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A Credit Representatives Register is a list or database of individuals who are registered as credit representatives with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A credit representative is an individual who provides credit or financial services related to credit on behalf of a credit licensee, such as a bank or financial institution. In order to become a registered credit representative, an individual must have a formal agreement with a credit licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The register may include information such as the name, contact information, and registration number of the credit representatives. It may also include information about the credit licensee that the representative works for, as well as any conditions or restrictions that apply to their registration. The register may be available to the public, allowing consumers to verify the registration of a credit representative before doing business with them.

Last update: July 14, 2024

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Name Locality ID
2 Finance Pty Ltd Yaroomba 501840
2 Future Finance Pty Ltd Malvern East 544063
2 Katz Pty Ltd Brisbane 372826
2 Sausages Pty Ltd Carindale 497041
2 The Future Pty Ltd Stratford 541016
209 Centre Cheltenham Pty Ltd Box Hill 532908
21st Century Finance & Investment Company Pty Ltd Melbourne 476420
22 MB Property Pty Ltd Forrest 508827
23 Beaches Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd Dee Why 496224
24 Approved Pty Ltd Mornington 525454
24 X 7 Training Pty Ltd Edensor Park 500550
24-7 Home Loans Pty Ltd Sinnamon Park 396846
25 Finance Pty Ltd Somersby 555342
262 Financial Solutions Pty Ltd Essendon 456036
27 Pty Ltd Morningside 524130
29 Degrees Pty Ltd Sydney 470736
2E Group Pty Ltd Richmond 557229
2M Capital Partners P/l Pty Ltd ST Kilda East 554105
2day Finance Pty Ltd Sydney 518349
2ez Solution Pty Ltd Putney 549419
2mc Investments Pty Ltd Hampton 377678
2ob Pty Ltd The Gap 515814
2plan 4future Pty Ltd Narre Warren 500934