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Australian Financial Services Authorised Representatives

Australian Financial Services Representatives are required to maintain their details on ASIC's registers. Information contained on the Australian Financial Services Representatives Register is made available to the public to search via the ASIC Connect website.

Last update: Jan. 11, 2021

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Alcantara, Angela Williamstown1240598
Andalucia Group Pty LtdWilliamstown1237370
Andrew, Jason PaulWilliamstown407145
Ang, Kerry Williamstown420984
Arandez, Ashley VincentWilliamstown283076
Aspirus Holdings Pty LtdWilliamstown1007974
Aussie Boat Sales Pty. Ltd.Williamstown317260
Barbara, Adrian Williamstown315656
Blake, Antoinette MareeWilliamstown1265654
Bridgland, Simon EdwardWilliamstown1266882
Britnell, Wade Williamstown460738
Camilleri, Frank SaviourWilliamstown268716
Carr's Management Services Pty LtdWilliamstown258852
Caze Investments Pty LtdWilliamstown426845
Chalhoub, George Williamstown462406
Clark, Evelyn AnneWilliamstown1265617
Coco, Antonio Williamstown236022
Common Zone Pty LtdWilliamstown369433
Cooney, Bernard PatrickWilliamstown265152
Copero Pty LtdWilliamstown1238824
Corporate Financial Management Pty LtdWilliamstown232642
Createwealth Financial Pty LtdWilliamstown1240597
Crest Capital Advisors Pty LtdWilliamstown1274858
D.e. & J.m. Lester Pty LtdWilliamstown228033
Dal Enterprises Pty LtdWilliamstown272848
Dannaoui, Abdul Williamstown338578
Drever, Ronald DWilliamstown247726
E Meilak & M MeilakWilliamstown228588
EL Haouli, Mahmoud Williamstown345862
Emery, Russell DavidWilliamstown225880
Empowered Financial Partners Pty LtdWilliamstown1239556
Eskola, Jennifer AliceWilliamstown257987
Flaherty, Sharon Williamstown1251883
G.r Bell & S.j Bell & J.h BlundellWilliamstown228171
Galic, Nada Williamstown431360
Gardiner, Joseph Williamstown1237369
Gfp Wealth Pty. Ltd.Williamstown1232765
Gng Optimum Mortgage Pty. Ltd.Williamstown431369
Grange Travel Services Pty LtdWilliamstown279426
Grange Travel Services Pty Ltd T/a Jetset WilliamstownWilliamstown418746
Greer Financial Service Pty LtdWilliamstown327484
Greer, Conrad Williamstown327554
Grioli And Company Pty LtdWilliamstown1258470
Hall, William JohnWilliamstown1256522
Hart, Maxwell CharlesWilliamstown276411
Hemingway, Kate AmandaWilliamstown1263070
J. H. J. Pty. Ltd.Williamstown259572
James, Chris WilliamWilliamstown250617
Jimbam Nominees Pty. Ltd.Williamstown260407
John A. Williams Real Estate Pty. Ltd.Williamstown272849
Karos Developments Pty LtdWilliamstown432485
Lawrie, Ronald GeoffreyWilliamstown396466
Liddicoat, Shaun WilliamWilliamstown264546
Limback, Dani Williamstown339534
MY Private Wealth Pty LtdWilliamstown451806
Macjouvelet, Christine RobynWilliamstown297426
Maloney, Belinda AnneWilliamstown271865
Marilas, Vass Williamstown317662
Marine Mart Aust. Pty. Ltd.Williamstown262502
Mariner Engineering Pty. Ltd.Williamstown262474
Marjanovic, Bart Williamstown373545
Mark Ainsworth Group Pty LtdWilliamstown1274827
Marsh, Lisa Williamstown269495
Maru, Louise Williamstown318866
Matrix Finance Group Pty LtdWilliamstown414237
Mcivor, Mark AndrewWilliamstown311761
Mclean, Bradley JohnWilliamstown307559
Mcnally, Tresna Williamstown419190
Medcraft, Stephen MaxwellWilliamstown259615
Medcraft, Trent GordonWilliamstown290161
Meilak, Elizabeth Williamstown271638
Meilak, Margaret Williamstown271639
Melhem, Abdul Williamstown338586
Melhem, Abdul-karim Williamstown427888
Mero, Julian MarcusWilliamstown311413
Mpt Wealth Solutions Pty. Ltd.Williamstown383567
Murphy, Christopher RobertWilliamstown310763
Nankervis, Andrea PatriciaWilliamstown323603
New Age Company Pty. Ltd.Williamstown270332
Nikakis, Anna Williamstown277855
O'brien, Jed JosephWilliamstown320929
O'hare, Scott Williamstown339535
O'sullivan, Thomas JohnWilliamstown236300
O2 Insurance Services Pty LtdWilliamstown1251882
Owen, Richard MartinWilliamstown415530
Palmburg Pty. Ltd.Williamstown380286
Phang, Steven Nyit KeowWilliamstown1007849
Plan Invest Retire Pty LtdWilliamstown334551
Power, Nathan RobertWilliamstown1232803
Powley, Raymond GarryWilliamstown270406
Puten Pty. Ltd.Williamstown1256523
R.e.l. Enterprises Pty. Ltd.Williamstown271250
Raywin Pty LtdWilliamstown465572
Re-sail Pty LtdWilliamstown262524
Reid, Gregory JamesWilliamstown299019
Rgl Financial Services Pty LtdWilliamstown396465
Rhonda Paice Travel Pty LtdWilliamstown429864
Richardson, Cameron RobertWilliamstown232644
Sadler, Peter JeremyWilliamstown439122
Savages Wharf Pty LtdWilliamstown289731
Shanga Pty LtdWilliamstown314442
Sikari, Peter Williamstown263391
Simmatt Holdings Pty LtdWilliamstown236581
Spicer, Brad JohnWilliamstown300024
Stebbing, Kristian JamesWilliamstown300654
Superior Solutions Consulting Pty. Ltd.Williamstown275155
Tallent, Noreen Williamstown292249
Taxlink Accounting And Taxation Services Pty. Ltd.Williamstown258165
The Anchorage Marina Pty LtdWilliamstown301136
The Trustee For Chris And Vicki Pallikaros Family TrustWilliamstown430723
The Trustee For Fatima Dib Family TrustWilliamstown1258156
The Trustee For Leisure Vehicles Unit TrustWilliamstown444512
The Trustee For Matrix Unit TrustWilliamstown414263
The Trustee For Williamstown Financial Services TrustWilliamstown415531
Uykun, Simon Williamstown289373
W.p. Williamstown Pty. Ltd.Williamstown326926
Wayne Sweeney & Associates Pty. Ltd.Williamstown272847
Williamstown Travel Services Pty LtdWilliamstown401412
Wood, Rohan MarkWilliamstown1240532
Zahra, Ray Williamstown293362