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Australian Credit Licences (ACL)

Australian Credit Licensees are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Credit Licensee Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Aug. 4, 2022

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Australian Mortgage Alliance Pty LtdChatswood386562
Capital Wealth Finance Pty LtdChatswood487862
Chen, XuecaiChatswood503859
Concept Finance Group Pty LtdChatswood491459
Excelsior Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdChatswood499115
Fincar Pty. Ltd.Chatswood387894
First Mortgage Services Pty LimitedChatswood394140
GJ Chen Pty LtdChatswood482274
Gaosheng Financial Services Pty LtdChatswood482826
Global Mortgages Pty. Ltd.Chatswood384260
Group And General Finance Pty LimitedChatswood387822
Jiang, JieChatswood390662
Lam, BobChatswood391193
Larrijade Pty. LimitedChatswood393048
Magnum Financial Services Pty. LimitedChatswood391695
Mpm Financial Solutions Pty LtdChatswood460427
Mwl Financial Services Pty LtdChatswood235096
Odin Mortgage Pty LtdChatswood520379
Platinum Direct Finance Australia Pty LtdChatswood384428
Prestige Mortgage Group Pty LtdChatswood504118
Quantum Financial Services Australia Pty. LimitedChatswood239200
Quantum Investment Solutions Pty LtdChatswood305605
Seahorse Finance Pty LtdChatswood484501
Sunyard Finance And Systems Technology Pty LtdChatswood381129
The Loan Club Pty. LimitedChatswood383174
Track Financial Pty LtdChatswood390019
Trarstone Pty LtdChatswood524967
Wang, Ping JamesChatswood486660
Xellent Finance Group Pty LtdChatswood417830
Yes Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdChatswood481026