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Australian Banks Swift Codes

SWIFT codes are standardized codes that are used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. In Australia, SWIFT codes are used by banks and other financial institutions to send and receive international money transfers. Each bank has its own unique SWIFT code, which is typically made up of 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters identify the bank, the next 2 characters identify the country, and the last 2 or 3 characters identify the specific branch of the bank. For example, the SWIFT code for the National Australia Bank in Sydney is NATAAU3302Z. This code can be used to send or receive money transfers to or from this bank.

Last update: March 9, 2023

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CPANAU211770 Capital PartnersSydney
CAETAU21Asx Settlement And Transfer Corporation Pty LimitedSydney
COMMAU2SBRIBank OF Communications Co.,ltd Sydney BranchBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
COMMAU2SBank OF Communications Co.,ltd Sydney BranchSydney
CALIAU21Caledonia Investments Pty LtdSydney
CMSCAU21Cameron Securities Pty. LimitedSydney
CAYAAU31Canaccord Genuity (australia) LimitedMelbourne
CIBCAU21Canadian Imperial Bank OF CommerceSydney
CBEQAU21Cba Equities LimitedSydney
CSEPAU21Ccz Statton Equities Pty LtdSydney
CECYAU31Ceres Capital Pty LtdMelbourne
CFSGAU21Challenger Financial Services Group LimitedSydney
CHLGAU2SChallenger Group Services Pty LtdSydney
CHAYAU41Channel Capital Pty LtdBrisbane
CFSEAU21Chifley Financial Services LtdSydney
CHPTAU31Chimaera Capital LimitedMelbourne
CITIAUSXCitibank N.a.Sydney
CPMMAU6PCitic Pacific Mining Management Pty LimitedPerth
CITIAU3XCitigroup Pty LimitedMelbourne
CITIAU2XRTGCitigroup Pty Limited, SydneySydney(real Time Gross Settlement)
CLSAAU21Clsa Australia Pty LtdSydney
CMCKAU2SCmc Markets Asia Pacific Pty LtdSydney
CMMTAU21Cmc Markets Stockbroking LimitedSydney
CTRIAU21Coastline Credit UnionKempsey
CFSMAU3MColonial First State Investment LtdMelbourne
CFSMAU3METDColonial First State Investment LtdSydney(exchange Traded Derivatives)
CTBAAU2S500Commonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyAdelaide
CTBAAU2S400Commonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyBrisbane
CTBAAU2S800Commonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyDarwin
CTBAAU2S700Commonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyHobart
CTBAAU2S3OTCommonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyMelbourne(export/import Collections And Documentary Credits)
CTBAAU2S600Commonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyPerth
CTBAAU2SOBUCommonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneySydney(offshore Banking Unit)
COFGAU21Commonwealth Funds Management LimitedCanberra
COEEAU21Commonwealth Securities LtdSydney
CNMCAU21Community Mutual Ltd (cmg)Armidale
CGHPAUS2Compass Global Holdings Pty LtdSydney
CPUFAU31Computershare Fund ServicesAbbotsford
CCPAAU21Concord Capital LimitedSydney
COCYAU71Conquest Securities Pty LtdHobart
COOAAU21Constellation Capital Management LimitedSydney
CNANAU3BContango Asset Management LimitedMelbourne
CNCMAU21Continuum Capital Management LimitedSydney
CRESAU2SPBSCredit Suisse Ag, Sydney BranchSydney(private Banking)
CRESAU2DCredit Suisse Investment Services (australia) LtdSydney
CRWMAU2SCrestone Wealth Management LimitedSydney
CUSCAU2SCuscal LimitedSydney
CUCCAU21Custom Credit Copr. Ltd.Melbourne
CHFXAU2SCustom House Currency Exchange (australia) Pty LtdSydney
CARHAU61D J Carmichael Pty LimitedPerth
CPPNAU31JF Capital Partners LtdMelbourne
CHASAU2XTSDJpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a., Sydney BranchSydney(trade Services Desk)
CTPAAU31L1 CapitalMelbourne
CAGUAU31Legg Mason Asset Management Australia LimitedMelbourne
CPPAAU21P.m. Capital LimitedSydney
CPNIAU41The Capricornian LtdRockhampton
COOKAU2SWestern Union Business Solutions (australia) Pty LtdSydney
COMMAU2SMELBank OF Communications Co.,ltd Sydney BranchMelbourne(melbourne Branch)
CPSUAU51Beyond Bank Australia LimitedAdelaideBeyond Bank Australia
CMAYAU22Cambridge Mercantile (australia) Pty. LTSydney
CPCUAU21Cape Credit Union LimitedKurnell
CBHGAU66Cbh Grain Pty LtdPerth
CUCNAU31Central Murray Credit Union LimitedYarrawonga
CWCUAU21Central West Credit Union LimitedParkes
CMBCAU2SChina Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.Sydney
CILNAU31Circle Alliance BankDeer Park
COAMAU2SCoca-cola Amatil LimitedSydney
CTBAAU2SCommonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneySydney(for Head Office And All Australian Branches)
CLTNAU21Community Alliance Credit Union LtdWollongong
CFCIAU21Community First Credit UnionAuburn
CSAPAU22Contact Asset Management Pty LimitedSydney
CPSNAU21Coolabah Capital Institutional InvestmentsSydney
CPIPAU31Copia Investment PartnersMelbourne
CUAUAU41Credit Union Australia LtdBrisbane
CEUIAU51Credit Union SA LtdAdelaideCredit Union SA Ltd
CNORAU3MThe Northern Trust CompanyMelbourne
COPYAU22Coaster Capital Pty LtdSydney
CMAYAU2SCambridge Mercantile (australia) Pty. Ltd.Sydney
CFMTAU22Catalyst Funds Management Pty LtdSydney
CEEYAU22Ceylon Exchange Pty LtdAuburn
CCPYAU22Columbus Capital Pty LtdSydney
CPTCAU22Corporate Alliance Group Pty LtdChatswood