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Australian Credit Licences (ACL)

An Australian Credit Licences Register is a list or database of individuals and companies that have been granted a credit license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A credit license is required for any individual or company that provides credit or financial services related to credit, such as lending money or providing advice about credit products. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and credit license number of the individuals and companies that have been granted a credit license. It may also include information about the type of credit services that the licensees are authorized to provide, as well as any conditions or restrictions that apply to their license. The register may be available to the public, allowing consumers to verify the credit license of a potential lender or financial adviser.

Last update: June 6, 2023

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Name Locality ID
O'brien, Marcus Xavier Mount Helen 505526
O'connor Trading Company Pty Ltd Parramatta 422218
O'grady, Karen Maree Labrador 375907
OH And Associates Pty. Ltd. Broadbeach Waters 392366
OK Finance And Mortgage Pty. Ltd. Boulevarde Strathfield 484236
ON Road Finance Pty Ltd Leppington 513927
ON The Spot Finance Pty Ltd Dandenong 395099
OT Finance Group Pty Ltd Sydney 495699
OZ Approved Home Loans Pty Ltd Bathurst 370935
OZ Finance Professional Pty Ltd Hurstville 395493
OZ Trek International Pty Ltd Cherrybrook 404887
Oakwood Invest Pty Ltd Westmeadows 393753
Oatram Pty. Limited Queanbeyan 364669
Objective Wealth Pty Ltd Curtin 498182
Obsidian Finance Pty Ltd Heathmont 388149
Ocbc Finance (aust.) Pty. Ltd. Southport 519476
Oceana Private Wealth Pty Ltd Nedlands 463319
Octia Pty Ltd Melbourne 525787
Odin Mortgage Pty Ltd Chatswood 520379
Odv Lending Pty Ltd Mile End 389655
Old Monk Pty. Ltd. Bundoora 496434
Olomi Investments Pty Ltd Woodvale 392056
Olympus Wealth Management Pty Ltd Liverpool 519643
Omega Finance Pty Ltd Mount Martha 496051
Omega Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Pyrmont 385307
Omni Capital Pty Ltd Docklands 389579
Omnia Funding Pty Ltd Nedlands 432841
Onboard Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 532668
Once Credit Pty Limited The Rocks 386194
Once Financial Solutions (wa) Pty Ltd Morley 388318
One 80 Financial Services Pty Ltd Iris 387238
One Card Credit Pty Ltd Perth 388941
One Credit Australia Pty Limited Sydney 472449
One Credit Group Pty Ltd Sydney 391573
One Financial Corporation Pty Ltd Darlinghurst 392652
One Lending Solutions Pty Ltd Five Dock 458932
One Managed Investment Funds Limited Sydney 297042
One ON One Home Loans Pty Ltd Wattle Grove 364420
One Stop Finance Pty. Ltd. South 393976
One Stop Finance Solutions Pty Ltd South 393271
One Stop Loans WA Pty. Ltd. Maddington 495598
One26 Mortgages Pty Ltd Clayfield 390124
Onefocus Financial Services Pty Ltd Camberwell 402304
Onetwo Finance Pty Ltd Melbourne 527230
Onic International Pty Ltd Victoria Park 388174
Online Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Image Flat 432024
Online Loans Pty Ltd West Perth 389189
Ons8 Pty Ltd Piara Waters 490484
Onyx Finance Pty Ltd Caulfield 390790
Opal Finance Pty Ltd Southern River 442601
Opem Consulting Pty Ltd Bentleigh 394314
Openpay Solutions Pty Ltd Melbourne 504569
Opes Tigris Enterprises Pty Ltd Bungalow 388119
Opportunity Car Loans Pty Ltd Adelaide Lead 392588
Opportunity Housing Pty Ltd Macquarie 389475
Opt2plan Pty Ltd Ormond 440225
Optimize Finance Group Pty Ltd Kellyville 385686
Optimortgage Pty Ltd Miami 385517
Optimum Financial Pty Ltd Hawthorn 497980
Option Capital Finance Pty Limited Sydney 392883
Option Finance Australia Pty Ltd Sydney 471040
Option Home Loans Pty Ltd Sydney 519596
Option Residential Loans Pty Ltd Sydney 488934
Oracle Home Loans Pty Ltd Kingston 384785
Oramos Pty Ltd Birrong 390637
Orange Credit Union Limited Orange 240768
Orange Finance And Management Pty Ltd North Perth 390618
Orde Capital Management Limited Melbourne 523150
Orde Financial Pty Ltd Melbourne 522079
Organic Finance Pty Ltd Cremorne 454841
Oriental Group Pty. Ltd. Malvern East 382822
Origin8 Loans Pty Ltd Toowong 387109
Oristico Investments Pty Ltd West Leederville 382084
Ornelas, Joe Warrawong 395590
Oroco Pty Ltd Melbourne 387360
Orosan International Pty. Limited Gladesville 390851
Osdil Pty Ltd Underwood 384224
Oshawa Pty Ltd Sinnamon Park 387366
Osk Capital (a) Pty Ltd Southbank 527237
Osqo Capital Australia Pty Ltd Melbourne 539818
Our Edge Pty Ltd Lakemba 454480
Our Mortgage Options Pty Ltd Sydney 494158
Ourhome Pty Ltd Peregian Springs 393329
Ourmoneymarket Lending Pty Ltd Adelaide 488228
Outsource Financial Pty. Ltd. Drummoyne 384324
Over Fifty Seniors Equity Release Pty Ltd Melbourne 384614
Overseas Union Finance (aust.) Pty. Ltd. Sydney 405636
Owg Grace Pty Limited Quakers Hill 388543
Ownit Finance Pty Ltd Nicholls 394327
Ownright Pty Ltd Merewether 437240
Oxford Mortgage Co. Pty Limited Kingswood 388131
Oxford Wealth Management Pty Ltd Melbourne 387307
Oxlade Enterprises Pty Ltd Fremantle 385844
Oxygen Broking Services Pty Ltd Pyrmont 390351
Oxygen Lending Services Pty Ltd Neutral Bay 498349
Oya Financial Services Pty Ltd Narrabeen 421290
Oze Smart Finance Pty Ltd Blackburn 390168
Ozerentals Pty Ltd Derwent Park 437930
Ozfleck Industries Pty Ltd East Perth 488043
Ozloans Finance Pty Ltd Mona Vale 391829
Ozwide Loans Pty Ltd Beacon Hill 378205
Ozzee Pty Limited Parramatta 429876
Ozzielend Pty Ltd South Guildford 385554