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Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) auditors | ASIC

Australian Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) auditors are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the SMSF Auditor Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Sept. 14, 2021

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Alexander PapazoglouSouth Melbourne100215978
Arthur TopalidisSouth Melbourne100071261
Chi Fai MakSouth Melbourne100173733
Chris MaherSouth Melbourne100071403
Daniel DeutschSouth Melbourne100154096
David McKellarSouth Melbourne100086824
David McLennanSouth Melbourne100001223
Duncan ForbesSouth Melbourne100157757
Gary LiddellSouth Melbourne100218899
Geoffrey MorrisSouth Melbourne100197779
Gerard DillonSouth Melbourne100181351
Glen OrfanidisSouth Melbourne100059023
HUAPING DOUSouth Melbourne100261612
Henry WalachowskiSouth Melbourne100071609
Ian MacphersonSouth Melbourne100026793
Julian BlackSouth Melbourne100021850
Kerrie KerrSouth Melbourne100236780
Kim BarnardSouth Melbourne100079687
Luigi BolzonelloSouth Melbourne100177320
Lynh LaSouth Melbourne100248959
Marita AndersonSouth Melbourne100110745
Matthew HickeySouth Melbourne100062262
Michael PattersonSouth Melbourne100081614
Michael SojkaSouth Melbourne100048762
Nicholas PerrettSouth Melbourne100009961
Paul D'AmicoSouth Melbourne100169480
Paul TaySouth Melbourne100026757
QING XUSouth Melbourne100262039
Sam MarguglioSouth Melbourne100227763
Sheree NitschkeSouth Melbourne100052042
Steven BavolyarSouth Melbourne100115071
Vanessa LitrasSouth Melbourne100176314
Xiawei WangSouth Melbourne100261381
ian BakerSouth Melbourne100059274