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Registered Auditors Australia | ASIC

This register is a database of individuals or firms who have been certified as registered auditors in Australia. A registered auditor is a professional who has been certified by the relevant authority to conduct independent audits of financial statements and other financial information. These audits provide assurance to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders that the financial information is accurate and reliable. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and qualifications of the registered auditors. It may also include information about the auditor's specialization and areas of expertise.

Last update: June 6, 2023

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Name Locality ID
Alexander, James Colin Cairns 5850
Bdo Audit (nth Qld) Pty Ltd Cairns 418035
Catterson, Peter Anthony Cairns 157919
Cornes, Andrew David Cairns 468164
Cram, Shona Louise Cairns 523062
Dewhurst, Margaret Maria Cairns 417465
Gaustad, James Donald Cairns 505628
Gruber, Alfred Charles Michael Cairns 2811
Mitchell, Gregory John Cairns 71749
Olufson, Eric John Cairns 72628
Thamm, Darren Gordon Cairns 488320
Wilkes, Helen Andrea Cairns 484564