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Australian Banks Swift Codes

SWIFT codes are standardized codes that are used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. In Australia, SWIFT codes are used by banks and other financial institutions to send and receive international money transfers. Each bank has its own unique SWIFT code, which is typically made up of 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters identify the bank, the next 2 characters identify the country, and the last 2 or 3 characters identify the specific branch of the bank. For example, the SWIFT code for the National Australia Bank in Sydney is NATAAU3302Z. This code can be used to send or receive money transfers to or from this bank.

Last update: March 9, 2023

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ABWHAU21A.b.s. White And Co. Ltd.Sydney
ABEMAU21Aberdeen Asset Management LtdSydney
ACCAAU31Acorn CapitalMelbourne
ACBRAU31Acs Broker Services LimitedMelbourne
AAMNAU21Advance Asset Management LimitedSydney
AGAMAU31Agora Asset Management Pty LtdMelbourne
ABOCAU2SAgricultural Bank OF China Sydney BranchSydney
AFMTAUS1Airlie Funds Management Pty LtdSydney
AIMTAU21Alleron Investment Management LtdSydney
AIMPAU31Alpha Investment Management Pty LtdMelbourne
AMPBAU2STRYAmp Bank LimitedSydney(try Branch)
AMCIAU2XAmp Capital Investors LimtedSydney
AMLIAU21CMTAmp Life LimitedSydney
ANWEAU21Andrew West And CO LimitedSydney
ANZSAU31Anz Securities LimitedMelbourne
AOAPAU21Aot Australia Pty LtdSydney
APFNAU31Apn Funds Management LimitedMelbourne
APSPAUS1APPApp Securities Pty LtdSydney(non-pershing Confirmation)
ARABAU2SArab Bank Australia LimitedSydney
AREEAU61Argonaut Securities Pty LimitedPerth
AIMGAU21Arnhem Investment ManagementSydney
ARUMAU2SArrium Finance Pty LimitedSydney
ASEYAU2SAssetsecure Pty LtdSydney
AXCFAU21Asx Clear (futures) Pty LtdSydney
ATFAAU21Atom Funds Management LtdSydney
ATCYAU21Attunga Capital Pty LtdSydney
AUSDAU21Ausbil Dexia LimitedSydney
AUSEAU21Auspac Securities Ltd.Sydney
AUBPAU31Austock Securities LimitedMelbourne
ACLRAUSSAustraclear LimitedSydney
ANZBAU51Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedAdelaide
ANZBAU81881Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedAlice Springs
ANZBAU3M516Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedBallarat
ANZBAU3M535Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedBendigo
ANZBAU41Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedBrisbane
ANZBAU41530Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedCairns
ANZBAUC1Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedCanberra
ANZBAU81Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedDarwin
ANZBAU61307Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedFremantle
ANZBAU3M645Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedGeelong
ANZBAU71Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedHobart
ANZBAU71042Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedLaunceston
ANZBAU3MNOMAustralia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedMelbourne(custodian Services)
ANZBAUS1780Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedNewcastle
ANZBAU61Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedPerth
ANZBAU41704Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedSurfers Paradise
ANZBAUS1Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedSydney
ANZBAU41730Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedTownsville
ANZBAUS1878Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedWollongong
ABXAAU41Australian Bullion Exchange Limited Trading AS Abx GlobalBrisbane
AUEIAU21Australian Ethical Investment LtdCanberra
AETLAUS1Australian Executor Trustees LimiteSydney
AUIDAU21Australian Industry Development CorporationSydney
AUIEAU61Australian Investment ExchangePerth
AUSQAU21Australian Market Automated Quotation (ausmaq) System LimitedSydney
ASLLAU2CNECAustralian Settlements LimitedArmidale
ASLLAU2CHBSAustralian Settlements LimitedCanberra
ASLLAU2CSCUAustralian Settlements LimitedLismore
ASLLAU2CGBSAustralian Settlements LimitedNewcastle
ASLLAU2CSGEAustralian Settlements LimitedSydney
AUUNAU3MAustralian Unity Funds ManagementMelbourne
AUSWAU41Auswide Bank LtdBundaberg
AVIUAU31Aviva Investors Australia LimitedSouthbank
AYAHAU24Ayers Alliance Financial Services LimitedSydney
ASAAAU21HG Asia LtdSydney
ASMEAU31JM Asset ManagementMelbourne
ASNTAU31K2 Asset ManagementMelbourne
ABAOAU41BNEMorgans Financial LimitedBrisbane
AXAAAU31R And D Heslop Holdings Pty LtdMelbourne
ADSAAU21Rcm Capital Management LimitedSydney
ANRMAU21The Australian National Registry OF Emissions UnitsCanberra
ABNAAU2BThe Royal Bank OF Scotland N.v. (australia)Sydney
AAYBAU2SAbn Amro Bank N.v., Sydney BranchSydney
ANNCAU22Acn. 629 037 403 LimitedSurry Hills
ACTYAU31Acv2 Pty LtdMelbourne
AEIAAU21American Express International Inc (australia Branch)Sydney
ARUUAU51Arnhem CustodiansAdelaide
ABISAU2SArnotts Biscuits Holdings Pty LtdNorth Strathfield
ACLOAUS2Asx Clearing Corporation LimitedSydney
AFSTAU21Attentus Fund Solutions Pty LtdSydney
AUIVAU2SAusbil Investment Management LimitedSydney
AUSQAU2SAusmaq LimitedSydney
AUMLAU21Australian Military Bank LtdSydneyAustralian Military Bank Ltd
ASLLAU2CCAPAustralian Settlements LimitedRockhampton(the Capricornian Ltd)
AUSYAU33Australiansuper Pty Ltd AS Trustee For AustraliansuperMelbourne
ACVTAU31Austreo Commercial Ventures Pty LtdMelbourne
APVPAU31Austreo Property Ventures Pty LtdMelbourne
AWAAAU31Awa Alliance BankGeelong
AZTPAU22Azupay Trading Pty LtdWoolloomooloo
AIPTAU32Airwallex Pty LtdMelbourne
ANPTAU32Flinders Investment Partners Pty LtdMelbourne
AMXAAU22American Express Australia LimitedSydney
ANZBAU3RAustralia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited (au Rtgs Purpose)Melbourne
ASLLAU2CIMBAustralian Settlements LimitedWollongongHead Office
AUSYAU34Australiansuper Pty LtdMelbourne