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Registered Auditors Australia | ASIC

This register is a database of individuals or firms who have been certified as registered auditors in Australia. A registered auditor is a professional who has been certified by the relevant authority to conduct independent audits of financial statements and other financial information. These audits provide assurance to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders that the financial information is accurate and reliable. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and qualifications of the registered auditors. It may also include information about the auditor's specialization and areas of expertise.

Last update: June 6, 2023

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Name Locality ID
Abbott, Alastair Gordon Perth 486826
Andrews, David Keith Perth 486328
Arnold, Frances Perth 329715
Bailey, Jane Elizabeth Perth 490264
Bathurst, Helen Katherine Perth 463103
Becker, Catharina Aletta Malan Perth 359651
Beevers, Matthew Clifford Perth 320235
Brooks, Glenn Stephen Perth 509440
Buckingham, Gavin Alan Perth 194087
Buckley, Daniel Ian Perth 459036
Campbell, Ian William Perth 503494
Campbell, Robert John Perth 334773
Cardy, Laura Perth 546874
Carroll, Justin Mark Perth 278872
Chai, Wen Shien Perth 299761
Chan, Pei Shan Perth 520202
Cheema, Sajjad Ahmad Perth 540407
Chirathamjaree, Lily Lau Perth 519493
Craig, Douglas Perth 292087
Cremer, Gayle Evadne Perth 523978
Cunningham, Mark Philip Perth 513478
Curtin, Russell John Perth 292614
DI Giallonardo, Lucio Perth 89866
Dachs, Timothy George Perth 293281
Davids, Chassey Cedric Perth 490152
Dewhurst, Michael Perth 487275
Diedrich, Glenn Grant Perth 516774
Dreyer, Pierre Perth 303009
Drummond, Fiona Perth 282820
Duncalf, Daniel Perth 534229
Elderton Audit Pty Ltd Perth 483361
Esterhuizen, Joanne Catherine Perth 540753
Fay, Michael John Perth 523543
Gambitta, Robert Perth 319351
Gerrard, Iain Maxwell Perth 79576
Giuffre, Mark Perth 514065
Godwin, Gregory Richard Perth 310219
Gover, Mark Andrew Perth 313007
Gregson, Richard James Perth 449582
Hall, Darryn Perth 477016
Hammond, Trevor Shane Perth 322384
Hart, Trevor Robert Perth 202767
Hastie, Ryan David Perth 514102
Heatley, Craig Perth 414441
Henry, Nicholas Michael Perth 190950
Hingeley, Matthew Peter Perth 304219
Hoang, Van Long Perth 464940
Hobson, Philippa Perth 417336
Hodge, Anthony Garth Bolt Perth 477454
Hogg, Graham Perth 335267
Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen, Muranda Perth 505144
Janse Van Nieuwenhuizen, Pieter Gabriel Perth 515144
Jaworski, Jared Perth 534838
John, Timothy Nathan Perth 514139
Kafash Bashi, Abolfazl Perth 524128
Karamfiles, Leanne Margaret Perth 230936
Klopper, Pieter Theunis Christiaan Perth 358557
Komninos, James Anthony Perth 170620
Lewsen, Darren Shawn Perth 318451
Lin, Changchun Perth 474443
Liprino, Michael James Perth 545688
Long, Sharyn Anne Perth 160981
Madnack, Namdeo Aram Perth 509881
Matic, Ranko Perth 206061
Mcgurk, Sean Patrick Perth 199593
Mcveigh, Bradley Graham Perth 15507
Meates, Derek Perth 484589
Mehta, Rishu Perth 479338
Menezes, Nicole Valerie Perth 497720
Meston, William Paul Ross Perth 338869
Mulhair, Justin Perth 524936
Mulligan, Paul Brendan Perth 327679
Murdoch, Phillip William Perth 333413
Nabeel Ahmed Butt, Abdul Rafay Perth 498733
Neill, Norman Gary Perth 233033
Neo, Aik Jin Perth 533232
Newman, David Foster Perth 425804
Newton, Jemma Kate Perth 490485
Nexia Perth Audit Services Pty Ltd Perth 380253
O'brien, Glyn Donald Perth 170197
Ohm, Marcus Richard William Perth 338998
Osipova, Ekaterina Perth 520742
Pace, Neil Fenton Perth 182668
Palmer, Joanne Claire Perth 332430
Pampacos, George Michael Perth 308520
Patell, Cyrus Perth 309838
Phong, Tutu Perth 322652
Pink, Penelope Sarah Carwardine Perth 516639
Pitcher Partners Ba&a Pty Ltd Perth 467435
Plaistowe, Hugh Martin Edward Perth 13533
Popp, Sunita Perth 333650
Quigley, Peter Reymond Perth 13781
Reid, Melissa Perth 512263
Richards, Andrew Timothy Perth 282101
Rupp, Peter Martin Perth 278411
Rutters, Hayden Perth 542608
Sasic, Srdjan Perth 509343
Schildkraut, David Perth 14097
Shafizadeh, Michelle Anne Perth 177672
Skelton, Ian Nathan Perth 331532
Smout, Kevin Michael John Perth 230874
Snijders, Vincent Bastiaan Perth 513882
Somes, Kevin Clarence Perth 13940
Steedman, Brent Philip Perth 522932
Stella, Lorenzo Anthony Perth 509370
Symes, Jack Ryan Perth 540174
Tan, Suan-lee Perth 313475
Teale, Philip Walter Perth 410687
Thompson, Adam Robert Lindsey Perth 545623
Ting, Aik Kong Perth 509265
Tomasi, David Perth 15724
Varkey, Reny Thomas Perth 533302
Vos, Henko Perth 337112
Waddell, John Raymond Perth 13477
Ward, John Moore Perth 535981
Watkins, Jeremy David Thomas Perth 521478
Way, Vanessa Ann Perth 540717
Wheeler, Jackson Sheppard Perth 508824
Whyte, Alasdair Robert Perth 421847
Williams, Amanda Gay Perth 413563
Williams, Shaun Neil Perth 469034
Woodley, Ashleigh Nicole Perth 477991