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This register is a database of individuals or firms who have been certified as registered auditors in Australia. A registered auditor is a professional who has been certified by the relevant authority to conduct independent audits of financial statements and other financial information. These audits provide assurance to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders that the financial information is accurate and reliable. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and qualifications of the registered auditors. It may also include information about the auditor's specialization and areas of expertise.

Last update: Feb. 25, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Yagmich, Dennis Brian Midland 13597
Yamine, Danielle Louise Sydney 504835
Yang, Ming Hurstville 317622
Yap, Yoon Jin Parramatta 533777
Yates, Andrew John Sydney 220378
Yates, John Peter Somers 7788
Ye, Renyan Epping 415640
Yeo, Denis Allen Wollongong 4125
Yeoh, Ronald Hee Leong Wheelers Hill 9760
Yeung, Edwin Siu Yin Wahroonga 16264
Yi, Khin Maung Mount Kuring-gai 1919
Yiannakis, Louis Wangara 14115
Yianni, Ermis Efstanthios Melbourne 8930
Yildiz, Unal Alan Bentleigh East 207469
Yim, Frankie Richmond 15465
Ylias, Alaine Maree Port Macquarie 498432
Yong, William Homebush 3707
Young, Barry Graham Inverell 1676
Young, Megan Jane Rosanna 217643
Young, Nathan James Brisbane 526975
Young, Peter Andrew Norwood 5662
Young, Stephen Elliott Dulwich 5664
Yu, Lan Parramatta 530446
Yuen, Leann Kaye Sydney 474955