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Registered Auditors Australia | ASIC

This register is a database of individuals or firms who have been certified as registered auditors in Australia. A registered auditor is a professional who has been certified by the relevant authority to conduct independent audits of financial statements and other financial information. These audits provide assurance to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders that the financial information is accurate and reliable. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and qualifications of the registered auditors. It may also include information about the auditor's specialization and areas of expertise.

Last update: June 6, 2023

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Name Locality ID
Angyalosy, Edward George Chatswood 186268
Bird, Bryan Edmund Chatswood 4075
Bray, Peter Mark Chatswood 376749
Butkovich, Frank Zvonimir Chatswood 2099
Caunt And Lowbeer Audit Pty Ltd Chatswood 329860
Cox, Richard Baxter Chatswood 16072
Devenish-meares, Stuart Osborne Chatswood 16335
Dharmasiri, Rupaninga Chatswood 298632
Gallery, David Michael Chatswood 213175
Grotte, Frederick Michael Chatswood 4318
Hareb, Paul Chatswood 400762
Hong, Frank Chatswood 1826
Howle, Bruce Anthony Chatswood 286951
Hutcheon, Stuart John Chatswood 309885
Jagger, Ian Maxwell Chatswood 2065
Kerr, Alan Gould Chatswood 1603
Ksg Assurance & Audit Services Pty Ltd Chatswood 378347
Lam, Philemon Kin Yan Chatswood 1835
Li, David Mow Shing Chatswood 3124
Lu, Kee Kuang Chatswood 64872
Mcgree, Russell John Chatswood 158374
Mcnamara, Stephen Damien Chatswood 4228
Mortimer, Mark Anthony Chatswood 1942
Partridge, Jeffrey David Chatswood 4331
Pelquest-hunt, Howard Leslie Chatswood 4175
Purtill, Mark Patrick Chatswood 227271
Stewartbrown Audit Services Pty Limited Chatswood 290131
Tsolakis, John Paul Chatswood 3844
Urbano Perez, Pablo Jose Chatswood 422581
Weiner, Justin Chatswood 540726
Welsh, Brian Donald Chatswood 65730
Williams, Philip Charles Chatswood 3261
Wong, Anita Wai Chun Chatswood 316293
Wong, Richard Hoi Ming Chatswood 280430