Australian Credit Licences (ACL)

An Australian Credit Licences Register is a list or database of individuals and companies that have been granted a credit license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A credit license is required for any individual or company that provides credit or financial services related to credit, such as lending money or providing advice about credit products. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and credit license number of the individuals and companies that have been granted a credit license. It may also include information about the type of credit services that the licensees are authorized to provide, as well as any conditions or restrictions that apply to their license. The register may be available to the public, allowing consumers to verify the credit license of a potential lender or financial adviser.

Last update: April 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Advantedge Financial Services Pty Ltd Docklands 391202
Afsh Nominees Pty Ltd Docklands 391192
Anz Lenders Mortgage Insurance Pty. Limited Docklands 389805
Aspirepay Pty Ltd Docklands 511877
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited Docklands 234527
Australian Receivables Management Pty Ltd Docklands 390704
Charter Financial Planning Limited Docklands 234665
Freecorp Investments Pty Ltd Docklands 392028
Freecorp Nominees Pty Ltd Docklands 392009
Getbroker Pty Ltd Docklands 543170
Informed Financial Services Pty Ltd Docklands 538179
Jigsaw Support Services Pty Limited Docklands 234663
Lantern Capital Pty Ltd Docklands 470278
Nf84 Pty Ltd Docklands 531736
Omni Capital Pty Ltd Docklands 389579
Oxcel Pty Ltd Docklands 547719
Rahali Corporation Pty. Ltd. Docklands 344748
Stay OR GO Pty Ltd Docklands 527092
The Financiers Group Capital Pty Ltd Docklands 508522
Wealthlinks (e&w) Pty Ltd Docklands 383691
Xpert Capital Pty Ltd Docklands 512264