Australian Credit Licences (ACL)

An Australian Credit Licences Register is a list or database of individuals and companies that have been granted a credit license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A credit license is required for any individual or company that provides credit or financial services related to credit, such as lending money or providing advice about credit products. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and credit license number of the individuals and companies that have been granted a credit license. It may also include information about the type of credit services that the licensees are authorized to provide, as well as any conditions or restrictions that apply to their license. The register may be available to the public, allowing consumers to verify the credit license of a potential lender or financial adviser.

Last update: April 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
Australian Mortgage Alliance Pty Ltd Chatswood 386562
Chen, Xuecai Chatswood 503859
Concept Finance Group Pty Ltd Chatswood 491459
Excelsior Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd Chatswood 499115
Ezfunds Holding Pty Ltd Chatswood 554010
Fast Approval Pty Ltd Chatswood 537309
Fincar Pty. Ltd. Chatswood 387894
First Mortgage Services Pty Limited Chatswood 394140
GJ Chen Pty Ltd Chatswood 482274
Gaosheng Financial Services Pty Ltd Chatswood 482826
Global Mortgages Pty. Ltd. Chatswood 384260
Group And General Finance Pty Limited Chatswood 387822
Hashching Ltd Chatswood 500313
Jiang, Jie Chatswood 390662
Lam, Bob Chatswood 391193
Larrijade Pty. Limited Chatswood 393048
Linktop Investment Pty Ltd Chatswood 492403
Magnum Financial Services Pty. Limited Chatswood 391695
Mpm Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Chatswood 460427
Mwl Financial Services Pty Ltd Chatswood 235096
National Finance Choice Pty Ltd Chatswood 423002
Odin Mortgage Pty Ltd Chatswood 520379
Platinum Direct Finance Australia Pty Ltd Chatswood 384428
Prestige Mortgage Group Pty Ltd Chatswood 504118
Quantum Financial Services Australia Pty. Limited Chatswood 239200
Seahorse Finance Pty Ltd Chatswood 484501
Stay Finance Pty Ltd Chatswood 550618
Sunyard Finance And Systems Technology Pty Ltd Chatswood 381129
Track Financial Pty Ltd Chatswood 390019
United Financial Services (qld) Pty. Limited Chatswood 386930
United Financial Services Network Pty. Limited Chatswood 386932
United Financial Services Pty Limited Chatswood 386927
Wang, Ping James Chatswood 486660
Yes Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd Chatswood 481026