Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: July 29, 2019

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The Trustee For Paxton Bridge TrustWindsor470273
101 Wealth Solutions Pty LtdWindsor336172
A.p. Eagers LimitedWindsor233869
Accommodate Pty LtdWindsor1253486
Alclaud Pty LtdWindsor266555
Alucas Pty LtdWindsor1259196
Amg Windsor Pty LimitedWindsor451184
Amicus Insurance Services Pty LtdWindsor253639
Anderson, Jennifer MareeWindsor1235699
Arneil, Amanda LeanneWindsor287442
Artistic Agencies Pty LtdWindsor244076
Australasian Body Corporate Management (qld.) Pty. Ltd.Windsor270285
Ayrton, Tao Windsor293913
Ball, Ashley MichelleWindsor432825
Banctec Financial Services Pty LtdWindsor342214
Bartholomew, Ashlee Windsor466056
Bartkowski, Jeffrey Windsor248744
Bates, Ronald RoystonWindsor343266
Bernard M & Susan K BennettWindsor329966
Beuck, Melissa KateWindsor338216
Blm Enterprises (nsw) Pty LimitedWindsor329097
Boehm, Stephen Windsor247589
Bowden, Kerry Windsor286615
Brain, Amanda ShereeWindsor319099
Buffett, Joshua Windsor1246748
Cafferky, Vanessa Windsor1260348
Caldwell, Aimee SaraWindsor253640
Campbell, Lorraine Windsor1242334
Campbell, Robert Windsor1256466
Caris, Michael JohnWindsor284804
Chalker, Warren AnthonyWindsor245856
Champion Auto Group Pty LimitedWindsor421966
Clarity 2020 Pty LtdWindsor1256518
Clark, Stanford Windsor300231
Conley, Kelly JaneWindsor440005
Cooper, Mark AndrewWindsor334729
Corcoran, Glen MichaelWindsor263104
Cox, Belinda LeighWindsor422779
Cutajar, John PatrickWindsor305911
Cuthbert, Kevin VincentWindsor226335
Cutrupi, Jason Windsor237935
D Roberts & J HarrisWindsor276542
D'aqua Blu Business Services Pty LtdWindsor1239335
DE Bortoli, Donna PatriciaWindsor253641
DI Mauro, Natalie Windsor436878
Dahl, Cheryl IreneWindsor274996
Daly, Richella AnnWindsor301989
Dent, Gary LeslieWindsor1237260
Devine, Christopher JohnWindsor304047
Devine, Simon Windsor461434
Doolan, Lisa-anne Windsor280041
Downes, Michelle Windsor439270
Duo Financial Services Pty. Ltd.Windsor331196
Eagers Retail Pty. Ltd.Windsor234001
Eastwell, David EdwardWindsor229650
Easy Finance Group Pty LtdWindsor317591
Edwards, John-paul Windsor336644
El1te Financial Management Pty. Ltd.Windsor1256742
Ellwood, Catherine Windsor281272
Eroglu, Eser Windsor461112
Fairchild, Carol Windsor473446
Farrell, Nicole Windsor337978
Flaskos, Dimitrios Windsor318186
Flynn, Calum Windsor1242033
Flynn, Calum MathewWindsor1238963
Focus Markets Pty LtdWindsor455469
Focused Lifestyle Planning Pty LimitedWindsor301022
French, Warwick JohnWindsor246603
Frese, Peta MarieWindsor324078
Future Key Financial Pty LtdWindsor1238170
Garuccio, Alexander Windsor413957
Garuccio, Anna MariaWindsor224782
Gingell, Paula LeighWindsor280040
Goldstiver, Andrew RobertWindsor330269
Goldstiver, Robert CecilWindsor248077
Good Insurance Pty LtdWindsor267635
Good, Kevin Windsor267634
Goodchild, Megan JanelleWindsor291783
Graham, Stephen MichaelWindsor301760
Grilli, Adrian Windsor1270370
Haldane, Amy Windsor1006867
Hammer, Pauline EmmaWindsor250842
Harris, Lisa AnneWindsor440215
Hawkins, Emma KatharineWindsor265757
Heath, Andrew Windsor293614
Heath, Tracey AnneWindsor340319
Heibloem, Phillip Windsor325703
Hempenstall, Brett PaulWindsor253642
High Sight Financial Pty LtdWindsor1248237
Hindmarsh, Darin ThomasWindsor289957
Hooi, Victoria Windsor279832
Intellichoice Financial Planning Pty LtdWindsor308626
Intellichoice Pty LtdWindsor286857
International Marine Sales Pty LtdWindsor233115
Investment Strategists Pty. Ltd.Windsor252577
Invision Wealth Pty LtdWindsor253143
JC Consulting Financial Services Pty LtdWindsor303811
Johnson, Andrew SimonWindsor253643
Johnson, Anthony DonaldWindsor312568
Johnston, Alexander Windsor1245195
Johnston, Katlyn Windsor333377
Kelly, Janice Windsor384419
Kennedy, Julian VincentWindsor265756
Kennedy, Wayne Windsor1266873
Keshtiar, Bashir Windsor1251382
Khouri, Frank GeorgeWindsor237598
Khouri, Jacques Windsor414080
King Financial Group (qld) Pty LtdWindsor298955
King Group Insurance Services Pty LtdWindsor252335
King, Jacqueline Windsor251762
King, Joanne MareeWindsor259952
Kota, Neelima Windsor461113
Kruger, Karen MichelleWindsor328738
L.c.n. Enterprises Pty LtdWindsor234140
Lakhwani, Rakhi Windsor1274387
Leenman, Talitha Windsor330220
Lines, Ann MargaretWindsor252422
Lowe, Stephen EdwardWindsor285028
Lu, Yisheng Windsor410604
Lucas, James Leslie StephenWindsor426105
Lyall, Duncan EdwardWindsor313521
M A G Corporation Pty. LimitedWindsor272388
Mackinnon, Mitchell David MalcolmWindsor1250603
Maloney, Kate MaryWindsor265758
Man-a-waugh Pty. Ltd.Windsor473445
Mangan, Simon MatthewWindsor277242
Mark Eeley Motors Pty. Ltd.Windsor323230
Marnic Motor Company Pty LtdWindsor244080
Martin, Lynelle Windsor1266768
Martin, Scott Windsor1263274
Mathers, Daniel Windsor1238174
Matthews, Emily Windsor1261200
Mayocchi, Elizabeth MayWindsor253644
Mckelvie, Jessica KellyannWindsor462489
Mcmanus, Terrance Windsor404376
Mcnamara, Oscar Windsor1242335
Medina, Garry Windsor1258359
Mehta, Priyanka Windsor1260347
Meijnderts, Jeffrey GregoryWindsor463333
Meijnderts, Mitchell Windsor464681
Mell Associates Pty LtdWindsor246952
Millennium Imports (qld) Pty. Ltd.Windsor291982
Miller, Dail WilliamWindsor276303
Moffat, Alisha Windsor257864
Monreal, Warren Windsor311488
Montgomery, Donald MauriceWindsor287066
Mulcahy, Zara Windsor418732
Murdoch, David SamuelWindsor341901
Nataprawira, Hana CeliaWindsor1238234
Nemean Mcfp Pty LtdWindsor449994
Nev Weir Pty LtdWindsor286763
Nikolaidi, Christina Windsor461114
Nowakowski, Mark AndrewWindsor1239334
O'sullivan, Kevin JamesWindsor253645
O'sullivan, Madelin AnnWindsor366001
Oliver, Trevor JohnWindsor229649
Page, Rodney JWindsor242654
Parastatidis, Greg Windsor325169
Pearson, George Windsor334108
Pebworth Enterprises Pty LtdWindsor1276534
Peters, Jason Windsor308596
Prasad, Jag AllenWindsor305759
Quantum Accounting Group Pty LtdWindsor1237377
Quigley, Kathy MichelleWindsor441957
Quinn, Brian Windsor1245629
R. Memmott & Co. Pty. Ltd.Windsor326636
RB JA And Trb WalkerWindsor260875
Rachael Goldsworthy Realty Pty LimitedWindsor379219
Ramnor Pty LtdWindsor272389
Ramz, Dean Windsor461115
Ravens, Kylie AnnWindsor1260594
Rix, Kevin Windsor274146
Rix, Louise Windsor273480
Rix, William EricWindsor259472
Robbins, Katrina MarieWindsor285950
Roberts, Jackalin Windsor286616
Rocco Financial Planners Pty. Ltd.Windsor366795
Rodney John, Page Windsor403902
Rogers, Simon Windsor240761
Rosa, Elena Anastasia MichelleWindsor404811
Rowley, Neil Kenneth VincentWindsor263638
S & J Turl Holdings Pty LtdWindsor261539
Sai Financial Services (qld) Pty LtdWindsor470529
Sales, Dennis Windsor234908
Sansovini, Natalie Windsor1276193
Schahinger, Sarah Windsor300669
Scott, Gerard PatrickWindsor253646
Scott, Wendy AnnWindsor253647
Sharma, Surbhi Windsor1265130
Shrestha, Esha Windsor323976
Siggins Financial Solutions Pty. Ltd.Windsor323606
Silvestro, Filippo Windsor238939
Sinclair Financial Services Pty LtdWindsor1235786
Sinclair, John HarveyWindsor246404
Sleeman, Tessa JaneWindsor466233
Sligar, Jennifer LynetteWindsor1272765
Smith, Antoinette Windsor326161
Squire, Brooke AlyiseWindsor428878
Squire, Carey-ann Windsor411379
Squire, Samantha LouiseWindsor440068
Stakks Planning Pty LtdWindsor466055
Stewart, Kathleen SusanWindsor437643
Stonnington Community Financial Services LtdWindsor265367
Storie, Roderick Alexander IanWindsor317556
Strong Advice Pty LtdWindsor421985
Sumont Pty. Ltd.Windsor234331
Sutherland, Deborah CathrynWindsor447761
Swan, Jennifer MargaretWindsor296593
Swepson, Judith Windsor251987
Taylor, Craig Windsor412973
Taylor, Molly BlancheWindsor424959
Taylor, Philip Windsor383575
Teoh, David Ern ChiatWindsor229651
The Travel Experts Qld Pty LtdWindsor258088
The Trustee For Burdett Property TrustWindsor466086
The Trustee For The Dunne Family Trust OthWindsor291986
Thomas, Alison Windsor385781
Tridential Pty. Ltd.Windsor307953
Tuia, Letti Windsor438992
Turner Consulting (aust) Pty LtdWindsor281153
Turner, Stephen GrantWindsor1253487
Unearth N Prosper Pty. Ltd.Windsor1237629
Vagenas, Haroula Windsor304217
Villalon, Vittoria Windsor286617
WK Solutions Pty LtdWindsor1266872
Walker, Timothy Windsor228758
Wayling, Paul AndrewWindsor250716
Wealthcare Funds Management Pty. Ltd.Windsor1274059
Weir, Neville AnthonyWindsor286762
Welk, Amelia JaneWindsor1250605
Wemar Financial Services Pty LtdWindsor345286
Whittaker, Maxine RichelleWindsor296347
Williams, Richard Windsor308669
Windsor Realty Pty LtdWindsor278489
Winford Motors (sales) Pty LtdWindsor234404
Wisdom, Sean MichaelWindsor1268470
Woodford, Barbara Windsor1259260
Woodford, Leslie JohnWindsor1259202
Woolacott, David JonWindsor318377
Wsa (windsor) Pty LimitedWindsor311791
Xit Distribution Pty LtdWindsor325447
Ybr Windsor Pty. Ltd.Windsor448573
Zajakovski, George Windsor428877
Zimmer, Lachlan Windsor1257464
Zippat Pty LtdWindsor258397