas Afof Vcmp IlpSydney1283655
Atlas Property Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1239318
Atlastrend Pty LtdSydney1233660
Atley, James NicholasSydney242853
Atmadja, Arvin Sydney1241153
Atom Markets Pty LtdSydney1263782
Attard, Colin VictorSydney406694
Attard, Jenni Sydney286014
Attard, Liana EnasSydney307489
Attia, Mariam Sydney1236143
Attia, Medhat Nabih AdibSydney1238387
Atulugamage, Kirosh LakmalSydney452791
Atwa, Sharif Sydney1005709
Atwood, Paul AnthonySydney294446
Au, Ben HO Pan Sydney403568
Au, Eddie Sydney1008458
Au, Ming WaiSydney1287825
Au-yeung, Rona Sydney253223
Aubrey, Nicole Sydney296086
Auda International Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney1261218
Audiss, James Scot CameronSydney465176
Auditcover Australia Pty LtdSydney1280453
Auer, Bridget Sydney1273628
Auga Travel Service Pty LtdSydney267058
Augs Markets Pty LtdSydney351633
Augusta Ventures (australia) Pty LtdSydney1299646
Augustiani, Cathline Sydney470078
Augustyn, Rebecca Sydney287246
Aujla, Tarandeep SinghSydney279078
Aura Alternative Assets Pty LtdSydney1273686
Aura Capital Nominees Pty. Ltd.Sydney1295179
Aura Credit Holdings Pty LtdSydney1297296
Aura Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1233893
Aura Venture Fund Ii, IlpSydney1283550
Aura Venture Fund IlpSydney1237681
Aura Venture Partners Gp, IlpSydney1237680
Aura Venture Partners II Gp, IlpSydney1283551
Aurelius Capital Pty LtdSydney1265973
Auriongold Employee Share Plans Pty LimitedSydney267269
Aurora Centralis Pty. Ltd.Sydney266618
Aurora Explore Pty LtdSydney1293820
Aus Merchant Investments Pty LtdSydney1288214
Ausa Travel Pty LtdSydney410154
Auschina Forex Pty. Ltd.Sydney1001397
Ausfinance Professional Pty LtdSydney1236753
Auslin International Pty LtdSydney420999
Aussie Angels Fund Services Pty LtdSydney1295984
Aussie Angels Pty LtdSydney1294434
Aussie Financial Planning Services Pty LtdSydney405466
Aussie Rob Pty LtdSydney286346
Aussie Super Finder Pty LtdSydney441817
Aussie Wealthy Life Pty. Ltd.Sydney436734
Austar Capital Pty LtdSydney1274521
Austar Fund Management Pty LtdSydney1265283
Austbrokers Abs Aviation Pty LimitedSydney337737
Austbrokers Abs Pty LimitedSydney1255855
Austbrokers Abs Strata Pty LimitedSydney1255857
Austbrokers Cyber Pro Pty LtdSydney1258380
Austbrokers Life Pty LtdSydney415837
Austbrokers Professional Services Pty LtdSydney316971
Austbrokers Trade Credit Pty LimitedSydney315279
Austen, Craig Sydney1001984
Austen, Debra Sydney410797
Austen, William Sydney469683
Austin Brothers Wealth Management Services Pty LtdSydney423831
Austin, Alwin DavidSydney271543
Austin, David BenjaminSydney271546
Austin, Jackie AnneSydney432015
Austin, Mark Sydney447117
Austin, Nicolas GordonSydney308154
Austin, Oscar Sydney441031
Austock Capital Management Pty LtdSydney340449
Austra Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney1248830
Australia Capital Holding Pty LtdSydney1241354
Australia China Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1248004
Australia China Trade Association Pty LimitedSydney281681
Australia China Travel Specialist Pty LtdSydney436795
Australia Financial Associates Pty LtdSydney291474
Australia First Financial Services Pty LtdSydney255630
Australia Global Holidays Pty LtdSydney281105
Australia International Finance Pty LtdSydney436200
Australia Oracle Investment Pty LimitedSydney1238879
Australia Student Pipeline Pty. Ltd.Sydney261419
Australia Study Pty LtdSydney449012
Australia Yosica Holding Pty LtdSydney287639
Australian Advisory Pty LtdSydney1259804
Australian Asset Aggregation Pty LtdSydney1266171
Australian Bridging Finance Pty LtdSydney1284229
Australian Business & Conference Travel Pty LtdSydney267540
Australian China Investment & Trading Development Pty LtdSydney258048
Australian Commercial Mortgage Corporation Pty LtdSydney434727
Australian Commercial Resources Pty LtdSydney267062
Australian Company Number 162 017 898 Pty LtdSydney433437
Australian Corporate Bond Company LimitedSydney469037
Australian Couriers Pty LtdSydney1260092
Australian Finance And Securities Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney431355
Australian Financial Counsellors Pty. LimitedSydney247623
Australian Financial Planning Group Nsw Pty LtdSydney385064
Australian Financial Planning Group Victoria Pty LimitedSydney385065
Australian Financial Practitioners Pty. Ltd.Sydney414324
Australian Financial Pty LtdSydney398668
Australian Financial Services Corporation (afsc) Pty LtdSydney1282415
Australian Forestry Management Pty LimitedSydney274443
Australian Hospitality Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney307595
Australian Impact Investments Pty LtdSydney464365
Australian International Developments Pty LtdSydney267064
Australian Lease Underwriting Pty LtdSydney302488
Australian Livestock & Property Agents Association LimitedSydney1238702
Australian Loans & Mortgages Pty LtdSydney1267648
Australian Lost Super Pty LtdSydney1236973
Australian Medical Angels PS Pty LtdSydney1301024
Australian Mineral Water Pty LtdSydney257786
Australian Performance Realty Services Pty LtdSydney286249
Australian Performance Strata Management Pty LtdSydney281872
Australian Post-tel Institute Ltd.Sydney308763
Australian Practical Superannuation Fund Pty LtdSydney1281265
Australian Risk Exchange Pty LtdSydney363414
Australian Rugby League Commission LimitedSydney467556
Australian Securities Company (apac) Pty. Ltd.Sydney403255
Australian Securities Company (asia Pacific) Pty LtdSydney332023
Australian Securities Company (asia) Pty LtdSydney329113
Australian Securities Company (capital) Pty LtdSydney1236499
Australian Securities Company (international) Pty LtdSydney253224
Australian Solar Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1294252
Australian Succession Specialists Pty. LimitedSydney421680
Australian Telecommunications Pty LtdSydney362933
Australian Trading & Investment Corporation Pty LtdSydney1006751
Australian Unity Capital Management Pty LtdSydney263601
Australian Wool & Pastoral Agency LimitedSydney257459
Austrata Finance Pty LtdSydney1286166
Austvina Finance Pty LtdSydney1286236
Austvina Financial Advisors Pty LtdSydney1286255
Ausvest Pty LtdSydney1298024
Ausvogar Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1256830
Autopia Management Pty LimitedSydney343869
Autus Capital Pty LtdSydney416423
Avantevo Pty LtdSydney1297418
Avanti Asset Management Pty LtdSydney473680
Avari Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney1275626
Avatar Corporation Pty LimitedSydney302503
Aventus Belrose Pty LtdSydney452909
Aventus Diversified Pty LtdSydney463987
Aventus Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1279708
Aventus Jindalee Pty LtdSydney434080
Aventus Midland Pty LtdSydney429371
Aventus Mile End Pty LtdSydney429372
Avenyou Accounting & Advisory Pty LtdSydney1280697
Averay, Scott JamesSydney1240923
Averill, Thomas RochfordSydney1266465
Avery, Anthony JosephSydney462764
Avery, Michael Desmond Sydney1296628
Avestra Global Pty LimitedSydney344292
Avestra Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney337562
Avestra Wealth Managers Pty LtdSydney418723
Avinante, Paul DavidSydney254348
Avis, Sarah-jane Sydney468673
Avolino, Joe Sydney304793
Avramides, George JohnSydney274986
Awad, Giselle Sydney1233025
Awad, Meena AnthonySydney1248394
Awad, Rebecca Sydney1279801
Awan, Muhammad WaseemSydney465964
Awandaru Pty LtdSydney1261989
Aware Super Services Pty LtdSydney1278650
Awaut Nominees Pty LtdSydney451452
Awick, Haysaa. Sydney410825
Awl Pitt Australia Pty LimitedSydney267069
Awm Services Pty LtdSydney341125
Axias Capital Pty LtdSydney337219
Axias Group Pty LtdSydney438782
Axias Investment Management Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney337220
Axiis Capital Pty LtdSydney1292529
Axiome Equities Pty LimitedSydney412184
Axion Trade Pty LtdSydney1293799
Axis Finance Group Pty LtdSydney403500
Axius Partners Unit TrustSydney1009220
Axl Capital Partners Pty. Ltd.Sydney1239986
Axl Financial Pty LimitedSydney1234193
Axle Equity Partners Pty LtdSydney1258357
Axle Holdco Pty LtdSydney386235
Axten, Suzanne ElaineSydney270410
Ayad, James Sydney1257937
Ayers Alliance Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney465990
Ayers Alliance LimitedSydney382642
Ayoub, John Sydney1245600
Ayoub, Ronnie Sydney286408
Ayres, Justin PhillipSydney277101
Ayres, Marcus WilliamSydney1284702
Ayscough, Jonathan Sydney282047
Azar, Steven Sydney1249413
Azara, Therese Sydney318539
Azer, Marian Sydney302823
Azora Direct Pty LtdSydney309472
Azure Financial Services Pty LtdSydney384344
Azzato, Michael Sydney1273375
Azzi, Carol Sydney1279722
Azzi, Elias Sydney306136
Azzi, Julie Sydney1271050
Azzi, Rachelle Sydney465361
Azzopardi, Vince PatrickSydney1280118
B & C Clarke Pty LimitedSydney447254
B C Administration LimitedSydney277841
B Fensom Holdings Pty LtdSydney427468
B G Travel Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney264075
B&r Road Investors Nominee Pty LimitedSydney1008283
B. A. Gilbert & Company Pty. LimitedSydney235602
B. Moses Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1291994
B. Moses Private Wealth Pty LimitedSydney1297148
B. Moses Securities Pty LtdSydney1291993
B.s Cheung & A Chui & M.j Coughtrey & F Giannuzzi & V Gupta & C.h Levy & M.d Nicholaeff & A SaidmanSydney1250478
BE Business Pty LtdSydney458885
BE Free Investments Pty LtdSydney403001
BE ON Pacific Pty LtdSydney344362
BG Financial Group Pty LtdSydney1257532
BH Employee Share Plan Pty LtdSydney267248
BR Sustainable Investments Pty LtdSydney451781
BW Capital Sydney Pty LtdSydney412492
Babbage, Simon Sydney264648
Babbl Pty LtdSydney1275736
Babcock & Brown (sgl) Nominees Pty LtdSydney306287
Babcock & Brown Australia Pty LtdSydney280764
Babcock & Brown Australian Real Estate Management Pty LtdSydney303574
Babcock & Brown Communities Management Pty LtdSydney316513
Babcock & Brown Ecogen Nominees Pty LtdSydney303590
Babcock & Brown Environmental Investments Management Pty LtdSydney312430
Babcock & Brown Fors Holdings Pty LtdSydney280736
Babcock & Brown Gml Nominees Pty LtdSydney326055
Babcock & Brown Infrastructure Management Pty LtdSydney290974
Babcock & Brown MS Alliance Pty LtdSydney312039
Babcock & Brown Nominees Pty LtdSydney273140
Babcock & Brown Power Asset Management Pty LtdSydney308844
Babcock & Brown Power Management Pty LtdSydney308845
Babcock & Brown Properties Pty LimitedSydney273141
Babcock & Brown Real Estate Pty LtdSydney273142
Babcock & Brown Schools 2 Investments Pty LtdSydney312038
Babcock & Brown Services Pty LtdSydney273143
Babcock & Brown TS Finance No.2 Pty LtdSydney303589
Babcock & Brown TS Finance Pty LtdSydney273145
Babcock & Brown Transactions Pty LtdSydney273144
Babcock & Brown Wind Partners Management Pty LtdSydney314354
Babich, Fabian Sydney294390
Babota Pty LtdSydney400697
Baboucek, Justin PeterSydney464698
Babu, Fujiya Sydney1280911
Baburi, Mohammad MatinSydney299208
Baccarat Investment Solutions Pty LtdSydney1235229
Bacchus Capital Management Pty. LimitedSydney292851
Bacf Investments Pty LimitedSydney271311
Backbone Partners Pty LtdSydney1298944
Backhouse, Donald AnthonySydney454378
Backler, David Sydney424766
Backman, Simon JamesSydney319340
Backpackers World Travel (victoria) Pty LtdSydney261396
Bacon, Matthew Sydney292347
Bactad, Vicky Sydney1296741
Badam, Kareen Sydney1272153
Bader Capital Pty. Ltd.Sydney1233914
Bader, Talea Sydney1235181
Badger Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney335400
Badger, Michael DavidSydney335398
Bae, Edwin Jung HyunSydney1003049
Baena, Elizabeth Sydney282679
Baffour-diawuoh, Joseph Sydney1292363
Bagaman, Jeanry Sydney1301020
Bagaria, Sakshi Sydney1267240
Bagas, Ana Marie Sydney1296738
Bage, Michael GeorgeSydney226739
Bage, Neita ElspethSydney226740
Baggott, John Sydney236535
Bahari, Michael Sydney1287351
Baheer, Shabeina Sydney286726
Bahl, Amit Sydney254315
Bahl, Ruby Sydney282497
Bahra, Amrit Sydney442719
Bai, Yun Sydney1242764
Baikie, Paul StevenSydney1252543
Bailey & Co. Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney1248798
Bailey, Catherine Sydney271055
Bailey, Christopher BasalSydney1235737
Bailey, Christopher BasilSydney1249828
Bailey, Kym Sydney342598
Bailey, Kym BeverleySydney1000728
Bailey, Luke Sydney1005200
Bailey, Richard JamesSydney1263040
Bailey, Stephen Sydney296921
Bailey, Travis Sydney1232846
Baillie, Christopher Sydney250035
Baillie, Craig WarwickSydney451320
Baillie, John StorenSydney268065
Bainton Pty LimitedSydney273146
Bairaktaridis, Peter Sydney275851
Baird, Jordan Timothy KeithSydney1263866
Bajcarz, Adam Sydney1247402
Bajic, Dushko Sydney230165
Bajpai, Shikha Sydney457228
Baker Brooks Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney1279306
Baker, Amie Christine Sydney338235
Baker, Brendan AnthonySydney224394
Baker, Cathrine Sydney277136
Baker, Chris Sydney1261194
Baker, Christopher AnthonySydney329720
Baker, Christopher KennethSydney406769
Baker, Christopher MarkSydney322640
Baker, David AnthonySydney274697
Baker, David ChristopherSydney245690
Baker, Garry EdwardSydney412551
Baker, Harrison EdwardSydney1280108
Baker, Jacqueline MariaSydney279998
Baker, Janine Sydney254355
Baker, Jeannette Sydney290352
Baker, Jodie LeeSydney236604
Baker, Joshua PaulSydney1233712
Baker, Kurt Sydney1271775
Baker, Lachlan Charles HudsonSydney238573
Baker, Mark DayanSydney314508
Baker, Martin ScottSydney336270
Baker, Rhian Sydney285001
Baker, Robert JamesSydney283509
Baker, Stuart TSydney1299636
Bakic, Dragan Sydney1273443
Bakker, Jarrod KaneSydney1278365
Balaghee, Dharmarajen Sydney341905
Balakrishnan, Natarajan Sydney409415
Balalovski, Risto Sydney1272567
Balasundaram, Shivakumar Sydney1251346
Balasuriya, Niro Sydney281923
Balcombe, Craig Sydney256329
Bald, Andrew JohnSydney269983
Baldacchino, Julie Sydney1002947
Balding, Allan GeoffreySydney268066
Baldock, Daniel ThomasSydney1252728
Baldock, Henry Sydney333561
Baldrey, Andrew ScottSydney1265167
Baldwinwicks Financial Advisers Pty. LimitedSydney398099
Balestrin, Ginetta Sydney274252
Balfour Capital Holdings Pty LimitedSydney466059
Bali Assets Pty Ltd & Simkat Tours Pty LtdSydney343595
Bali, Aswani Sydney273686
Balk, Michael JamesSydney1278927
Ball, Brian GeorgeSydney323691
Ball, Murray AlanSydney427693
Ball, Natalie Sydney282026
Balmain Aqua Pty LimitedSydney280136
Balmain Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney1300841
Balmain Funds Management Pty LtdSydney382030
Balmain Funds Pty LtdSydney401726
Balmain Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney419018
Balmain NB Corporation LimitedSydney440612
Balmain Trilogy Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney383192
Balment, Finn Sydney1291859
Bambach, Alberto Sydney343953
Bamford Capital Pty LimitedSydney1276641
Bamford, Annabelle DarcySydney1263585
Bamford, Lee GayleSydney442482
Bamra, Sukhmani Sydney279295
Ban, Ronan Sydney1291869
Banda, Paul GwiraniSydney1260542
Bandesha, Navdeep Sydney403653
Bang, Seungho Sydney280740
Banga, Arti Sydney254322
Banga, Hartaj SinghSydney254309
Bangia, Saurabh Sydney1234332
Bank OF Sydney LtdSydney416852
Banks, Dean CampbellSydney260249
Banks, Stephen Sydney296087
Bannan, Shane Sydney268067
Bannerman, Nathan MitchellSydney416540
Bannister Mansfield Pty. LimitedSydney299334
Bannister, Bill Sydney330560
Bannon, Louis Franko DavisSydney1281746
Bano Pty LtdSydney1293635
Banos, John Sydney226161
Bansal, Kewal Sydney348816
Bansal, Vikas Sydney326772
Banyan Consulting Pty. LimitedSydney1270718
Bao, Richard Sydney1278210
Baptist, Edward FredericSydney268925
Barallon, Joelle SuzetteSydney1245471
Barasia, Punit Sydney278128
Barbarich, Nathan Sydney458202
Barbarich, Stephen GeorgeSydney305022
Barber, Duncan Sydney1251158
Barber, Hamilton Sydney230709
Barber, Lisa MareeSydney247688
Barber, Yitz Sydney269667
Barclay Pearce Capital Corporate Pty LtdSydney1290062
Barclay Pearce Capital Pty LtdSydney1277964
Barclay Pearce Capital Trading Pty LtdSydney1290092
Barden, Lorcan Sydney425464
Bareau, Thierry Sydney315833
Bargholz, Michael Sydney309146
Barilla, David Sydney335617
Barker, Benjamin Sydney1271795
Barker, Brendan JamesSydney1233666
Barker, Damien Peter ScottSydney1267779
Barker, Hamish TimothySydney256474
Barker, John RaymondSydney446584
Barker, Joshua AllanSydney1274752
Barker, Marcia Lee-anneSydney1245641
Barker, Mary Sydney329351
Barker, Richard ScottSydney332084
Barker, Vincent Sydney1281633
Barkey, Gordon Sydney232691
Barkl, Paul Sydney445253
Barling, Kendalle Sydney432002
Barlow, Mark Sydney263897
Barmania, Jamil FarrajSydney332245
Barnes, Jessica Sydney339674
Barnes, Martin WilliamSydney249934
Barnes, Philip NicholasSydney1284798
Barnett, Andrew Sydney297328
Barnett, Anne Sydney226160
Barnett, Catherine MargaretSydney302824
Barnett, Grant Sydney325061
Barnett, Matthew Sydney226759
Barnett, Matthew JamesSydney227122
Barnier, Gary Sydney314523
Baron DE Costa Pty LtdSydney437048
Barone, Gede JosephSydney1248035
Barr, Tom Sydney282162
Barrack Street Nominees Pty LtdSydney283330
Barratt Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney253443
Barratt, Jonathan Sydney270559
Barratt, Justin Sydney1267669
Barre, Mustafa IbrahimSydney390886
Barrenjoey Private Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney1296393
Barrenjoey Trevally No.1 Pty LimitedSydney1297435
Barrenjoey Trevally Pty LimitedSydney1296394
Barrenjoey Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney1301992
Barrett, Christopher Sydney241949
Barrett, Paul AndrewSydney289362
Barrett-hamilton, Samuel AnthonySydney233633
Barron, Ewan AlasdairSydney299588
Barros, Andrew Amaro MacedoSydney383697
Barry, Adam MarcSydney298637
Barry, Andrew MccowanSydney296025
Barry, Anthony Sydney466090
Barry, Kevin Sydney338032
Barry, Maeghan MerleSydney1297810
Barry, Stephen RaymondSydney414509
Barter, Gregory JohnSydney260019
Bartetzko, Carl Sydney231326
Bartholomew Smith Pty. LtdSydney332993
Bartlett, Lisa Sydney366412
Bartlett, Paul WilliamSydney1279405
Barton, David Sydney1004497
Barton, Keith EdwinSydney245813
Baruzzi, Mark Sydney1004519
Baruzzi, Mark JohnSydney282682
Barwell, Nicholas EdwardSydney1249001
Barwell, Trevor WilliamSydney1247256
Barwon Property Funds Management Pty LtdSydney454289
Barwon Property Securities Pty LtdSydney424436
Barwon Utilities Funds Management Pty LtdSydney424352
Basa, Richard AdamSydney280048
Basak, Snigdhadeb Sydney1247599
Basche, James MichaelSydney380020
Base Capital Pty LtdSydney1276302
Base Travel Pty LtdSydney261397
Basecap Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1258739
Basic, Mirzeta Sydney281807
Basili, Mark Sydney284348
Basra, Jaskamalpal SinghSydney1291938
Bass Hill No. 1 Pty LimitedSydney273147
Bassett, Michael JohnSydney455275
Bassett, Simon MarkSydney289276
Batak, Alison Sydney408283
Batcheldor, Kim MarkSydney1245539
Batchelor, Jarrod Paul DavidSydney284076
Batchelor, Nicholas DavidSydney427851
Batchelor, Philip DonaldSydney270873
Baterna, Jhade Sydney1301022
Bates, Christopher Sydney405365
Bates, Melinda JaneSydney301621
Bates, Stanley JohnSydney379467
Bateup, Malinda Sydney408285
Batir Investments Pty LimitedSydney398206
Batir Wealth Pty LtdSydney336520
Batley, Melany JOSydney330302
Battaglia, Alessandro Sydney1282374
Battaglia, Joseph Sydney296628
Batten, David Sydney1236090
Batterham, Jonathan Sydney1282385
Battese, Christine KaySydney262100
Battisson, Margaret AnnSydney300684
Battistessa, Jason Sydney296133
Batty, Bronwen Sydney308885
Baud, Andrew James Sydney1234333
Baulkham Hills Advisory Pty LtdSydney1241579
Baumgartner, Vera Sydney321521
Bausse, Geza Sydney283903
Baxter, Andrew Sydney411612
Baxter, Craig Sydney1273492
Baxter, Jennifer MaySydney454399
Baxter, Joseph James StewartSydney1298989
Baxter, Kim Sydney1265411
Bay 41 Capital Pty LtdSydney1264730
Bay Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney433448
Bay Street Capital Pty LimitedSydney415994
Bayles, Gregory HaigSydney294031
Bayley, Christopher RobertSydney1245758
Baylis, Christian Sydney1283802
Bayliss, Rowan Sydney345751
Bayly, Donald JohnSydney336027
Bayly, Paul AndrewSydney304012
Bbf 1 Management Partnership LPSydney325732
Bbf1 Management Pty LtdSydney345824
Bbf1 Trusco Pty LtdSydney345825
Bby Hometrader Pty LtdSydney336179
Bcc Trade Credit Pty LtdSydney1246518
Bcc Transactions Pty LtdSydney1245210
Bcs Strata Management Pty LtdSydney240855
Bdh Private Pty LimitedSydney1292719
Bdh Sterling Pty LtdSydney462704
Bdo Private Wealth Advisers (east Coast) Pty LtdSydney320752
Beachside Financial Services Pty LtdSydney310519
Beadle, Carolyn SuzanneSydney246837
Beadman, Natalee FaithSydney1252669
Beadman, Nigel Sydney235058
Beagle Finance Pty LtdSydney1277308
Beale, Leon CraigSydney292169
Beames, Charles Sydney411953
Beange, Dominic CharlesSydney1294707
Bear, Marty Sydney336279
Beard, Alexander Damien HarrySydney270863
Beard, Cameron CharlesSydney397987
Bearsden Holdings Pty LtdSydney299400
Beasley, Alan PrestonSydney285974
Beasley, Sarah Sydney346649
Beasley, Thedore AdrianSydney452019
Beasties Pty LtdSydney1297532
Beathe, Jai AndrewSydney1269561
Beattie, Maurice Sydney301736
Beatton, Maurice ClarkeSydney268068
Beatty, Ian DavidSydney1283325
Beatty, Karen Sydney268652
Beatty, Stewert Sydney282365
Beau Finance Pty LtdSydney1281772
Beaufort Capital Pty LtdSydney434798
Beaumont, Digby Edward SterlingSydney1293669
Beaumont, Jeff Sydney276278
Beaumont, Jeffrey KevinSydney305831
Beaumont, Julian JoshuaSydney1009439
Beazley, Bill EdwinSydney276659
Beazley, Brian MichaelSydney250635
Becker, Brian Sydney230646
Becker, Martin Sydney411005
Beckinsale Pty. Ltd.Sydney267074
Beckman, Paul Sydney1238275
Becvan Investments Pty LtdSydney412190
Bedford, David JohnSydney1258313
Bedggood, Nicholas Sydney471093
Bedingfield, Christopher JamesSydney1239153
Bedohazy, Tim JohnSydney293020
Beecheno, Thomas DavidSydney1301201
Beecroft, Thomas Sydney230115
Beeton, Justin Sydney284531
Beeton, Scott LionelSydney290379
Begg, Callum Sydney1249142
Beggs, Phillip Sydney411737
Behlevanas, Angela JoySydney1264571
Behn, Ryan Sydney1279724
Beiglari, Kamran Sydney262095
Beitzel, Rebecca Sydney1271798
Bejin, Amanda Sydney1270112
Belardo, Sergio NicoloSydney444584
Belay Capital Pty LimitedSydney1251591
Belay Wealth Pty LtdSydney1263984
Belbin, Andrea Sydney423080
Belcher, Daniel JohnSydney1252171
Belfiglio, Julia LouiseSydney222779
Belford, Paul RaymondSydney451351
Belgravia HR Consulting Pty LtdSydney1247651
Bell Partners Insurance Pty LtdSydney451397
Bell, Adam Sydney318937
Bell, Anthony FrancisSydney1243806
Bell, Anthony MarkSydney420188
Bell, Barbara Sydney472981
Bell, Benjamin JamesSydney263281
Bell, Chloe FayeSydney1263931
Bell, George Sydney274089
Bell, Gregory DavidSydney249032
Bell, Gregory StephenSydney437553
Bell, John MSydney269251
Bell, Matthew Sydney431958
Bell, Nathan ToddSydney418175
Bell, Peter Sydney278832
Bell, Rachel Sydney1003250
Bell, Stewart Sydney295464
Belleville, Gerard LucienSydney466791
Bellevue Wealth Pty LtdSydney1276364
Bellew, Steven JohnSydney455399
Bellingham, David AndrewSydney252600
Belloc Pty LimitedSydney408701
Bellrock Benefits Pty LtdSydney1301650
Bellrock Broking (nsw) Pty LtdSydney1245879
Bellrose Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney1275510
Bellson Group Pty LtdSydney1286728
Bellucci, Tamara Sydney1301809
Belmont Advisory Pty LtdSydney1300105
Belmont, Piers Antony RobertSydney222816
Belousoff, Cable Sydney226741
Belousoff, Paul MichaelSydney226742
Bendeich, Jeremy DavidSydney1009313
Bendeich, Melinda JaneSydney406158
Bendemra, Zineb Sydney408280
Benefit Zone Global Pty LimitedSydney1253979
Benefit Zone Group Pty LtdSydney1257758
Benison Management Co. Pty. Ltd.Sydney327871
Benitez, Patricia Sydney339552
Benlisoy, Cengiz Sydney277964
Benlyn Projects Pty LtdSydney341644
Bennelong Capital Pty LtdSydney1282938
Bennelong Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney290806
Bennelong Wealth Management Pty LimitedSydney279368
Bennet, Caroline JaneSydney460989
Bennett, Adele Sydney362126
Bennett, Andrew JamesSydney455762
Bennett, Andrew PaulSydney1292175
Bennett, Clifford Henry ThomasSydney333065
Bennett, Dan Sydney1260049
Bennett, Fred Sydney268069
Bennett, Glenn Sydney402549
Bennett, Graeme FrederickSydney268070
Bennett, Jason PhillipSydney334530
Bennett, Jeremy Sydney1251491
Bennett, Matthew ArthurSydney1257519
Bennett, Maxwell LindsaySydney276827
Bennett, Megan Sydney1248975
Bennett, Patrick Sydney1002244
Bennett, Rhion RobertSydney324742
Bennett, Simon DavidSydney313886
Bennett, Stephen Sydney340206
Bennett, Timothy Paul EricSydney1261063
Bennetto, Harry John Sydney1238624
Bennetto, Peter Sydney338045
Bennetto, Peter DuncombeSydney414017
Bennetts, Mark Sydney242256
Bennetts, Rachel Sydney273534
Bennison, Heather Sydney237625
Bension, Elan Sydney1242280
Benson, Kaite MareeSydney331777
Benson, Ross KennethSydney227958
Bent, Philip Sydney280380
Bentley, Alistair Charles FoyleSydney1267386
Bentley, David MarkSydney471281
Bentley, Michael FredricSydney1276382
Bentleys Mri Healthcare Sydney Pty LimitedSydney232372
Bentleys Mri Sydney Financial Consultants Pty LtdSydney242036
Bentleys Mri Sydney Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney292983
Benton, Robert Sydney263901
Bentorus International Pty LtdSydney258926
Bentours International Pty LimitedSydney257916
Benveniste, Alain TeikiSydney1280426
Benvenuto, Colin Nicola LuigiSydney241833
Benz Advisers Pty LtdSydney404288
Benz, Robert Sydney404290
Beo - Travel Pty LimitedSydney267077
Beranek, Karina KellySydney1263965
Beresford, James EdalSydney245817
Beresford, Trudi JaneSydney246077
Berg, Anthony RichardSydney225683
Berg, Michael WaltherSydney454398
Bergeron, Christophe Marie MichelSydney1234192
Bergin, Ciara Sydney410813
Bergin, Patrick JosephSydney295412
Berglund, Robert GeoffreySydney312268
Bergmark, David LeeSydney276192
Bergseng, Erik Sydney1254902
Bergseng, Erik Arthur SigierdSydney1239732
Berina-lubrin, Nicole AnnSydney1269238
Berj, Totonjian Sydney386481
Berkovits, Thomas Sydney276359
Berlecky, Anna Sydney362138
Berman, Bradley Sydney1006210
Berman, Michael Sydney404573
Berman, Robert StanleySydney1238401
Bermuda Trading Pty LtdSydney1281379
Bernadou, Simon Sydney432919
Bernard, Jennifer LynnSydney398117
Bernet, Damien Sydney288895
Bernido, Gaye MareeSydney431391
Bernstein, Julie Sydney1004661
Bernstein, Zane AntonySydney336264
Beros, David Sydney405310
Berrada, Hakim Sydney277539
Berrell, Natalie Sydney1268606
Berry, Greg Sydney411316
Berry, Julie AnneSydney263902
Berry, Kieran CraigSydney430641
Berry, Nicholas PeterSydney1266388
Berry-patterson, Laura ElizabethSydney276660
Berti-kalos, Daniel Sydney1235410
Bertincourt, Jean-francois Sydney337653
Bertram, Diana Sydney328568
Bertram, Glen Sydney297254
Bertsos, Holly TalethaSydney457792
Bertuleit, Emma LouiseSydney1252715
Beside Advisory Pty LtdSydney1292249
Bespoke Insurance Group Pty LtdSydney1266693
Besser, Karoline BernardaSydney234775
Besson, James MileySydney1249366
Best Pay Pty LtdSydney1260298
Best Practice Nextgen (sydney Cbd) Pty LtdSydney1300402
Best, Josh Sydney1250334
Best, Joshua Sydney309898
Best, Rachael LouiseSydney325079
Best, Samuel RoderickSydney290357
Betar, Christopher JohnSydney325568
Betasmartz Pty LtdSydney1239522
Bethe, Timothy PatrickSydney1233178
Betreen, Shayne Sydney407262
Betterway Capital Pty LtdSydney1009425
Bettinzoli, Maurie Sydney280135
Bettman, Kevin AshleySydney316059
Bettman, Shaun EldredSydney408374
Betts, Michael PaulSydney398123
Betts, Phillipa Sydney1232835
Betty, Keith AlanSydney341992
Beulke, Rachelle LouiseSydney303140
Bevilacqua, Amanda KateSydney434108
Beyond Insurance Pty LtdSydney425448
Beyond Strategies Pty LtdSydney342266
Beyond Travel Group Pty LtdSydney303001
Bfin Australia Securities LimitedSydney394158
Bfirst Travel Pty LimitedSydney285497
Bfj Pty. Ltd.Sydney1276790
Bfx Australia Pty LtdSydney1277965
Bga Capital Pty LimitedSydney1294116
Bgpa Holdings Pty LtdSydney1286304
Bgsc Pty LtdSydney316887
Bhandai, Ashwin Sydney278618
Bhandari, Abhinaya Sydney1249028
Bhandari, Chetan Sydney1235069
Bhandari, Dinesh Sydney1275927
Bhandari, Nizi Sydney462591
Bharaktiya, Surbhi Sydney452020
Bharti, Pushpa Sydney286410
Bhashkar, Sujen Sydney1006062
Bhasin, Sharad Sydney338532
Bhat, Rajesh RaghuveerSydney1286246
Bhat, Sudha Sydney1237563
Bhathal, Navdeep SinghSydney341315
Bhatia, Shirish Sydney1239620
Bhatnagar, Ashok KumarSydney277446
Bhatnagar, Subodh Sydney292636
Bhavsar, Zankar MSydney286735
Bhoola, Yash Sydney1276143
Bhullar, Sukhwant SinghSydney334364
Bhuta, Rohit Sydney1299492
Bi, Mian Sydney1301025
Bianchi, Robert JohnSydney264746
Bianchini, Anthony Sydney354232
Bianco Sydney Pty. Ltd.Sydney455922
Bice, Anthony NigelSydney295215
Bickerstaff, Hugh RohanSydney1273999
Bicket, Katrina Sydney327793
Biddle, John RussellSydney280783
Biddle, Paul Sydney322123
Biermann, Christian JohnSydney466792
Bieson Pty LtdSydney1298479
Biet, Andre Sydney1237696
Big Picture Management Pty LimitedSydney269303
Bignill, Thomas MasonSydney440588
Bilgola Assets Pty LtdSydney1298697
Bilic, George Sydney279082
Bilimoria, Zubin Sydney1281598
Bill, Fuggle Sydney462435
Billing, Grace Sydney300058
Billingham, Max Sydney1236853
Billings, Philippa JaneSydney1248597
Billington, Brett GrahamSydney332579
Billington, Catherine Sydney362164
Billitteri, Sandra Sydney465348
Bilney, Derek Sydney277990
Bily, David Sydney376773
Binetter, Michael Thomas RobertSydney273271
Bingeman, Sarah AshleySydney304654
Bingham, Casandra Sydney362162
Birch, Martin KennethSydney1292837
Birch, Mathew EdwardSydney286534
Birch, Michael JohnSydney410759
Birch, Patrick Sydney1233519
Bird, Joe FrancisSydney1233866
Birkbeck, David JohnSydney398314
Birkensleigh, Sandra ChristineSydney265023
Birkmann, Dietmar Sydney250468
Birtwhistle, Iain Sydney279264
Bisch, Ryan JamesSydney317862
Bishop And Fang Pty LtdSydney1295624
Bishop Collins Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney1242273
Bishop, Nicholas GeorgeSydney1295627
Bishop, William GeorgeSydney259642
Biti, Louise JanetSydney289651
Bito-on, Linda Sydney233232
Bitong, Camilo Miguel DizonSydney1297396
Biviano, Andrew AngeloSydney1271067
Bjorkengren, Elin Sydney312133
Bki Investment Company LimitedSydney339995
Black Financial Services Pty LtdSydney426446
Black Oakmont Pty LtdSydney1274846
Black, Aaron JonathanSydney1257959
Black, Alexandra Sydney287091
Black, Andrew BruceSydney1234707
Black, Damian PeterSydney1233229
Black, David Sydney463220
Black, Gordon StuartSydney297304
Black, Stephen Michael JamesSydney277089
Black, Steven MarkSydney281780
Black, Zeljka Sydney1282355
Blackburn, Adrian Sydney224395
Blackcitrus Pty. Ltd.Sydney1252681
Blackford Hill Pty LtdSydney427296
Blackler, Sebastian Sydney1285858
Blackman, Shane Sydney426486
Blackmore, Geoffrey DavidSydney273563
Blackpearl Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney466043
Blackshields, Elizabeth MarySydney274222
Blackwell, Andrew Sydney231193
Blaess, Justin ScottSydney1239152
Blair, Christopher Sydney430083
Blair, David RobertSydney340442
Blair, Katrina Sydney343721
Blake, Carrington Sydney282388
Blake, James Sydney280382
Blake, Michael JohnSydney297280
Blake, Sandra Sydney260237
Blakeney, Simon Sydney1277912
Blam Advisory Pty LtdSydney1255608
Blanche, Hamish Sydney438919
Blaser, Thierry Sydney336963
Blatch, Daniel JohnSydney434362
Blau Institution Pty. Ltd.Sydney1269000
Blazeski, Branko Sydney222913
Bleasdale, Diane BaxterSydney284347
Bleechmore, Jarrad Sydney411046
Blencke, Fredrik Sydney1000751
Blend Insurance Solutions Pty LtdSydney1252966
Blenkinsop, Karen Sydney278300
Blicensed Pty LtdSydney287283
Bligh Capital Melbourne Pty. Ltd.Sydney330193
Bligh Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney335749
Bligh Capital Pty LtdSydney311879
Bligh Capital Securities Pty LtdSydney340857
Bligh, Wren Sydney438918
Blight, Tracey Sydney428416
Block, David Sydney280476
Block, Michael EmanuelSydney351575
Block, Nicholas WilliamSydney1294054
Blondeau, Ashley Sydney1279707
Bloom Advisory Group Pty LtdSydney322376
Bloom, Joshua DanielSydney264810
Bloomfield, Kyran Sydney1288221
Blossomapp Pty LtdSydney1284228
Blottin, Tim Sydney417365
Blows, Kate LouiseSydney275815
Blue Jean Consultants Pty LtdSydney1265863
Blue Jean Financial Pty LtdSydney447772
Blue Oak Financial Pty LtdSydney331053
Blue Quay Investment Management Pty LtdSydney319295
Blue Ridge Investment Management Pty LtdSydney298303
Blue River Finance Pty LtdSydney1293607
Blue Zone Financial Pty LtdSydney1284357
Bluegum Wealth Pty LtdSydney439355
Blueinc Group Pty LimitedSydney281319
Bluekite Capital Wealth Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney1254815
Bluemount Capital (sydney) Pty LtdSydney1300417
Bluemount Sydney Pty LtdSydney400409
Bluespire Capital Pty LtdSydney1243743
Bluespire Pty LimitedSydney1278591
Bluestar Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1300837
Bluestone Group Pty LimitedSydney256288
Bluestone Servicing Pty LimitedSydney1235003
Bluetree Equity Pty LtdSydney1297541
Bluewater Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney1248238
Bluewater Financial Solutions Pty LimitedSydney329156
Blumberg, Laurence JonathanSydney288154
Blumenthal, Adam Sydney435548
Blumenthal, Alvin Sydney269666
Blumenthal, Darrin Sydney1243252
Blumer, David Sydney335600
Bma Consultants Pty LtdSydney412188
Bmg Capital Pty LtdSydney463692
Bmgw Finance Pty LtdSydney1265346
Bmh Capital Pty LtdSydney1292374
Bms Capital Pty. LimitedSydney1249324
Bmyg Omg Pty LtdSydney1257404
Bnc Holdings Pty LtdSydney242090
Bnp Paribas Nominees Pty LimitedSydney263518
Bnsw Planning Pty LimitedSydney1239331
Boag, Campbell Sydney231184
Boag, Ken Sydney284834
Boak, Ted Sydney250689
Boal, Andrew Sydney1275299
Boalch, Richard AshleySydney445450
Board, Mitchell Sydney1301896
Boast, Claire Sydney366418
Bob Manns And Associates Pty LtdSydney340961
Bobba, Bindu Sydney413811
Bobbin, Craig JustinSydney260047
Bobbob Pty LtdSydney1296199
Boca Global Financial Group Pty LtdSydney471651
Bock, Carl WilliamSydney322900
Bocquet, Phillip Sydney231940
Boden, Kara JaneSydney1270802
Boden, Paul Sydney1006087
Bodger, Lorelle Sydney301244
Boduk, Ercan Sydney336005
Body Corporate Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney333127
Boehmke, Christopher MichaelSydney440554
Bofinger, Daniel Sydney471249
Boggs, Brian AnthonySydney1261206
Bogiatto, Paul EnzoSydney299553
Bogoevski, Ilija Sydney337326
Bogoevski, Michael Sydney439116
Bogue, Michael Sydney1286362
Bohlken, Frits OscarSydney268071
Bohlsen, Judy Sydney439914
Bohlsen, Matthew Sydney314226
Bohlsen, Roger WilliamSydney300109
Boidin, Katherine Sydney1253204
Bojovic, Andrija Sydney446876
Bolabiu, David HartleySydney282005
Bolder Wealth Pty LtdSydney1283276
Boler, Jacob Sydney336640
Boler, Kerry LeanneSydney341194
Bolger, Catherine Sydney279814
Bolger, Tim Sydney253746
Bolger, Timothy JamesSydney1301521
Bolija Pty LtdSydney280149
Boller, Jeremy Sydney271003
Bollinger Academic Pty LtdSydney445592
Bollinger Shipping Agency Pty LtdSydney276835
Bolot, Joshua Sydney1259830
Bolton, Christopher DavidSydney276661
Bolton, Rodney JamesSydney303238
Bombora Investment Management Pty LimitedSydney1265642
Bome, Errol ArnoldSydney465283
Bonanno, Crystal Sydney1002685
Bonarius, Nathan Sydney1235804
Bond, Banjo DouglasSydney1264182
Bond, Lianna Sydney1267481
Bond, Nicholas Sydney1233853
Bondi Beach Group OF Companies Pty. LimitedSydney317558
Bondi Partners Australia Pty LtdSydney1286216
Bone, Andrew ThomasSydney306647
Bone, Matthew DanielSydney1281902
Bone, Stephen JamesSydney264401
Bonfield, Stephen Sydney429821
Bonilla, Anthony SebastianSydney453885
Bonnell Rowntree Financial Planning Pty LimitedSydney410031
Bonouvrie, Simon DanielSydney444734
Booker, Matthew PeterSydney1241586
Bookin, Charles ShawnSydney431346
Boomers Insurance Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney1008969
Boon, Gavin CornelisSydney411276
Boon, Mark Sydney286445
Boon, Sunny Tsun AhSydney1298995
Boot, Melanie Sydney424316
Booth, Barbara Sydney1004548
Booth, Christopher JohnSydney344137
Booth, Colin Sydney296055
Booth, Colin WalterSydney335945
Booth, Eduard Sydney284086
Booth, Garry Nicholas Sydney1296627
Booth, Hayden HealthSydney1269750
Booth, Jennifer RaeSydney424740
Booth, Tom Sydney268287
Boothcorp Securities Pty. LimitedSydney335927
Booysen, Keegan Sydney1263905
Bop Australia Pty LtdSydney1277744
Boparai, Harpinder KaurSydney1258908
Bordignon, Karen Sydney408699
Boreta, Jessica Sydney300753
Borg, Karen-anne Sydney286066
Borger, Cavill Sydney454633
Boroughs Australia Pty LimitedSydney1253643
Borrelli, Carlo Sydney377785
Bos, Daniel Sydney1259833
Boss, Carissa ElaineSydney236366
Boss, Craig AlanSydney300639
Boss, Rebecca MareeSydney1278162
Bosser, Richard Sydney393672
Boston Consortium Pty LtdSydney1283828
Boston Global Investment Management Services Pty LtdSydney1283829
Boston Merchant Financial Securities Pty LtdSydney412224
Botros, Irene Sydney254291
Botton, Marigold JuliSydney467016
Bouchahin, George Sydney1279728
Boudib, Vanessa Sydney1255713
Bouhalis, Tina Sydney301820
Boulden, Mitchell Ronald BingSydney1238350
Bouris, Adrian Sydney255290
Bouris, Alexander DavidSydney346357
Bouris, Nathan Sydney344749
Bourke, Candice Sydney1249508
Bourke, Michael ColumbanSydney327745
Bourke, Stephen JamesSydney452744
Bourne, Giles JamesSydney1298686
Bourne, Henry Sydney1235626
Bourne, Katherine HarrietSydney471136
Bourne, Neil PatrickSydney1286339
Bourne, Peter Sydney246811
Boustred, Graham AndrewSydney279511
Boutique Asset Management Pty LtdSydney302944
Bouwens, Lena ClareSydney263285
Bova, Michael ColinSydney341338
Bow Lane Nominees Pty. Ltd.Sydney338076
Bowden Hayes Private Wealth Pty LimitedSydney442886
Bowden, Nicholas RobertSydney331799
Bowditch, Katherine AnneSydney435752
Bowen, Renee Sydney276985
Bowen, Ron Sydney1247123
Bower, Amanda Sydney260439
Bowerman, Lisa Sydney423079
Bowers, Timothy KaneSydney1004319
Bowie Wilson, John Sydney231315
Bowker, Jonathon NicholasSydney1235260
Bowling, Michael Sydney472968
Bowman, Grant NeilSydney257944
Bowman, Shane Sydney254324
Bowring, Andrew Sydney242241
Bowyang Nominees Pty LtdSydney264143
Bowyer, Henry JohnSydney361113
Box Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1238718
Boyagoda, Chanaka Sydney333045
Boyce, Andrew WilifridSydney260681
Boyd, Allison Sydney362132
Boyd, Dana Sydney1256228
Boyd, Malcolm RickmanSydney266871
Boyd, Mark Sydney1260772
Boyd, Patrick WallaceSydney341907
Boyd, Sara Sydney418291
Boyd, Shelby Sydney1291870
Boyd, Stephen Sydney415283
Boyle, Cassandra Sydney305512
Boyle, Kevin Sydney429413
Boyle, Peter JamesSydney262362
Boyle, Timothy CampbellSydney1249687
Boyne River Investments Pty LimitedSydney460534
Bozlee, Martin ReginaldSydney468372
Bozov, Tome Sydney1247504
Bozovic, Neshka Sydney254311
Bpea Australia Pty LtdSydney1285928
Bpfsa Nominees Pty LtdSydney470107
Bpi Finance Pty LtdSydney426381
Bpm Private Wealth Pty LimitedSydney462889
Bpo Holdings Pty LtdSydney1007855
Bprep A Industrial Holdings Pty LtdSydney1294808
Bprep A Office Holdings Pty LtdSydney1286312
Bps Advisory Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney1258381
Bps Gsf Pty LtdSydney1288776
Bps Investments Pty LtdSydney1288777
Brabant, Camille AlexandraSydney227847
Brace, Robyn Sydney321179
Brack, Christohper JosephSydney264211
Bracken, Joseph Sydney452655
Brad Paton & Associates Pty LtdSydney274161
Bradd, Stephen GeffreySydney344747
Braddock, Kylie Sydney1297777
Bradford, Grant Sydney457871
Bradley, James CampbellSydney1277046
Bradley, Matthew SimonSydney1236244
Bradley, Timothy Sydney453694
Bradshaw, Anthony KimSydney281254
Bradshaw, Ryan Sydney430086
Bradshaw, Tim Sydney275189
Brady, Bernadette Sydney282160
Brady, Edward Sydney401764
Brady, Fiona Sydney270409
Brady, Janelle LouiseSydney274948
Brady, Martina Sydney287034
Brady, Timothy EdwardSydney264172
Brady, Tracy Sydney362717
Braga, David Sydney344206
Bragagnolo, Marco Sydney241197
Braham, Michael JohnSydney238159
Brahmbhatt, Vishal KiranSydney313752
Brailey, Edmund FrancisSydney305772
Brakey, John Sydney461749
Brancatisano, Nat AnthonySydney249819
Brand New You International Pty LtdSydney1274146
Brand, Steven JohnSydney271693
Brand, Vaughn AndreSydney1281803
Brandon Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney321556
Brandt, Michael Sydney337019
Bransgrove, Matthew Sydney231156
Bransgrove, Susanne Sydney285478
Branson, Michael PeterSydney359494
Brant, Graeme Sydney340616
Brant, Justine Sydney411978
Brar, Vickram SinghSydney470706
Brase, Reece Sydney1299855
Brash, Helen Sydney438934
Brass Broun Pty LtdSydney1289045
Brassil, Robert AlanSydney277754
Braund, Andrew JamesSydney222801
Braund, Matthew Sydney321680
Braund, Matthew AustinSydney285884
Brave Heart Investments Pty. Ltd.Sydney412192
Bravo Valor Partners Pty LtdSydney1280791
Bravura Australia Pty LtdSydney296712
Bray & Associates Pty LtdSydney1245220
Bray, Klaire Sydney424319
Bray, Warwick DavidSydney337107
Brayley Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney1260163
Brcic, Tony SimonSydney393058
Breakaway Crowdfunding Pty LtdSydney277995
Breakaway Research Pty LtdSydney1252888
Breakaway Travel Club Pty LtdSydney271086
Breakwater Advisory Pty LtdSydney457934
Breakwell, Armin SiegfriedSydney306888
Bredenhann, Gysbert Johan Sydney1256888
Breen, Richard Sydney1005880
Bregolin, Nicholas Sydney1008043
Bremer Waters Over 55's Lifestyle Resort Holdings Pty LimitedSydney457200
Bremner, Andrew Sydney468926
Brennan Research Pty LtdSydney1281965
Brennan, James Sydney279914
Brennan, Kate Sydney281990
Brennan, Peter FrankSydney260021
Brenner Corp Pty LtdSydney1244443
Brenner, Catherine MichelleSydney276880
Brent, Stephen DavidSydney457280
Brentise Capital LimitedSydney1008320
Brentnall, Lisa Sydney1293690
Brentnall, Marshall Sydney250831
Brentnallsnsw Financial Services Pty LtdSydney260821
Brentridge Capital Pty LtdSydney1269419
Brentrise Capital LimitedSydney1008324
Brereton, Greg Sydney1246522
Bresnehan, Geoffrey PeterSydney281877
Brett, Neil AlanSydney222892
Breuer, Antony GordonSydney225684
Brewer, Murray EdwardSydney1300481
Brickhill Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Sydney1244504
Bricklet LtdSydney1279142
Bricklet Nominees Pty LtdSydney1279143
Brickx Trusco Pty LtdSydney1000044
Bridge Impact Capital Pty LtdSydney1293509
Bridge Investment Research Pty LtdSydney1276084
Bridge Multifamily IV Australia Manager Pty LtdSydney1277272
Bridge Office Australia Manager Pty LtdSydney1277525
Bridge Office Fund Lenox Australia Manager Pty LtdSydney1277314
Bridge Private Capital Pty LtdSydney428483
Bridge Seniors Housing II Australia Manager Pty LtdSydney1277313
Bridge Street Capital Advisors Pty LtdSydney1246410
Bridge Street Capital Partners Pty LtdSydney1233469
Bridgelane Tsv Management Pty LtdSydney437300
Bridgeport Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1252600
Bridgett, Lisa-ann Sydney1240962
Bridgewater Advisory Pty LtdSydney1237209
Bridging Advisory Pty LtdSydney1255705
Briefcase Pty LtdSydney1300583
Briganti, Riccardo Sydney1282649
Bright Energy Pty LtdSydney1267666
Bright, Samantha TereseSydney450060
Brighten Financial Pty LimitedSydney1289101
Brightlight Impact Advisory Pty LtdSydney1263237
Brightlight Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1263240
Brilliant, Victoria Sydney460994
Briody, Michael Sydney1264503
Briqwise Admin Pty LtdSydney1300744
Briqwise Pty LtdSydney1300743
Brisbane Ecopark Borrowing CO Pty LtdSydney303588
Briscoe, Natalie Sydney270567
Briscoe, Nicholas Sydney406991
Bristow, James Sydney441523
Bristow, Louise Sydney441032
Bristow, Rodney JamesSydney1286008
Brits, Grant Tyson Sydney1257095
Britten, Christie Sydney1263532
Britten, Peter AlanSydney276106
Britton, Jonathan Blake WilliamSydney329384
Brizuela, Jessica Sydney1001803
Brnovic, Marko Sydney259377
Broad, Chris Sydney1296576
Broadbent, Andrew JohnSydney468424
Broadfield, Simone Sydney412148
Broadhurst, Susan Sydney346674
Broadway, Ricki AlisterSydney247727
Brock Halliday Pty LtdSydney291343
Brodie, Richard MichaelSydney461023
Broekhuyse, Jennifer Sydney1246690
Broeren, Daniel Sydney1008321
Brogan, William HarrisonSydney1288362
Brokerage House Pty LtdSydney1241069
Brokers Online Pty LtdSydney1276622
Broking For You Pty LtdSydney1262269
Brome Group Pty LtdSydney451714
Bromley, Stuart AlexanderSydney1259370
Bronze Group Pty LimitedSydney1281776
Broodryk, Maximilian NicholasSydney421559
Brooke, Edward Robert CharlesSydney1001313
Brooker, Catherine MargaretSydney1297807
Brooker, Sarah Sydney345756
Brookes, Benjamin GeorgeSydney420356
Brookes, Steven CharlesSydney1252408
Brookfield 123 ST Georges Terrace Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286302
Brookfield 388 Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286307
Brookfield Capital (australia) Pty LtdSydney1299945
Brookfield Dci TC Pty LtdSydney1273039
Brookfield EQ 6 Landowner Pty LtdSydney1301965
Brookfield EQ 7 Landowner Pty LtdSydney1301966
Brookfield Infrastructure Group (australia) Pty LtdSydney1299944
Brookfield Investment Management Australia Pty LtdSydney1299942
Brookfield Place Perth Corporate Investment Pty LtdSydney1296078
Brookfield Prime 108 ST George's Terrace Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286305
Brookfield Property Group Australia Pty LtdSydney1267656
Brookfield Property Partners (australia) Pty LtdSydney1281147
Brookfield Renewable Group Australia Pty LtdSydney1299943
Brookfield SX West Tower Landowner Pty LtdSydney1286306
Brookfield Sxe Investments Pty LtdSydney1286303
Brookhouse, Jennifer MareeSydney267358
Brooklyn Eps Pty LimitedSydney344123
Brooklyn IT Pty LimitedSydney389002
Brooklyn Underwriting Pty LtdSydney311687
Brooks, Anne Sydney284088
Brooks, Fiona WendySydney289144
Brooks, Joanne Sydney1258895
Brooks, John ThomasSydney251299
Brooks, Warren JohnSydney224408
Broomhead, Malcolm Sydney386409
Brophy, Danielle Sydney1254072
Brophy, Joseph Sydney284998
Brophy, Nathan JohnSydney1003404
Brosnan, Candace Sydney1270675
Broughton, Patrick HarrySydney276877
Brown, Acacia Sydney419482
Brown, Alan LeslieSydney284344
Brown, Alesha KateSydney1297814
Brown, Andrew JohnSydney1268846
Brown, Anne-marie Sydney1008240
Brown, Boydie Sydney457563
Brown, Callum Sydney1238654
Brown, Christopher FrancisSydney263842
Brown, Craig WesleySydney411115
Brown, Duncan Sydney461898
Brown, Gavin Sydney278833
Brown, Gavin JohnSydney253315
Brown, Gilbert LaurenceSydney465970
Brown, Heleena Sydney362199
Brown, Henry MontgomerySydney271720
Brown, Kieran EdwardSydney1004388
Brown, Lucy LouiseSydney275181
Brown, Mark Sydney1006067
Brown, Martin RussellSydney268701
Brown, Matthew JamesSydney429146
Brown, Matthew StephenSydney319961
Brown, Michael AnthonySydney334112
Brown, Michael Anthony JohnSydney282522
Brown, Michael WilliamSydney1233179
Brown, Michelle Sydney425146
Brown, Neil AnthonySydney466793
Brown, Neil James Sydney1245825
Brown, Nicole Sydney275818
Brown, Padraig Sydney412521
Brown, Paul GregorySydney1261531
Brown, Pauline MargaretSydney268072
Brown, Simon Sydney327735
Brown, Stephen Sydney1237762
Brown, Timothy DavidSydney426428
Brown, Trenton JohnSydney287230
Browne, Acacia Sydney421506
Browne, Ashley DavidSydney454579
Browne, Kasey Sydney362660
Browne, Lucy Sydney416726
Browne, Orla Sydney284078
Browne, Sciona DodwellSydney226743
Browne, Shaun Keate GardinerSydney300244
Browne, Zea LeanneSydney1259592
Brownette, Ben Sydney1267113
Brownie, Peter JamesSydney1275498
Browning, Christopher RobertSydney337126
Browning, Stuart Sydney1287345
Brownjohn, Barry Sydney229545
Brownlie-blackburn, Will ParahakiSydney1256218
Brownlow, Mark Sydney242182
Bruce, Anthony Sydney1264794
Bruce, Dennis MelvynSydney268073
Bruce, Joelene Sydney362645
Bruce, Matthew Sydney279649
Bruce, Matthew GordonSydney264404
Brugler, James Sydney345015
Brun, Henry Sydney267563
Brunsdon, Geoffrey NormanSydney359104
Brunton, Krista GayleSydney1264406
Brunton, Peter JohnSydney432892
Bruten, Guy Sydney332231
Bryan, Craig Sydney464651
Bryan, Craig Maxwell JohnSydney461024
Bryant, Daniel JamesSydney1009423
Bryant, Emma Sydney1271772
Brycki, Chris Sydney453422
Bryer, Robert JohnSydney268253
Bryers, Erica SeitskaSydney461900
Brynpen Investments Pty LtdSydney433635
Bryon, Nicolas George AshleySydney435198
Bryson, David AndrewSydney225388
Bsi Finance Pty LtdSydney1299670
Bsi Services Pty LimitedSydney1264592
Bsoa Holdings Pty LtdSydney1286299
Bsr & Sacfa Holdings Pty LimitedSydney240317
Bsr Financial Advisers Pty LimitedSydney339605
Bsrep 285 George Holdings Pty LtdSydney1273986
Bsrep 285 George Landowner Pty LtdSydney1273987
Bsrep IV Australia GP Pty LtdSydney1293825
Bsrep IV Kyanite T1 Pty LtdSydney1293826
Bsrep Iii (aus) Holdings Pty LtdSydney1276837
Bsrep T1 Pty LtdSydney1273975
Bsrep T2 Pty LtdSydney1273976
Bsrep Wynyard Lane Office Holdings Pty LtdSydney1273988
Bsrep Wynyard Lane Office Landowner Pty LtdSydney1273989
Bsrep Wynyard Place Office Holdings Pty LtdSydney1273991
Bsrep Wynyard Place Office Landowner Pty LtdSydney1273990
Bsrep Wynyard Place Retail Holdings Pty LtdSydney1273984
Bsrep Wynyard Place Retail Landowner Pty LtdSydney1273981
Btd Nominees Pty LimitedSydney269013
Btg Associates Pty LtdSydney1281250
Btx Racing Pty LtdSydney1297824
Buchanan, Craig RaymondSydney326738
Buchanan, Gavin JamesSydney283616
Buchanan, James AlasdairSydney301483
Buchholz, Peter LloydSydney439502
Buchhorn, Deanna MarieSydney1298897
Buchhorn, John Sydney337256
Buckeridge, Roger GilbertSydney256612
Buckingham, Clare TereseSydney277532
Buckle, Frances ElizabethSydney243256
Buckley, Jonathan Sydney1239744
Buckley, Tony Sydney278385
Bucknell, Delia Sydney281038
Budden, Matthew ThomasSydney1250355
Budhiraja, Chetan Sydney1264265
Budin, Philip JohnSydney243310
Bue, Ross ChristopherSydney1272608
Bugarcic, Diana Sydney437282
Bugden, Patrick Sydney245841
Bugg, John CharlesSydney246991
Buhlman, Stephen Sydney259769
Bui, Hoa Thanh ThiSydney406112
Bui, Oanh Sydney281181
Bui, Philippe Tuan Sydney1257500
Build Financial Freedom Pty LtdSydney458778
Bukalan, Carmelita Sydney233254
Buksh, Shaireen GulnaazSydney286307
Bulboa, Luis AlejandroSydney1240028
Bull, Margot Sydney341158
Bull, Matthew IanSydney430771
Buller, Steven Sydney296782
Bulley, Robert GibbonSydney459095
Bullock, Joshua HamiltonSydney1274854
Bullock, Lindy Sydney318196
Bullon, Ricky Sydney334183
Bullus, John LeonardSydney341694
Bulman-fleming, Ashley KatherineSydney282007
Bundu, Jennifer Sydney362634
Bunter, Adrian MaxwellSydney404602
Buono, Lawrence Sydney297286
Buono, Lawrence AngeloSydney268074
Bupa HI Pty LtdSydney354269
Burbridge, Cathy Sydney1286803
Burcheart Group Pty LimitedSydney1274258
Burcheart Pty LimitedSydney408640
Burchgart, Sacha Sydney450128
Bures, Andrew LouisSydney222900
Burge, Christopher Sydney1004502
Burge, Simon SinclairSydney296987
Burgess, David NoelSydney294181
Burgess, Emma KateSydney1247117
Burgess, Jason Sydney272986
Burgess, Lin Sydney257653
Burgess, Mark Sydney388336
Burgess, Phillip MarkSydney333883
Burgess, Richard NealeSydney303581
Burgess, Tweed Sydney355952
Burke, Gary PhillipSydney284859
Burke, John PatrickSydney332227
Burke, Norma Sydney241945
Burke, Raymond Sydney241893
Burkett, David Sydney462990
Burkitt, James Edmond HungerfordSydney1249724
Burley, Jason Sydney232093
Burman, Brad Sydney297453
Burman, David Sydney1255266
Burnard, Graham Sydney340748
Burne, Cameron Sydney263912
Burnell, Jason Sydney317265
Burnell, Todd Sydney469417
Burnett, Christopher Sydney230275
Burnett, Kim Sydney362673
Burnett, Matthew JohnSydney1273907
Burney, Ross AndrewSydney437872
Burns, Catriona ElizabethSydney1264222
Burns, Christine Sydney264305
Burns, Darren AnthonySydney1294537
Burns, Katie Sydney1237213
Burns, Marcus Stephen FergusonSydney1241606
Burns, Michael CraigSydney1257996
Burns, Sarah Sydney432693
Burns, Stephen GeoffreySydney1275499
Burns, Stephen JohnSydney1292426
Burns, Stuart JamesSydney299467
Burns, Terry NoelSydney316408
Burns, Troy AdamSydney234806
Burridge, Santi Sydney264999
Burrows, Brendan StuartSydney269295
Burt, Adam JefferySydney434137
Burt, Rachel LouiseSydney329289
Burton, Alison Sydney282361
Burton, Chiharu Sydney290966
Burton, Daniel ThomasSydney312829
Burton, Edwin CholomondeleySydney227254
Burton, Gary Sydney1274686
Burton, Gary RaymondSydney285369
Burton, Geoffrey Sydney1264190
Burton, Paul AnthonySydney276178
Burton, Scot AndrewSydney470839
Burton, Stuart JohnSydney334114
Burwood, Brendan AndrewSydney350201
Busch, John KronwellSydney255431
Bush, Hananui Sydney425109
Bush, Kevin Sydney287141
Bush, Kevin MarkSydney1262990
Bushby, Benjamin BryceSydney1296189
Bushby, Matthew ChristopherSydney472748
Business Ignition Group Pty LtdSydney1247192
Business Insurance Solutions Qld Pty LtdSydney407485
Buskens, Timothy WilliamSydney1289516
Butcher, Anthony Sydney260241
Butcher, Kelvin JohnSydney301426
Butement, Nigel JohnSydney394643
Butler, Jade Sydney1266646
Butler, Jennifer Sydney234807
Butler, Michael AdamSydney443803
Butson, Graham Sydney267745
Butt, Winnie Sydney305919
Buttarelli, Alfred Sydney467336
Buttenshaw, David Sydney453425
Butterell, Andrew WilliamSydney253901
Buttle, Allyson Sydney383630
Button, Garry HughSydney259214
Bux Global LimitedSydney1254091
Buxton Advisory Pty LtdSydney1299746
Buys, Ian CharlesSydney247941
Bvpa Holdings Pty LtdSydney1286300
Bvpt Pty LtdSydney408834
Bwoch, Pamela Sydney381665
Bycroft, Lilli Sydney1266648
Bye, Andrew MalcolmSydney329039
Byrne, Adam Sydney274219
Byrne, Alison SusanSydney1252528
Byrne, Byron Sydney457869
Byrne, Darren Sydney274324
Byrne, Gillian MarySydney282699
Byrne, John CiaranSydney278159
Byrne, Justin AntonySydney323765
Byrne, Samuel Sydney1269799
Byrne, Timmothy James PatrickSydney466234
Byrne, Vincent RaymondSydney1262938
Byrne, Yonna LaiSydney331781
Byrne-smith, Basil Sydney1000291
Byrnes, John Sydney405513
Byrnes, John JosephSydney232929
Byrnes, Joseph WilliamSydney321285
Byrnes, Linda Sydney329896
Byrnes, Robyn Sydney362655
C-lab Legal Pty LtdSydney337426
C.j Niall & J.c NiallSydney432784
C2 Investments Pty LtdSydney1259012
C2c Capital Pty LtdSydney1300437
C4 Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1295657
C4 Worldwide (australia) Pty LtdSydney350003
CA & AC Link Advisory Pty LtdSydney1249829
CC Esif No.1 General Partner Pty LtdSydney1263635
CE Super Advisory Pty LimitedSydney1244418
CF Fla Australia Investments 2 Pty LtdSydney1295564
CH Coconut Pty LtdSydney1302147
CK Consulting Pty LtdSydney289964
CM Risk Services Pty LtdSydney1301267
CP Ventures Management Pty LtdSydney1253421
CP Ventures Mvf Pty LtdSydney1246267
CR Capital Consulting Pty LtdSydney1277526
CS Third Nominees Pty LimitedSydney378188
CS Veloris Pty LtdSydney379595
CV Crows Nest Fund Pty LtdSydney1240932
Cabban, Melissa JayneSydney461025
Cabot Partners Australia Pty LtdSydney1284736
Cac Mbo 2 Pty LtdSydney1249653
Cac Mbo Pty LtdSydney1249652
Cachuela, Sidney Sydney1002279
Caddle, Edward AndrewSydney295660
Caddy Wealth Pty LtdSydney1265797
Cadenze Partners Pty LtdSydney1280594
Cadiao, Mark Sydney457283
Cadogan, Mark ChristopherSydney267243
Cady, Roger Sydney441886
Caesar, Elisiva SophieSydney412878
Caffery, Robert CSydney257720
Caffrey, Melanie JaneSydney233052
Cag Capital Pty LtdSydney1265202
Cagnes, SU LanSydney331096
Cahill, Patrick MartinSydney274230
Cahill, Phebe Sydney1270003
Cahill, Richard PeterSydney316703
Cahill, Shamus MichaelSydney310718
Cahyadi, Hendi Sydney234576
Cai, Binqi Sydney1285481
Cai, Katie QI HuaSydney264493
Cai, Leanne Sydney362692
Cai, Lei Sydney421473
Cai, Mai Sydney233545
Cai, Yi Sydney1272408
Cai, Zhengjun Sydney1265204
Caiger, Andrew CharlesSydney332357
Cail, Steve Sydney339599
Cain, Trevor JamesSydney1234283
Caip Services Pty LimitedSydney336531
Cairns, Niall Charles EdgarSydney230110
Cairnswood Pty LtdSydney1257727
Calangi, Josephine Sydney233252
Calcarao, Sergio Miguel AntunesSydney1260622
Calcraft, Scott Sydney1283922
Calcroft, Steven Sydney312674
Calder, Alexander JamesSydney398432
Calder, Barbara Sydney298231
Calderwood, Ken Sydney1001123
Caldis, Michael PaulSydney291455
Caldrex Dtw Pty LtdSydney1239301
Caldwell, Angus Sydney244343
Caldwell, Julia Sydney418281
Caldwell, Richard Sydney283166
Caldwell-shaw, Michelle Mary Sydney1232809
Cale, John DavidSydney336450
Caledonia (private) Small Caps Management Pty LtdSydney408178
Caledonia Asia Investments Pty LimitedSydney398681
Caledonia Funding Pty LtdSydney1235481
Calex Nominees Pty LtdSydney264142
Calgrip Pty. LimitedSydney266624
Calhoun, Alexander Sydney1290179
Calibre Financial Planning Australia Pty LtdSydney1264998
Calibre Wealth Advisory Pty LtdSydney458118
Calic, Irina Sydney1009409
Calica, Maritess Sydney271065
Calikes, Selina Sydney421878
Calkhoven, Egbert Albertus Alexander JacobSydney244700
Callaghan, Dane RobertSydney1273376
Callaghan, Daniel WilliamSydney442741
Callaghan, Michael VincentSydney410101
Callan, Anthony Sydney1238679
Callan, Anthony GeorgeSydney1241520
Callan, Timothy Sydney1267974
Callanan, Ben Sydney1236570
Callanan, John BenedictSydney324364
Callen, Timothy John MccannSydney1266387
Caller, Brian CharlesSydney259156
Callinan, Margaret JaneSydney270411
Calopedos, Luke Sydney1004073
Caltron Advisory Pty LtdSydney1292515
Calver, David Sydney238911
Calvert, Adrian Sydney238755
Calvert, Timonthy JamesSydney1290201
Calvetti, Mark Sydney386962
Cam, Kate ElizabethSydney334473
Camail, Delphine. Sydney411732
Cambooya Long Term Gains Pty LtdSydney1255755
Cambooya Properties Pty LimitedSydney1007027
Cambridge Investment Partners Pty LimitedSydney1279540
Cameron, Bruce Sydney1238678
Cameron, Bruce AndrewSydney1240594
Cameron, Glenn AllanSydney277326
Cameron, Helen AnneSydney342335
Cameron, Ian Alan StewartSydney1001246
Cameron, James JasonSydney410190
Cameron, Peter-james MackinnonSydney1266801
Cameron, Robert FranklynSydney343887
Cameron, Stuart HamiltonSydney270705
Camilleri, Cameron Sydney1273428
Camilleri, Emmanuel Sydney1269532
Camilleri, Ujjala Sydney1260085
Camino Capital Pty LimitedSydney314021
Camino Partners Pty LtdSydney342268
Camm, Christopher DavidSydney298438
Camp Counselors Usa Pty. LimitedSydney390625
Camp, Thomas LeslieSydney226744
Campbell Financial Group Pty LimitedSydney448065
Campbell, Alastair WilliamSydney1286767
Campbell, Damian Sydney1266978
Campbell, Damian TerenceSydney222901
Campbell, David AlexanderSydney273632
Campbell, David JamesSydney1233274
Campbell, Fay Sydney366399
Campbell, Fiona Sydney286384
Campbell, Heather Lea RoseSydney1281258
Campbell, Hugh JamesSydney1266743
Campbell, Ian HamishSydney265176
Campbell, Jamie KeithSydney279776
Campbell, Joel PhillipSydney275052
Campbell, John McneilSydney1009312
Campbell, Kristy Sydney313399
Campbell, Lee Sydney274257
Campbell, Marcus Sydney1255985
Campbell, Mary AnnSydney286397
Campbell, Michael McalistairSydney1258853
Campbell, Nigel ArthurSydney1249475
Campbell, Paul HaroldSydney338431
Campbell, Phillip Sydney252878
Campbell, Phillip JohnSydney320770
Campbell, Riana Sydney425969
Campbell, Robert Sydney281321
Campbell, Roger JamesSydney225023
Campbell, Ross VincentSydney250593
Campbell, Shaun Sydney260440
Campion, Boe Jon-paulSydney343227
Campion, Melissa GaySydney226067
Campos Mahecha, Leonel Sydney1242500
Campus Living Villages Pty LimitedSydney401935
Canary Capital Pty LtdSydney1254859
Cane Family TrustSydney453526
Cane ME Pty. Ltd.Sydney333083
Cane, Simon MichaelSydney236065
Canni Money Pty LtdSydney1298190
Canning Park Capital Pty LtdSydney380267
Cannings, Jason Sydney1247694
Cannizzaro, Josephine ClaudiaSydney411697
Cannon, Abigail Sydney1233277
Cannon, Andrew RobertSydney282371
Cannon, Michael Sydney286733
Cannon, Patrick Sydney1270315
Canonizado, Alice MaristelaSydney254338
Canopy Private Pty. Ltd.Sydney462611
Cant, Simon Sydney454886
Cant, William Charles BraySydney1282846
Cantarella, Nicole Sydney362626
Cantrill, Pamela Sydney1279723
Canvas Fintech Pty LtdSydney1274638
Cao, Hao Sydney291710
Cao, Howard Hao TingSydney416311
Cao, Qing Sydney1247562
Cao, Qiyun Sydney281352
Cao, YI Sydney233314
Cao, Yang Sydney329842
Cao, Yong Sydney276679
Capangpangan, Ernesto Sydney294281
Cape Horn Capital Pty LimitedSydney1295722
Cape Leeuwin Capital Pty LtdSydney278011
Capel & Associates Pty LimitedSydney279622
Capel, Rick Sydney247836
Capella Capital Pty LimitedSydney358754
Capella Management Services Pty LimitedSydney358777
Capfirst Securities Pty LtdSydney338312
Capital 19 Pty LtdSydney405121
Capital Equipment Investors Pty LtdSydney404134
Capital Finance Australia LimitedSydney256289
Capital Index Pty. Ltd.Sydney469644
Capital Investments Group (aust.) Pty. LimitedSydney279745
Capital Markets Group (australia) Pty LimitedSydney292979
Capital Property Funds Pty LimitedSydney457306
Capital Resource Pty. Ltd.Sydney435934
Capital Results Pty LtdSydney314768
Capital Technic Corporate Services Pty LtdSydney392384
Capital Trading Group Pty LtdSydney303218
Capitalwise Advisory Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney1239725
Capitalwise Pty LtdSydney420253
Capkon Investments Pty. Ltd.Sydney405589
Capomolla, Domenic Sydney309882
Caporale, Christina Sydney470716
Cappella Management Pty LtdSydney338351
Capra, Joe Sydney1259851
Caprarelli, Sarah JaneSydney1299015
Capricorn Risk Services Pty LtdSydney460893
Caprock Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney434160
Caprock Merchant Pty LimitedSydney434158
Caprock Property Pty LimitedSydney404027
Caprock Securities Pty LimitedSydney434159
Capspace Holdings Pty LtdSydney1293273
Capspace Investments Pty LtdSydney1293272
Caputo, Lindzi BeulahSydney1248513
Car Cover Pty LtdSydney1249208
Car, Alexcess Sydney1301015
Carbax Trading Pty. Ltd.Sydney269300
Carberry, Benjamin JamesSydney321149
Carbon Advantage Asia Pacific Pty LtdSydney431133
Carbon Banc LimitedSydney420080
Carbon Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney426274
Carboon, Anthony CarlSydney465418
Carche Pty LtdSydney1289587
Cardakaris, Dennis Sydney239111
Cardall, James Sydney1235608
Cardena Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney1249315
Cardena Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney1249316
Cardena Smsf Service Pty LtdSydney281924
Cardhero Pty LtdSydney1292139
Cardiff Global Financial Services Pty LtdSydney1270089
Cardillo, Benedict AnthonySydney378088
Cardona, Aron John JosephSydney1009143
Cardow-bass, Kathryn MarySydney341886
Caredes, George MichaelSydney250639
Career Corporation Pty LimitedSydney282091
Carenza, Stephanie Sydney1294110
Carey, Gabriel MichaelSydney336816
Carey, Matthew JustinSydney447225
Carey, Richard AndrewSydney290608
Cargo And Carriers Underwriting Agency Pty LtdSydney1267637
Carini, Daniel MatthewSydney398644 Pty LtdSydney1009043
Carlberg, Jeremy PeterSydney1250350
Carlberg, Lars JohanSydney377615
Carlier, Niall Sydney1238368
Carlin, Nadia CherieSydney272248
Carlisle, Victoria AnneSydney238219
Carlson, Glen Sydney301216
Carlton, Erin MaeSydney1282516
Carmichael, Ian Sydney1277654
Carmody, Lachlan RobertSydney467528
Carne, Leo Sydney366420
Carne, Martyn AndrewSydney464969
Carnegie Venture Capital Pty LtdSydney401271
Carnevale, John Sydney1254057
Carney, Patricia JosephineSydney265027
Carnie, Brett Sydney293338
Carnival PlcSydney273293
Carolan, Martin Randall JohnSydney345954
Carpe Diem Capital Pty LimitedSydney278006
Carpe Diem Partners Pty LtdSydney1281870
Carpenter, Eliza Sydney411029
Carpenter, Francis JamesSydney305205
Carpenter, Natalie JaneSydney358457
Carr, Darren BruceSydney234617
Carr, Louise Sydney282027
Carr, Paul ThomasSydney405372
Carr-walker, Jessica MargaretSydney274456
Carrero, Kurt StevenSydney239901
Carrick, Geoffery MylesSydney1282079
Carrington, Guy RoderickSydney239357
Carrington, Luke Walter LloydSydney329326
Carrington, Sarah-jane Sydney239358
Carroll, Adam Shae JasonSydney1262040
Carroll, Benjamin JohnSydney337802
Carroll, Gavan Sydney1253324
Carroll, Gavan MarkSydney454668
Carroll, Gregory PaulSydney1235246
Carroll, John JamesSydney275171
Carroll, Joseph OliverSydney432295
Carroll, Martyn FrancisSydney1250047
Carroll, Melissa Sydney231532
Carroll, Scott Sydney286341
Carroll, Terence PaulSydney361112
Carruthers, Colin AnthonySydney297030
Carseldine Gardens LimitedSydney1233970
Carsley, Michael HastingsSydney324101
Carson Capital Credit Pty LtdSydney1298641
Carson Credit Management Pty LtdSydney1294248
Carson, Roslyn Sydney410829
Carson, Sean Sydney336792
Carstairs, Ralph EdwardSydney238221
Carswell, Hayden JohnSydney1257893
Carswell, Michael PeterSydney1243903
Carta, Dennis Sydney322837
Carter Joseph, Mullins Sydney327627
Carter, Grace Sydney320294
Carter, Harvey John Sydney1284192
Carter, Ian Sydney280090
Carter, Ian LachlanSydney230276
Carter, Marilyn Sydney418965
Carter, Matthew Sydney250641
Carter, Michael Sydney470274
Carter, Neil Sydney1299606
Carter, Nicole Sydney1282373
Carter, Paul RichardSydney265028
Carter, Phillip PatrickSydney277720
Carter, Stephen ThomasSydney333823
Cartesian Capital Pty LimitedSydney276678
Carthona Capital Early Stage Investments Fund No.1 Gp. LPSydney1263636
Carthona Capital Pty LtdSydney455921
Carton, Nicole DawnSydney221664
Cartwright, John RossSydney315570
Cartwright, Shaun Sydney437107
Casado, Luis Sydney417986
Casagrande, Danny Sydney298782
Casasola, Chloe Marie HelenSydney1263942
Caseur, Ruth Sydney421508
Casey, Michael Sydney1237113
Casey, Patrick DamianSydney1244748
Casey, Sinead Sydney275192
Casey, Timothy Sydney287643
Cashman, Alan ThomasSydney268075
Cashman, Patrick JamesSydney282491
Casim, Gerard EdwardSydney1265743
Caskan Holdings Pty LtdSydney425414
Caskey, Charles RandolphSydney1001212
Casl Funder Pty LimitedSydney1296364
Casl Management Pty LimitedSydney1284799
Cason, Daniel Sydney426713
Caspar, Adrian StewartSydney342115
Caspersonn, Karen AnneSydney448523
Caspillo, Mary LouSydney233249
Cassaniti, Franca Sydney362190
Cassell, Michael Sydney345025
Cassidy, Nadia Sydney343272
Cassidy, Sonya Sydney362688
Castagret, James TristanSydney282022
Castensen, Glen Sydney253553
Castle Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1277520
Castle Harlan Australian Mezzanine Partners Pty LimitedSydney289516
Castle Hill Advisory Pty LtdSydney1243207
Castle Larool Holdings Pty LtdSydney1280599
Castle Partners Advisory Pty LtdSydney461170
Castle Partners Finance Pty LtdSydney344373
Castle, Nicola KateSydney287869
Castlereagh Financial Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney1275519
Castles, Benjamin LukeSydney1281446
Castrisos, James VictorSydney274105
Castro, Robert Sydney1002642
Caswell, Neil JamesSydney327906
Catallyst Advisors Pty LimitedSydney410755
Catalyst & Partners Pty LtdSydney1269910
Catalyst Advice Pty LtdSydney1242753
Catalyst Advisers Pty LtdSydney460953
Catalyst Bridge Fund Trusty A Pty LimitedSydney297688
Catalyst Bridge Fund Trusty B Pty LimitedSydney297689
Catalyst Buyout Fund 1A Pty LimitedSydney301669
Catalyst Buyout Fund 1B Pty LimitedSydney301670
Catalyst Direct Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1274476
Catalyst Financial Solutions Pty LtdSydney283152
Catalyst Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1292348
Catalyst Partners Pty LtdSydney1242722
Catalyst Trusty E Pty LtdSydney297690
Catalyst Trusty F Pty LtdSydney297691
Catalyst Trusty G Pty LimitedSydney297692
Catalyst Trusty H Pty LimitedSydney297693
Catalyst Wealth Solutions Pty LtdSydney1234486
Cathay Pacific Airways LimitedSydney397969
Cathay Uexpress Group Pty. Ltd.Sydney427069
Catherwood, Christopher WilliamSydney318928
Cattana, Jonathan FrancoSydney289956
Cattell, Ben Sydney465353
Cattell, John MichaelSydney342257
Catterall, Ross AlfredSydney241954
Catterick, Sarah ElizabethSydney433042
Cattermole, Emma Sydney309147
Catto, David Sydney345813
Caulcutt, Abbey Sydney1266659
Caulfield, John ScottSydney1233182
Caunce, Elliot Sydney1236988
Causbrook, Darrel Sydney253832
Causer, Mark DavidSydney334692
Causeway Financial Pty LimitedSydney335437
Causeway Income Partners LimitedSydney1275178
Cavaliere, Maurizio Sydney1266664
Cavallaro, Matthew Sydney1286465
Cavallaro, Paul Sydney1265458
Cavanough, Scott Sydney444053
Cave, Lisa Sydney1253130
Cavify Private Pty LimitedSydney1296222
Cawood, Philip JohnSydney435802
Cawthorn, YU MingSydney464871
Cbc Financial Pty LimitedSydney1263784
Cbd Corporate Financial Centre Pty LtdSydney235479
Cbd Corporate G I Pty LtdSydney275814
Cbd Financial Planning Brisbane Pty LimitedSydney288711
Cbd Financial Planning Pty LimitedSydney247796
Cbd Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney248309
Cbdfp Pty LtdSydney1248516
Cch Property Holdings Pty LtdSydney1267134
Ccp Bidco Pty LimitedSydney444290
Ccp Trusco 1 Pty LimitedSydney415276
Ccp Trusco 2 Pty LimitedSydney415277
Ccp Trusco 3 Pty LimitedSydney415278
Ccp Trusco 4 Pty LimitedSydney415279
Ccp Trusco 5 Pty LimitedSydney415280
Ccvf1 (hp) Services Pty LtdSydney1257044
Ccvf3 (hp) Services Pty LtdSydney1296361
Ccz Corporate Finance Pty LtdSydney289103
Ccz Equities Pty LimitedSydney273728
Ccz Nominees Pty LtdSydney1295226
Cebu Air, Inc.Sydney1283512
Celermajer, Jacob MichaelSydney1295778
Celestial Group Australia Pty LtdSydney1257994
Celsius Pro (australia) Pty LtdSydney424905
Celtic Travel Services Pty LtdSydney228042
Cemeron, Ian Alan StewartSydney261127
Cen (i&l) B2c Fund Pty LtdSydney1294900
Cen (i&l) B2c Mid Pty LtdSydney1294901
Cen (i&l) Partnership Pty LtdSydney1294615
Cen (i&l) Principals Pty LtdSydney1294616
Cen Enhanced Value Iii Pty LtdSydney1294614
Cen I&l Vaf Pty LtdSydney1297302
Ceneco Pty LtdSydney441486
Centaur Property Holdings Pty LtdSydney447389
Centenary Financial Pty. LimitedSydney285761
Centennial Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1009124
Centennial LN Agent Pty LtdSydney1293032
Centennial LN Security Pty LtdSydney1293033
Centennial Money Pty LtdSydney296170
Centennial Mortgage Opportunities Pty LtdSydney1283897
Centennial Property Group Pty LtdSydney426641
Centoducato Herod, Larissa Sydney1287160
Centred Capital Management Pty LtdSydney1297972
Centrepoint Holdings Pty. Ltd.Sydney288914
Centrestone Insurance Pty LtdSydney1245649
Centric Minerals Management Pty. Ltd.Sydney449967
Centum Wealth Pty LtdSydney297113
Centuria 61-67 Wyatt Street Pty LtdSydney1277486
Centuria 80 Flinders Street Pty LtdSydney1277485
Centuria Healthcare Asset Management Nominee 1 Pty LtdSydney1265236
Centuria Healthcare Asset Management Nominee 2 Pty LtdSydney1265237
Centuria Institutional Investment No. 3 Pty LimitedSydney1277778
Centuria Investment Holdings Pty LimitedSydney1277779
Centuria Investment Management (cdpf) No. 2 Pty LimitedSydney1278760
Centuria Investment Management (cdpf) Pty LtdSydney1277777
Centuria Investment Management (cma) No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1279666
Centuria Investment Management (cma) Pty LtdSydney1277951
Centuria Investment Management (property) No. 1 Pty LtdSydney1284901
Centuria Investment Management (property) No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1284900
Centuria Investment Management (property) No. 3 Pty LtdSydney1288986
Centuria Investment Management (property) No. 4 Pty LtdSydney1293252
Centuria Investment Management (property) No. 5 Pty LtdSydney1293835
Centuria Nominees No. 3 Pty LimitedSydney1278752
Centurion Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney1239027
Centurion Wealth Advisers Pty LtdSydney1234060
Cepak, George AnthonySydney245854
Ceramic Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1277557
Cernoch, Matthew Sydney382139
Cerreto, Michael AndreSydney412740
Cerreto, Michael AndreeSydney462780
Certane Spv Management Pty LtdSydney1289138
Certe Private Client Pty LtdSydney374419
Certe Securities Pty LtdSydney259516
Certe Wealth Protection Pty LtdSydney409128
Certin Insurance Pty LimitedSydney1292575
Certitude Advisory Group Pty LtdSydney473030
Cetin, Emre Sydney1241521
Ceyhan, Murat Sydney447232
Cfd Trading Pty LimitedSydney294137
Cfh Risk Pty LimitedSydney341126
Cfs3 Pty LtdSydney1249900
Cfv Services Pty. Ltd.Sydney1286043
Cgam Pty LtdSydney472467
Ch'ng, Gary Kian SingSydney244384
Chadha, Chand Sydney351551
Chadha, Nitin Sydney281998
Chadwick, Hannah Sydney1298062
Chadwick, Matthew Sydney1280897
Chadwick, Nathan Sydney276878
Chadwick, Paul Sydney308826
Chadwick, Steven JohnSydney222872
Chahal, Manpreet Sydney1269569
Chahoud, Roland Sydney467833
Chai, Azure Sydney1002999
Chai, Penny Sydney307338
Chai, Yong Sydney275106
Challenger Investment Solutions Management Pty LtdSydney1238381
Challis Investment Partners Pty. Ltd.Sydney1234865
Chalmers, Robert JamesSydney245857
Chalom, Gregory Sydney376771
Chalouhi, Ashley Sydney1280503
Chamberlain, Kevin Sydney417312
Chambers, Christopher KeithSydney1283499
Chambers, Jennifer Sydney1232928
Champion, Christopher James David Sydney1301693
Chan & Lam Pty LtdSydney237951
Chan, Ady ChingSydney295179
Chan, Allen Chun WaiSydney1276429
Chan, Andrew Chun SingSydney339595
Chan, Dylan Renaud TimothySydney1002164
Chan, Felix Chih-waiSydney278580
Chan, Jaime Sydney334531
Chan, Jeffery Sydney413673
Chan, Jesse Sydney340312
Chan, Joel Sydney275184
Chan, Kenny Yuk WahSydney235394
Chan, Lai KISydney419673
Chan, Lucia Sydney233295
Chan, Mabel FeiSydney289876
Chan, Michael Sydney328957
Chan, Micky Sydney255057
Chan, Pui YanSydney454737
Chan, Raymond Chor ManSydney259387
Chan, Ricci Wai CheeSydney294583
Chan, Sabrina Sydney1290216
Chan, Samantha Sydney362666
Chan, Sarah JaneSydney1296742
Chan, Sze HOSydney408408
Chan, Vincent Cheuk KinSydney233357
Chan, Vivian Yan YeeSydney318528
Chan, Wan Chi Sydney1247844
Chan, Yuen Shan Sydney1268161
Chancellor, John AlanSydney310148
Chancellor, Thomas JohnSydney1272275
Chand, Jenny JasveerSydney293373
Chand, Pricillia DeviSydney1258588
Chandler, Marc Sydney241926
Chandler, Sascha AnthonySydney464289
Chandra, Arti Sydney358444
Chandra, Deepali Sydney366411
Chandra, Michael Sydney1257221
Chandra, Nalin Sydney1235070
Chandradas, Karthigan Sydney1301090
Chanel, Shane Sydney1250899
Chang, Belinda YvonneSydney227402
Chang, Gary Y CSydney1235176
Chang, Hsi ShunSydney308452
Chang, Huizi ChelseaSydney1275678
Chang, Maysee Sydney395768
Chang, Sharon Sydney308784
Chang, Sing Wai Sydney1271793
Chang, Tabitha Sydney237315
Change Strata Management Pty. LimitedSydney387489
Changewright Financial Services Pty LtdSydney456754
Chapman, Diane Sydney432869
Chapman, Edgar MonteathSydney289357
Chapman, Lisa Sydney231186
Chapman, Peter Sydney226183
Chapman, Peter DavidSydney1008046
Chapman, Peter JohnSydney398408
Chapman, Peter RobertSydney302956
Chapman, Robert Sydney452656
Chapman, Walter GillSydney251381
Chappell, Nathan Sydney1279709
Chapple Family Trust & Garrick Family TrustSydney1265298
Chapple, Andrew Sydney377287
Chapple, Christan Sydney1267069
Chapple, Gavin JohnSydney269297
Charalambous, Demetra Sydney289785
Charawanamuttu, Kenneth VijeSydney1242112
Charles Cornell & Associates Pty LimitedSydney242392
Charles Taylor Consulting (management) Pty LimitedSydney280440
Charles, Jenny Sydney287021
Charlton, Bethany Sydney338228
Charlton, Christopher JohnSydney1247211
Charman, Anthony Sydney239937
Charmans Consultancy Services Pty LtdSydney438286
Charmstone Capital Pty LtdSydney1284803
Charnley, Brenton Sydney1293350
Charter Hall Holdings Pty. LimitedSydney1283434
Chase Private Wealth Pty LimitedSydney1296141
Chase, Peter DamianSydney255484
Chaston, Benjamin RobertSydney349084
Chater, Glen DaleSydney320542
Chatfield, James PaulSydney1006809
Chatfield, Murray KennethSydney337127
Chatterjee, Abhinav AmitavSydney1253185
Chatterjee, Dipankar Sydney277074
Chatterjee, Goutam GavinSydney285867
Chatterton, Graham Sydney231082
Chatterton, Nicholas EdwardSydney1272900
Chatur, Swati MagurSydney282372
Chau, Chris MingSydney250096
Chau, Dennis Sydney269066
Chau, Irene Wing SzeSydney334296
Chau, Jiunn KeithSydney1277387
Chau, Jonathan Sydney424334
Chau, Lisa Ching-wahSydney304953
Chau, Michael Sydney1250249
Chau, Terence Sydney1261830
Chaudhry, Saurabh Sydney1237893
Chauhan, Ravi PravinSydney345290
Chawynski, Alina Sydney1271245
Chc Investment Fund II Pty LtdSydney1293967
Chc Investment Fund Pty LtdSydney1292133
Cheadle, Peter Sydney1000482
Cheap Travel Insurance Pty LimitedSydney338488
Checkmyhotels Pty LtdSydney453485
Checktender Pty LtdSydney434670
Chee, Renee Sydney405467
Cheema, Umair Sydney286730
Chelepy, Demetria Elsie EliaSydney1299559
Chemello, Jack Giovanni AngeloSydney1234527
Chen, Aileen Xiao YunSydney233261
Chen, Andy Sydney282645
Chen, Angel Shu-chunSydney274548
Chen, Beiqi Sydney280186
Chen, Biyun Sydney233265
Chen, Carson Yue XianSydney233258
Chen, Cheong LamSydney268076
Chen, Dan Sydney338102
Chen, Daniel Ming HOSydney234573
Chen, David Sydney276352
Chen, Fengjie Sydney1242677
Chen, Henry Sydney1246542
Chen, Hillary Sydney233520
Chen, Huanmu Sydney1266053
Chen, Jeff Chien-fuSydney401537
Chen, Jiangqi Sydney455954
Chen, Jiayao Sydney411611
Chen, Jingmei Sydney241452
Chen, Linda YUSydney423053
Chen, Lucas Sydney426813
Chen, Min Sydney366415
Chen, Peng Sydney282986
Chen, QI Jason Sydney1292229
Chen, Reggie YiyanSydney1235239
Chen, Richard Sydney1301088
Chen, Robert Sydney335612
Chen, Rowena Sydney278849
Chen, Roy Kok ChyeSydney232637
Chen, Ruida Sydney296307
Chen, SU ZhenSydney233510
Chen, Shanshan Sydney1242833
Chen, Shao YI TommySydney286302
Chen, Shi Sydney413819
Chen, Sijia Sydney263683
Chen, Simon Sydney1008202
Chen, Ting TingSydney1244990
Chen, Victor Sydney302028
Chen, Wai LapSydney1260591
Chen, Wai YeeSydney281649
Chen, Wai-yee Sydney1005379
Chen, Wayne Sydney235619
Chen, Wentian Sydney1241080
Chen, Wenzheng RaymondSydney1263242
Chen, William JeffersonSydney457791
Chen, Winnie Sydney314455
Chen, Xiang Sydney398683
Chen, Xiao Yong Sydney1003003
Chen, Xuegang Sydney238086
Chen, YI MonicaSydney233511
Chen, YU Sydney287806
Chen, YU HuiSydney286965
Chen, Yaoqi Sydney426820
Chen, Yi (bob)Sydney1248493
Chen, Yueh-chen Sydney279270
Chen, Zanjun Sydney281351
Chen, Zhi Xiong JackSydney288790
Chen, Zhihong Sydney345028
Cheng, Chi-chuan Sydney342846
Cheng, Kevin Sydney419006
Cheng, Lisha Sydney1257832
Cheng, Peter Sheng-anSydney278623
Cheng, SI Sydney469140
Cheng, Selina SSydney233347
Cheng, Vincent Ka HoSydney1286766
Cheong, Thiam Foo Sydney1235454
Cherrybomb Financial Pty LtdSydney470938
Chertok, Robert Sydney1254261
Chesler, Russel StewartSydney1233187
Chess Planning Pty LtdSydney415400
Chesson, Kylie Sydney1000549
Chester, Karen RobynSydney401933
Chetty, Nirvana Sydney301818
Chetty, Selva RaajanSydney1245511
Cheung, Belinda Sydney1272821
Cheung, Choi HASydney276156
Cheung, Clement Woon ChuenSydney339650
Cheung, Daniel Sydney1005855
Cheung, Emily ClaireSydney1249098
Cheung, Martin Ka KaySydney1296113
Cheung, Raymond MingSydney268077
Cheung, Vincent Chun HungSydney1277371
Chevalier Capital Pty LtdSydney1275613
Chevis, Susan LeighSydney294233
Chew, Eh Teong Sydney1247556
Chew, Judy Lee HongSydney1246652
Chew, Nick Sydney333572
Cheyght Holdings Pty LimitedSydney411679
Cheyney, Paul Sydney241113
Chhabra, Puneet Sydney278122
Chi, Cecilia YuchangSydney1271470
Chi, SU YinSydney388044
Chia, Kam PooiSydney1007252
Chia, Pui Sydney1265713
Chiarella, Marco GianniSydney1245883
Chib -ved Prakash, Neha Sydney1233693
Chidambaram, Patrick Dillon JohanSydney305060
Chiem, Chuong HongSydney353869
Chien, William Sydney311664
Chiew, Daniel Koong SengSydney1259534
Chikomba, Caroline Sydney1273192
Chilchik, Norman MichaelSydney318762
Chilcott, Alexis Sydney264498
Childcare Co-investment Fund A Pty LimitedSydney1236720
Childcare Co-investment Fund B Pty LimitedSydney1236721
Childers, Paul Sydney460995
Childs, Graham RobertSydney281062
Childs, William DavidSydney275683
Chilimanzi, Onias SimbarasheSydney1005982
Chilimanzi, Simba Sydney342594
Chilton, Peter DennisSydney226162
Chilvers, Garrett Sydney318235
Chilvers, Terence HilarySydney302605
Chim, Eric Kwong WaiSydney1273728
Chin, Andy Ho CheeSydney1280668
Chin, Jean Sydney317912
Chin, Linda Sydney466242
Chin, Nelson Chong LinSydney222874
Chin, Tek WanSydney1248882
Chin, Yee WooiSydney222873
China Bestours (aust) Pty LtdSydney261328
China Capital Funds Investment Pty LtdSydney1260438
China Capital Trp Rouse Hill Pty LtdSydney1260439
China Holidays Travel Group (holdings) Pty LtdSydney274315
China Travel Service (australia) Pty LtdSydney261340
Ching, Noel Sydney259360
Ching, Timothy Sydney260030
Ching, Weng YSydney466794
Chinnery, David Sydney286463
Chinnery, Martin Sydney266837
Chinnery, Martin ChristopherSydney1270394
Chipchase, Laura Sydney278129
Chisholm, Roderick Sydney304539
Chittendon, Adam WilliamSydney361122
Chiu, Tony Sydney243603
Chivers, Catherine Sydney247705
Chng, Nina Sydney1298988
Cho, Allon Sydney227123
Cho, Youn Sydney426047
Choa, Nancy Wing YISydney418864
Choi LA Rosa, Sonya Sydney250115
Choi, Andrew Sydney333546
Choi, Chun ManSydney295257
Choi, Deborah NaomiSydney1292070
Choi, James Sydney262128
Choi, Jason YoungSydney306668
Choi, Samuel Sydney431851
Choi, See-on Sydney386196
Choi, Weller Sydney277077
Choi, Yee Yung Sydney1251787
Chokshi, Bhavesh Sydney278133
Chong, Jonathan Sydney315354
Chong, Kem HongSydney1235100
Chong, Kitty Sydney268434
Chong, Sidney LawrenceSydney297179
Chong, Wing SoonSydney439297
Chopra, Anirudh Sydney346056
Chopra, Harsha Sydney278126
Chopra, Pushpanjali Sydney1246553
Chopra, Radhika Sydney333994
Chopra, Rajeev Sydney278156
Chopra, Uday Sydney1005904
Chorokhov, Andrei Sydney437945
Chosid, Benjamin Sydney303905
Chosid, Benjamin AdamSydney242339
Chou, Chih-han Sydney411641
Choudhury, Enam Sydney389130
Chouja, Amora Sydney426391
Chow, Alvina Sydney412741
Chow, Cecilia Sydney309374
Chow, Helena Sydney233316
Chow, Raymond RichardSydney1235846
Chow, Winson Sydney1233573
Chowdhury, Naimul Sydney411454
Chowdhury, Qamran Ahmad Sydney232117
Choy, Elisa Sydney401991
Chpf 1 Pty LtdSydney1291918
Chpf 2 Pty LtdSydney1291941
Chpf 3 Pty LtdSydney1291946
Chpf 5 Pty LtdSydney1298007
Chpf 6 Pty LtdSydney1298008
Chpf Cairns Pty LtdSydney1284953
Chpf Kallangur Pty LtdSydney1282318
Chpf South Bunbury Pty LtdSydney1282320
Chr Consulting Pty LtdSydney269289
Chrimes, Mark Sydney434382
Christensen, Helena Sydney265970
Christiansen, Mark EdwardSydney274111
Christiansen, Robert JohnSydney290174
Christie, Bruce ArnoldSydney260020
Christie, Clayton Sydney318408
Christie, Joe Sydney457305
Christie, Paul RichardSydney253902
Christie, Samuel RoySydney446778
Christie, Samuel RyanSydney1276778
Christie, Stephen PaulSydney433217
Christie-david, Aaron Sydney1007368
Christie-david, Bernadette LouiseSydney1261903
Christodoulou, Leah Sydney467423
Christofi, Andrew Sydney1234207
Christopher, John Sydney333154
Christopherson, Hugh Sydney455330
Christopherson, Mark AnthonySydney249960
Christopoulos, Bill Sydney1005790
Chrome Global Employee Share Plan Managers Pty LimitedSydney267247
Chruszcz, Magdalena Sydney260441
Chruszcz, Tomasz Sydney255032
Chu, Andrew Pei ChengSydney266831
Chu, Becky Sydney274261
Chu, Hung TuanSydney327256
Chu, Maria AngelinaSydney266832
Chu, Wing YeeSydney1289208
Chubb Insurance Australia LtdSydney458771
Chugh, Harvi SinghSydney292421
Chugh, Rachit Sydney339975
Chui, Antoine Sydney1272853
Chulakovski, Daniel Sydney338153
Chumchuen, Neungnit Sydney1273304
Chung, Brian Park Hoe Sydney1238430
Chung, Catherine Sydney329781
Chung, Daniel Sydney375854
Chung, Deborah Sydney242302
Chung, Fiona Sydney1245221
Chung, Francis Sydney448195
Chung, Hae Sydney418773
Chung, Jasmin Sydney313974
Chung, Thi Tram Anh Sydney1249851
Chung, Vincent KA LunSydney296650
Church, Cyrus Sydney1279419
Church, Melissa LesleySydney462892
Churchill, Ashley Sydney288752
Ciee Exchanges Australia Pty LimitedSydney276397
Cil Enhanced Value II Pty LtdSydney1286180
Cil Management No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1284722
Cil Management Pty LtdSydney1268450
Cil Partnership Pty LtdSydney1284477
Cil Principals Pty LtdSydney1284478
Cilia, Phillip Sydney254333
Cilp 1 Pty LtdSydney1284721
Cim Group (australia) Pty LtdSydney1295052
Circuit Travel Pty LtdSydney273738
Cisecki, Anna Sydney1266295
Cislowski, Andrew Sydney1290181
Cit Europe Pty LtdSydney1009120
Citadel Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney1240456
Citcon Technology Australia Pty LtdSydney1292966
Citigroup Global Markets Australia Nominees No.2 Pty LimitedSydney313348
Citrus Investment Services Pty LtdSydney423440
City Corporate Travel Pty. LimitedSydney270046
City Forex (aust.) Pty LtdSydney1246949
City Securities Pty LtdSydney352905
City Wizard Pty LtdSydney442647
Civium (n) Pty LtdSydney411520
Cjc Markets Group Pty LtdSydney1289300
Ckb International Pty LtdSydney1292509
Clague, Gareth RobertSydney301826
Claims Services Pty LtdSydney1276623
Clapham, Thomas AntonySydney264370
Clare, Owen Sydney298484
Claremont Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1289207
Clarence Street Mortgages Pty LtdSydney430808
Clarity Capital (no. 2) Pty LtdSydney1237863
Clarity Capital Partners Pty. Ltd.Sydney1249733
Clarity Insurance And Risk Management Solutions Pty LtdSydney1288220
Clark, Adrian Sydney421327
Clark, Anthony BruceSydney307942
Clark, Charles Sydney1258487
Clark, Ian DavidSydney265029
Clark, Jacqueline AnnSydney1270616
Clark, Joshua RobertSydney1271622
Clark, Lisa Sydney1282381
Clark, Nicolas Sydney1008205
Clark, Peter DennisSydney295430
Clark, Sarah Sydney418801
Clark, Simon GeofferySydney460811
Clark, Steven Sydney463221
Clark, Tanya ElizabethSydney352058
Clarke, Adam Sydney320792
Clarke, Brian NormanSydney267889
Clarke, Bruce Sydney412191
Clarke, Bruce ElliottSydney1263629
Clarke, Clinton Sydney242247
Clarke, Diana Sydney362178
Clarke, Graeme Sydney338949
Clarke, Greg Sydney344536
Clarke, Jacqueline AnnSydney461027
Clarke, Jason MatthewSydney350673
Clarke, Jeremy Sydney234817
Clarke, Jillian MarySydney320784
Clarke, Kylie Sydney362683
Clarke, Michael Sydney461026
Clarke, Peter RobertSydney331784
Clarke, Robert Sydney447167
Clarke, Stephen JamesSydney1297973
Clarke, Victor JosephSydney265030
Clarke, William Sydney1248390
Clarkson, John Sydney1257673
Clarkson, Rod Sydney1233709
Clarsen, Harry JohnSydney324597
Claudio, Rodel ManlapidSydney305645
Claxton, Paul RichardSydney230019
Clay, Glenn PeterSydney267432
Clayton, Christopher JamesSydney1256407
Clayton, Mark AndrewSydney329439
Clayton, Robert CharlesSydney1282431
Clear Financial Services Pty LtdSydney334558
Clear Funds CM Pty. Ltd.Sydney1241102
Clear Smsf Pty LtdSydney1266571
Clearbridge Investments (north America) Pty LimitedSydney354723
Clearbridge Investments LimitedSydney420402
Clearbridge Rare Infrastructure International Pty LimitedSydney344378
Clearlife Capital Pty LtdSydney1299282
Clearsuper Pty LtdSydney1249648
Cleary, Arron Sydney333545
Cleary, Benjamin Sydney1006861
Cleaves, Peter JohnSydney268642
Clegg, James Sydney253520
Clegg, Rachel AnneSydney404866
Clemens, Anthony EdwardSydney265031
Clements, Matthew Sydney338227
Clements, Megan Sydney430024
Clemmett, Peter FrancisSydney238222
Clever Finance Solutions Pty. Ltd.Sydney1261716
Cleverton, Joseph Sydney260498
Clg Corporate Pty LtdSydney1276128
Click Life Pty LtdSydney455944
Client Solution Centre Pty LtdSydney314070
Cliffbrook Capital Advisors Pty LtdSydney1296672
Cliffbrook Residential Nominees Pty LtdSydney1297861
Clifford Gardens No. 1 Pty LtdSydney1286693
Clifford Gardens No. 2 Pty LtdSydney1286694
Clifton, Arthur RonaldSydney322534
Clifton, Louise Sydney231530
Climate Carbon Club Pty LtdSydney404797
Clime Advice Pty LtdSydney305473
Clime Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney1256855
Clime Investors Education Pty LtdSydney323955
Clime Private Wealth Pty LtdSydney1252040
Clinton, Philip Sydney232638
Clisdell, Robert Sydney1269420
Clissold, Rodney Sydney271068
Clocktower Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney1263614
Close, Daryl JasonSydney1295274
Close, David AlanSydney1255235
Close, Richard Sydney454045
Clough, Mark GeoffreySydney239930
Cloughessy, Chris Sydney286379
Clout, Peter DallisSydney250012
Clsa Premium New Zealand LimitedSydney331813
Club Investible Pty LtdSydney1269262
Club Plus Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney367058
Clubb, Ainslie RuthSydney1248655
Clubb, Jennifer MarieSydney299630
Clubsnsw Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney329386
Clueit, Grace Sydney1239937
Clyde North Investors No.2 Nominee Pty LimitedSydney1301859
Clyde North Investors Nominee Pty LimitedSydney1301864
Clynes, Justin BruceSydney415637
Cmb Capital Pty LtdSydney417851
Cmh Financial Pty Ltd.Sydney315054
Cmx Insurance Solutions Pty LtdSydney1253582
Cnpay Pty LtdSydney1247568
Cnpower Finance Pty LtdSydney1256760
Co2 Australia LimitedSydney420081
Coad, Brett Sydney320297
Coast & Country Properties Pty LtdSydney306020
Coates, Benjamin PeterSydney303316
Coates, David ClaveringSydney268078
Coates, Gabrielle LouiseSydney368129
Coates, Sarah Sydney426717
Coates, Thomas Sydney309725
Coates, Thomas Julian PatrickSydney323989
Coates, Thomas PatrickSydney1007031
Cobblyn Investments Pty LtdSydney336664
Cobby, Janet Sydney422016
Cobden Reid Advisory Pty LimitedSydney1277745
Coburn, Bree Sydney420361
Coc Corp Pty LtdSydney1287493
Cochrane, David MatthewSydney1243842
Cochrane, Vanessa Sydney325017
Cockle, Fabian Sydney241126
Cocurullo, Marco Sydney323467
Coelho, Anita AngelaSydney1234956
Coelho, Patricia Sydney287894
Cof2 Vcmp GP Pty LtdSydney414644
Cof2a Pty LtdSydney414643
Coface Services (australia) Pty LimitedSydney276703
Coffey, Michael AdnamSydney229509
Coffey, Steven JohnSydney245452
Cogger, Dominic Sydney321328
Cogger, Dominic SimonSydney252995
Coggins, Jason AnthonySydney389958
Coghill, Robert EdmondSydney276249
Cognitivewealth Pty LtdSydney336959
Cohen & Krass Financial Services Pty LtdSydney311539
Cohen, Anthony LionelSydney1272889
Cohen, Bradley Sydney433715
Cohen, Daniel PaulSydney437954
Cohen, Jeanette PatriciaSydney289010
Cohen, Jonathan ElliotSydney1257969
Cohen, Jonathan ElliottSydney452886
Cohen, Julius Sydney1234044
Cohen, Michael Sydney342410
Cohen, Noah MichaelSydney285368
Cohen, Phillip LawrenceSydney229513
Cohen, Roger Sydney473307
Cohesion Capital Pty LtdSydney1292584
Coin Equities Pty LtdSydney299071
Coker, Ruth Sydney362661
Colagiuri, Peter Sydney1248452
Colbourne Pty. Ltd.Sydney313257
Colby, John Sydney257104
Cole, Anthony StuartSydney264411
Cole, Catriona Sydney362165
Cole, Jennifer Muriel-anneSydney461524
Cole, Timothy HobillSydney1002257
Coleman, Andrew JamesSydney1265229
Coleman, Anthony MaxwellSydney331247
Coleman, Cameron Sydney268079
Coleman, David JohnSydney1263945
Coleman, Peter JohnSydney437142
Coleman, Terence JohnSydney242292
Coleman, Thomas Sydney1238526
Coles, Richard JosephSydney1007378
Coles, Steven PaulSydney239674
Colgan, Gareth Sydney278074
Colinton Capital Partners Fund I (a) Pty LtdSydney1264066
Colinton Capital Partners Fund II (a) Pty LtdSydney1301651
Colinton Capital Partners Fund II (b) Pty LtdSydney1301652
Colinton Capital Partners Fund II (c) Pty LtdSydney1301653
Colinton Capital Partners Fund II (d) Pty LtdSydney1264067
Coll, Timothy WilliamSydney333042
Colla, Lilliana Sydney412563
Collard, David Sydney414030
Collard, Edward Sydney1297084
Collaroy Financial Services Pty LtdSydney1273953
Collective Insurance Brokers Pty LtdSydney1264100
Colless, Cathryn ElizabethSydney296350
Collett, David GeorgeSydney1241406
Collett, Mathew Sydney324205
Collette Pty LtdSydney1008098
Collie, Fiona Sydney318195
Collie, Mark AceSydney1257749
Collier, Andrew JonathanSydney277536
Collier, James Sydney387455
Collier, Karla Sydney1271687
Collier, Rachel JaneSydney456771
Collier, Rhonda Sydney278603
Collier, Stephen Sydney1006492
Colliers International (nsw) Pty LimitedSydney1007975
Collignon, John PeterSydney327094
Collignon, Marcel JohnSydney296139
Collimate Capital LimitedSydney419813
Collins, Claire Sydney411639
Collins, David JohnSydney449703
Collins, Gail Sydney362191
Collins, Jodi RochelleSydney242118
Collins, Katherine Sydney296366
Collins, Philip ErnestSydney292170
Collins, Ralph MichaelSydney345860
Collins-tattrie, Parker JaySydney1290196
Collinson, Alexander GeorgeSydney468674
Collinson, Simon JamesSydney284081
Collis, Richard MarkSydney292171
Collis, Wayne AlanSydney403083
Collishaw, Nicholas RolandSydney1278334
Collison, Daryl Sydney345996
Colliver, Kristine IntaSydney325744
Collogan, Racheal Sydney401640
Colman, Geoffrey Sydney320537
Colman, Roger DennisSydney1001211
Colnan, John AnthonySydney268080
Colnan, Peter AnthonySydney1256372
Colonial First State Private Equity Pty LimitedSydney276385
Colquhoun, John Sydney254505
Colquhoun, Peter WilliamSydney445889
Columbine Finances Pty. LimitedSydney322783
Columbus Administration Pty LimitedSydney414780
Columbus Capital Funds Management Pty LtdSydney340064
Columbus, Robert Michael GerrieSydney289609
Colvin, Justine AnnSydney338259
Comas, Andy Sydney298478
Combos, Terrence Sydney1290199
Combray Capital Pty LtdSydney325002
Comfort Tour Coach Co. Sydney Pty LtdSydney342986
Comley, Tyler Sydney1235972
Command Wealth Pty LtdSydney436801
Commencer Capital Funds Management Pty LimitedSydney1262732
Commencer Capital Pty LtdSydney1287590
Commins, Jodi Sydney405091
Commins, Jodie Sydney362641
Commodity Pool Operations Pty LimitedSydney329818
Commsec Custodial Nominees Pty LimitedSydney1299490
Communications Direct Australia Pty LtdSydney360455
Community Broker Network Pty LtdSydney277505
Compare Club Australia Pty LtdSydney1279036
Compare Insurance Pty LimitedSydney444349
Compass Global Asset Management Pty LtdSydney402066
Compass Global Markets (wa) Pty LtdSydney457425
Compass Global Markets Pty LtdSydney377377
Compass Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney259996
Complete Capital Pty LtdSydney456807
Complete Finance Services Pty LtdSydney448578
Complete Travel Services Pty LtdSydney258644
Compound Capital Management Pty LimitedSydney443260
Compound Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney455398
Compound Member, Clients OF Ex- Sydney231729
Compton, Garry JamesSydney329940
Computershare Plan CO Pty LtdSydney267257
Computershare Plan Managers Pty LtdSydney266877
Comserv (no 461) Pty LtdSydney1294314
Concept Finance Group Pty LtdSydney469264
Concept Wealth Solutions Pty LtdSydney320225
Concierge Travel Group Pty LimitedSydney257884
Conde, Timothy DavidSydney279334
Condell, Andrew Sydney222821
Condell, Andrew JosephSydney411142
Condon, Marshall LeeSydney1243227
Condor Wealth Solution Pty LimitedSydney330834
Conduit Capital Pty LtdSydney1282095
Confio Insurance Services Pty LtdSydney1253528
Congiusta, Adam David Joseph Sydney1260190
Congiusta, Matthew JosephSydney413479
Conmonlear Pty LtdSydney433403
Conn, Thomas Phillip John Sydney1007651
Connell, Mark AnthonySydney463499
Connell, Richard Sydney1297264
Connelley, Paul Sydney273266
Conner, Craig Sydney231628
Connley, Max RiordanSydney1281794
Connolly, Chris Sydney1238342
Connor, Jack StephenSydney299628
Connor, Susan AnneSydney282691
Connors, Andrew Sydney438254
Connors, Timothy Sydney1005859
Conomos, Jim Sydney258187
Conrad, Ian Steven LeeSydney1273546
Conrad, Steven Sydney313201
Conroy, Timothy MatthewSydney336574
Conroy, Zane Sydney319561
Consandine, Terrance JohnSydney238295
Considine, Jacqueline Sydney320230
Considine, Michael PatrickSydney1298267
Consilio Consulting Pty LtdSydney1266250
Consilio Partners Pty LtdSydney442268
Consilio Risk Advisers Pty LimitedSydney324218
Consolidated Travel Pty LtdSydney261336
Consorteo Pty LtdSydney276902
Constant, Caroline Sydney422880
Constantia Investment Partners Pty LtdSydney1245993
Constellation Advisors Pty LtdSydney1241335
Consulting ON Interiors Pty. LimitedSydney316019
Contact Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney1249722
Contango Services Pty LtdSydney269332
Conteras, Haydee Sydney271059
Contracting Hevern Pty LtdSydney408868
Convergence Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney343992
Conway, Nora Sydney293374
Cook, Alexander BruceSydney241991
Cook, Gary ThomasSydney292390
Cook, Gregory JamesSydney235710
Cook, James Cameron DouglasSydney1300838
Cook, Jill Sydney270854
Cook, Jill Elizabeth Sydney311125
Cook, John AnthonySydney223855
Cook, Jonathan DavidSydney1235369
Cook, Matthew WayneSydney276252
Cook, Simon Sydney439015
Cooke, Geoffrey JamesSydney264238
Cooke, Melinda JaneSydney283825
Cooke, Neil Sydney287733
Cooke, Nicholas RonaldSydney334447
Cooke, Paul MartinSydney398188
Cooke, Robert Sydney1242540
Coolabah Capital Investments (retail) Pty LimitedSydney414337
Cooling, Kearah Sydney432614
Coombe, Jason Sydney1007386
Coombe, John ScottSydney404242
Coombes, Benjamin Sydney308458
Cooney, Dion Sydney221906
Cooney, Michael JamesSydney1252919
Cooney, Paula Sydney283517
Cooney, Richard JamesSydney1264207
Cooper, Anthony RossSydney293019
Cooper, Benjamin HeathSydney260879
Cooper, Christopher JamesSydney235112
Cooper, David Sydney1262885
Cooper, David JohnSydney268081
Cooper, Duncan EdwardSydney303813
Cooper, Jeremy Jurriaan WaltonSydney460996
Cooper, John AllanSydney1263087
Cooper, Mark Sydney321398
Cooper, Martin Sydney1235340
Cooper, Nathan Sydney307519
Cooper, Robert MurraySydney226756
Cooper, Ross TheoSydney299785
Cooper, Simon Anthony DESydney258831
Coorey, Bradley Sydney338310
Coorey, Deanna Sydney361470
Coorey, Michael Sydney252882
Coote, Daniel WilliamSydney1256052
Copeland, John DuncanSydney269204
Coplin, Colin Sydney337454
Copper Great Eastern Hwy Pty LtdSydney1289046
Copsey, Mark ThomasSydney1001473
Coral Seas Travel Pty. LimitedSydney267920
Corbett, Daniel JamesSydney229534
Corbett, Matthew Sydney329897
Corby, Natasha JaneSydney277538
Corcoran, Grace Sydney390823
Corcoran, James Sydney323531
Corcoran, John Sydney1270562
Cordeiro, Paul AnthonySydney341693
Cordis Asset Management Pty LtdSydney1282680
Core Equity Services Nominees Pty LimitedSydney344165
Core Liquidity Markets Pty LtdSydney443832
Core Property Research Pty LtdSydney1257225
Cori, Michael Sydney433138
Corias Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney341365
Corkill, William CharlesSydney1250098
Corlett, Robert William AndrewSydney442233
Cormack Financial Pty LtdSydney242053
Cormack, David PhillipSydney241976
Cormack, Evan Sydney1269645
Cornell, Chanel Sydney1290184
Cornell, Charles Sydney242299
Cornell, Norbert JamesSydney288272
Cornell, Robert YvesSydney236292
Cornell, Rosemary LynSydney280682
Cornerstone Capital Investment Group Pty LtdSydney1243000
Cornwell, Michael JamesSydney346915
Cornwell, Robert AlexanderSydney412544
Corolis, George Sydney358435
Corporate Insurance International Pty LtdSydney334634
Corporate Operation Services Pty LtdSydney463418
Corporate Opportunity Fund 2A Management L.p.Sydney414642
Corporate Travel Headquarters Pty LtdSydney276337
Corr, Edel Sydney308459
Correia, Emmanuel Sydney1246828
Corrigall, Guy RobertSydney262096
Corrigan, Dominic JohnSydney430843
Corrigan, Duncan Sydney1290188
Corrigan, Ryan Sydney1275528
Cortez, Randlyn Sydney275819
Cortis, Sean Sydney438996
Corval Funds Management Pty LtdSydney1289233
Corval Ingham Pty LtdSydney1289230
Corval No. 1 Pty LtdSydney1289231
Cosgrave, David Sydney305542
Cosgrave, Renee Sydney1282380
Cosgrove, Andrew PeterSydney237724
Cossetto, Peter JulianSydney249942
Cost-chretien, Marie Sydney1261746
Costa, Anita AngelaSydney1285826
Costa, Gabriel Sydney1292745
Costello Webster & Company Pty LtdSydney1250698
Costello, Alan RobertSydney223868
Costello, Alison Sydney1253642
Costello, Benjamin LancelotSydney1257485
Costello, Lance PhilipSydney1250699
Costigan, David PatrickSydney1273398
Cote, Julie MichelleSydney1271723
Coterie Capital Pty LtdSydney1293020
Cottam, Thomas JamesSydney1240645
Cotter, Misha Sydney1267483
Cotterell, Adam Sydney1274392
Cotterell, David JohnSydney1246976
Cotterill, Peter GeorgeSydney248032
Cotton, Daniel CharlesSydney314949
Cotton, Michael JohnSydney454667
Cotton, Ross RichmondSydney388766
Coughtrey, Michael Sydney1272830
Coull, James Sydney1008475
Couloir Capital Pty LtdSydney1284444
Coulon, Olivier Donald Sydney1261149
Coulter, Tatiana Sydney418741
Countplus FS Holdings Pty LimitedSydney441440
Countrywide Outdoor Pty LtdSydney408214
Coupe, Michael JamesSydney401163
Couper, Derek BruceSydney255295
Couriers Please Pty LtdSydney288572
Court House Capital Management LtdSydney1292132
Court, Alexander Sydney1287821
Courtney, Rosemary AnnSydney278304
Courts, Josh Lindsay GeorgeSydney254289
Couttas, Gregory Sydney466795
Couttas, Robert Sydney239044
Coutts, Alison MarySydney224072
Coutts, Brendan Sydney421881
Couzner, Angelique Sydney421877
Cove Capital Pty LtdSydney303906
Coveney, Yvonne Sydney327873
Coventry, Judith MarieSydney236691
Coventry, Scott FrancisSydney305742
Cover Australia Pty LimitedSydney412058
Cover Genius Pty LtdSydney1245462
Coveredus Pty LtdSydney401948
Coverforce 3lp Pty LtdSydney1244497
Coverforce Gold Coast Pty LtdSydney1248649
Coverforce Workplace Services Pty LtdSydney1255402
Coverhero Pty LtdSydney1277310
Coveright Vic Pty LtdSydney275364
Coverme Insurance Solutions Pty LtdSydney1252672
Coverwise Rei Pty LimitedSydney1274661
Cowan, Jennifer RoseSydney268082
Cowan, Jodie Sydney343717
Cowan, Leanne JillSydney319473
Cowburn, Lauren Sydney284988
Cowealth Partners Pty. Ltd.Sydney457036
Cowell Watts Financial Services Pty LtdSydney296644
Cowen, Andrew Sydney1001416
Cowen, Janice MichelleSydney268083
Cowin, Neil GordonSydney326675
Cowley, Nichole ClareSydney1246377
Cowper, Graeme AshleySydney340254
Cox, Bradley JohnSydney315689
Cox, Daniel RobertSydney339519
Cox, Gary SherwoodSydney451805
Cox, Jon ThomasSydney268694
Cox, Nicole Sydney413577
Cox, Paul Sydney236918
Cox, Samuel Sydney1275027
Cox, Samuel SamSydney1295426
Cox, Stretton AlbertSydney232641
Cox, Toby Sydney326733
Coyne, Robert FranklynSydney453642
Cozero Energy Retail Pty LtdSydney458601
Cozero Marketlink Pty LtdSydney431471
Cozero Pty LtdSydney431472
Cpage Investments Pty LtdSydney1285453
Cpec 8 Management Pty LtdSydney1238843
Cpec 9 Corporate A Pty LtdSydney1280072
Cpec 9 Corporate B Pty LtdSydney1280074
Cpec 9 Corporate C Pty LtdSydney1280075
Cpec 9 Feeder 1 Corporate Pty LtdSydney1280077
Cpec 9 Feeder 2 Corporate Pty LtdSydney1280078
Cpec 9 GP CO Pty LtdSydney1280076
Cpec Corporate Pty LtdSydney1297293
Cpec Investment Management Pty LtdSydney1280653
Cpec Investments Pty LtdSydney1285924
Cpec Management Pty LtdSydney1278473
Cpec R2 Co-invest 2 Pty LtdSydney1280654
Cpg Childcare Property NO 2 Pty LtdSydney1286372
Cpg Childcare Property NO 3 Pty LtdSydney1293031
Cpg Edge Early Learning Pty LtdSydney1262719
Cpg Lending Pty LtdSydney1268527
Cpg Premier NB Pty LtdSydney1240025
Cpg Property Management Pty LtdSydney1268528
Cpif Pty LtdSydney457390
Cpu Share Plans Pty LimitedSydney267250
Crabb, Brett RobertSydney286142
Crabbe, Benjamin Sydney455362
Cracknell, Mark AndrewSydney466034
Cradock, Jeremy Sydney418368
Craig Miller Pty LtdSydney268961
Craig, Brett AnthonySydney1298683
Craig, Lisa Sydney321267
Craig, Steve Sydney321508
Craigievar Consulting Pty. LimitedSydney269218
Cramm Nominees Pty. LimitedSydney267027
Crampton, John Sydney354233
Crampton, Nicholas RichardSydney1290218
Cramsie, Katherine JaneSydney264414
Crane, Karen LynetteSydney406153
Crane, Warwick BoydSydney306187
Cranfield, Kevin Sydney1256189
Crang, Nick Sydney325060
Cranitch, Paul Sydney418284
Cranna, David Sydney286109
Cranston, John RobertSydney278120
Crate Capital Pte Ltd (registration No. 201819610w)Sydney1267119
Craven, Robert George CroninSydney247622
Craven, Xavier Sydney247675
Crawford, Andrew ScottSydney339341
Crawford, Anthony RaymondSydney1289561
Crawford, Ben Sydney284997
Crawford, James D LSydney332229
Crawford, Rhonda Sydney362649
Crawley, Vernon AlanSydney283822
Create Financial Planning Pty LtdSydney297211
Creative Insurance Australasia Pty LtdSydney422362
Credit Asset Management Pty LtdSydney280677
Credit Corp Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney1236537
Credon Investment Services Pty LtdSydney1261645
Creek, Tristan GeoffreySydney280857
Cregan, Nicholas Sydney1277650
Crehan, Patrick Sydney1005663
Crellin, Mary Sydney260029
Crellin, Paul John Sydney1005386
Cremen, Kirston Sydney1280410
Crescent Capital Partners IV LPSydney1264428
Crescent Capital Partners Management Pty LimitedSydney280164
Crescent Capital Partners Management Pty Limited & Crescent Capital Partners V Pty LtdSydney1264427
Crescent Capital Partners V LPSydney1264429
Crescent Capital Partners Vii, LPSydney1297368
Crescent VI Manager Pty LtdSydney1261929
Crescent Vii Gp, LPSydney1297367
Crescent Vii Manager Pty LtdSydney1297366
Crescor Pty LimitedSydney298689
Cresro Pty LtdSydney228669
Creswick, Charles AlexanderSydney239371
Crew, Stuart Sydney430329
Crews, Andrew RaymondSydney230791
Crilly, Shannon Sydney1271530
Crimmins, Clare MarySydney284082
Crisci, Nicholas Sydney444052
Crispin & Jeffery Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney323991
Croft, Jennie Sydney233302
Crompton, Michael GregorySydney327530
Crompton, Samuel PeterSydney337689
Cromwell Research Pty LtdSydney1263896
Crone, Michael Sydney1264597
Crones, Angelo Sydney271491
Cronly, Jake PhilipSydney1272135
Cronly, Phil Sydney411675
Crooks, Daniel JohnSydney435535
Cross Asset Wealth Management Pty LtdSydney1274803
Cross, Ryan PaulSydney401714
Crossing, Peter RaymondSydney344430
Crossley, David PaulSydney280837
Crossman, Robert LyallSydney1245552
Crosweller, Joanne LouiseSydney1280119
Crotty, Justin PatrickSydney1278815
Crouch, Benjamin AndrewSydney457486
Croudace, Lisa NicoleSydney407964
Crowdproperty Pty LtdSydney1285637
Crowe, Ryan Sydney255486
Crowhurst, Mark EvansSydney1235484
Crowley Vazquez, Carlos Sydney295961
Crowley, John PeterSydney1235741
Crowley, Michael NormanSydney276581
Crowne, Paul DouglasSydney234778
Crowther, Andrew JamesSydney401653
Crowther, Kylie Sydney345814
Crowther, Nikki Sydney302120
Cruden & Read Pty LtdSydney1263090
Cruden, Cherie Sydney426823
Cruden, Leigh MathewSydney1264239
Cruickshank, Stuart Sydney232475
Cruikshank, John Sydney1240168
Cruise & Coach Corporation Pty LtdSydney258782
Cruz, Joseph Sydney1269430
Cruz, Joseph LionelSydney258015
Cuadros, Luis ManuelSydney309636
Cube Capital Pty LtdSydney1007883
Cuddy, Paul Jonathan ScottSydney1009316
Cudicio, Moreno Sydney338419
Cuff, David Sydney1006324
Cuffe, Christopher EdgarSydney323212
Cui, Gangfeng Sydney1273335
Cui, Yilong Sydney1266218
Culbert, Michael JamesSydney317562
Culbert, William AnthonySydney258021
Cullen, Paul JosephSydney313197
Cullen, Ross Sydney1244452
Cullen, Ross HerbertSydney452761
Cullen, Scott AndrewSydney283406
Culling, Jennifer Sydney287245
Culver, Jeremy Sydney236034
Culver, Thomas Sydney335411
Cuming, Timothy JamesSydney273678
Cummings, Briallen Brooke GarlandSydney443078
Cummings, Christine Sydney280741
Cummings, Luke Sydney293781
Cummings, Michelle Sydney362735
Cummings, Nicholas Sydney458290
Cummings, Sarah Sydney241219
Cummins, Lena MariaSydney254329
Cummins, Matthew Sydney1004225
Cummins, Rosemary LouiseSydney1277382
Cummins, Sean Sydney341711
Cummins, William JohnSydney305144
Cunanan, Romana Sydney233235
Cunliffe, Melanie Sydney423066
Cunningham, Roslyn GayeSydney290405
Cunnington, Jack Sydney1239931
Cunnion, Craig MichaelSydney1266382
Curak, Zeljko Sydney342825
Cureton, Stuart PeterSydney260964
Curley, John Sydney1253274
Curley, Scott Sydney1286466
Curmi, Svetlana Sydney319146
Curo Financial Services Pty LimitedSydney240471
Curran, Charles PaulSydney439723
Curran, Kevin AnthonySydney260065
Currency Select Pty LtdSydney1293963
Currie, Robert WilliamSydney356603
Curry, David Sydney276872
Curry, Jason Sydney308453
Curry, Nicholas Garth