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Australian Banks Swift Codes

SWIFT codes are standardized codes that are used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. In Australia, SWIFT codes are used by banks and other financial institutions to send and receive international money transfers. Each bank has its own unique SWIFT code, which is typically made up of 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters identify the bank, the next 2 characters identify the country, and the last 2 or 3 characters identify the specific branch of the bank. For example, the SWIFT code for the National Australia Bank in Sydney is NATAAU3302Z. This code can be used to send or receive money transfers to or from this bank.

Last update: May 10, 2023

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SWIFT Bank City Branch
WEAEAU31 90 West Asset Management Ltd Melbourne
WALAAU31 Wallara Asset Management Pty. Ltd. Melbourne
WAMAAU31 Warakirri Asset Management Pty Ltd Melbourne
WEFFAU6P Wesfarmers Limited Perth
WEIMAU51 Westoz Investment Management Melbourne
WPACAU2S Westpac Banking Corporation Sydney (for All New South Wales Branches)
WETPAUS1 Westpac RE Limited Sydney
WSECAU21 Westpac Securities Limited Sydney
WHTEAU2S White Outsourcing Pty Limited Sydney
WFMPAU21 White Outsourcing Pty Ltd Sydney
WAMIAUS1 Wilson Asset Management (international) Pty Ltd Sydney
WIHTAU41 Wilson Htm Ltd. Brisbane
WLSHAU2S Walsh And Company Asset Management Pty Limited Sydney
WCRUAU41 Warwick Credit Union Ltd Warwick Warwick Credit Union
WSPCAU21 Washington H. Soul Pattinson And Company Limited Sydney
WCUCAU31 Waw Credit Union Co-operative Limited Wodonga
WMALAU2S Weir Minerals Australia Limited Artarmon
WIPPAUS1 Wheelhouse Investment Partners Pty Ltd Sydney
WOFPAU21 World First Pty Ltd Sydney
WIPTAU2S Windcave Pty. Limited Sydney
WIAYAU2A Wise Australia Pty Limited Sydney
WOPEAU6P Woodside Petroleum Ltd. Perth