Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: July 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
1 Bill Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298439
1 Chapel Street Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280424
1000 Mile Travel Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 472887
108 Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306316
11 Queens Road Pty Ltd Melbourne 460468
123 Investment Advisors Pty Ltd Melbourne 471032
130 Commercial RD Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298154
176 Wellington Parade Pty Ltd Melbourne 442808
21e8 Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310128
260 Collins Street Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283649
268 Growth Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284025
299 King ST JV Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267538
2secure Pty Ltd Melbourne 424451
3P Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 437973
3mc Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 426880
4 Square Energy Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309061
4D Infrastructure Pty Ltd Melbourne 1008007
689 Burke Road Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 422261
697 Burke Road Pty Ltd Melbourne 422256
71 Palmerston Crescent Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282566
718 Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278502
863 High Street Pty Ltd Melbourne 422262
993 Fund Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305698
993 Nominees Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300238
A.c.n. 628 444 888 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1268746
A.c.n. 628 444 897 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1268745
A.c.n. 629 885 230 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275196
A.d. Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294727
AD Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 460689
AS Financial Planning Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303409
AW Property Consulting Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309830
Abdo, Romeo Melbourne 1245685
Ablett, Kerryn Julie Melbourne 1308644
Accomplished Insurance Services Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1246258
Acre Mile Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309111
Action Wealth Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 438316
Activ8 Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289506
Activam Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303834
Active Strategy Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280549
Acurancy Insurance Services (melbourne) Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1251089
Ada Projects Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277122
Adams, David Melbourne 1280655
Adams, Timothy Melbourne 451139
Adapt 2 Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299995
Addicott Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277792
Adeptus Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307955
Advice And Answers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306837
Adviser Universe Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303486
Aegis Risk Management Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1234978
Affinity Management Consulting Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262345
Agfood Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267679
Agustin, Sheryl Paras Melbourne 1004874
Aherne, Marcus Melbourne 1245334
Ahmad, Gary Alexander Melbourne 1297875
Akdag, Kazim Melbourne 1271996
Akon Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 433336
Albert, Shaun Robert Melbourne 1266446
Alceon Finance Pty. Limited Melbourne 426320
Alceon Funds Management Pty Limited Melbourne 466788
Alceon Group No. 8 Pty. Limited Melbourne 439497
Alceon Group No. 9 Pty. Limited Melbourne 439496
Alceon Group No.7 Pty Ltd Melbourne 439498
Aligned Disability Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301975
Allen, Stuart Richard Melbourne 429327
Allerton Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273962
Allied Group Investments Proprietary Limited Melbourne 247780
Almeida, Phillip Melbourne 1285546
Almond, Julie Melbourne 1270704
Alpha OZ Capital VC Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263978
Alphington Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 412463
Alphonso, Lorenz Melbourne 1002025
Amber Electric Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296915
Andrews, Jordan Wallace Peter Melbourne 1007693
Andrews, Luke Melbourne 386589
Andritsos, Peter Melbourne 1003635
Angel Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277063
Angel Partners Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299685
Angelini, Stefan Melbourne 1249074
Anglican Insurance And Risk Services Ltd Melbourne 1297039
Angus, Alistair Tremayne Melbourne 1303676
Appleton, Bryce Ian Melbourne 1004516
Aquinance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289448
Ara Financial Planning Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277898
Aracas, Alexander Melbourne 422727
Arbon, Timothy James Melbourne 440273
Arcangel, Anthony Melbourne 1249451
Archer, Timothy Melbourne 1251051
Archiwoods Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294798
Arculus Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303176
Arete Capital Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305631
Argh Car 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293218
Aris, James Phillip Melbourne 1263822
Ark General Insurance Pty Limited Melbourne 400829
Armitage Associates Fund II Pty Limited Melbourne 1264630
Armitage Associates Fund II Services A Pty Limited Melbourne 1264633
Armitage Associates Sponsor II Pty Limited Melbourne 1264641
Armitage Associates Sponsor Iia Pty Limited Melbourne 1264642
Armytage Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 312245
Armytage Wholesale Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 314744
Arrowpoint Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296800
Arrowroad Financial Planning Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285229
Arttopa Pty Ltd & Gtho Pty Ltd & Marpole Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254923
Ascia Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284181
Ascot Broking Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308720
Ashburn, Mark Leonard Melbourne 1250320
Ashworth, Paul Cameron Melbourne 291496
Asp Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 309189
Aspect Sme Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294262
Aspire Tower Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279172
Assetplan Holdings Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1001084
Assured Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Melbourne 440631
Asurion Australia Pty Limited Melbourne 1293374
Atanasova, Bilyana Melbourne 1274003
Atkinson, Lucy Melbourne 1264107
Atmar, Belal Ahmad Melbourne 1302345
Atrium Wealth Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309513
Aubige Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301587
Audacy VP Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293066
Aurenda Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299159
Auro Funds Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280366
Aurora Explore Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308972
Aust-china Financial & Investment Services Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1253691
Austin Penman Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1282407
Austin, Mark Melbourne 1295483
Australia Asia Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 435477
Australia Wide Financial Planning Pty Ltd Melbourne 1001035
Australian Commercial Mortgage Fund Pty Limited Melbourne 1301066
Australian Fine Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308398
Australian Funds Management Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292833
Australian Insurance Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 308462
Australian Microcap Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 323721
Australian Reliance Pty Ltd Melbourne 403214
Avari Capital Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266122
Avenue Capital Managers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280795
Avid Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1233867
Avoca Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308911
Aynbund, Michael Melbourne 1309950
Ayres, Jakob Anthony Melbourne 1301157
Azzopardi, Neville Ian Melbourne 1246628
B. Financial Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283480
BA Asset Management Pty Limited Melbourne 1295890
BG Risk Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280543
BR Investment Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300523
BW Capital Melbourne Pty Ltd Melbourne 412482
Badak Putih Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306458
Bailey, Christopher John Melbourne 1270618
Bailey, Mark Andrew Melbourne 1278596
Baillie, John Storen Melbourne 268065
Baini, John Melbourne 1271980
Bakas, Con Melbourne 1304584
Baker, David George Melbourne 342741
Bakras, Joachim Melbourne 337866
Balacco, Tania Melbourne 1303374
Balance Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301549
Bali Travel Service (vic) Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 269541
Banerjee, Arunabh Melbourne 1303827
Barclay Conti Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 269690
Bardzinski, Mark Richard Melbourne 318692
Bare, Philip Melbourne 1279799
Barkhad, Nazib Melbourne 1309023
Barrow, Greig Melbourne 1266265
Barry, Leo David Melbourne 1279115
Barry, Patrick Harrison Melbourne 296028
Barsby, Matthew James Melbourne 281870
Basinillo-weaver, Jessica Melbourne 1254531
Basnayake, Dinith Gaveshana Melbourne 1301227
Bayley Stuart Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237956
Bayside Financial Advisers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299180
Bayside Planning Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1257746
Bb6 Service (h) Coinvestment Trusco Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310285
Bb6 Service (h) Trusco Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310065
Bb6 Service (hp) Coinvestment Trusco Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310064
Bb6 Service (hp) Trusco Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310062
Bb6 Service Trusco Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310035
Bbf1 Trusco Pty Ltd Melbourne 345825
Bcif (nominees) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1259485
Bcp4 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310289
Bdg Investment Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306121
Beamish, Justin George Melbourne 386338
Beck Givney Pty Ltd Melbourne 1240643
Beer & CO Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237528
Beer, Michael Robin Melbourne 1237529
Belcher, Howard Melbourne 463705
Belichovski, Mitchell Elias Melbourne 1294732
Bell, David Anthony Melbourne 1002777
Bell, Trent Ashley Melbourne 1258051
Bennelong Australian Equity Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 328975
Bennelong Long Short Equity Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 303432
Bennett Racing Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254645
Bennett, Derek Melbourne 1275588
Bennett, Mark Alexis Melbourne 1309200
Bensons Property Group Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1277832
Benstead, Rohan Melbourne 1001580
Bentley, Thomas Paul Melbourne 1297033
Beswick, Nicola Louise Melbourne 459008
Bgh Capital Co-investment Pty Limited Melbourne 1277087
Bgh Capital IA Pty Limited Melbourne 1276455
Bgh Capital IB Pty Limited Melbourne 1273997
Bgh Capital Iia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294293
Bgh Capital Iib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294294
Bgh Capital Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1276458
Bhatt, Arpita Dilipkumar Melbourne 1251558
Bhavsar, Rashesh Gopaldas Melbourne 410155
Bicycle Victoria Incorporated Melbourne 1284571
Biga Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1232787
Bioscience Managers Pty Ltd Melbourne 325003
Birkhold, John David Melbourne 1306294
Bishop, Cameron Grant Melbourne 1252396
Bishop, Devan Melbourne 1269812
Bishop, Grant Ronald Melbourne 337781
Black, Jonathan Melbourne 1002038
Blackmore Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298660
Blair, Matthew Melbourne 1295340
Blazey, Antony James Francis Melbourne 1304088
Blievers, Hamish Melbourne 1005061
Blondie Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299033
Bloom, Jacqueline Miriam Melbourne 1301774
Blore, Linda Melbourne 1286723
Blows, Bianca Melbourne 1238557
Blue Rock Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254401
Blue Rock Dnm Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306660
Blue Rock General Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1253020
Blue Rock Private Wealth (melb) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298365
Bluefit Armitage Services Pty Limited Melbourne 1264636
Bnc Group Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1241538
Body Corporate Services (vic) Pty Limited Melbourne 269107
Bogdan, Marcus Sebastian Melbourne 1307666
Bombora Connect Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308200
Bond, Simon Andrew Melbourne 259423
Bongiorno & Partners FP Pty Ltd Melbourne 322200
Bongiorno & Partners Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 322201
Bongiorno Management Services Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 309578
Bongiorno Private Clients Pty Ltd Melbourne 317404
Bongiorno, Antoinette Elizabeth Melbourne 250847
Bongiorno-millar, Julie Anne Melbourne 270467
Borgelt, Elliot Melbourne 1273598
Bott, Cameron John Melbourne 1279264
Bott, Isabella Rose Melbourne 1309942
Botton, Marigold Juli Melbourne 467016
Boucher, Michael David Melbourne 271093
Boulton, Peter Melbourne 1006378
Bourke, Paul Melbourne 1004674
Bovill Risk & Insurance Consultants Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1308194
Bowen, Ben Melbourne 440963
Bowman, Tristan William Melbourne 1237446
Brady Owners Corporation Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 448392
Bramburra Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305967
Brandle, Loren Renee Melbourne 1000869
Branicki, Alfred Melbourne 306164
Brar, Vickram Singh Melbourne 470706
Brecknock Wealth Management (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 408103
Breeze Underwriting (aust) Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1255796
Bridgland, Danny John Melbourne 1003577
Brighton Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262199
Broadbent, Jack Melbourne 1309169
Brockhill & Usherwood Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307752
Brooke, Edward Robert Charles Melbourne 1001313
Brookes, Jeanette Marie Melbourne 1005958
Brown, Andrew Peter Melbourne 1293631
Brown, Brendan Thomas Melbourne 255104
Brownsea, Lionel John Melbourne 309671
Brs Financial (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279145
Bruce, Robert Melbourne 1307936
Bruinstroop, Pieter Jan Melbourne 1293351
Brumhead, Janine Elizabeth Melbourne 1244414
Bryant, Paul Graeme Melbourne 1002363
Bucknall, Jon Charles Melbourne 1273654
Buddha Travel & Tours Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 340132
Budge, Peter Robert Melbourne 230572
Bullen, Jacob Melbourne 1285334
Bunn, Robert Graham Melbourne 259399
Bupa HI Pty Ltd Melbourne 354269
Burgess Rawson & Associates Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 283665
Burgess, Charles Miller Melbourne 1250657
Burgess, Mark Melbourne 1280408
Burke, Jeremy Philip Szoke Melbourne 1288559
Burness, Paul Andrew Melbourne 1279226
Burt, Geoffrey Ewan Melbourne 1002986
Butler, Mark Adrian Melbourne 267911
Butler, Tony Melbourne 1237425
C & W Investments (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 338950
C Walker CO Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305678
C.g.c. (aust) Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 466930
CF Capital Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286471
CH Brokers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310038
Caddy, Lachlan Melbourne 428800
Cade, John Robert Melbourne 1296970
Cadmon Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1253390
Cadre Capital Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1272435
Calvert Hill Advantage Pty Ltd & Gibmitz Holdings Pty Ltd & Gsfm Investments NO 2 Pty Ltd & Kimoo Investments Pty Ltd & Nvg Global Investors Pty Ltd & Tsinidis Global Pty. Ltd. & Others Melbourne 1244894
Cambridge Capital Partners (funds Management) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309945
Cameron, Malcolm David Melbourne 1235717
Cammaroto, Tyrone James Melbourne 1296983
Campbell, Colin Melbourne 1002212
Campbell, David James Melbourne 1005960
Campbell, Drew Charles Melbourne 451444
Campbell, Kate Melbourne 1295595
Campbell, Michelle Melbourne 1281110
Canaccord (australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne 339367
Canaccord Financial Group (australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne 339368
Cannatello, Nick Melbourne 1002989
Canopy Nature Based Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280752
Canty, Lawrence Maxwell Melbourne 331782
Cao, Mina Melbourne 1253998
Capital Guardians Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1259843
Capital Matters Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308069
Capper, James Melbourne 1309174
Carafa, Anthony Melbourne 1272165
Carbon Growth Opportunities Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303472
Carbon Growth Partners (australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303473
Carbon Growth Partners (international) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301263
Care Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 322431
Care, Damian Joseph Melbourne 1309250
Carey, Gabriel Melbourne 1239224
Carman, Grant Melbourne 415971
Carmichael, Alistair Scott Melbourne 1004571
Carter, Boyd Melbourne 1255981
Carter, Julian Edward Melbourne 1243197
Carvalho, Austin James Melbourne 1003221
Cashel Support Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1257601
Cass, Helen Lana Melbourne 1284156
Cass, Michael James Melbourne 1283913
Cassar, Kydi Alisha Melbourne 1300355
Cassidy, Mathew Nolan Melbourne 250030
Castellain, Simon William James Melbourne 1269717
Castellano, Carlo Melbourne 273682
Catherall, Jesse David Melbourne 1268502
Catt, Allan Kenneth Melbourne 1277928
Cavagnino, Tahli Rose Jade Melbourne 1306012
Cayzer, Nicholas Rohan Melbourne 1298076
Cbc Bus Charter Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309621
Cedarlakes Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299157
Celm, Richard Melbourne 1295692
Cengiz, Kaan Melbourne 1272148
Centor Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 432321
Centuria Capital Limited Melbourne 312471
Century Plaza Trading Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 325706
Cernavin, Zoya Melbourne 1005986
Certus Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304368
Cesario, Nathan James Melbourne 1268489
Chaiton, Moshe Melbourne 1237774
Chan, Alfred Chun Yow Melbourne 1276653
Chan, Ga Yee Melbourne 1265633
Chan, Kam Leong Melbourne 1272043
Chapman, Peter Frederick Melbourne 454287
Chartres, Mark Melbourne 1253670
Chase Surety Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1008200
Chau, Steven Andrew Melbourne 1234725
Chen, Zuan Melbourne 382414
Cheng, Helen Melbourne 247400
Cheong, Mun Chiew Melbourne 1307909
Chester Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254467
Chia, David Melbourne 1001586
Chick, Julian John Melbourne 1259486
Chidambara Bharathi, Jayalatha Melbourne 1237252
Chin, Michael George Melbourne 1303549
Chin, Seth Chun Wah Melbourne 1310213
Chiuchiarelli, Brent Leigh Melbourne 1272681
Christodoulou, Cecilia Melbourne 292231
Christou, John Melbourne 1000779
Cicutto, Christopher Anthony Melbourne 1249116
Claims Advocate Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307933
Clancey, Tom Melbourne 1262321
Claringbold, Sam Melbourne 1262644
Clarity Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302666
Clark, David Harrison Melbourne 1237445
Clark, John Charles Holmes Melbourne 419588
Clarke, Peter Robert Melbourne 331784
Clarke, Trent Melbourne 1255288
Cleary, John Buchan Melbourne 385799
Cloverleaf Impact Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305277
Club Tours Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 292675
Clyne, Caillin Darcy Melbourne 1298361
Coad, Simon Melbourne 1003014
Cobain, Roderick Melbourne 441003
Cobb, Tracey Melbourne 1272125
Cobrand Operations Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303091
Coffeng, John Martinus Melbourne 1301265
Coggins, William David Melbourne 1272503
Cohen, Jonathan Melbourne 1304076
Coinjar Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1290193
Coleman, Michael Neil Melbourne 342452
Coles, Chris Melbourne 1280656
Colledge, Dianne Melbourne 250860
Collingwood, Stewart John Melbourne 1006394
Collins ST Convertible Notes Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298333
Collins ST Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298332
Collins ST Global Gold Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302445
Collins, John Francis Melbourne 1272553
Colwell, Brad Kenneth Melbourne 1305907
Comerford, Sean Richard Melbourne 1295006
Compendium Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306892
Concept Funds Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 433943
Concord Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285319
Condor Risk Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 453208
Connect Business Advisors Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281956
Connective Funder Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1246389
Connor, Simon George Melbourne 1005993
Conquest Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 314338
Cooper, Dale Stephen Melbourne 1007861
Cooper, Mark Melbourne 1252474
Copeak Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295246
Copia Holding Company Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278306
Copia Service Company Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278307
Corinella Capital Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293634
Cornips, Jack Alexander Melbourne 1284249
Cornips, Karo Melbourne 457886
Cornish, Mitchell James Melbourne 1269664
Cornwalls Capital Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283354
Cornwalls Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273756
Corr, Andrew Joseph Melbourne 1303369
Coster, Jory Nolan Melbourne 1309520
Country TO Coast Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309521
Cox, Joseph Ronald Melbourne 1002795
Cps-hkc Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306831
Creekview Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304569
Crole, Garry Peter Melbourne 271677
Cromb, Scott Melbourne 1291763
Crossing, Robert Melbourne 1004905
Crotty, Ian Andrew Melbourne 341049
Cruz Business Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1276151
Cruz Money IP Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297393
Cst Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277731
Cullen Capital Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1297320
Cuming, Marc Philip Melbourne 1238360
Cummings, James Rochford Melbourne 1304794
Curnock Cook, Jeremy Laurence Melbourne 469861
Cursio, Giovanni Battista Melbourne 294436
Cusack, Bonnie Melbourne 1282497
Cusack, Joel Melbourne 1294959
Cushman & Wakefield (valuations) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308228
Cuskelly, Gregory James Michael Melbourne 1295499
Cuskelly, Peter Russell Melbourne 1306882
Cvs Lane LN Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304460
D'alesio, Frank Melbourne 1250877
D'amelio, Rocco Melbourne 369263
D'astoli, Christopher John Melbourne 1286086
D'paul, Anthony Melbourne 426290
D'souza, Jonathan Cyriaco Melbourne 1300628
D.q. International Travel Service Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 228079
DE Kretser, David Andrew Melbourne 319194
DM Wealth Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298583
DR & KJ Pty Ltd Melbourne 414409
Dadon, Jerome Melbourne 1302858
Daffy, Carl Anthony Melbourne 1243012
Daffy, Jarrod Michael Melbourne 1243015
Darley, Tyson Ray Melbourne 1296804
Davey, Bruce Andrew Melbourne 1281942
David, Cheng Melbourne 1267715
Davidson, Joshua Isaac Melbourne 1271014
Davidson, Susan Melbourne 1280257
Davies, Adam Joseph Melbourne 1251309
Davies, Heidi Kate Melbourne 296980
Davies, Huw Melbourne 1247836
Davies, Mark Gerald Melbourne 419585
Davies, Simon James Melbourne 1008454
Davis Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299449
Davis, Adam Collingwood Melbourne 1308330
Davis, Gregory Byron Melbourne 1245528
Davis, Jason Valentine Melbourne 403953
Davis, Timothy James Melbourne 408002
Dawkins, Simon Melbourne 1285640
Daybreak Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294973
Daykin, Thomas Benjamin Melbourne 1274809
Dcsx Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295220
De Wet, Jonathan Andrew Melbourne 1289132
Deacon, Todd Matthew Melbourne 1288709
Dealaccess Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292911
Decarbonise Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303471
Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme Melbourne 269008
Delahunty, Lachlan John Melbourne 1302871
Delcor Advisory Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266622
Dellow, Alison Melbourne 1261885
Dem Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297536
Demi Armitage Services Iiia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295935
Demi Armitage Services Iiib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295936
Deutsch, Daniel Jeremy Melbourne 1254925
Devadas, Divya Melbourne 1309215
Devlin, Simon Paul Melbourne 1001376
Dewi, Ratna Melbourne 1278414
Dhanshe, Emeraan Melbourne 1002475
Dhf Investment Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286411
Di Fede, Joseph Melbourne 1004851
Di Pietro, Dorinda L E Melbourne 1301193
Dicandido, Renato Melbourne 1006952
Dick, Henry Campbell Phelps Melbourne 1308046
Dickinson, Andrew Melbourne 1298768
Dignam, Nicholas Paul Melbourne 1284164
Dillon Clyne Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 449610
Dispinzeri, Maria Melbourne 1272280
Djpe Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267537
Dna Markets Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299562
Doak, Joanne Melbourne 279271
Dobbyn, Anthony Neil Melbourne 322227
Docherty, James Melbourne 1293278
Dodds, Kenneth Graham Melbourne 1308365
Domantay Consulting Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308526
Dominic, Susan Melbourne 1286492
Donnellon, Christopher Andrew Melbourne 1306648
Doolette, Annabel Rose Barton Melbourne 1297782
Dowling, Ashton Melbourne 1240877
Downes, Patrick Alexander Melbourne 1252191
Downward, Marsha Renee Melbourne 1273162
Dragon Tree Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 417334
Drew, Benjamin Patrick Melbourne 225414
Drieberg, Maureen Melbourne 304115
Droppoint Armitage Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277996
Duckett, Gavin Melbourne 291561
Dudley, James Edward Melbourne 230568
Duff, Tracey Melbourne 1279791
Dunbar, Andrew Thomas Melbourne 326735
Dunbar, Matthew James Melbourne 1003424
Dunstan, Craig Mathew Melbourne 1270890
Durand Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293301
Durrans, Victoria Clare Melbourne 1307062
Dyason, Bruce Melbourne 1253957
Dymond, Trevor Leigh Melbourne 1252111
Dysart, Patrick James Melbourne 285835
E.l. & C. Baillieu Pty Limited Melbourne 1294846
Earthlake Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304984
Easdown, Christopher Melbourne 1306798
Eason, Neil David Melbourne 1293724
Easterly Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1258050
Eddy, Suzanne Joy Melbourne 323632
Edison Growth Management CO (fund NO 1) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282255
Edwards, Polly Melbourne 1302534
Eedy, Stephen John Melbourne 323634
Efm Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275744
Efm Nominee Services Pty Limited Melbourne 1282215
Egf Co-investment Spv No1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285006
Eid, Kerolos Melbourne 1299965
Eighth Wonder Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277734
Eightrivers Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284800
Eildon Investments Services Pty Limited Melbourne 1268762
Ekam Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298708
Ekanayake, Prabath Melbourne 1007283
El-khishen, Alexandra Melbourne 1273930
Eldridge, Darren Paul Melbourne 1272528
Ellingworth, Pearce & Associates Pty Ltd Melbourne 317354
Ellingworth, Roger Raymond Melbourne 231044
Ellis, Mark Edward Melbourne 252977
Ellul, Louisa Joy Melbourne 1273089
Elmslie, Philip Kenneth Melbourne 1001808
Eltchelebi, Rami Melbourne 411325
Emmerson, Stephen Joseph Melbourne 1006007
Employee Managed Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1268752
Emr Capital GP II Golden Grove Pty Ltd Melbourne 1259041
Emr Capital Limited Partner Pty Ltd Melbourne 430645
Emr Capital T (no. 1) Pty Ltd Melbourne 469904
Epping JV Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255089
Eqt Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262369
Eqt Securitisation Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280613
Eqt Structured Finance Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266105
Equity & Provident Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263244
Espandiar, George Melbourne 1247226
Esposito, Simon Melbourne 1279793
Eternal Asset Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1285508
Etschmann, Natasha Melbourne 1299881
Eurus Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299880
Evans, Paul Francis Melbourne 414407
Evans, Scott Edward Melbourne 1277249
Evolve Personal Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285478
Ewk Private Wealth Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 336643
Excellent Advisory Services Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 298787
Fairchild, Thomas Ronald Melbourne 462983
Fakira, Dean Anis Melbourne 308723
Falce, Antonio Melbourne 1306556
Farah, Joulyette Melbourne 1270530
Farkas, Benjamin Alexander Melbourne 1263102
Farrant, Melissah Melbourne 1303839
Farrant, Peter Melbourne 408714
Farrell Heidelberg Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1301583
Farrer Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308329
Faulkner Capital Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 465807
Faulkner, Charles Melbourne 1294920
Faulkner, Marcus Ralph Melbourne 1243180
Faustin, Nicolas Melbourne 1263922
Fedele, Joseph Andrew Melbourne 1006010
Fegan, Travis Melbourne 1292341
Feng, Yi Melbourne 1285807
Fennessy, Nicholas John Melbourne 330382
Ferguson, Craig Alexander Stewart Melbourne 1285756
Fernandes, Valerie Melbourne 1266840
Ferras Merhi Pty Ltd & United Financial Advice Pty Ltd Melbourne 1233529
Ffa FP Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309068
Fides Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308729
Fiduciary Investment Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293667
Filius, James John Melbourne 1297189
Finance Right Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1242868
Financial Alliance Australia Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 448652
Financial Synergy Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275093
Financial Synergy Pty. Limited Melbourne 336970
Financial Wellbeing Solutions (finplan) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1291911
Fincap Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283049
Finito Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301476
Finn, Aaron Stewart Melbourne 1278185
Finplex Nominees Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305809
Finplex Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305808
First Guardian Capital Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 438891
Firth, Stewart Barrie Melbourne 250704
Fiscus Capital Trade Finance Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295529
Fisher, Elena Melbourne 1259487
Fittock, Dominique Raye Melbourne 1256533
Fitzpatrick, Olivia Lauren Melbourne 1304756
Fleming, Scott James Melbourne 430900
Fletcher, Chelsea Melbourne 1008781
Flexe Payments (aus) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271655
Flinders Investment Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281812
Flint, Jonathan Alexander Melbourne 1285541
Fluenccy Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299451
Flying Start Syndications Pty Ltd Melbourne 1261962
Flynn, Kevin James Melbourne 250706
Fncm 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292366
Focus RV Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281619
Fogarty, Anna Therese Melbourne 1236008
Folk, Peter Edward Melbourne 1264658
Folkard, Wesley Gervais Melbourne 400614
Fordham, Ellie Marie Melbourne 1001429
Forvis Mazars (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275130
Forvis Mazars Transaction Advisory Services (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309713
Foster, Brandon Ryan Melbourne 1302039
Foster, Peter John Melbourne 268094
Foundation Financial Advice Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1265418
Fowler, Felicity Jane Louise Melbourne 1301092
Francis, Brian Trevor Melbourne 1237455
Freedom Finance Australia Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283609
Freney-mills, Julian John Melbourne 1006384
Frew, Annabel Melbourne 464382
Fritsch, Simon Arno Melbourne 1269537
Frost, Malcolm Geoffrey Charles Melbourne 275560
Fullbridge Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294643
Fullerton, Alistair Charles Maxwell Melbourne 1308331
Future Trading Capital Pty Limited Melbourne 1296920
G.w.s. Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1294233
GQ Multifamily Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293774
GW Asena Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301000
Gabriel, Gary Melbourne 403890
Gadaoni Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1248571
Gadaoni, Romulae Jr Ramirez Melbourne 1242065
Gaia Natural Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298068
Galwey, Paul Edward Melbourne 468636
Ganakas, Maria Melbourne 255820
Ganguly, Shaun Melbourne 1238238
Garipoli, Arthur Melbourne 1004530
Garlick, Christopher Melbourne 470074
Garnaut Private Clients Pty Ltd Melbourne 1288754
Garni, Jaxson Melbourne 1245950
Gba Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281819
Geerdharry, Yanish Melbourne 1002360
Gemdale Strata Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298371
General Travel Group Pty. Limited Melbourne 267926
Genexus Capital (gencap) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295977
Ghc Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 463704
Giaouris Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1251016
Giaouris, Christopher Melbourne 1003059
Gibbins, Adam Melbourne 1253787
Gibson, Mark Alexander Melbourne 291756
Gillies, Charles Elliott Melbourne 290953
Gillies, Ian Ross Melbourne 435168
Gillon, Amanda Diane Melbourne 469860
Gillon, Andrew Melbourne 1236922
Gillon, Stephen Miles Melbourne 310460
Gilmore, Richard James Melbourne 1301264
Glenn Taylor Wealth Management Melbourne 1238168
Global Capital Property Fund Limited Melbourne 1282379
Global Investment Marketing Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309866
Globus Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309542
Gobbill Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1261196
Godfrey, Stephen Alexander Melbourne 407622
Goh, Christopher Melbourne 1303173
Gold 4life Investment Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309574
Golden Age Funds Investment Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267126
Golden, Lisa Michelle Melbourne 1305790
Goldman Sachs Australia Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 344718
Gonzalez, Luke Brandon Melbourne 1009199
Gonzalez, Milton Dario Melbourne 338432
Gordon, Avraham David Melbourne 1278874
Gordon, Michael Bernard Melbourne 1302555
Gorenstein, Stephen Melbourne 1284087
Gorgijeski, Ljupco Melbourne 1008051
Gormanns, David Melbourne 1250869
Gothe, Sean Rendal Rex Melbourne 1005608
Gough, Richard Thomas Melbourne 435801
Goulopoulos, Mark James Melbourne 1004769
Grace Insurance Victoria Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296010
Graham, Eliot Cameron Melbourne 1273035
Grammenos, Sophia Melbourne 1274010
Grant, Jonathan Paul Melbourne 239267
Grant, Olivia Melbourne 1008036
Gratzer, Benjamin Melbourne 300893
Gray, Jeremy Gelston Melbourne 1309912
Green, Samuel Melbourne 457885
Greenway, Nick Melbourne 1303615
Grelis, Christopher Melbourne 1292926
Griffin, Cameron Charles Melbourne 1307279
Griffin, Shane Melbourne 1000589
Griffith, Benjamin Jeffrey Melbourne 1268553
Grindrod, James Elliot Melbourne 427928
Grisbrook, Cynthia Elizabeth Melbourne 1283338
Grodski, Benjamin David Melbourne 1270757
Groenmeyer, Clint Melbourne 1234886
Grove End Advisory & Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308492
Growth Farms Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282976
Guideway Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 422674
Guild Insurance Plus Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293237
Guild Super Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306706
Gulasekharam, Darren Shane Melbourne 1255195
Gulliver, Thomas Daniel Melbourne 1304396
Gulwani, Harish Melbourne 396608
Gunn, Freya Melbourne 1006018
Gunn, Mark Allan Melbourne 1270147
Gupta, Vishal Melbourne 334363
Gurgiel, Edmund Zelik Melbourne 1274265
Gustus, Veronica Melbourne 1285825
Guzzo, Shaun Andrew Melbourne 443047
Gxe Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292543
Gxe Trusco 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301077
Gyles, Ingrid Melbourne 1279150
Hakme, Dennis Melbourne 1282409
Halani, Khyati Kamlesh Melbourne 1305572
Hale, Matthew Melbourne 327844
Haley, Lisa Melbourne 1000764
Hall Chadwick Corporate (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1268759
Hall, Andrew Taylor Melbourne 1297710
Hall, Timothy Melbourne 1279116
Halo Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1274641
Hamid, Huyam Idris Osman Melbourne 1300793
Han, Lisa-anne Melbourne 423160
Hand, Robert Melbourne 392545
Handbury, Peter Neville Melbourne 1004539
Hanley, Andrew John Melbourne 1247888
Hanna, Warren Lindsay Melbourne 306070
Harbury Advisors Pty Ltd Melbourne 1265413
Harding, Caroline Melbourne 1267520
Hardy, David Alexander Melbourne 1292530
Hargovan, Vishal Melbourne 1309949
Harlen Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296125
Harris, Daniel James Melbourne 1260807
Harris, Jeffrey Ross Melbourne 416105
Harrison, Helen Melbourne 1002567
Harrison, Jasmin Melbourne 1295593
Harrison, Robert Melbourne 270543
Harwood, Jason Edward Melbourne 463886
Hatchstone Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1250954
Hatzi, Alyssa Grace Melbourne 1273088
Hauser, Will Melbourne 1237570
Hawkins, James Melbourne 1286018
Hay Street Investment Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285063
Haydon, Dwayne Melbourne 337782
Hayley, Rowley Melbourne 1249232
Hazeldine, Noel Melbourne 284191
Head, Gary William Melbourne 1285510
Healthy Financial Advice Pty Ltd Melbourne 1265588
Heathershaw, Robert David Melbourne 298848
Heffernan, Cormac Patrick Melbourne 1305739
Heffernan, Michelle Melbourne 1000810
Hejaz Capital Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1286485
Hejaz Islamic Credit Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301894
Helio Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1288662
Henderson, Alexander Melbourne 1259716
Hennessy, Kieran Patrick Melbourne 1245322
Henselis, Sean Michael Melbourne 274607
Herbert, Bradley Melbourne 1008495
Hereford, Owen Donald Melbourne 1306293
Heritage Corporate Pty Ltd Melbourne 1270006
Heritage Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277810
Heupt, Jeremy James Melbourne 1308723
Hickling, Gregory Keith Melbourne 1279344
Hicks, Daniel Mathew Melbourne 1268074
Hicks, Taylan Melbourne 1280036
Higginbotham, John Melbourne 1308078
Highcity Consulting And Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1272512
Hingorani, Jaya Melbourne 1006501
Hlb Mann Judd (vic) Superannuation Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263700
Ho, Bobby Melbourne 1260219
Ho, Hsing-lung Paul Melbourne 1271950
Ho, Kuo Ning Melbourne 329588
Hob Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1239825
Hobbs, Deahne Melbourne 400799
Hocking, Gregory David Melbourne 300142
Holliday, Damien Lawrence Melbourne 1308596
Holman, Jason James Melbourne 1242648
Holmes, Andrew Melbourne 438312
Holmes, Tyson Clay Melbourne 469924
Holst, Charles Melbourne 1006296
Homewood, Matthew Hartley Melbourne 1250708
Hood, Anthony St John Melbourne 1258280
Hoon, Jason Melbourne 1306069
Hooper, Lechelle Kristen Melbourne 1305890
Hopwood, Jaide-chelsey Melbourne 1310339
Horin, Rodney Melbourne 300892
Horizon 3 Healthcare Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282862
Hosking, Helen Melbourne 1275017
Howley, Matthew Joseph Melbourne 1299598
Hoyle, Edward James Melbourne 1299019
Hsl Private Clients Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271951
Hu, Di Melbourne 1270632
Hughes, Peter Melbourne 1004168
Hunter, Chris Melbourne 1279991
Hunting, Karl Melbourne 303859
Hwa Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1260486
I & M Wealth Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 444799
Iae Tour Net Melbourne Pty Ltd Melbourne 426805
Iam Funds Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296921
Ibbott, Michael John Melbourne 471575
Ice Investors Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275582
Icomplysmsf Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302725
Ifm Growth Partners Gp, LP Melbourne 1284415
Ifm Growth Partners Services A Pty Ltd as Trustee of The Ifm Growth Partners Trust A Melbourne 1284411
Ifm Growth Partners Services B Pty Ltd as Trustee of The Ifm Growth Partners Trust B Melbourne 1284412
Ifm Growth Partners, LP Melbourne 1284408
Ilw Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292659
Imanager Owners Corporation Pty Ltd Melbourne 1264877
Imc Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 312548
Income Direct Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308591
Income Streams Advice Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302629
Indemnity Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 285812
Independent Wealth Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286417
Indovino, Francis Melbourne 1260538
Industry Super Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 426006
Infinite Planning Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1257570
Infinity Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254429
Infinity Capital FM Pty Limited Melbourne 1304967
Infinity Capital Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284403
Infinity Portfolio Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303118
Ingham, Michael Melbourne 288164
Innergi Pty Limited Melbourne 1280135
Innovation Group (fleet) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294569
Institutional Distribution Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284327
Insurance Advisory Group Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1302423 Pty Ltd Melbourne 443422
Insureip Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294266 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1241289
Insurise Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296087
Integro Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1274549
Intella Payments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308314
Intercontinental Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302119
Intergen Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303950
Interlandi, Vito Melbourne 1272556
Interprac Securities Pty Ltd Melbourne 338629
Invesco Asset Management Australia (holdings) Ltd Melbourne 432794
Investors Direct Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1236307
Investors Direct Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 449974
Ioof Service CO Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279572
Ip, Godwin Melbourne 288879
Ip, Shirley Wing Yan Melbourne 1277795
Ip2ipo Australia GP Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279000
Ip2ipo Australia HP Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273623
Ip2ipo Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273622
Ip2ipo Australia TS Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296791
Ip2ipo Australia Vcmp LP Melbourne 1279001
Iprosper Financial Planning Pty Ltd Melbourne 1241300
Irvine, Mark Melbourne 1002968
Irwin, Andrea Melbourne 1308726
Ispt Custodians Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 285312
Ispt Nominees Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 285311
Ispt Operations Pty Ltd Melbourne 1276951
Ivak, Steven Melbourne 1299871
JC Private Clients Pty Ltd Melbourne 1288165
Jackson, Brett Thomas Melbourne 1301688
Jackson, Darren Melbourne 408638
Jackson, Ty Peter Melbourne 1305556
Jacob, Peter Melbourne 412462
Jacobson, Jesse Aron Melbourne 1263078
James, Benjamin Charles Melbourne 1005681
James, Kris Melbourne 1241150
James, Ryan Melbourne 1294629
James, Vaughan Melbourne 1005166
Jameson Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 442128
Jameson Capital Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 471513
Jamieson, David Melbourne 1257349
Jamieson, Steve Melbourne 1238030
Jamiesoncoote Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 465895
Janson, Hannah Rose Melbourne 1007585
Jayasinghe, Rajeeva Melbourne 1297603
Jenkin, Emma Melbourne 1303439
Jesser, Brendan William Melbourne 268109
Jewell, Sam Blake Melbourne 1236582
Jholl, Sarabjit Melbourne 458575
Jindalee Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284052
Jinding Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266765
Jinhou International Pty Limited Melbourne 1301352
Jinnat, Rafi Melbourne 1272139
Jlb Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1246455
Jodlowski, Jakub Karol Melbourne 412911
Joe Owen Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299719
Joglou, John Anton Melbourne 298527
Jolimont Underwriting Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267490
Jones, Daniel Graham Melbourne 1004344
Jones, Fergus Melbourne 234712
Jones, Joshua Thomas Melbourne 345984
Jones, Kimbra Jane Melbourne 1297056
Jones, Koby Melbourne 1258716
Jones, Matthew Richard Melbourne 1261227
Jones, Murray Joseph Melbourne 1268434
Jones, Shon Jude Melbourne 1246498
Jones, Susan Helen Melbourne 313888
Jongebreur, Peter Melbourne 1005169
Jorgensen, Peter Nicholas Melbourne 1257548
Joseph, Thomas Melbourne 1000912
Joyce, Leigh Anthony Melbourne 1306058
Judd, Christopher Dylan Melbourne 1304188
Jupiter Global Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300799
K Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 359752
KG Capital Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280525
Kadam, Aaryan Melbourne 1308724
Kaing, Haing Ly Melbourne 1271129
Kairuz, Michael Melbourne 1246259
Kaizen Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 419026
Kalisperis, Daniel John-nicholas Melbourne 1301196
Kalpa Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266313
Kambikambi, Chikonde Chiko Melbourne 1235686
Kapady Pty Ltd Melbourne 1253294
Kapeleris, Paul Theodore Melbourne 1310390
Kaplan, Harvey Rael Melbourne 1258629
Karama, Tarik Melbourne 1249236
Karinja, Filip Melbourne 1295118
Katona, Tracey Ellen Melbourne 1310345
Katschke, David Melbourne 1234423
Kaufman, Justin Melbourne 376668
Kaufmann, Ashley William Melbourne 1299634
Kavanagh, Dean Stephen Melbourne 1292764
Kelk & Company Pty Ltd Melbourne 286784
Kelkap Property Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308474
Keller, Carol Melbourne 1294561
Kelly, Peter Christopher Melbourne 1309026
Kenderes, Joanne Lorna Melbourne 1240818
Kennedy, James Iain Melbourne 1247605
Kerford, Darren Scott Melbourne 400133
Kerr, Damien John Melbourne 1004332
Keskar, Preeti Melbourne 1265265
Khakham, Eugene Melbourne 1270037
Khatri, Rajendra Kumar Melbourne 1279240
Killender, Nerida Susan Melbourne 265742
Kinali, Onur Ibrahim Melbourne 298947
King & Whittle Wealth Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1243390
Kinnavong, Nou Nou Melbourne 437572
Kirkwood, Innes Alasdair Melbourne 1293725
Kishore, Vishaal Melbourne 1297031
Klompas, Michael Melbourne 337296
Klopsch, Eleonor Melbourne 250008
Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305655
Knight, Lachlan Roarke Edward Melbourne 1297816
Knm Finance Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1283339
Kofkin Bond & CO Pty Ltd Melbourne 345466
Koh, Ken LI Melbourne 430565
Koi Capital Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262924
Konidaris, Stan Melbourne 306546
Kordamentha Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 449769
Kostovski, Steven Melbourne 330938
Kotlarczyk, Radoslaw Melbourne 328965
Kovac, David Melbourne 318396
Krenn, Darcy Catherine Melbourne 1288212
Krina, Evta Melbourne 1271362
Krishna, Srividhya Melbourne 1308223
Kritselas, Angeliquee Kathy Melbourne 1288387
Kunek, Simone Melbourne 443444
Kurland, Michael Melbourne 1296801
Kwan, Francis Melbourne 1254693
L A Radiotis Family Trust Melbourne 305998
L1 Capital Strategic Equity Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286013
L1 Global Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277957
L1 N Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293306
L1 UK Equipoint Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309638
L1 UK Property Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255692
L39 Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1250323
La'brooy, Daryl Roger Melbourne 268711
Labassa Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277434
Ladon Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281687
Lambert, Stephen John Melbourne 412493
Lamvohee, Miguel Julian Melbourne 1008837
Langford, Anthony William Melbourne 1005911
Langmaid, Aaron Melbourne 1304585
Laoumtzis, Cain Melbourne 1002509
Larkspur Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 343563
Larner, Edward James Melbourne 1003135
Larsen, Sigrid Melbourne 1267097
Lauders Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280956
Lazzarini, Giovanni Melbourne 1247225
Lcs Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294027
Leach, Courtney Melbourne 1299469
Lead Global Wealth Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308387
Lee, Anthony Tat Tung Melbourne 1301158
Lee, Chein Melbourne 1307719
Legacy Risk Advice Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296611
Legoe, James Melbourne 468687
Lempriere Equity Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254707
Leonor, Arvin Melbourne 1271146
Lew, Ivy Melbourne 1268360
Lewin, Barry Steven Melbourne 314548
Liaw, Hock Jeen Melbourne 1237656
Liberman, Joshua Maurice Melbourne 1292765
Libertas Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300507
Lifestyle Led Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284512
Light, Darren Wayne Melbourne 271857
Lighthouse Infrastructure Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1261091
Lighthouse Infrastructure Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1261094
Lighthouse Solar Investment Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263887
Lighthouse Solar Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 324475
Lighthouse Solar Operating Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263888
Linargo Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 427663
Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd Melbourne 1240936
Lipson, Mark Russell Melbourne 1278608
Lirosi, Michael Vincent Melbourne 1236503
Little, Nathan James Melbourne 449854
Liu, Jiangying Melbourne 1269400
Liu, Xingchen Melbourne 1309515
Liu, Zhigang Melbourne 1306527
Livori Insurance Agents Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 251839
Livshiz, David Melbourne 1262468
Llewellyn, Richard Melbourne 235039
Lloyd, Geoffrey Melbourne 1003644
Loadsman, Adrian Melbourne 415472
Loan Firm Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309442
Locantro, Luca Melbourne 1285531
Locke, Deon Melbourne 1282071
Lockmor Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302461
Lodge Corporate Pty Ltd Melbourne 316212
Lofthouse, David William Melbourne 1237622
Loke, Guo Ying Brynner Melbourne 1304417
Lombardi Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254220
Lombardi, Maurizio Melbourne 1234961
Longreach Cai Pty Ltd Melbourne 1270095
Lont, Jason Geoffrey Melbourne 1280619
Lothringer, Samuel Melbourne 1308703
Love, Ross Melbourne 1000546
Low, Kuek Jin Melbourne 1255682
Low, Ming Song Melbourne 1274267
Low, Natalie Louisa Melbourne 1292799
Loyalty Pacific Pty Ltd Melbourne 423106
Lucas, Christopher John Melbourne 253410
Lucerne Lcf Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281864
Lumir Ventures Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292763
Luxem Properties Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310386
Ly, Steven Melbourne 461757
Lyle, Stephen Melbourne 1301225
Lynch, Ellen Melbourne 1237757
MC 15-21 Wilson Ave Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286370
MC 15-21 Wilson Developer Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289206
MI Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294689
MS Argus Pty Ltd Melbourne 1249141
Macadvisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1234392
Macallan Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1270784
Macdonald, Carol Yvonne Melbourne 1298003
Macgillivray, Alasdair Stuart Melbourne 1238122
Macgillivray, Andrew Layton Melbourne 1238121
Macleod, Ross Calan Melbourne 1307944
Madeley, Stephen Melbourne 437906
Maecenas Pty Ltd Melbourne 1257992
Maher, Christopher Vincent Melbourne 1254924
Maikousis, George Melbourne 268119
Maillard, Jean Eric Georges Melbourne 1252629
Makris, Theo Melbourne 334393
Malik, Cameron Melbourne 1262685
Malone, Patrick Melbourne 1271737
Man, Yuen Yee Gloria Melbourne 1301666
Mangiafico, Maria Melbourne 325536
Mangione, Phoebe Melbourne 398249
Manhattan Investment Group (aust.) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283914
Manolas, George Melbourne 1310212
Marasea Partners Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1251104
Marasea, David Melbourne 1003067
Margaret Street Investment Consulting Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1274626
Margolin, Lev Melbourne 1309948
Maric, Zelko Melbourne 413227
Marino, Steve Melbourne 1005516
Marivine Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302646
Mark, Benjamin Melbourne 361116
Market Line Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284459
Marmara-stewart, Peter Melbourne 1308733
Marq Cim Carbon Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302341
Marq Cim Impact 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302274
Marq Cim Social 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302420
Martin Private Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 335487
Martin, Rodney John Melbourne 1295867
Martyn, Angela Elizabeth Melbourne 1000588
Marvilla, Steven Melbourne 345966
Marzano, Salvatore Melbourne 1248461
Matina, Antonino Melbourne 1247227
Maughan, Andrew Melbourne 1268429
Maunder, Stuart Douglas Melbourne 1273169
Maven Libera I&r Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292319
Mawson Business Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 450331
Mawson Private Pty Ltd Melbourne 1288224
Mawson Property Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301658
Maxcap Bowen Melbourne Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304274
Maxcap Coventry Road Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279175
Maxcap Debt Portfolio No.1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300246
Maxcap Debt Portfolio No.2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308289
Maxcap Direct Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284063
Maxcap Direct Investment No.2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295264
Maxcap Forest Hill Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302899
Maxcap Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286367
Maxcap Hamilton Street Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279177
Maxcap Landream Craigieburn Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307991
Maxcap Macquarie Park Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303807
Maxcap Master Fund Feeder No. 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300243
Maxcap Master Fund Feeder No. 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307235
Maxcap Master Fund Nominee Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300245
Maxcap Nominees No. 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1247787
Maxcap Nominees No. 4 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279183
Maxcap Nominees No. 5 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289201
Maxcap Nominees No.10 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302017
Maxcap Nominees No.11 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302020
Maxcap Nominees No.14 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304398
Maxcap Nominees No.15 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302021
Maxcap Nominees No.16 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307236
Maxcap Nominees No.2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279179
Maxcap Nominees No.3 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279181
Maxcap Nominees No.6 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289204
Maxcap Nominees No.7 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283959
Maxcap Nominees No.8 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293928
Maxcap Pelligra Brooklyn Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303171
Maxcap Sirius Sydney Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299308
Maxcap Varsity Lakes Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302900
Maxlife Armitage Services Iiia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302480
Maxlife Armitage Services Iiib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302479
Maxwell, Andrew Thomas Melbourne 1241309
May, Anthony Henry Melbourne 261037
Mayfield Body Corporate Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 448038
Mazaris, Dean Peter Melbourne 1286431
Mazloum, Tarek Melbourne 1233565
Mcaleer, Daniel Melbourne 1307934
Mcarthur, Alexander Kenneth Melbourne 290954
Mccall, Ryan Anthony Melbourne 1289133
Mccarthy, Andrew Joseph Melbourne 1001877
Mccauley Fmd Pty Ltd Melbourne 1276973
Mccauley, Broc Stewart Melbourne 1295322
Mcclintock, William Charles Melbourne 1308704
Mccunn, Brent Melbourne 258956
Mcdonnell, Andrew Melbourne 1296802
Mcfadyen, Honor Melbourne 1297369
Mcgrath, Joshua Melbourne 1293833
Mckay, Will Melbourne 1242009
Mckeown, Era Melbourne 1307712
Mckeown, Mitchell Mark Melbourne 473270
Mclaughlin, John Melbourne 1004984
Mclean, Daniel Aaron Melbourne 1303042
Mcleod, Bahar Melbourne 1006355
Mcmillan, Helen Melbourne 1302628
Mcn Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298291
Mcnab, Donald Melbourne 302160
Mcnamara, Blair Melbourne 1307753
Mcnamara, Matthew Patrick Melbourne 1282890
Mcp Credit Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309951
Mdof Growth Company Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295263
Meagher, Thomas Paul Melbourne 1005857
Meakin, Peter Melbourne 338251
Mears, Robyn Marie Melbourne 263545
Mediquip Armitage Services Iiia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295956
Mediquip Armitage Services Iiib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295957
Megalogenis, Garry Gerasimos Melbourne 1232786
Mehta, Aakash Harshad Melbourne 1298264
Meier, Declan Melbourne 1306937
Meikle, Ben Melbourne 352125
Merdjanic, Nabila Melbourne 1238565
Meretz, Run Melbourne 267232
Merewether Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292724
Merewether Capital Nominees Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306698
Mesley, Scott Leigh Melbourne 1309982
Metro Group Developments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308219
Meydan, Miron Melbourne 1308500
Meyer, Laura Melbourne 1284200
Meyerco Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284199
Mfeg Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304708
Mff Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262425
Michelmore, Elise Marie Melbourne 351469
Michelmore, Mark Thomas Melbourne 440274
Michlik, Treanna Marlene Melbourne 1267177
Mifsud, Kaitlin Sarah Melbourne 1306245
Milbourne Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308514
Milbourne, Paul Melbourne 314274
Milestream Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283628
Miller, Dion Melbourne 1006165
Miller, Nicholas John Melbourne 1284163
Mills, James Melbourne 1248467
Mindel, Joshua Melbourne 1292074
Mindel, Marlon Bryan Melbourne 1235298
Minihan, Daniel John Melbourne 276433
Mint Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294345
Miof Land No.1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289202
Miof Land No.2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283896
Miof Land No.3 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286369
Mip Insurance Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302089
Mitchell, Jeffrey William Melbourne 1240118
Mjc Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299355
Mjmgs Nominees Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280208
Moar Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1276949
Moar, Christian Melbourne 1003337
Moffatt, Alexander Melbourne 300891
Mohammed, Shakeel Melbourne 1255120
Mok, Wilbur Melbourne 1260680
Money Place Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266705
Monroe, Richard Melbourne 420322
Monte Silva, Shane Xavier Melbourne 1003862
Moran, Peter Melbourne 1295431
Morcher, Cameron Melbourne 462788
Morgan, Tobias Ross Melbourne 275912
Morley, Jack Melbourne 1293936
Morrison, Jeffrey Arnold Melbourne 418659
Morrissey, Ben Melbourne 268130
Morrow, Richard Damon Melbourne 1005828
Morrow, Robert David Melbourne 1237326
Mountain Funds Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296456
Movigo Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300022
Moxham, Richard John Melbourne 1276761
Mpt Wealth Solutions Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 383567
Mrcf Btf Service (bcpit) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255409
Mrcf Btf Service (csl) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255410
Mrcf Btf Service (cth) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255411
Mrcf5 Service (sw) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275820
Mrocki, Simon Melbourne 288835
Mulgrave Central Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289258
Mullins, Lisa Melbourne 1276878
Murden, Aaron Gregory John Melbourne 1240539
Murphy, Aidan Sean Melbourne 1309820
Murphy, Conor Joseph Melbourne 1306137
Murphy, Michelle Melbourne 1245791
Murray, Michelle Marie Melbourne 1283047
Murray, Wayne Andrew Melbourne 1305091
Musa, Nabil Melbourne 1242625
Musico, Bianca Melbourne 473671
Mustafa-farid, Doa Melbourne 1308222
Mutter, Matthew Robert Melbourne 1003871
Mutton, Geoffrey Melbourne 1002015
Mwa Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295482
Myp Armitage Services Iiia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295958
Myp Armitage Services Iiib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295959
NO More Practice Education Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263352
Nadarajah, Neithershan Melbourne 1307580
Nadeem, Danial Melbourne 1286739
Nagle, Jahanne Jessica Melbourne 1268258
Nandroya Consultants Pty Ltd Melbourne 453360
Nanfro, Scott Melbourne 1255832
Naoumidis, Arthur Melbourne 1300503
Narayanaswamy, Nishant Melbourne 1309734
Nash Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1249419
Nash Growth Fund I A Nominee Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306452
Nash Growth Fund I B Nominee Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306451
Nash Growth Fund I Management Partnership, LP Melbourne 1306464
Nash Growth Fund I Nominee Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306454
Nash Growth Fund I, LP Melbourne 1306462
Nash Private Clients Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277115
Natalie Barraclough Insurance Services 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304306
Nathaniel, Adrian Jnanadev Melbourne 457780
Navanti Sapien Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298060
Nazzaro, Marco Melbourne 426003
Neasmith, Anthony Michael Melbourne 268133
Needham, Brent Melbourne 443401
Negri, Robert Melbourne 302739
Neil White Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 314179
Nettlefold, Richard Bransdon Melbourne 1256835
Nexia Melbourne Family Office Pty Ltd Melbourne 1269851
Next Step Financial Strategies Pty Ltd Melbourne 430291
Ngo, Paul Melbourne 1309059
Nguyen, Anh Tran Melbourne 1299286
Nguyen, Dong Nhat Melbourne 1261687
Nguyen, TC "cong" Melbourne 1267423
Nib Life Pty Ltd Melbourne 321683
Nichol, Anthony Joseph Melbourne 1006447
Nicholas, Christopher Melbourne 376670
Nicholas, Shane Melbourne 260900
Nolan, Hege Melbourne 1006056
Noort, Jasper Cornelis Melbourne 1235177
Norman, Robert James Melbourne 1288312
Normanby Road Project Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279185
Northwest Healthcare Properties Management Pty Limited Melbourne 1259338
Northwood, Christopher David Melbourne 1304389
Notte, Kristie Melbourne 335843
Novatti Payments Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289517
Novatti Trading FX Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289459
Now Finance Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1233257
Nucleus Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 445312
Nueva Vida Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 402124
Nunan, Sean Michael Melbourne 1305278
Nurjadi, Tony Melbourne 310059
Nuvei Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307623
O'brien, Kym Louise Melbourne 1310346
O'connor, Douglas Melbourne 1290932
O'connor, Jennifer Melbourne 1305418
O'connor, Niall Christopher Melbourne 1294232
O'keefe, Patrick Melbourne 1239441
O'shaughnessy, Gerard Joseph Melbourne 333431
O2 Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302612
O2 Management Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304744
OC Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271226
OC Funds Mid Cap Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308497
OC Microcap Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271227
OC Nano Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293682
ON The Monee Operations Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308352
Oceania Equity Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294658
Odd, Jordan Christopher Melbourne 1307493
Odyssey Trading Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1299612
Ogilvie, Alistair Douglas David Melbourne 268136
Ogilvie, Sean Melbourne 1306072
Ohia, Tama Lawrence Melbourne 1299353
Oliphant, David John Melbourne 445103
Oly Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308384
Omfo (aust) Pty Ltd Melbourne 468881
Opie, Mark Campbell Melbourne 1005602
Opulent Advisory Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297021
Oracle Advice Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310125
Oreana Private Pty Ltd Melbourne 1288628
Oreana Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282683
Oren, Michael Melbourne 1001782
Orens Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304386
Orens HC Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309431
Osteon Armitage Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1264638
Outline Armitage Services Iiia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295939
Outline Armitage Services Iiib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295940
Owen, Joseph Edmund Melbourne 1299720
Owen, Lachlan Graeme Melbourne 1247985
Owners First Body Corporate Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1248813
Owners First Body Corporate Strata Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308892
Ozedi Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306064
Ozwide Carbon Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305603
Ozwide Energy Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305602
PE Fund Sponsors Pty Limited Melbourne 1277086
PX Wealth Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1278590
Pac Partners Securities Pty Ltd Melbourne 1261290
Pace Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 406993
Pacific Current Group Limited Melbourne 360440
Pacway Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1246603
Pakula, Lyle Melbourne 1259956
Palmer, Simon Buzz Lee Melbourne 1297032
Paltoglou, Nicholas Con Melbourne 1003188
Palumbo, Paul Melbourne 448956
Palumbo, Paul Anthony Melbourne 1307943
Pam Managers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1258991
Pan, Dan Melbourne 1308769
Pan, Eric Melbourne 1007407
Pang, Bo Melbourne 1308525
Pantano, Frank Melbourne 295136
Pappa, Marcus Melbourne 334287
Paradigm Principle Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 300896
Parikh, Payalben Melbourne 420857
Parke Lawyers Pty Ltd Melbourne 322432
Parmar, Rajdeepsinh Melbourne 1242777
Parnell Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1247203
Parrott, Joshua Nicholas Melbourne 1310287
Partners Private Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289072
Parton Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281715
Pashmina Risk Advisors Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301537
Pasquale, Melissa Theresa Melbourne 388210
Paterno, Anthony Edward Melbourne 1003189
Paterson Retirement Planning Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280242
Patterson, Matthew Ian Melbourne 254711
Pattison, Kate Elizabeth Melbourne 1234404
Pattison, Rochelle Jane Melbourne 277454
Pawson, David Grant Melbourne 1273249
Paylinx Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300935
Payne, Stuart Melbourne 261508
Pbs Private Services Ltd Melbourne 265365
Pdfx Consulting Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1252189
Pdl Insurance Broking Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237426
Peak Plus Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302673
Peak Strata Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299494
Pelham-webb, Jessica Clare Melbourne 1245412
Penny, Katharine Melbourne 1278487
Pereira, Chris Melbourne 1281045
Perpetual Trustees Victoria Limited Melbourne 264781
Perrett, Nicholas Melbourne 1008177
Peters, Mark Melbourne 1005236
Petrie, Robert Sawyer Melbourne 1233567
Petrovic, Milutin Melbourne 1249891
Pham, Vincent Trieu Melbourne 378695
Phan, Tai Melbourne 1308976
Phillips, Amy Melbourne 1304959
Phillips, Andrew Robert Melbourne 468934
Pioneer Wealth Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307361
Pitt, Travis John Melbourne 1006189
Place A Trade Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304945
Pohl, Darion William Melbourne 1278589
Pole, Christopher Ray Melbourne 1237991
Porreca, Alex Melbourne 441944
Porter, Alex Melbourne 1271432
Portland Administrator Limited Melbourne 1294746
Portland House Corporation Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 448753
Portside Credit Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282627
Powell, Tracy Melbourne 1280722
Power, Lauren Melbourne 1269686
Poynton, Rebecca Melbourne 1265663
Ppa Fund Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302429
Prasanna, Indrakumar Melbourne 1293001
Preda Pty Ltd Melbourne 1246961
Prelis Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237886
Prendergast, Adrian John Melbourne 1000776
Price, Christopher Scott Melbourne 1271754
Price, Maddison Melbourne 1003483
Prime Value PE GP CO No. 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310058
Prisk, Benjamin Melbourne 1001736
Prism Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309032
Pritchard, Rebecca Melbourne 471843
Private Client Consulting (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 376414
Privatecap Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306457
Prodigy Wealth Technologies Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305740
Professional Assurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267998
Professional Integrity Pty Ltd Melbourne 1008148
Professional Lines Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308221
Project Governance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1264138
Property Investment Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 274435
Property Portfolio Loans Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298946
Prosolution Advisory Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308515
Prosolution Wealth Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 328683
Prpia Pty Ltd Melbourne 396092
Puddy, Chris David Melbourne 340192
Pullman, Tony Melbourne 1306073
Pulse Racing Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237925
Pursuit Planning Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281157
Purvis, Bradley John Melbourne 1248780
Pwick Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297533
Pws Wealth Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 293275
QE 1 Margaret Street Holding Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303119
QE 1 Margaret Street Investment Partner Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303121
QE 1 Margaret Street Investment Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302938
QE 1 Margaret Street Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303120
QE 240 Queen Street Holding Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303140
QE 240 Queen Street Investment Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303130
QE 240 Queen Street Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303129
QE MF 102 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266917
QE MF 103 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1268763
QE MF 104 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1274822
QE MF 201 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278294
QE MF 202 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278298
QE MF 203 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278301
QE MF 204 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284469
QE MF 301 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293929
QE MF 302 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293935
QE MF 303 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293937
QE Perth Spv Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299741
Qassim, Samatar Abdi Melbourne 1306982
Qcd Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254761
Qcd Fund No.2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295297
Qcd Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254762
Qcrf Iii Runaway Bay Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295520
Qcrf Runaway Bay Pty Ltd Melbourne 1257277
Qfi Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1260626
Qfi Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1260630
Qfi Property Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1260628
Qiu, Zening Melbourne 1294454
Qldf Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275195
Qref Mezzanine Debt No.14 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1249777
Qreo Fixed A II Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273540
Qreo Fixed A Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237040
Qreo Fixed Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237042
Qreo Fund Manager II Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273541
Qreo Growth A II Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273539
Qreo Growth A Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237039
Qreo Growth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237041
Qreo Nominee Pty Ltd Melbourne 1238283
Qri Fund Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266995
Qri Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1266996
Qsd Fund Feeders Pty Ltd Melbourne 1257275
Qsd Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1257279
Qsdf Holdco Qld Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262259
Qsh No.1 Burnside Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275282
Qsh No.1 Hallmont Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279765
Qsh No.1 Keilor Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275281
Qsh No.1 Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275285
Qsh No.1 Taylors Hill Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275279
Qsh No.1 Woodlands Grove Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279766
Qualitas Agency Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302962
Qualitas Btr Impact Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280462
Qualitas Discretionary Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254588
Qualitas Diversified Credit Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298170
Qualitas Fund Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281662
Qualitas Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 470955
Qualitas JF Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310019
Qualitas Reo Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1237038
Qualitas Seniors Housing No.1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275284
Qualitas Seniors Housing Property No.1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275283
Qualitas South Yarra Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310020
Quarterfive Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304568
Quigley Caledonian Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298166
Quintessential Equity (mf) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1253699
Quintessential Equity 035 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262594
Qumf Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267427
Qumf No. 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267429
Qumf Property No. 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267428
R & D Risk Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1253396
Radhakrishnan, Prasanth Melbourne 1270965
Radiotis, Leo Ilias Melbourne 306163
Rados, Ivan Melbourne 1006718
Raf IV Mit Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301137
Raf Iii Co-invest I Pty Ltd Melbourne 1291998
Raf Iii Mit Pty Ltd Melbourne 1288526
Rahim, Colleen Melbourne 268149
Rail Plus Australasia Pty Ltd Melbourne 287336
Rainwater Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1293280
Raita Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1247375
Rajoria, Praneel Kumar Melbourne 1003914
Rake, Daniel Melbourne 1272627
Ralston Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307910
Rancie Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280860
Randall, James Melbourne 438313
Randall, Michael Melbourne 1310324
Randles, Gavin Paul Melbourne 298595
Ranelagh Impact Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302422
Rasiah Private Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289146
Rasiah, Thabojan Melbourne 1003077
Raszkiewicz, Owen Melbourne 1280931
Ratesmart Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306150
Raven Corporate Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281413
Raymond, Taylor Alexander Melbourne 1308699
Rcf Jolimont (aus GP Gp) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275307
Rcf Jolimont Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271945
Rcf Jolimont Mining Innovation (aus Gp) LP Melbourne 1275308
Reach Corporate Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281636
Reach Wholesale Nominees Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292795
Ready Set Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279939
Realm Investment Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 424705
Realm Nominees Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1281303
Rebellis Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303401
Red Maple Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310310
Redbridge Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295449
Redman, Mark James Melbourne 1274004
Reho Travel Pty. Limited Melbourne 340624
Reid, Machar Murray Melbourne 1288710
Reissis, Nickolas Melbourne 1270668
Residential Connections Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285596
Resimax Group Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271134
Rev Invest Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299614
Reva Wealth Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1277471
Revere Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280550
Reynard, Eva Christine Melbourne 1298129
Reynolds, Jason Andrew Melbourne 422924
Reynolds, Simon Robert Melbourne 1305789
Rich Gold Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308896
Richards, Benjamin Max Melbourne 1309667
Richardson, Mark Kenneth Melbourne 466308
Richmond Terrace Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1233986
Richmond, Kyle Gary Ross Melbourne 1271808
Richwood Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298759
Righetti, Joseph Aidan Melbourne 1273653
Right2drive Pty Ltd Melbourne 1303198
Rikalo, Boris Melbourne 1249398
Rio, Sebastiano Melbourne 1006449
Rio, Susan Marie Melbourne 1000560
Riscalla, Corey Melbourne 362938
Risk & Business Consultants Pty Ltd Melbourne 253777
Risk Advisory Services (victoria) Pty Ltd Melbourne 447272
Rispin, Kirsty Elizabeth Melbourne 1261011
Ritch Life Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279927
Ritchie, Wade Melbourne 1003079
Riverside Asia Partners Pty Limited Melbourne 1288525
Robards, Shaun Melbourne 1264823
Roberts, Paul Raymond Melbourne 1305707
Robertson, Ashley Scott Melbourne 1234421
Robertson, Matthew Melbourne 1270865
Robins, James Melbourne 1272411
Robinson, Bradley Liam Melbourne 1241539
Robinson, Debra Gaye Melbourne 1001990
Robinson, James Melbourne 1268524
Robson, John Walter Melbourne 264130
Rogers, Stephen Paul Melbourne 1270284
Roll The Dice Racing Pty Ltd Melbourne 1241131
Rolleston, George Melbourne 1262752
Romanovski, David Melbourne 379994
Rose, Eden Sammuel Melbourne 440026
Rose, Jason Judah Melbourne 440025
Rose, Tianna Elizabeth Melbourne 1296197
Rose, Victoria Elizabeth Melbourne 1297593
Rostal Nominees Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 458708
Routley, Robert Melbourne 1307937
Rowley, Steven Melbourne 1008845
Royal Sands Properties Pty Ltd Melbourne 1239475
Royce Stone Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282465
Rubina, John Melbourne 1303245
Ruddick, Stuart Anthony Melbourne 1310162
Ruge, Nigel Melbourne 1006635
Rusinga, Tinashe Melbourne 1002358
Russell, Edward Melbourne 1305262
Rwe Supply & Trading Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309137
Ryu, Nakhwan Melbourne 1309441
S L Schembri Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285967
Sabre Wealth Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 387795
Sadrinajafi, Anthony Yu Melbourne 1306071
Said, Kevin Francis Melbourne 1304803
Sajo, Emma Aileen Melbourne 321984
Sala, Matthew Joseph Melbourne 1269189
Salamon, Steven Melbourne 1244827
Salter Brothers Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306249
Salter Brothers Core Hospitality Investment Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305774
Salter Brothers Credit Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306250
Salter Brothers Equities Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283449
Salter Brothers Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1236558
Salter Brothers Growth Fund GP Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295860
Salter Brothers Growth Fund Gp, LP Melbourne 1296217
Salter Brothers Growth Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295857
Salter Brothers Growth Fund, LP Melbourne 1296218
Salter Brothers Hotel Fund Investment Manager II Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292907
Salter Brothers Lobby Investment Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278158
Salter Brothers Private Equity Fund, LP Melbourne 1255749
Salter Brothers Private Equity Pty Limited Melbourne 1255747
Salter Brothers Private Equity Vcmp, LP Melbourne 1255554
Salter Brothers Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1244184
Salter Brothers Retreat Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305773
Salter Brothers Tech Fund Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305772
Salvatore, Catalano Melbourne 277453
Samaan, Adel Melbourne 1267185
Sami Insurance Trading Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299619
Sang, GE Melbourne 1002717
Santiago, Jessica Melbourne 1304364
Santomartino, Antony Melbourne 1006939
Santopietro, Daniel Frank Melbourne 1300870
Sash Armitage Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1269937
Savige, Ben Melbourne 392526
Sayers Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1285904
Sb&g Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1233978
Schache, Peter Russell Melbourne 455448
Schofield, Matthew James Melbourne 1245593
Schubert, Ben Melbourne 1306354
Scipione, Joshua Anthony Melbourne 1004308
Scl Automotive No. 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304034
Scotia Holdings Limited Melbourne 1297999
Scrofani, Sergio Darren Bruno Melbourne 1299740
Scudds, Mathew Robert Melbourne 431179
Securities Vault Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275244
Security National Investors Pty Ltd Melbourne 1253389
Seeney, Daniel Jeffrey Melbourne 1276035
Sekar, Synthia Melbourne 1274756
Selective Journeys Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301976
Selfmade Advice Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282346
Sempre Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306166
Sempre Investment Managers Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1275591
Seneca Capital Nominees Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306164
Seneca Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298126
Seneca Investments Ist Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299230
Seneca Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282878
Senior, Andrea Joy Melbourne 1299032
Sentral Armitage Services Pty Limited Melbourne 1264635
Sequoia Corporate Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 469074
Sequoia Family Office Pty Limited Melbourne 1289082
Servco Australia Melbourne City Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255325
Servco Australia Melbourne Prestige Pty Ltd Melbourne 1255326
Set Insurance Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278593
Setiawan, Widiana Melbourne 1296563
Sexton, Angus Melbourne 1004493
Seyman, Macleod Dylan Melbourne 1254151
Sf-ii Vcmp LP Melbourne 1293500
Shand, Wayne James Melbourne 355912
Shape Wealth Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 415505
Share Prices Advisory Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263288
Sharma, Sarat Melbourne 391680
Shedden, Fiona Melbourne 288823
Shel Insurance Solutions Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1246497
Shell Energy Retail Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 428345
Shenfield, Andrew Melbourne 1306070
Sheng, Qiang Sam Melbourne 1309052
Sheng, Sally Melbourne 1265848
Shengxing Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305345
Shepherd, Samuel John Melbourne 1260098
Sheptun, Gleb Melbourne 1304068
Shes ON The Money Pty Ltd Melbourne 1299521
Shevki, Levent Melbourne 1274266
Shinewing Australia Corporate Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 389399
Shu, Xiao Melbourne 1306512
Siamje Pty Ltd Melbourne 415522
Sicker, Cameron Alexander Melbourne 1268544
Silc Capital Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280482
Silc Funds Administration Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280481
Silc Portfolio Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1252859
Silc Technologies Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308308
Silcock, Gary Robert Melbourne 413402
Silverback Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283436
Sim, Jonathan Melbourne 1298709
Simco Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297614
Simkin, Travis John Melbourne 1266145
Simpson, Elisa Evelyn Melbourne 1250897
Simpson, Toby Robert Melbourne 1261052
Simsek, Kamer Melbourne 327624
Simunic, Marijan Melbourne 259314
Sinclair, Cameron James Melbourne 1306296
Sinclair, Miranda Melbourne 1242627
Sinecure Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302383
Siomos, Krystle Stephenie Melbourne 1273090
Sircape Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 250248
Skalata Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275689
Skelley, Mathew Brian Melbourne 1272171
Skoglund, Steven James Melbourne 245208
Skoryk, Viktoriya Melbourne 1274213
Skytower Nominees No. 1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267540
Sleeman, Annabelle Elizabeth Ollov Melbourne 1302246
Smart Business Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 437328
Smart Street Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1267238
Sme Insurance Professionals Pty Ltd Melbourne 333684
Smile Armitage Services Iva Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302483
Smile Armitage Services Ivb Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302484
Smith, Andrew John Melbourne 1005884
Smith, Bradley John Melbourne 325421
Smith, Damien Patrick Melbourne 441943
Smith, Elizabeth Jean Melbourne 1258281
Smith, Matthew David Melbourne 1264586
Smith, Natallia Melbourne 1001424
Smith, Vaughan Melbourne 1297663
Smsf Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295772
Soloveychik, Sasha Melbourne 1304972
Somerset Capital Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281371
Sonder Advisory Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300910
Soni, Sunny Melbourne 1308366
Sourasis, Kerry Melbourne 230629
South Road Investment Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298681
Southgate Financial Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281085
Souvannavong, Anuhak Melbourne 1306597
Sparks, Lachlan James Melbourne 1271727
Spectrum Live Pty Ltd Melbourne 292803
Spooner, Wade Lance Melbourne 1003699
Spragg, Tristen Melbourne 1261447
Sprint Finance Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1305215
Sproutx Pty Ltd Melbourne 1258888
Spurr, Joanne Katthleen Melbourne 1290557
Srh Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302702
Ss&c Administration Services (australia) Pty Limited Melbourne 1301351
Ss&c Gids Transfer Agency (australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307403
Ss&c Solutions Pty Limited Melbourne 1307398
Stalbridge Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1265841
Stamford Bridge Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306456
Stanboultgis, Nicholas Melbourne 1237916
Stanes, Ry Melbourne 1002746
Stani, Anthony Melbourne 1308562
Stanley, Nicholas Edward Melbourne 1306352
Stardi Pty Ltd Melbourne 441070
Stark, Montana Melbourne 1296347
Stay OR GO Pty Ltd Melbourne 1301898
Stegehuis, David John Melbourne 1306621
Stellan Capital Family Office Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278033
Sterjovski, Chris Melbourne 1002604
Sterling Private Advice Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298564
Stevens, Duncan Melbourne 1288409
Stewart Silver King & Burns (victoria) Pty Ltd Melbourne 329496
Stewart, Glenda Anne Melbourne 307463
Stewart, James Michael Melbourne 442739
Stockwatch Report Pty Ltd Melbourne 307432
Stonnington Securities Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1298218
Stoyanov, Stefan Melbourne 1281941
Strata Community Managers Pty Ltd Melbourne 455764
Strata Connect Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308883
Stratagised Concepts Group Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1255129
Street, Samuel Edward Melbourne 255976
Stroud, Stephen John Melbourne 1268624
Styles, Rod Colton Melbourne 321987
Su, William Melbourne 1308450
Suckling, Gary Lee Melbourne 1005773
Sullivan, Michael Maxwell Melbourne 1282864
Sum, Michael Pu Yin Melbourne 1274546
Sundaram, Gajan Melbourne 439004
Sundowners Overland Pty Ltd Melbourne 267583
Sunny Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1284134
Super Housing Partnerships Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306741
Surya, Alisa Melbourne 1307568
Suubee Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262749
Swampillai, Peter Jude Melbourne 1301808
Swayne, Dennis Melbourne 428799
Sydney-smith, Brett Melbourne 462636
Syfe Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295306
Synthesis Capital General Partner I, LP Melbourne 1297030
Synthesis Capital Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297029
System Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309928
TF Global Markets Equities (aust) Pty Limited Melbourne 1280662
Tahzan Resources Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302521
Tailor Made Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 267972
Talbot, Hannah Michelle Melbourne 1303442
Talevski, Robert Melbourne 1007841
Talking Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296036
Talwar, Rohan Melbourne 1004592
Tambyah, Nimashan Melbourne 1004198
Tamvakologos, Michael Melbourne 1271142
Tanner, Darren Richard Melbourne 247575
Tanuvasa, Petara Melbourne 1283437
Taseer, Naseer-u-din Ahmad Melbourne 1301538
Tassoni, Anne-marie Melbourne 334996
Tauiliili, Pasilika Melbourne 1298539
Taverners Property Pty Ltd Melbourne 1260260
Tay, Michelle Melbourne 456848
Taylor, Colin James Melbourne 235897
Taylor, James Leon Mitchell Melbourne 1294431
Taylor, Jeremy Melbourne 1003084
Taylor, Lauren Stafford Melbourne 1298110
Tecala Armitage Services Iva Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302481
Tecala Armitage Services Ivb Pty Ltd Melbourne 1302482
Telstra Limited Melbourne 1303090
Templeton, Kelvin Lindsay Melbourne 1264106
Tetris Insurance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295684
Tfp Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1270631
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited Melbourne 277181
Thai, Richard Melbourne 1307968
Thakkar, Gargi Melbourne 1271077
Thatcher, Carlie Maree Melbourne 277508
The Prosperity Planners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289369
The Rask Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1280930
The Renewable Energy Hub Pty Ltd Melbourne 1286256
The Trustee For 574 St Kilda Road Unit Trust Melbourne 1280425
The Trustee For Audacy VP Hydrogen Opportunity Fund I Melbourne 1286365
The Trustee For Betta Body Corporate Management Trust Melbourne 1275997
The Trustee For Botton Family Trust Melbourne 1302113
The Trustee For Bourke Family Trust Melbourne 1276887
The Trustee For Branicki Miller Unit Trust Melbourne 305999
The Trustee For Bryantcraft Unit Trust Melbourne 1245153
The Trustee For CC Advisory Family Trust Melbourne 1281975
The Trustee For Charles Richardson Family Trust Melbourne 1239674
The Trustee For Chois Trust Melbourne 1264693
The Trustee For David Baker Business Trust Melbourne 465077
The Trustee For Dns Family Trust Melbourne 1292501
The Trustee For Dynamic Assets Management (vic) Unit Trust Melbourne 1260804
The Trustee For Eildon Asset Management Trust Melbourne 1282462
The Trustee For Fam Unit Trust Melbourne 1307720
The Trustee For Fifteenth Relnor Unit Trust NO 1 Melbourne 1300752
The Trustee For Freedom Finance Australia (essendon) Unit Trust Melbourne 1283309
The Trustee For Hfh Prestige Unit Trust Melbourne 1250165
The Trustee For Hnb Accountants Unit Trust Melbourne 1287150
The Trustee For Investment Alternatives Trust Melbourne 403954
The Trustee For J Brumhead Trust Melbourne 1244415
The Trustee For Lanyon Partners Financial Services Unit Trust Melbourne 428598
The Trustee For Leavey Family Trust & The Trustee For Ord Family Trust Melbourne 1282742
The Trustee For Lempriere Capital M&a Unit Trust Melbourne 1276993
The Trustee For Lfs Group Trust Melbourne 1309049
The Trustee For Lqd Wealth Management Trust Melbourne 1276794
The Trustee For Marq Strata Mgt Unit Trust Melbourne 1008156
The Trustee For Marsel Family Trust Melbourne 424608
The Trustee For Mccombe Apl Trust Melbourne 1295185
The Trustee For Mcp General Insurance Trust Melbourne 414408
The Trustee For Melbourne City Lexus Trading Trust Melbourne 422000
The Trustee For Mrcf Btf (as) Trust Melbourne 1305526
The Trustee For Mrcf3 (as) Trust Melbourne 1305525
The Trustee For Narre Warren Trust Melbourne 1278134
The Trustee For Nicholas Perkins Family Trust Melbourne 1242188
The Trustee For Nwa Trust Melbourne 1295245
The Trustee For Pie in The Sky Travel Melbourne 1258654
The Trustee For QE 036 Trust Melbourne 1269105
The Trustee For QE 038 Trust Melbourne 1254107
The Trustee For Secure Port Financial Unit Trust Melbourne 1297188
The Trustee For Smlk Fplanning Trust Melbourne 1260685
The Trustee For Staar Trust & The Trustee For Igam Trust & The Trustee For Mingary Trust Melbourne 314816
The Trustee For The Acceler8 Capital Unit Trust Melbourne 1283486
The Trustee For The Asc Group Unit Trust Melbourne 1279296
The Trustee For The Bpc Trust Melbourne 1248460
The Trustee For The Lirosi Family Trust Melbourne 1285966
The Trustee For The Prime Property Partners Australia Unit Trust Melbourne 468884
The Trustee For The TC Trust Melbourne 378244
The Trustee For The Uptown Partners Unit Trust Melbourne 1248633
The Trustee For Tony Insurance Life Trust Melbourne 1293655
The Trustee For United Insurance Advisers Trust Melbourne 1243008
The Trustee For Valas Investments Trust Melbourne 1284065
The Trustee For Vicprop OC Unit Trust Melbourne 1279317
The Trustee For William Buck Corporate Advisory Services (vic) Unit Trust Melbourne 1297086
The Trustee For Ybg Financial Services Trust Melbourne 413228
Theodore, Paul Alexander Melbourne 1250459
Theuma, Franco Angelo Joseph Melbourne 1003986
Think Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309875
Thomson, Andrew Burrell Melbourne 1309618
Thomson, Kenneth James Melbourne 1293310
Thomson, Robert Melbourne 1234441
Thorbjornsen, John-paul Melbourne 1310214
Tiberi, Nathan Melbourne 237781
Tier One Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279013
Tighe, Benedict Hugh Melbourne 259144
Till, Anna Bridgette Melbourne 445297
Tipping, Will Richard Melbourne 1284735
Titanium 23 Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289205
Tjr Exhibition Street Pty Ltd Melbourne 1262943
To, Frankie Melbourne 249057
Togethr Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1243673
Tomal, Phillip Melbourne 317926
Tonandel Pty Ltd Melbourne 420102
Tong, Eugene Melbourne 339569
Toniazzo, Steven Melbourne 312704
Tonzing, Kurt Stephen Melbourne 1271768
Toohey, Kevin Thomas Melbourne 400653
Torjussen, Natasha Melbourne 1307946
Toshi Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304391
Tosin, Paul Melbourne 321609
Tossol, Jack Trewin Melbourne 1303357
Total Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Melbourne 1240500
Townsend, Michael Timothy Melbourne 433464
Townsend, Trevor Keith Melbourne 1294371
Trace, Peter Jonathan Melbourne 1266800
Trade View Pty Ltd Melbourne 1279493
Traders Circle Pty Ltd Melbourne 303987
Trajcevski, Dimce Melbourne 1003336
Treacy, Shaun Reginald Melbourne 1284361
Tremayne, Nathan Melbourne 1274099
Trew, Catherine Elizabeth Melbourne 433936
Tricolours Racing And Syndications Pty Ltd Melbourne 1254699
Trindade, Patrick Dominic Melbourne 462981
Trivedi, Ria Rachel Melbourne 1263036
Tsioustsis, Con Melbourne 1295367
Tsirigotis, Frank Melbourne 245268
Tsombanis, Jennifer Melbourne 1280658
Tsui, Yenle Alyssiah Melbourne 1303704
Tunbridge Risk Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1277793
Tunbridge, William Melbourne 1264657
Turkington, Robert David Melbourne 306159
Turner, Stevie-jade Phillipa Melbourne 433749
Turtle Morris Pty Ltd Melbourne 1248881
Twcim Pty Ltd Melbourne 1306291
Ufer, Daniel James Melbourne 1295221
Ugc Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1281856
Ugc Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292832
Ugc Global Alpha Fund Limited Melbourne 1296975
Ukani, Ali Parvez Melbourne 1295269
Ulugia, Judy Melbourne 1280657
Unified Capital Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 1304060
United Insurance Advisers Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1241447
Uplift Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1308131
Upright Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307107
Urban Insurance Services Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1269470
Urban, Helen Melbourne 1259469
VP Blockchain Gaming II Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295487
VP Blockchain Gaming Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294757
VP OG Fund II Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295486
VP Primary Opportunities Pty Ltd Melbourne 1292772
VT No. 2 Pty Ltd. Melbourne 1293105
VT No.1 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1300901
Van Dueren Den Hollander, Philip Bastiaan Melbourne 276049
Vandeloo, James Leigh Melbourne 311965
Vantage Private Equity Growth 3, LP Melbourne 1240633
Vantage Private Equity Management Partnership, LP Melbourne 1240630
Vanzo, Mark Melbourne 437330
Vasco Fund Services Pty Limited Melbourne 1239774
Vassos, Lewis Melbourne 268172
Vats Investment One Pty Ltd Melbourne 1271378
Vats, Neeraj Melbourne 1271379
Vaughan, Pelham Christopher Byrne Melbourne 1303117
Vault Payment Solutions Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294892
Veem Inc. Melbourne 1256739
Verma, Suparna Melbourne 1293019
Verney, Dylan Charles Melbourne 1271239
Versace, John Steven Melbourne 425361
Vgw Spv Pty Ltd Melbourne 1283926
Vi, Michael Melbourne 1275532
Vidot, Emmalene Melbourne 1245949
Vikram, Natashya Melbourne 1006363
Viney, Dylan Andrew Erskine Melbourne 1270997
Virescent Ventures II Staple CO A Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298514
Virescent Ventures Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295417
Viridian Advisory Pty Ltd Melbourne 1234194
Viridian Financial Group Ltd Melbourne 1235325
Viridian Private Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1235324
Visser Retail And Property Group Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307973
Vnet Armitage Services Iiia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295937
Vnet Armitage Services Iiib Pty Ltd Melbourne 1295938
Vo, Thi Louise Melbourne 1271324
Volpe, Jesse Melbourne 1308079
WE Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1305738
Wadsworth, Ryan Melbourne 1233468
Wahi, Meenakshi Melbourne 438444
Walker, Christopher Melbourne 1001370
Wallace, Campbell Richard Melbourne 1261692
Waller, Brendan Patrick Melbourne 1269370
Walsh, Russell Clifford Melbourne 319097
Walton, Dana Melbourne 1303327
Wang, Senney Melbourne 1267725
Wang, Xiaoli Melbourne 1272513
Wapl (act) Pty Limited Melbourne 310575
Wapl No. 1 Pty Limited Melbourne 315037
Wapl No. 2 Pty Limited Melbourne 306679
Warburton, Justin Melbourne 1295180
Ward Machray, James Melbourne 1307871
Ward, Robert Murray Melbourne 447482
Warlow-shill, Katriel Moshe Melbourne 279576
Warren, Finbarr Melbourne 1307636
Wastech Armitage Services Iiia Pty Limited Melbourne 1280602
Wastech Armitage Services Iiib Pty Limited Melbourne 1280603
Wattletree Consulting Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273652
Wdp Fund 001 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289346
Wdp Fund 002 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294916
Wdp Fund 003 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1297142
Wealth Horizons Pty Ltd Melbourne 369150
Wealth Investors Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 1298004
Weeder, Reece Melbourne 1241762
Weeks, Craig Matthew Melbourne 341143
Weeks, Daniel Melbourne 428074
Weerakoon, Indika Melbourne 1004150
Wegner, Lewis Noel Melbourne 1298193
Wei, Wen-yi Melbourne 1307108
Weiland, Greg Paul Melbourne 1006421
Weingarten, Louis Melbourne 260224
Weir, Lachlan Thomas Melbourne 1307275
Wemyss, Stuart Lachlan Melbourne 253585
Wentworth Hotel Equity No. 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1268077
Wentworth Investment Manager Pty Ltd Melbourne 1263414
Wenzel, Mark Peter Melbourne 453697
Wescott, Wayne Lance Melbourne 451381
West, Mark Melbourne 346212
Westbourne Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1250653
Whyte, Malcolm Melbourne 1007493
Wib Corporate Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309615
Wickett, Derek George Melbourne 1265952
Wigney, Michael Vincent Melbourne 1292823
Wild, Kristy Faye Melbourne 1277580
Wilde, Alisha Louise Melbourne 1233458
Wilkinson, Stuart Melbourne 1253008
Will, Thomas Michael Melbourne 1272492
William Buck (vic) Pty Ltd Melbourne 450462
Williams, Adam Troy Melbourne 385893
Williams, Anthony Melbourne 1006359
Williams, Cara Melbourne 1236038
Williamson, Bernadine Melbourne 1296278
Williamson, Peter Kenneth Melbourne 400651
Willison Private Wealth Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 421870
Willison, Georgina Melbourne 283820
Willmott, Nicholas Lindsay Melbourne 1278594
Wilshire Australia Pty Limited Melbourne 275614
Wilson, Annabelle Melbourne 1272817
Wilson, Benjamin Frank Melbourne 1292346
Wilson, Carl Peter Melbourne 286564
Wilson, Daniel William Melbourne 1295505
Wilson, Geoffrey Malcolm Melbourne 1006422
Wilson, Matthew Keith Melbourne 1246331
Win Everly Pty Ltd Melbourne 1252683
Win Industrial Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278675
Win Ipg Adelaide Pty Ltd Melbourne 1278689
Win Roseland Pty Ltd Melbourne 1252682
Window, Luke Alan Melbourne 432316
Wingate Byron Property Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 1236250
Wingate Corporate Credit Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282285
Wingate Corporate Investment Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1282286
Wingate Corporate Investments Pty Ltd Melbourne 1275012
Wingate Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1291909
Wingate House Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 288254
Wingate Hub Pty Ltd Melbourne 1260013
Wingate Investment Partners 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 464903
Wingate Investment Partners 3 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1234617
Wingate Investment Partners Pty Ltd Melbourne 464904
Wingate NY 122 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1235077
Wingate Property Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 326687
Wingate Property Funds Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 1294102
Wingate Property Opportunity Fund No. 2 Pty Ltd Melbourne 1269179
Wingate Specialised Finance Fund Pty Ltd Melbourne 1310279
Wip Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307858
With Cashback Pty Ltd Melbourne 1309904
Witkowski, Matthew James Melbourne 304796
Wollermann, Christopher Melbourne 1301224
Wong, Jason John Melbourne 1245714
Wong, Liang Wei Melbourne 1003096
Wong, Melanie Melbourne 1304937
Wood, Simon Melbourne 338947
Woodbridge Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1296363
Woods, Adrian Mark Melbourne 227060
Woods, Ashley Paul Melbourne 442906
Woods, Brendan Jack Melbourne 1008581
Woods, John Raymond Melbourne 227058
Woods, Paul Graham Melbourne 227056
Worrell, Geoffrey Ross Melbourne 1268423
Worrells Capital Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 1273519
Wright, Henry Melbourne 1004735
Wright, James Phillip Melbourne 415958
Wsbla Holdings Pty Ltd Melbourne 342084
Wu, Xiaoli Melbourne 1301550
Wu, Yiren Melbourne 1270216
Xie, Xiaocheng Melbourne 1288529
Yan, Brenda Melbourne 1295541
Yang, Felicity Yingchu Melbourne 1245703
Yardley, Rebecca Williams Melbourne 1282048
Yarra Lane Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1008171
Yarra Wealth Pty Ltd Melbourne 1249132
Yhs Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1265552
Yin, Keshao Melbourne 1306739
Yinrui International Pty Limited Melbourne 1305898
Yip, Sze Wan Melbourne 1307071
Yong, Michael Kuen Chuan Melbourne 445378
Young's & Associates Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 384138
Young, William Melbourne 1310420
Yourporter Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1298667
Yueng, Eric Melbourne 1301316
Zachariah, Kathryn Therese Melbourne 1272070
Zaffino, Daniel Francis Melbourne 455635
Zaita, Anthony Melbourne 1004821
Zank & Company Pty. Ltd. Melbourne 1276430
Zartaloudis, Dimitrios Melbourne 314337
Zembrodt, Lisa Melbourne 472893
Zen Capital Pty Ltd Melbourne 1307043
Zerocap Fund Services Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289131
Zerocap Pty Ltd Melbourne 1289130
Zhang, Stacy Melbourne 1297780
Zhang, Xilun Melbourne 1307324
Zhang, Yang Melbourne 1308113
Zhao, Linhui Melbourne 1299088
Zheng, Chyanne Melbourne 1257903
Zhong, Jiaqi Melbourne 1308076
Zhou, Philip Melbourne 1003572
Zhu, Xiaoyan Melbourne 1307323
Ziggy, Peter Melbourne 240015
Zimmer, Christian Melbourne 1001771