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Australian Banks Swift Codes

Swift Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them.

Last update: April 9, 2021

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ANZBAU41Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LimitedBrisbane
ABXAAU41Australian Bullion Exchange Limited Trading AS Abx GlobalBrisbane
BKCHAU2ABRIBank OF China (australia) LimitedBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
BKCHAU2SBRIBank OF China Limited, Sydney BranchBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
COMMAU2SBRIBank OF Communications Co.,ltd Sydney BranchBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
HENDAU41Bell First Pacific LimitedBrisbane
CHAYAU41Channel Capital Pty LtdBrisbane
CTBAAU2S400Commonwealth Bank OF Australia SydneyBrisbane
DANDAU41Dalton Nicol ReidBrisbane
FIURAU41Fiig Securities LimitedBrisbane
FCBKAU4BFirst Commercial BankBrisbane
LANCAU41Freeman Fox LtdBrisbane
HFAMAU41Hfa Asset ManagementBrisbane
HKBAAU2SBNEHsbc Bank Australia LimitedBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
MPTLAU41LB Management Pty Ltd AS Trustee Laguna Bay Capital MTBrisbane
ICBCAU2SBRIMega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd, Sydney BranchBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
MFAUAU41MF Global Australia LimitedBrisbane
ABAOAU41BNEMorgans Financial LimitedBrisbane
NATAAU3304BNational Australia Bank LimitedBrisbane(trade And International Payments)
PEGRAU41Peregrine Capital Australia Pty LimitedBrisbane
PIIEAU41Pinnacle International Equities LtdBrisbane
QICBAU41Qic LimitedBrisbane
QCCUAU41Qpcu LimitedBrisbane
QSUPAU41Qsuper LimitedBrisbane
QLDTAU4BQueensland Treasury CorporationBrisbane
RARUAU41Railways Credit Union LimitedBrisbane
RREGAU41Resource Real Estate Global Property Securities (australia) LtdBrisbane
SOITAU41Solaris Investment Management LimitedBrisbane
STHHAU4BSouth32 LimitedBrisbane
METWAU4BTSYSuncorp-metway LimitedBrisbane(treasury Operations)
MBBTAU2SBRITaiwan Business Bank, Sydney BranchBrisbane(brisbane Branch)
WIHTAU41Wilson Htm Ltd.Brisbane
PEJOAU41Wkj Pty LtdBrisbane
CUAUAU41Credit Union Australia LtdBrisbane
HYANAU41Hyperion Asset Management LimitedBrisbane
LCPTAU41Longwave Capital Partners Pty LtdBrisbane
QUCUAU41Queenslanders Credit UnionBrisbane
TSIBAU44Taishin International Bank Co., LtdBrisbane
FINYAU42Firetrail Investments Pty LtdBrisbane