Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

An Australian Financial Services (AFS) Authorised Representative is an individual or firm that is authorized by an AFS licensee to provide financial services on behalf of the licensee. AFS licensees are companies that have been granted a license by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial services. An AFS Authorised Representative must have a formal agreement with the AFS licensee and must be supervised by the licensee. The representative is responsible for providing financial services to clients and must adhere to the same legal and ethical obligations as the licensee. The representative may be an individual with appropriate qualifications and experience, or it may be a firm with a team of financial advisers.

Last update: Dec. 7, 2023

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Name Locality ID
The Trustee For Paxton Bridge Trust Windsor 470273
Alclaud Pty Ltd Windsor 266555
Amg Windsor Pty Limited Windsor 451184
Amicus IS Pty Ltd Windsor 1304333
Badri, Anita Windsor 1299335
Beedar, Jawad Windsor 1293161
Casey Block Services Pty Ltd Windsor 1298684
Clarity 2020 Pty Ltd Windsor 1256518
Corcoran, Glen Michael Windsor 263104
D Roberts & J Harris Windsor 276542
Dromon Asset Management Pty Ltd Windsor 1300808
El1te Financial Management Pty. Ltd. Windsor 1256742
Focused Lifestyle Planning Pty Limited Windsor 301022
Griffiths, Jodie-anne Windsor 1293944
Hingston, Caleb Windsor 1296079
Howarth, Louise Windsor 1295232
Intellectual Horsepower Pty. Ltd. Windsor 291076
Johnston, Alexander Windsor 1245195
Khouri, Frank George Windsor 237598
Kirkwood-burr, Oscar Edward Windsor 1299336
Knuth, Wendy Windsor 1292394
L.c.n. Enterprises Pty Ltd Windsor 234140
Lis, Daelin Windsor 1302956
Martin, Kate Windsor 1303720
Martin, Lynelle Windsor 1266768
Melanie Smith Pty Ltd Windsor 450073
Mell Associates Pty Ltd Windsor 246952
Motorcycle Trading Pty Ltd Windsor 1280724
Murdoch, David Samuel Windsor 341901
Priest, Hannah Windsor 1294414
Quantum Accounting Group Pty Ltd Windsor 1237377
R. Memmott & Co. Pty. Ltd. Windsor 326636
Richardson, Lisa Maree Windsor 1303881
Sinclair, Beatrice Windsor 1305175
Smith, Melanie Windsor 316141
Stonnington Community Financial Services Ltd Windsor 265367
The John Blair Motors Unit Trust Windsor 341400
The Trustee For Burdett Property Trust Windsor 466086
Travlr Pty Ltd Windsor 1301795
Treasure, Jack Windsor 1304678
Wealthcare Funds Management Pty. Ltd. Windsor 1274059