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Australian Banks Swift Codes

SWIFT codes are standardized codes that are used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. In Australia, SWIFT codes are used by banks and other financial institutions to send and receive international money transfers. Each bank has its own unique SWIFT code, which is typically made up of 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters identify the bank, the next 2 characters identify the country, and the last 2 or 3 characters identify the specific branch of the bank. For example, the SWIFT code for the National Australia Bank in Sydney is NATAAU3302Z. This code can be used to send or receive money transfers to or from this bank.

Last update: Jan. 10, 2023

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LIKIAU2SBank OF Sydney LtdSydney
LANCAU41Freeman Fox LtdBrisbane
LAGPAU31Laminar Group Pty LtdMelbourne
LKTSAU31Lands Kirwan Tong Stockbrokers Pty LtdMelbourne
LATFAU3MLatitude Financial Services Australia Holdings Pty LtdMelbourne
LAMNAU21Lazard Asset ManagementSydney
LBATAU21Lehman Brothers Australia Securities Pty LimitedSydney
LFGHAU21Lfg Holdings Pty LimitedSydney
LHCCAU21Lhc CapitalSydney
LIIDAU31Lincoln Indicators Pty LtdMelbourne
LIEPAU21Linwar Securities Pty LimitedSydney
LCATAU21Liquid Capital Australia Pty LtdSydney
LIAPAU21Liquidnet Australia Pty LtdSydney
LCPPAU21Lodestar Capital Partners Pty LimitedSydney
LODGAU31Lodge Partners Pty LtdMelbourne
LONSAU31Lonsec LimitedMelbourne
LCRNAU21Laboratories Credit Union LimitedNorth Ryde
LENFAU2SLendlease Finance LimitedSydney
LHQIAU31Longreach Harvest Quant Investors Pty LtdMelbourne
LCPTAU41Longwave Capital Partners Pty LtdBrisbane
LIMPAU21Lumina Investment Management Pty LtdCastlecrag
LAAYAU52Lanyon Asset Management Pty LimitedAdelaide