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Australian Banks Swift Codes

SWIFT codes are standardized codes that are used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. In Australia, SWIFT codes are used by banks and other financial institutions to send and receive international money transfers. Each bank has its own unique SWIFT code, which is typically made up of 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters identify the bank, the next 2 characters identify the country, and the last 2 or 3 characters identify the specific branch of the bank. For example, the SWIFT code for the National Australia Bank in Sydney is NATAAU3302Z. This code can be used to send or receive money transfers to or from this bank.

Last update: June 6, 2023

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SWIFT Bank City Branch
PARBAUS1065 Bnp Paribas Securities Services, (australia Branch Sydney (sydney)
PARBAUS1 Bnp Paribas Securities Services, (australia Branch) Sydney
PCBCAU2SOBU China Construction Bank Corporation Sydney Branch Sydney (offshore Banking Unit)
POHLAU41 EC Pohl And CO Gold Coast
POSEAU21 Green Line Investor Services Ltd Sydney
POLKAU21 K.j. Polkinghorne And Co. Pty. Limited Sydney
PIMTAU21 Paradice Investment Management Pty Ltd Sydney
PAEMAU61 Patersons Asset Management Perth
PSECAU61 Patersons Securities Limited Perth
PCSPAU61 Pcf Securities Pty Ltd Perth
PEGAAU31 Pegasus Asset Management Limited Melbourne
PENCAU21 Pengana Capital Limited Sydney
PEGRAU41 Peregrine Capital Australia Pty Limited Brisbane
PEIPAU31MEL Perennial Investment Partners Melbourne (perennial Investment Partners - Domestic)
PEIAAU31 Perennial Investment Partners Limited Melbourne
PERNAU21 Perpetual Investments Sydney
PSALAU21 Pershing Securities Australia Pty Ltd Sydney
PEAPAU21 Petra Capital Pty Ltd Sydney
PSCLAU21 Phoenix Soft Corp Ltd Sydney
PIMAAU21 Pimco Australia Pty Limited Sydney
PIIEAU41 Pinnacle International Equities Ltd Brisbane
PLNNAU61 Plan B Perth
PLANAU61 Plan B Trustees Limited Perth
PLAGAU21 Platinium Asset Management Sydney
PLIMAU21 Plato Investment Management Limited Sydney
PLSMAU21 Platypus Asset Management Pty Ltd Sydney
POFVAU31 Police Financial Services Limited Melbourne
PORPAU31 Portfolio Partners Limited Melbourne
PRRAAU21 Prime Partners Gladesville
PVAAAU31 Prime Value Asset Management Limited Melbourne
PPTYAU21 Prodigal Pty Ltd Sydney
PHGYAU31 The Portland House Group Pty Ltd Melbourne
PEJOAU41 Wkj Pty Ltd Brisbane
PARBAUS1200 Bnp Paribas Services, (australia Branch) Sydney (sydney)
PTYPAUS1 FX Corp Pty Ltd Sydney
PCEGAU32 Pacific Commodity Exchange Group Melbourne
PEGPAU2S Pepper Group Limited Sydney
PEVMAU2B Perennial Value Management Limited Sydney
PPISAU31 Pitcher Partners Investment Services Pty Tld Docklands
PLNSAU61 Police And Nurses Limited Perth Police And Nurses Ltd
POIEAU21 Police Bank Ltd Surry Hills Police Bank Limited
PCRNAU51 Police Credit Union Limited Adelaide
PRTYAU31 Promisepay Pty Ltd Collingwood Collingwood
PFFPAU32 Pfg Forex Pty Ltd Melbourne
PYYOAU22 Paytron Sydney
PFPTAU22 Pella Funds Pty Limited Sydney
PLIAAU2S Platinum Asset Management Sydney
PPAPAU32 Poli Payments Pty Ltd Melbourne