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A Credit Representatives Register is a list or database of individuals who are registered as credit representatives with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A credit representative is an individual who provides credit or financial services related to credit on behalf of a credit licensee, such as a bank or financial institution. In order to become a registered credit representative, an individual must have a formal agreement with a credit licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and registration number of the credit representatives. It may also include information about the credit licensee that the representative works for, as well as any conditions or restrictions that apply to their registration. The register may be available to the public, allowing consumers to verify the registration of a credit representative before doing business with them.

Last update: April 21, 2024

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Name Locality ID
1123 Consulting Pty Ltd Hawthorn 538882
360 Financial Strategists Pty Ltd Hawthorn 421665
Amato Corporation Pty Ltd Hawthorn 524555
Ameri Group Pty Ltd Hawthorn 554678
Amiridis, Billy Hawthorn 421663
Anson, Blair Thomas Hawthorn 396406
Australian Finance Network Pty Ltd Hawthorn 397975
Axton Finance Pty Limited Hawthorn 471730
Banihashemi, Amir Hawthorn 554677
Beehive Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 533678
Behar, Issar Ben Hawthorn 469505
Bentleys Finance (qld) Pty Ltd Hawthorn 451319
Bentleys Finance (tas) Pty Ltd Hawthorn 451318
Blamey, Phoebe Hawthorn 398925
Blecher, Mishel Hawthorn 421664
Boost Financial Group Pty Ltd Hawthorn 498894
Byrne, David Hawthorn 503553
Campbell, Nicole Hawthorn 400384
Chew, Jason Hawthorn 370100
Christensen, Lindsay Neil Hawthorn 416111
Copper Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 517222
Cranage Lending Solutions Pty Ltd Hawthorn 482097
Crea, Raffaele Hawthorn 416115
Crozier, Matthew Hawthorn 400350
Danwar, Vineet Hawthorn 551215
Dhwsolutions Pty Ltd Hawthorn 555204
Diviny, Michael Hawthorn 416110
Doumanis, Christopher Hawthorn 497310
Edis, Joel Benjamin Hawthorn 548939
Edwards, Benjamin Hawthorn 428756
Everyday Rewards Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 528136
Farrell, Rachel Hawthorn 486390
Finance Strategies Pty Ltd Hawthorn 555605
Finnia Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd Hawthorn 533613
Gannon, Nicholas Hawthorn 551195
Gregory Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 541294
Gregory, Patrick William Hawthorn 508216
Guo, Meiyun Hawthorn 475221
Haddad, John Hawthorn 550110
Harris, Brenton Hawthorn 371932
Harrison Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 507532
Hawkora Pty Ltd Hawthorn 509943
Helli Holdings Aust Pty Ltd Hawthorn 550305
Hortis, Stephanie Hawthorn 549478
J Lockett & Associates Pty. Ltd. Hawthorn 423527
James, Belinda Lee Hawthorn 396827
Jeda Lending Pty Ltd Hawthorn 518610
Jin, Jun Hawthorn 523331
Jlr Financial Pty Ltd Hawthorn 492457
Kahlon, Jasreena Hawthorn 530096
Karagiorgos, Kon Hawthorn 396402
Kendall Knight Consulting Pty Ltd Hawthorn 394453
La, Hon Cuong Hawthorn 479729
Laity, William Jack Hawthorn 517739
Li, Weili Hawthorn 497778
Li, Yaoting Hawthorn 490938
Li, Yingying Hawthorn 493653
Li, Yuxiao Hawthorn 528137
Lim, Yew Kheng Hawthorn 463962
Linx Mortgage Australia Pty Ltd Hawthorn 431073
Liu, Ying Hawthorn 491827
Liu, Zhucheng Hawthorn 555538
Lockett, Jason C Hawthorn 423529
Luong, Nicole Hawthorn 526994
Lyon, Andrew Hawthorn 396825
Main, David Hawthorn 402175
Mashta, Daniel Hawthorn 526293
Maslin, Shane Andrew Hawthorn 513980
Mason Lane Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 488762
Mccarthy, Jackson Damian Hawthorn 488785
Mcclelland, Douglas John Hawthorn 452945
Meket Pty Ltd Hawthorn 492708
Mortgage Source Pty Ltd Hawthorn 502081
Mouzakis, Dennis Hawthorn 468455
Nicolaou, Andrew Hawthorn 488959
Nong, Patrick Hawthorn 504018
Orange Wealth Pty Ltd Hawthorn 480676
Ostberg, Graham Hawthorn 538950
Ozerentals Hume Pty Ltd Hawthorn 548627
Papageorgiou, Theodoros Hawthorn 485603
Paraskevas, Spiros Hawthorn 396247
Pattison, Dougal William Hawthorn 469367
Pau, Hon Cheung Hawthorn 553257
Perera, Angelo Trehan Hawthorn 517621
Pinpoint Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 509819
Piper, Adam James Hawthorn 528838
Pluegge-stevens, Daniela Hawthorn 493039
Poirier, Laurent Hawthorn 365852
R Farrell & Co. Pty Ltd Hawthorn 486389
Robertson, Cameron G Hawthorn 394390
Rowland, Luke Hawthorn 529465
Rugg, Adam David Hawthorn 398259
Sartori, Troy Hawthorn 373878
Sashanjana Pty Ltd Hawthorn 476077
Situate Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 517619
Smith Feutrill Lending Solutions Pty Ltd Hawthorn 484386
Stantins Finance Broking Pty. Ltd. Hawthorn 485450
Stellou Pty Ltd Hawthorn 397021
Stephenson, Kelli Simone Hawthorn 369181
Subzero Finance Pty Ltd Hawthorn 518855
Sun, Binyun Hawthorn 545789
Tallis, Rayden Jon Hawthorn 476316
The Global Beauty Group Pty Ltd Hawthorn 544861
The Trustee For JJ Unit Trust Hawthorn 523333
The Trustee For The Crea Trust Hawthorn 374785
Transformbiz Pty Ltd Hawthorn 551214
Vickers, David Andrew Hawthorn 550374
Voglis, Peter Nicholas Hawthorn 396403
Volkfin Pty Ltd Hawthorn 535294
Waters, Clinton Hawthorn 398969
Weger, Austin Noel Hawthorn 555719
Weger, Sharyn Leanne Hawthorn 555720
Wijeyesinghe, Aruni Hawthorn 509946
Zfl Pty Ltd Hawthorn 513663