Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: Dec. 10, 2023

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Name Locality ID
A.c.n. 097 725 329 Pty Ltd Brisbane 272672
Accrue Financial Group Pty Ltd Brisbane 327393
Adams, Thomas James Brisbane 451769
Ahern, Richard Timothy Brisbane 301560
Ahlholm, Tristan Sakari Brisbane 300452
Airline Bookings Australia - Travel Pty Ltd Brisbane 261390
All Your Travel Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 258432
Allen, William James Brisbane 405336
Australia Cosmo Investments Pty Ltd Brisbane 326357
Australian Moneymarket Pty Ltd Brisbane 338682
Ausure Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Brisbane 453762
Baker, Alan Grahame Brisbane 263718
Bam Coolabah Management Pty Ltd Brisbane 354392
Bcp Equities Pty Ltd Brisbane 382126
Beauly Pty Ltd Brisbane 336523
Bennett, Andrew Douglas Brisbane 241845
Bentleys (qld) Investment Management Pty Ltd Brisbane 1297310
Berne No. 132 Nominees Pty. Limited Brisbane 259151
Beyers, Kate-lyn Brisbane 1292808
Bhp Nickel Operations Pty Ltd Brisbane 238704
Bizzell Capital Partners Pty Ltd Brisbane 302267
Black, David Alan Brisbane 465982
Blackanco Nominees Pty Ltd Brisbane 259152
Bondsure Lending Pty Ltd Brisbane 1245931
Bonifant, Hamish Brisbane 376665
Borjesson, Michael Erik Brisbane 466077
Bradford, Terri Margaret Brisbane 259626
Braeside Partners Pty Ltd Brisbane 1288590
Brett, Rebecca Anne Brisbane 1252832
Brown, Christopher Howard Brisbane 255960
Brown, David Brisbane 322694
Bruton, Peter William Brisbane 241131
Buckley, Cheyne Michael Brisbane 1298275
CM Capital VT 4A Pty Ltd Brisbane 466222
CM Capital VT 4B Pty Ltd Brisbane 466223
Cairns, Kevin Brisbane 376664
Canberra Centre Investments Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256112
Cano, Laura Fernanda Brisbane 1272655
Catapult Investments Pty Limited Brisbane 469587
Cavanough, James Ian Macbeth Brisbane 291041
Ccb & CO Pty Ltd Brisbane 376415
Chandler, James Hogarth Brisbane 339666
Change Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd Brisbane 1282541
Chapman, Kristopher Philip Brisbane 1267102
Chatterton, William Grantley Brisbane 255961
Chaudhry, Mateen Brisbane 1278713
Chiong, Chung-ying Brisbane 259170
Clarke, Peter Keir Brisbane 1233792
Clifford, John Bernard Brisbane 255963
Codey, David Brisbane 377115
Cole, Bradley Brisbane 1005403
Collin, Ruth Amy Brisbane 1234021
Cook, Helle Hojbjerg Brisbane 460445
Corporate Professionals IN Travel Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 258637
Corporate Travel Management Group Pty Ltd Brisbane 258551
Cowburn, Jodie Anne Brisbane 1247970
Cox, Simon Thomas Brisbane 321150
Crawley, Laurence Brisbane 376666
Crommelin, Thomas James Clarence Brisbane 364667
Crommelin, Timothy Brisbane 255964
Curgenven, Lynda Brisbane 263890
Daniels, Marilyn Jeanette Brisbane 258541
Dart, Timothy Joel Brisbane 327264
Dee, Hamish Robbie Brisbane 259232
Donegal Investments Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 266716
Doolan, Declan Brisbane 418706
Douglas, Robert Barry Brisbane 255965
Douglas, William Watson Brisbane 279667
Dpm Financial Management Pty Ltd Brisbane 343793
Duffy, Mitchell James Brisbane 1277446
Dzam Wealth Pty Ltd Brisbane 1276676
Eastland Property Holdings Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256107
Eastland Ringwood Office Pty Ltd Brisbane 1278226
Evans, Timothy Peter Brisbane 343426
Fan, Xiaodi Brisbane 1255205
Farrell, Steven James Brisbane 317137
Fenton, Brec Brisbane 376667
Ferguson, Simon Peter Brisbane 259424
Fiedler, Brent Desmond Brisbane 388718
Fittler, Mike Brisbane 322701
Fitzpatricks Private Qld Pty Limited Brisbane 1280816
Fitzpatricks Private SE Qld Pty Ltd Brisbane 1280757
Fitzpatricks Private Wealth (qld) Pty Ltd Brisbane 1281351
Fleming, Andrew O'dell Brisbane 466078
Fwo Financial Services Pty Ltd Brisbane 307410
Gallagher, Joseph Henry Brisbane 329491
Gillett, Anthony Douglas Brisbane 263717
Goode, Stephen Patrick Brisbane 239089
Gordon, Matthew Brisbane 300148
Gray-buchanan, Fiona Brisbane 259211
Green, Paul Dominic Brisbane 1265541
Greentree, Steven John Brisbane 259619
Gregory, Richard Michael Brisbane 345075
Griffiths, Brett Leslie Brisbane 344807
Guiver, David Brisbane 407482
Hancock, Benjamin William Brisbane 245559
Harrington, Timothy Lars Brisbane 1006037
Harris, Nicholas Anthony Brisbane 304090
Harry, Troy John Brisbane 233814
Hatcher, Benjamin Frank Brisbane 284341
Hedditch, Mathew Brisbane 320962
Higgs, Peter John Brisbane 239088
Hoare, Dominic Maurice Brisbane 281310
Hopsick, Richard Brisbane 259394
Howard, Kenneth Patrick Brisbane 259290
Icg RE Capital Partners Australia Pty Ltd Brisbane 1241634
Jackson, David Douglas Brisbane 333161
Jobson, Connor Leslie Brisbane 1295181
Kemp, Andrew Peter Brisbane 284282
Kendall, Sky Nillas Brisbane 322700
Kesler, Eric Brisbane 1005720
Kirk, Anthony Brisbane 255975
Knight, Peter Michael Brisbane 306983
Knox, Daniel Beaumont Brisbane 412340
Knox, Michael James Brisbane 259340
Lantern Advisory Pty Ltd Brisbane 440584
Lawrence, James Warwick Brisbane 307422
Lawrence, Tracey Leann Brisbane 259634
Lbk00 Pty Ltd Brisbane 1286631
Leaning, Roger William Brisbane 280286
Lee, Philip John Brisbane 255968
Lgiasuper Services Pty Ltd Brisbane 1255725
Lindsay, John Brisbane 245004
Ling, Darrell Brisbane 322696
Little, Josephine Myra Brisbane 296237
Longhurst, Kristy Ellen Brisbane 1263789
Look, Andrew Wynn Brisbane 1237928
Macdonald, Matthew David Brisbane 463976
Mackie, Leigh Brisbane 1292807
Mahn, David John Brisbane 345300
Malhi, Harjit Matthew Singh Brisbane 1003246
Marsden, David John Brisbane 361919
Maynes, Dougal Geoffrey Onus Brisbane 280934
Mba Financial Services (rawsons) Pty Ltd Brisbane 285762
Mcelwaine, Luke Brisbane 322493
Mees, Alexander Clive Brisbane 1289080
Mellers, Dean Robert Brisbane 259195
Michael, Benjamin Ross Wallington Brisbane 1291957
Moore, Belinda Jane Brisbane 259141
Moore, Richard Brisbane 1278714
Moore, Timothy David Brisbane 1002455
Mullins, Jack Eathan Brisbane 1247209
Murdoch, Scott Brisbane 322695
Murdoch, Scott Murray Forbes Brisbane 330368
Nac Travel Pty Ltd Brisbane 453254
Newleaf Tailored Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Brisbane 288910
O'bree, Michael Vincent Brisbane 305544
Pacific Echo Pty Limited Brisbane 1256110
Parer, Anne Mary Brisbane 385660
Pastoral Property Admin Pty Ltd Brisbane 1293433
Peplon Nominees Pty. Limited Brisbane 259370
Perpetual Trustees Queensland Limited Brisbane 264780
Pill, Stephen David Brisbane 316440
Polinelli, John Anthony Brisbane 375901
Porter, Bruce William Brisbane 259159
Power, Scott William Brisbane 255971
Psc Insurance Brokers (brisbane) Pty Ltd Brisbane 442837
Qgif CO No. 1 Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256125
Qgif CO No. 1A Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256127
Qgif CO No. 2 Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256126
Qgif CO No. 2A Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256128
Qic Asia Real Estate Investments Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256119
Qic CM Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256123
Qic Coomera Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256113
Qic Craigieburn Junction Pty Ltd Brisbane 1288745
Qic Epping Pty Ltd Brisbane 1265424
Qic Infrastructure Management No. 3 Pty Ltd Brisbane 1278227
Qic International Real Estate Investments Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256115
Qic Logan Hyperdome (no. 2) Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256122
Qic Logan Hyperdome Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256104
Qic Merrifield Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256124
Qic Merry Hill Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 1256117
Qic Noosa Civic Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256121
Qic North America Investments Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256118
Qic Property Management Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256103
Qic Retail (no.2) Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256116
Qic Ringwood Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256106
Qic Robina Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256105
Qic Toowoomba Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256108
Qic Werribee Pty Ltd Brisbane 1265425
Qic Westpoint Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256111
Qicp Pty Ltd Brisbane 313592
Qld University OF Technology Brisbane 297809
Qpc Investments No.1 Pty Ltd Brisbane 1256114
Qsuper Asset Management Pty Ltd Brisbane 1240044
Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd Brisbane 297969
Quinlan Holdings Pty Ltd Brisbane 1269349
Regional Accommodation Group Pty Ltd Brisbane 1286461
Rexbury Nominees Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 259392
Rio Doce Australia Pty Limited Brisbane 307127
Robertson, Andrew John Reeves Brisbane 259120
Rodney, Benjamin John Brisbane 471234
Roe, Michael Brisbane 322693
Rubicon Nominees Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 379528
Ryan, Douglas John Brisbane 341903
Ryan, Matthew Joseph Brisbane 259325
Ryan, Philip Ashley Brisbane 270519
Sartor, Thomas Robert Brisbane 306431
Schleicher, Sabine Baerbel Brisbane 404187
Senn, Marcia Larissa Brisbane 404828
Sheahan, Brian Gerard Brisbane 255972
Shivakumar, Arvind Ballupet Brisbane 1260670
Sirett, Tony Allan Brisbane 261457
Smith, Carl Ronald Brisbane 1253455
Smith, Nigel Greville Warwick Brisbane 259359
Stanevich, Marion Susanne Brisbane 1000926
Stephens, Sara Lynne Brisbane 463690
Stickley, Jack Edward Brisbane 1288557
Stone, Blake Thomas Brisbane 463691
T L Pizzoni Pty Ltd Brisbane 465160
Taylor, Kristen Gay Brisbane 345983
Taylor, Roger Brisbane 1252749
The Trustee For Provident Advice Trust Brisbane 1276678
The Trustee For Provident Advisory Group Holdings Trust Brisbane 1276677
Turner, Samuel Brisbane 326658
Tynan, Christopher John Brisbane 466076
Tynan, Max Edward Brisbane 468544
Tynan, Michael Donald Brisbane 467363
Tynan, Michael Henry Brisbane 466754
Tynan, Paul Henry James Brisbane 466074
Vaivarins, Ace George Brisbane 463917
Van DE Pol, John Martin Brisbane 357420
Vickerson, Max Brisbane 324252
Voller, Geoffrey Walter Brisbane 259223
Wallace, Daniel William Brisbane 1264378
Walter, Raymond Andrew Brisbane 466075
Warriner, Sam Tait Brisbane 1246164
Watergardens Pty Limited Brisbane 1256109
Wavebreak Ventures Pty Ltd Brisbane 469032
Wegner-parker, Louise Jean Brisbane 285600
Wilkie, Andrew Daniel Brisbane 355554
Wilkie, Iain David Brisbane 468543
Wright, David Brisbane 322698
Wright, Peter Stanley Brisbane 401483
Wright, Steven Aubrey Brisbane 259621