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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Aug. 4, 2022

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A Better Insurance Quote Pty LtdWodonga417443
A.c.n. 003 493 589 Pty LtdWodonga262315
A.c.n. 051 903 505 Pty LtdWodonga315989
A.c.n. 096 639 262 Pty LimitedWodonga293639
A.c.n. 100 601 330 Pty LtdWodonga305966
A.w Mills & P.a MillsWodonga437376
AW FS Pty LtdWodonga299470
AW Finance Services Pty LtdWodonga297776
Adriatic Finance Services Pty LtdWodonga312441
Agbazue, Christian IkechukwuWodonga339521
Albury Wodonga Motor Group Pty LtdWodonga1288366
Allen, Brendan JamesWodonga308739
Allen, Shiralee KathleenWodonga436817
Allsop, Darren CharlesWodonga324220
Allsop, Sharon LeanneWodonga245796
Alpha Financial Planning Pty LtdWodonga283212
Ansett Motor Auctions (victoria) Pty. Ltd.Wodonga271359
Arentz, Tyson MichaelWodonga463481
Armstrong, Stephen AlanWodonga1270617
Arnold, Kerryn MaryWodonga446727
Ashcroft, Murray Wodonga431630
Atsmont Pty LtdWodonga1008680
Auto Acceptance Australia Pty. Ltd.Wodonga273412
BE Ready Wealth Pty LtdWodonga1264704
Bailey, Leanne Wodonga1278090
Bainbridge, Dianne MargaretWodonga309436
Balact Pty LtdWodonga340090
Barber, Brent Wodonga302801
Barber, Kim LeanneWodonga1273244
Barber, Wayne JohnWodonga245809
Barry & Sandra Rogers Pty. Ltd.Wodonga233879
Barry Spence & Associates Pty. Ltd.Wodonga242021
Batters, Norman RobertWodonga248923
Beckton, Benjamin JamesWodonga273032
Bennett, Ruben Wodonga1273709
Berkaz Pty LtdWodonga438053
Betts, Tracey ElaineWodonga293288
Black, Ross GergoryWodonga263201
Black, Vincent WilliamWodonga263200
Blythe, Anthony Wodonga266758
Bmg Financial Planning Pty LtdWodonga259555
Bob Crosby & Co. Pty. LimitedWodonga261572
Bonnel, Camille LouiseWodonga337062
Boulevard Motors Wodonga Pty LtdWodonga261809
Bownds, Amanda Wodonga1246407
Bownds, Lesley Wodonga251354
Bownds, Maddison IsabelleWodonga455246
Broadland NE Investments Pty LtdWodonga428539
Brooks Motor Cars Pty LtdWodonga307405
Brown, Lloyd CharlesWodonga256570
Brownsea, Lionel JohnWodonga309671
Busellato, Fabio Wodonga325814
Byron, Mark Wodonga286222
Caldicott, Karla LouiseWodonga334119
Campton, Judith MaeWodonga445566
Carroll, James FrancisWodonga291625
Cartwright, Claire MichelleWodonga320432
Chick, Sarah JoyWodonga287203
Compbell, Mary EllenWodonga285203
Constable, Anthony JulianWodonga327902
Coolegem, Anthony KarelWodonga266789
Coulston, Stephen LeslieWodonga288523
Coulthard, Debbie MareeWodonga236808
Crothers, Gerard Wodonga266787
Crothers, Sarah MichelleWodonga338445
Crothers, Trent LeslieWodonga299063
Cruickshank, Nicole Wodonga334456
Cunningham, Gilbert Wodonga1006443
Curnow, Bryan Wodonga266790
Curnow, Rosalyn Wodonga239253
Curnow, Wes Wodonga239254
Curtis, Blair Wodonga1235364
Cutler, Simon TrevorWodonga317400
Cutler, Trevor Wodonga266782
DE Natris, Margaret Wodonga252336
Dare, Susan HelenWodonga328273
Daws, Michael Wodonga461572
Dawson & Batters General Insurance Services Pty LtdWodonga253667
Dbk Financial Solutions Pty LtdWodonga247897
Dbk Insurance Solutions Pty LtdWodonga408619
Deane, Lloyd Wodonga242616
Delaney, Glenn PeterWodonga432474
Dixon, Dorothy Wodonga322416
Edwards, Simone Wodonga1282464
Ekagm Pty LtdWodonga299473
Essential Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Wodonga288365
Evans, Neil Wodonga266784
Finance Training & Locum Australia Pty LtdWodonga1249489
Financial Strategies And Solutions Pty LtdWodonga322245
Finnlyss Pty LtdWodonga441363
Fisher, Lauren AnneWodonga1001520
Fishley, David Wodonga266792
Fleming, Jody LouiseWodonga266783
Flissinger, Amy MareeWodonga320433
Forbes, Emma LouiseWodonga345720
Frolad Pty LtdWodonga243793
Garvey, Bernard Wodonga327440
Gerard Crothers Financial Services Pty LtdWodonga468954
Geyer, Stuart LloydWodonga465250
Global Financial Directions Pty LtdWodonga299469
Goodland, Terrence Wodonga334174
H.a. Jacob & Sons Proprietary LimitedWodonga243870
Hale, Nathan EdwardWodonga289591
Harding, Cameron AllanWodonga259657
Harding, Dean Wodonga266788
Harmer, Melinda JayneWodonga282563
Harper, Andrew JamesWodonga334457
Harper, Daryl GraemeWodonga311870
Harrison, Emily RoseWodonga1271159
Harrop, Raymond HenryWodonga285682
Harvey, Natalie FrancesWodonga295280
Hempel, Diana Wodonga334458
Hempel, Matthew AlanWodonga320431
Henderson & Henderson Pty LtdWodonga245728
Henderson, John BruceWodonga258214
Henderson, Wayne LeslieWodonga258213
Hickman, Terry FrancisWodonga236809
Hicks, Christine Wodonga334236
Hicks, Paul GerardWodonga345719
Hodgson, Geoffrey Robert SamWodonga303073
Holden, Geoffrey Wodonga412379
Hopkins, Benjamin Wodonga248524
House, Tanya Wodonga455140
Humphrey, Sheridan LeeWodonga315697
Hutchins, Ian AlexanderWodonga258865
Hyland, Craig Wodonga251574
Jackson, Daniel TimothyWodonga1234543
Jacob Motor Sales Pty. LimitedWodonga243665
Jacobsen, Dianna CarolWodonga336407
Jacobson, Sharon Wodonga259533
Jacobson, Sharon MareeWodonga291856
Jarvis, Glen CharlesWodonga279277
Jbh & Associates Pty LimitedWodonga300137
Jenkin, Graham CharlesWodonga249992
Jenkinson, Kevin RaymondWodonga270901
Jensen, Mark Wodonga329040
Jensen, Mark AndrewWodonga301309
Joddan Pty LtdWodonga343739
John Hill Motor Cycles Pty. Ltd.Wodonga269854
Johnjudy Pty LtdWodonga315013
Kalcic, Sara JaneWodonga317784
Kavanagh, Paul Wodonga327904
King, Peter RobertWodonga248934
Kjt Mortgage Solutions Pty LtdWodonga464002
Knight, Garry RichardWodonga265112
Kostelac, Natasha KayeWodonga307039
Lafferty, Justine Wodonga1002555
Lafferty, Justine AmberWodonga292886
Leigh Martin Marine Pty. Ltd.Wodonga262506
Lewis, Jennifer Wodonga1261360
Logue, Trent MartinWodonga445556
Low, Des Wodonga256571
Macdonald, Mikayla Lori JadeWodonga1281248
Mackay, Neil Wodonga263973
Mackinnon, Glenn GeorgeWodonga327549
Maclean, Brenden ThomasWodonga266785
Madepa Pty LtdWodonga343740
Maggs, Andrew FrederickWodonga236807
Mamouney, Stephen JohnWodonga263199
Manning, John Wodonga291170
Maras, Natalie Wodonga350405
Matcar Pty LtdWodonga362480
Matthews, David Wodonga1003318
Mcdonald, Kaye LaureenWodonga309670
Mcfarlane, Jamie Wodonga266786
Mcgrath, Megan MareeWodonga232672
Mckinnar, Matthew ScottWodonga280363
Mcleod, Kristy LeeWodonga288070
Mcnaught, Emma RochelleWodonga463480
Mcrae Motors Wodonga Pty. Ltd.Wodonga243841
Michael Middleton Insurance Pty LtdWodonga320367
Middleton, Michael ThomasWodonga270008
Miller, Christopher LeonardWodonga1238236
Miller, Peter Wodonga256572
Mills, Alan WayneWodonga326532
Mitchell, Elizabeth Wodonga228770
Money Know How Pty LtdWodonga400705
Montage Pty LtdWodonga349565
Morris, Georgia AnneWodonga1271290
Morrison, James Wodonga335153
Mylon Travel Pty. Ltd.Wodonga228533
Mylon, David WilliamWodonga461570
N And K Hughes Pty LtdWodonga299471
Neil Evans Financial Services Pty LtdWodonga343738
Neyland, Mark Wodonga319604
Nolan, Michael Wodonga237146
O'dwyer, Michelle Wodonga1236637
Overman, Charles EdwardWodonga239913
Owen, Geoffrey WilliamWodonga307307
Pabst, Lorraine JoyWodonga333625
Pankarra Nominees Pty. Ltd.Wodonga253170
Paul, Stuart Wodonga295868
Paul, Stuart JohnWodonga241920
Peffer, Colleen Wodonga247664
Penn, Michelle ElizabethWodonga429501
Penny, Peter Wodonga282740
Phillips, Adam Wodonga323795
Potter, John Stephen LockyerWodonga259806
Price, James LeonardWodonga293835
Pricsina, Joseph ChristopherWodonga275056
Pringle, Fiona LouiseWodonga311557
Qli Pty LtdWodonga343737
Quadrant Securities Wodonga Pty. Ltd.Wodonga343741
Richardson, Frank Wodonga239984
Riverina Finance Brokers & Insurance Agencies Pty. Ltd.Wodonga310606
Roberts, Gregory FlexmoreWodonga243209
Roberts, John FrancisWodonga327442
Robmor & Associates Pty LtdWodonga299472
Rogers, Barry Wodonga270924
Roha Pty LtdWodonga430262
Ryan, Dianne JoiWodonga252332
Salinger, Patrick Wodonga283288
Saphire Financial Services Pty LtdWodonga343736
Schilg, Bridget EleanorWodonga321339
Schneider, Karen MareeWodonga318177
Scott, Amanda JaneWodonga321183
Searle, Allison MareeWodonga285202
Sharrock, John Wodonga334173
Shay, Paul ThomasWodonga239914
Shearing, James AlistairWodonga299977
Simon Cutler Pty LtdWodonga1233699
Simon, George KWodonga287622
Sjk Pty LtdWodonga1236235
Skeats, Jeannette Wodonga274097
Skrypczak, Kacee Wodonga1258391
Slater, Wendy-lee KathleenWodonga330224
Smith, Bernadette Wodonga335451
Smith, Wayne AshleyWodonga293680
Speedie, Sean AlexanderWodonga298665
Spence, Barry MervynWodonga241875
Squire, Bernard PaulWodonga414661
Sredojevic, Radovan Wodonga464421
Steel, Lisa MareeWodonga242960
Step UP Financial Service Pty. Ltd.Wodonga1244797
Stewart Tracy & Mylon Pty LtdWodonga1244530
Stm Super Advisory Pty LtdWodonga1249901
Strategic Smsf Solutions Pty LtdWodonga432473
Stuing Pty. Ltd.Wodonga1250950
The Trustee For Aiim Unit TrustWodonga1261085
The Trustee For Flp Wodonga Unit TrustWodonga1273744
The Trustee For Generations Unit TrustWodonga467289
The Trustee For Neil Evans Discretionary Family TrustWodonga434367
The Trustee For QS Wodonga Unit TrustWodonga434366
The Trustee For Step Up Financial Service Unit TrustWodonga1236818
The Trustee For The Wodonga Prestige Unit TrustWodonga332644
Thomas, Melissa LoreWodonga288948
Tolsher, Neil RobertWodonga285273
Tom Wright Financial Planning Pty LtdWodonga452764
Trent Crothers Financial Services Pty LtdWodonga343735
Twitt, Jarrod KevinWodonga287866
W & C Barber Pty LtdWodonga1273922
Waller, Troy AlexanderWodonga252779
Walsh, Roland JohnWodonga1255228
Walsh, Stephen JamesWodonga308475
Warren, Ruth Wodonga254955
Wayne Henderson & Associates Pty LtdWodonga300136
Webb-mole, Alan Wodonga231620
Welch, Simone MarieWodonga284009
White, Anna-lise Wodonga250246
Whitehead, Anthony JamesWodonga461576
Wilson, Mark JamesWodonga288950
Wimhurst, Peter Wodonga243664
Wlacm Pty LtdWodonga435598
Wodonga Car World Pty LtdWodonga315276
Woodhouse, Ray JamesWodonga250022
Wright, Thomas Wodonga266791
Xerri, Anthony PeterWodonga279574
Yeung, Stephanie Wodonga1001286